Johnny sins and kayden kross

Johnny sins and kayden kross
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I host a party weekend in Chicago every year for some friends, both local and out-of-towners. Sometimes, friends of friends tag along when they hear tales of the fun we have. A buddy of mine from New York, Terry, has been coming in for the party for years and a few years ago he brought his friend Mark, who brought his girlfriend Kerry.

Mark had been to the weekend a few times, but was always stag. Kerry was a serious girlfriend from what I had heard and they were crazy about each other. I could see why he was nuts about her. Kerry is a very pretty blonde with a trim, tight, athletic figure. Not only was she pretty, but she turned out to be really fun to hang out with. For this weekend, the Saturday events were a game at Wrigley in the bleachers, followed by a street festival and some bars.

We had an especially beautiful day and the alcohol was flowing freely. After the game, we hit the street fest and continued to drink and listen to a few bands. Mark and Kerry kept glancing at me and whispering to each other it seemed. They seemed to do it more than a few times that whole day as a matter of fact.

The part of my brain that was in charge of fantasy started gnawing at me, telling me she was hot for me. I chalked it up to my being pretty drunk and some wishful thinking on my part. As the festival wound down, a bunch of us piled into a cab for the ride back to the hotel. I was crashing in Terry's room, but we got separated at the festival. He had been dancing with a girl he picked up and disappeared on us.

As we got back to the hotel, I hoped he was in the room and I could get in and crash. Walking into the lobby, Mark said that I could crash with them if I wanted. Terry was either getting laid or was passed out drunk and wasn't going to be answering the door. I didn't have a key for the room and sleeping in my car wasn't even an option as my keys were in Terry's room. I agreed, quickly, even though I figured this was just a nicety they were offering. I worked my ass off each year putting things together and I knew it was appreciated.

The fantasy part of my brain kept kicking me though. We went into their room and turned on the lights. There was only one king bed and a small pull-out couch. I figured the couch would do and thanked them again for the offer. Then, they sprung it on me. "Kerry and I were wondering about something." Mark started. "She's always wanted a threesome, but not with someone we're close with back home. We don't want any weird awkwardness and she asked a favor of me." "Mark suggested you for this today.

I think you're very funny and enjoyed being with you today. I also think you're very sexy and think this would be a perfect opportunity.

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I hope we're not freaking you out with this, but if I'm going to do this, I'm not going to get a better chance. You two focus on me, and me only. This isn't about you two doing anything to each other, so that shouldn't worry you." she said. I looked at Mark and he was behind her, nodding furiously YES to me. As my brain tried to figure out if they were serious, Kerry approached me, put her arms around my neck and kissed me hard.

I guess she was serious. We went over to the bed and she told us to undress. As we stripped ourselves, she sat back on the bed and anticipated the pounding she was going to get. I was rock hard already and Mark was pretty close too. "I gotta admit," he said, "I wasn't sure about this, but I think this is gonna be fun. Wait until you feel her mouth on your cock." "This is a great idea, guys.

Now come closer to the bed." Kerry cooed at us. She got on all fours at the foot of the bed and pulled me into her mouth. Mark was right.her mouth felt great. Hot, wet and ready to please. She took me all the way down and started bobbing her beautiful head on my cock.

She rocked back and forth, using no hands, just her throat to give me one of the best headjobs I've had. "Treat me rough if you want. This isn't time to play nice!!" she commanded, so I grabbed her hair and started to fuck her gullet in earnest. Big, long drools of slobber dripped from her mouth as Mark got behind her and undid her shorts and tried to pull them off.

He was having a tough time, she she pushed me out and got up from the bed. We all stripped her quickly, then she laid back, with her legs wide open, revealing a shaved and dripping pussy.

"Tony, you're first. Fuck me hard." Kerry rasped as Mark took my place in her mouth. He nodded and told me to go ahead. I plunged in as hard as I could and she yelped as I went balls-deep immediately. Mark grabbed one leg and pulled it back towards him. I grabbed the other and pushed too, opening her twat like a clam.

"Pound that shit, dude. I want you to fuck her while I watch. This is so fucking hot." Mark gasped as Kerry went to work on his cock.

I tilted myself up to get the best angle to go deep and fucked her snatch as hard as I could. Tight and wet, she was squelching juice from her cunt with each thrust I gave her.


Mark continued to ram her throat and her legs started to twitch in our hands. "Watch this." he told me as her orgasm roared at us. Twitching harder and harder, her pussy grabbed me like I've never felt and she let loose a gush of female come all over me and the bed, with a scream to match. I was afraid I'd come inside her, so I stopped pounding and let her finish.

Covered in sweat and her own juices, she pushed me out and nodded at Mark again. "You want to fuck her asshole?" Mark asked me. "I've always wanted a double penetration and Mark has fucked me in my ass before.

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How about it.want to pound my ass?", Kerry wanted to know. "Hell yeah. Get on top of Mark." I ordered. Mark lay down and Kerry quickly straddled him and slid his cock inside of her slit with a moan of pleasure. She reached behind her and spread her cheeks open for me. It was apparent she didn't need any lube as she was soaked.

I moved into position and pushed my cockhead against her butthole. She was so ready for me, she was shaking. I pushed into her and she let a long, loud moan loose that almost made me come it was so erotic. I worked in and out of her slowly and Mark matched my pace.

Kerry ground her hips against Mark and pushed her ass back against me in a perfect rhythm. I grabbed her hips and picked up the pace, going deeper and deeper with each thrust, eventually going balls-deep into her shithole. Mark was sucking on her perky little tits and also pushing on her hips. Soon enough, we were bringing her off again and she was soaking Mark with her pussy juice this time. The smell of her pussy and asshole combined with our collective musk was bringing me to the edge.

I slapped at her ass and asked Mark if he was close. He grunted that he was. "I want you both to come all over me. Paint my fucking face with your loads." Kerry panted at us. She had already had a few huge orgasms of her own.

Now, she was going to wear ours. I slid out of her, she got off of Mark and flopped onto the bed. I pulled her off the bed and pushed her to the floor onto her knees. Mark and I stood right in front of her. "Suck us off all over you." Mark ordered her. She wasn't shy about sucking my cock after being inside her asshole, that was for sure. She alternated on us with her mouth and her hands, sucking and jerking and stroking until Mark grabbed his cock and started jerking it furiously, pointing it at her face.

A few short strokes later, he erupted. The first two ropes were monsters, practically coating her face. The next couple finished the job, leaving her covered with his hot seed. As his last bit dribbled onto her perfect little titties, Kerry looked right in my eyes, covered in sperm and told me to go ahead.come all over her.

No problem, as I had been thinking about this all fucking day. With another man's jizz load dripping off her beautiful face, I let her have mine.

Rope after rope of hot, sticky come covered her again.

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I felt as I could come forever and almost did. I got her hair pretty good as well as her face and chest. When I stopped spurting, she took me into her mouth and sucked me dry.

Sliding my softening cock in and out of her come-soaked face was an amazing feeling that I milked for a few minutes. I watched as globs of come slid off her face, down her chin and onto her tits, into her crotch and onto her belly.

Then I looked at Mark. He had already passed out on the bed!!! "Oh, he always passes out right after, especially when he's drunk like that." Kerry told me. "He'll be out like a light now. We could set his cock on fire and he wouldn't wake up!" she laughed.

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Passing out sounded like a great idea, but she went one better. "I need to clean up. I can't go to bed like this!!! You guys destroyed my face!! Want to hop in the shower with me?" she asked. I felt pretty gross as well and knew I'd sleep better if I were clean. Besides, since he was so generous with Kerry's talents, I figured he wouldn't mind if I broke off a little solo piece for myself.

We went into the bathroom and shut the door. She leaned in to start the shower and I got a good look at her, all covered in bodily fluids from all three of us. She looked amazing. Mark was a lucky guy. We got into the roomy shower and closed the door.

Since I'm a gentleman, I grabbed the soap and washed her from head to toe. Rinsing our loads from her body, she took the soap from me and returned the favor. Lathering me up, my cock began to stir and get hard again. "i hoped you could go again. I really love Mark and appreciate what he let me have tonight, but I'd love some one-on-one with you, obviously.

I knew he'd pass out after he came and I had planned this all day.

Fuck me again, Tony. Please?" she purred at me as she stroked me to full erection. Again, I'm a gentleman and it's rude to refuse a lady. I took her in my arms, kissed her deeply and lifted her up. She wrapped her legs around her and I maneuvered her onto my cock and let her slide onto it. She only weighed 110 or so and I was able to hold her for a few minutes and fuck her gently.didn't want to lose my balance!!

Kissing her neck and mouth, she responded in kind, moving her tongue over my teeth, driving me crazy. I was getting tired of holding her and needed a switch. There was a little ledge in the shower and I sat her on that. She opened her legs for me to re-enter her twat. "Finger your pussy, Kerry. Play with yourself for me. I want to watch you make yourself come. I dug it when you squirted on me. Do it again." I ordered.

She smiled and slid her wet fingers over her slick, wet pussy. She went right for her clit and rubbed furiously on it, moaning immediately. This little minx was still horny and needed to come again!!! I kissed and licked her titties and I felt they needed some attention. She whimpered as I was rough with her nipples, biting them and twisting them hard. She rocked her head back and her mouth dropped open as she got close to coming. I dropped to my knees and got my face three inches from her scorching cunt.

I put my index finger up her asshole to really get her going. It worked as she groaned and let another orgasm rip thru her pussy.

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Squirting right in my face, she returned the favor I had given her earlier. I licked up as much as I could and when she finished coming, I stood up and slid right back into her dripping snatch.

I was too tired to pound and she was too sensitive for me to do so. I went nice and slow, in and out, all the way into her until my balls lightly bounced on her asshole.

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As we fucked and kissed and touched each other, I felt her squeezing my cock and it triggered my own orgasm. As I felt it start, I went deep into her, as deeply as I could. "I'm going to come inside you, okay? I want to come deep inside of you, Kerry." I almost begged her. "Oh God, yes. I want to feel that hot squirt inside my pussy.

Do it.


Do it now." she almost begged back. I let loose inside the tightest and hottest cunt I've ever been in. With each hot squirt, she whimpered and squeezed and kissed me deep.

After three or four hard jets from my cock, I felt spent. We stood there, with hot water washing over us, feeling each other's bodies and the afterglow of an amazing fuck session. I didn't move until my soft cock slid out of her pussy. I stepped back and watched as she squeezed my load out of her, dribbling it onto the floor of the shower.

I desperately wanted to get hard again, but I knew I was done. Two amazing orgasms and a day of drinking had emptied my tank. We got out and dried off. Mark was still snoring away, sprawled out on their bed. There wasn't much room for Kerry, so we pulled out the sleeper and got in together. She snuggled into me, both of us naked and smelling clean. I drifted off and I'm sure she wasn't far behind me.

As we said our goodbyes the next day, they asked me not to tell Terry what had happened. Not to worry, I said, this was our secret. It was, until this story.