Mighty chap allows his bitch to ride his dong while standing

Mighty chap allows his bitch to ride his dong  while standing
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Its July Scotland is in the middle of a heat wave first time in years. We haven't seen one another for a couple of weeks as we both have been very busy but still call one another most nights its friday and you call me in the middle of the afternoon saying that you fancy going away for the weekend and would I be interested, Of course I don't need an excuse to go away on the bike with you.

So the agreement is I come down on Saturday for around about 10 am and we could just take off down towards Newcastle with the tent and enough cloths for the weekend. Oh you add don't forget to pack a couple of bottles to drink for the weekend. As I pull into the front of your House on Saturday morning you shout from the bedroom window that you are almost ready and just to wait beside the bike.

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So I sit down on the kerb and just chill out and wait, after a couple of minutes you come out the house Fuckin hell I stare at you, you look amazing in your leather jeans and a Plunging black vest top that shows off your breasts you've got a new hairstyle and look stunning, My cock jumps to attention you smile and we cuddle one another and have a quick Snog. Enough you tell me as my hands touch your breasts you slap them away.


Turning you nip back into the house grab your Jacket and Helmet and lock the door and we are ready to go. Once we are on the road over the Intercom we talk to each other about what's happened during the week.

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As we leave Edinburgh and go down the A1 towards Berwick / Newcastle you decide to tell me that you bought 2 tickets for a rally beside Durham "Stormin the castle", I was surprised I had forgotten there was a rally on this weekend. As we carry on down the road I start to feel the heat and tension of driving it is starting to make my shoulders ache I suggest we pull into the next town and get a bit to eat and you suggest why not get some food and just have a little picnic somewhere nice.

We find somewhere secluded and park the bike's its nearly 13:30 and the heat is unbearable with the leathers on so we both take off our jackets and lie sit down on them to eat. As we talk my eyes glance down at your breasts and notice your nipples are hard and pointing out I reach out and brush them gently watching your reaction as you suck in your breath and lie back to on top of your jacket, I lean over and kiss you on the lips all the time touching and rubbing your breasts feeling your nipples getting harder I love the look of top it really shows your best assets I slip my hand inside and tease you a little more feeling your hand rubbing my crotch.

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at this point you push me away from you hard grabbing my shoulders and push me down on the ground sitting on top of me grinding your crotch into my now hard cock, but our trousers are obstructing the feelings you reach down and slowly pull the zip down all the time looking into my eyes as if to say don't fucking move.

As you reach inside my trousers you feel my hardness I go to take my trousers off but instead you push me back stand up and remove your own ones then pull mine down to my knees. My cock is rock hard and is leaking precum you push your pussy towards my face so that I can see how wet you are but I am not allowed to lick it you slowly move your pussy down towards my cock.

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with out touching it with your hands you rub your pussy over the tip of my cock feeling your wetness. I try to thrust upwards but you move back look at me and grab my chest.


Squatting over me now you sit over my cock again and I feel it at the entrance to your pussy you grind yourself against me feeling the wetness as our juices mix you sit down hard taking it all the way inside. We start to fuck one another urgently my cock is pounding it feels how tight you are I cant hold on long I am trying not to cum but my cock is throbbing as it goes in and out of you.


As you fuck me taking your own pleasure I feel you start to cum your squirting all over my cock and balls, I cant help it I start to cum pushing into you once more my cock squirts spunk inside you feeling it throb you cum again gripping my cock with those muscles so my cock spurts hard deep inside you, I feel your muscles clench as you milk my cock for the last of that cum. As I slip out of you, your smiling loving the feeling of that spunk inside you,and start to rub your pussy lips gently all the time looking at me smiling feeling that cum running down between your legs.

you love the feeling of spunk inside you as it oozes out slowly you insert a finger inside again to let me see that spunk grabbing my camera from the bike I start to take picture of you lying there wanking your pussy. l have a fetish for creampie picture's and want to add this moment to our collection.standing up you put your pants on trapping my spunk inside you loving that warm feeling we put our leathers pack up the bike and get back on the road after all We have a rally to go to, to meet friends get drunk have plenty of sex and fun.

Hope you enjoy this as its my first story please leave comments

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