My booty stepmom masturbates in the shower

My booty stepmom masturbates in the shower
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NOTE: To aid in the visualization, check out the thread "The return of Stacy the Asian pharmacist and Miranda!" in the Sex Stories section of the forum. Trust me, it'll be worth it! It's a bright, beautiful weekend day, and Stacy the Asian pharmacist is on her way home after an early afternoon of playing tennis with a friend. She's changed out of her white tennis shirt and into a dark brown halter top, which shows off her slender shoulders and accentuates her little B-cup breasts.

She still has on her white tennis skirt though, as she didn't have time to change fully, since she's in a rush to pick up her kids from day care.

Her smooth slender-yet-shapely legs work the gas and brakes as she weaves her mini-van through traffic, trying to get to the center before the kids are let out for the day. Stacy figures she'd better call the center to let them know she's on her way, just in case.but as she fumbles for her cell, it slips out of her hand and onto the passenger side of the floor.

"Oh, shit!" Stacy swears with a shake of her head, but glances at the road in front of her: there's cars to her left and right, but in front of her it's clear. She quickly reaches down, keeping the wheel steady as her fingers snag the phone, but.BAM!!

A sudden impact brings her car to a screeching halt as she reflexively slams on the brakes. Luckily no one slams into her from behind, but horns are honking everywhere as cars weave around hers, trying to avoid getting caught up in the accident.

The impact wasn't quite hard enough for her airbag to deploy, and her body shaking, Stacy sits up to see what's happened. On the road crunched up in front of her car is a white BMW, its rear caved in almost completely.

A silver-haired man is the only one in the car, and he's rubbing his neck as he turns his head slowly from side to side. His airbag hasn't deployed either.

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Stacy realizes at once that the man must have changed lanes in the split second she had reached down to get her phone. Stacy checks cautiously for traffic, and all the cars are giving them a wide berth as they swerve around on either side. Stacy does her best to stop herself from shaking, then carefully opens the door and steps out into the road.


She stays close to both cars, checking out her own as she passes it: the front hood appears to be almost completely undamaged, the grill taking the brunt of the impact. Stacy nibbles nervously on her lower lip as she approaches the driver of the other car. "Sir--? Sir, I'm so sorry! Are you alright?" The man turns to look at Stacy, an angered expression on his face. "Of course I'm not alright, you stupid bitch!

You could've fucking killed me! Did you actually learn to drive, or did someone give you your license as a Christmas present?!" "I am so sorry," Stacy says again, close to tears at what she's done and how much worse it could've been. "I wasn't looking, I had dropped my phone, I--" "You dropped your phone!" the man says in disbelief.

"I could've been killed because you dropped your fucking phone? I should sue the life out of you! Your insurance better damn well cover this!" Oh my gosh, Stacy thinks, wondering what he's going to say when she tells him her insurance policy lapsed just the day before because she forgot to renew it.

Not only that, but she and her husband just spent a couple thousand dollars adding some improvements and repairs to their house. They don't have the money to fix his car, at least not right now--! Sirens in the distance, steadily growing closer. A police car pulls up behind Stacy's mini-van, and a tall, blonde policeman carefully gets out of his car.

He surveys the damage as he walks around to the driver's side of the man's car. "Ma'am, that's your van?" Stacy sighs heavily. "Yes." "Sir, are you okay?" The officer asks him.

"You capable of moving this car out of traffic?" The man nods. "Yeah." The officer turns slightly at the sound of another approaching police car.

He turns back to face Stacy and the man. "There's a little side-street right off the road over there, about fifty feet.

I want the two of you to pull over there, out of the main road so as not to incur any other damage to yourselves or anyone else. My partner that's just arrived and I will direct traffic to keep you safe until you've moved. Get going." The cop then turns and heads over to talk with the other officer, an older gentleman with glasses and dark hair peppered with silver. It only takes a couple minutes, but the two officers spread out and begin directing traffic while Stacy and the driver of the BMW move their cars off the road and down the side-street, which is bordered by large trees.

The younger officer gets in his squadcar and drives over. He gets out and walks over to Stacy and the man, who are both now standing near the smashed rear of the BMW. The officer takes out a pen and notepad. "I'm going to need both your names and licenses. Then I'd like you to tell me what happ--" RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR-WHOOOOOOOOOOOOSH!!

The officer spins around as a white Lexus mini-cruiser goes sailing by on the main road at breakneck speed! The older officer has already gotten into his car and hit the sirens. The blonde cop looks back at Stacy and the man. "You two exchange insurance information and wait here!

I'll be back in a few minutes!" He turns and jumps into his own squad car, hitting the sirens and blasting down the road.* Stacy watches the squad car peel out, unaware the man from the BMW has started taking an interest in her, looking her up and down now that he's calmed down slightly. Her shapely little legs, her tight little ass, looking so spakable under her tennis mini, her thin waist, her pert little breasts, her sleek shoulders and small, thin lips.all are very enticing.

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As she turns to him, the man lets off with a disarming smile, which causes Stacy to share her beautiful smile in turn.

The man--tall, well-built and youthful in appearance in spite of his silver hair, offers his hand. "Obviously, we got off on the wrong foot. I'm Lou." "Stacy," she says as she accepts the handshake.

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"I'm really, really sorry about this. I had dropped my phone, and it was so stupid that I just wasn't looking when I reached for it--" "It's okay, it's okay," Lou says, waving her off. "Look, why don't we exchange insurance info, and that'll sort everything out." "I.I can't, I'm sorry," Stacy says, and then goes into detail about the lapse on her policy and the money she and her husband just spent fixing up the house.

Lou appears at first to be getting upset as Stacy explains, but then calms down as he takes another look at her breasts, looking so tantalizingly ready to be touched.

"Look, do you have any idea how much my car cost me?


You can see what the logo is, you know what price ranges those go for. Why should I spend the money to get it fixed and have my premiums go up?" "I know, I know," Stacy says, on the verge of tears. "I promise, my husband and I will make it up to you, just give us a chance--" "No," Lou says sternly, shaking his head. "I want my money now." "I don't have it!" "Well then, you gotta do a make-good." Stacy looks at him, puzzled.

"A what? What's that?" Lou exhales impatiently. "When networks make promises in advertising to sponsors that they'll put in certain numbers for their tv shows, and those tv shows don't do as well as projected, sponsors don't get as many customers checking out their product on tv as they were promised.

Stations have to do a make-good, where they pay the sponsors X number of dollars to make up for the lack of viewers. That's what we've got here: there's no reason why I should have to pay to get my car fixed, when it's your fault your insurance lapsed. So I think you have to do a make-good." Stacy considers what he's said, but she's still confused. "I don't.what do you want me to do.?" Lou licks his lips and smiles lasciviously at Stacy.

"You've got some nice lips. I love the feel of Asian lips wrapped around my cock." Stacy's eyes widen in shock. "Oh, no. No, no, no." "Oh yes. Yes, yes, yes," Lou says with a chuckle. He reaches out, grabbing Stacy by the waist and pulls her into his arms. She struggles to get free, but cries out "Hey!" in surprise as Lou reaches around and gives her a sharp snap on the ass, shocking her into silence. "You did a very bad thing, little lady.

It's all your fault and you know it. So unless you want me to start feeling some serious pain in my neck and back, then sue you and your husband out of house and home, I think you need to get with some sucky-sucky." Stacy stops struggling.

She looks away from him for a moment, considering how much this will cost her pride, as opposed to how much it could cost her family in the long run. "I do this, and you won't sue? Promise? Swear it?" Lou cups her chin in his hand and turns her face to look at him. "Long as you give the blowjob of a lifetime, I'll never mention this to a single soul. I'll say I wasn't at my car, and someone tagged me in a parking lot.

You do the same, and everything will be just fine, right?" Stacy nods reluctantly. "And that's it.that's all, a blowjob?" Lou thinks about it and reaches up, taking hold of one of the straps holding Stacy's top up. He starts to pull it off her shoulder, but Stacy swats his hand away.

Lou gives her another firmer smack on her butt, making her jump slightly and reaffirming who's boss. "I want to see your tits and play with them while you suck me off. And you better be a good girl and swallow every last damn drop, understand?" Stacy makes a disgusted groan, but says nothing.

She glances back at the main road; pulled off to the side like this, no one can really see them unless they were to stop their car and walk up to the cars, so there's that much to be grateful for. Lou takes Stacy's hand and leads her back to her mini-van. With a light sigh, Stacy opens the large sliding door on the side and climbs in, followed by Lou, who closes the door firmly behind them. Stacy sits on the seat about a foot away from Lou, looking at him uneasily.

"Aren't you going to take it out.?" Lou snickers and shakes his head. "You're my little geisha. I want you doing the work, starting with showing me those beautiful little tits of yours." Stacy frowns but does as she's told, reaching up and pulling off her halter straps. "Geisha is Japanese," she says angrily. "I'm from Vietnam." "Girl, you could be the last eskimo on Earth for all I care.

You just better get to slurping on my meat," Lou says impatiently. With a light gulp, Stacy pulls her top down, exposing her beautiful creamy breasts.

Lou whistles, liking what he sees. "Beautiful. Now get to it, and start getting to work on my cock." Stacy frowns again as she reaches over, surprised at how steady her hands are as she undoes Lou's belt and unzips his pants. Trying not to look at it, she reaches in and grabs firm hold of his penis.

She's amazed, disbelieving at how big it feels. But then she yanks it out, revealing an exeptionally thick tool. She stares at it a moment, almost hypnotized by its sleek aesthetic beauty. Before Stacy realizes what she's doing, she's left her spot on the long seat and is kneeling down in front of Lou, opening his pants wider to allow his cock and balls to breathe.

Lou lifts his hips up slightly as he pulls his pants down around his knees.sighing contentedly with a smile on his face as he sits back and waits for his little sucky-sucky slave to perform her duty. I'm just doing this so that he'll keep quiet, and we can avoid a lawsuit, Stacy tries to convince herself, although she can't help but fight the urge to lick her lips as she stares at Lou's tool, which is so thick that her small, slim fingers can barely hold onto it.

With a little sigh, she wraps her mouth around the tip of Lou's cock, slurping on it like a lollipop a few times, getting it nice and slicked up. She pulls her lips off it and kisses it lightly, blowing on it to watch it throb gratefully in her hand, then kissing it again, hoping he likes what she's doing, so that he keeps his word.

She glances up and sees Lou looking down at her, a wide grin spread across his face. So she goes back to work, kissing the tip of his cock, then raising it up in her little hand so she can lick the underside from base to head, pleased to hear him moan in accepting pleasure.

Stacy leans forward on her knees a bit, bracing her hand against one of Lou's legs as she sucks on the tip a little bit more, then slips a few inches of his cock more fully into her mouth.

She can feel him run his fingers through her dark shoulder-length hair as she starts sucking on his cock more earnestly, surprised that his precum tastes so good. Before long, Stacy is swallowing some sperm that's shot out a bit prematurely into her mouth, even while Lou leans over her and reaches down, fondling her breasts. Stacy's nipples harden quickly in Lou's strong, skillful hands as they knead the soft flesh, squeezing her breasts and expertly pinching her nipples just hard enough that the pleasureful tingle of the sensation shoots up her spine.

Stacy finds herself responding to it by shoving some more of his cock into her mouth and bobbing her head up and down more passionately, eager to get some more of that tasty sperm to slide down her throat. She'd never have believed before this, even with all that had been done to her before**, that she'd ever go down on another man that wasn't her husband so lovingly and with such devotion. But fuck! if Lou's sperm isn't the best she's tasted in a while--!

It's then, as he cums hard down her throat once more, his cock exploding in her mouth as his whole body shakes, that Stacy remembers that she had accidentally skipped lunch today, so of course she's starving for any nourishment she can get! Stacy greedily, happily gulps down Lou's sperm, doing her best to get every drop as he'd ordered. As she pulls her mouth free, she swipes some dribbling seed from the underside of his cock with her finger, and sucks it off the digit nice and slow so that he can see.

The two of them sit in silence a moment, Lou on the long seat and Stacy on the floor in front of him--master and servant--both of them catching their breath. After a little bit, Lou reaches down, offering Stacy his hands. She accepts, thinking he's helping her to her feet. But as she stands, he lets go of her hands and grabs onto her waist, sitting her on his lap. He wraps one arm around her waist to hold her in place while his other hand reaches under her skirt, beginning to pull down her panties!

"Wait--what are you doing?! We didn't agree to this!" Stacy shouts at him. "Premiums are high, honey.gotta make sure I get my money's worth out of you," Lou says as he rips her white cotton panties down around her thighs.

"Stop, stop, STOP!" Stacy yells at him, grabbing his arm and trying to wiggle out of his grip.but Lou's grip is far too strong, and he chuckles in amusement as his little mistress struggles so hard to no effect. Finally, Lou gets a bit fed up with the struggle, and shoves a couple of fingers into Stacy's tight twat. She cries out in surprise and tries harder to get free, but Lou pulls her forward with his arm, into an awkward position against his chest so that the Asian pharmacist has no leverage as he begins to masturbate her fiercely.

"S-STOP!!" Stacy cries, tears spilling down her face as memories of similar abuses at the hands of other men come back to her, but along with the memories comes the shameful thrill she felt as each finger, each tongue, each hard cock, penetrated her.

She never told her husband about the incidents.but that was as much to keep the fact that she had been secretly, shamefully thrilled when each man had finished cumming inside her, as much as not wanting the knowledge of what happened to drive her husband crazy. Stacy feels her pussy beginning to lubricate now, and she knows that she'll soon have no control over when she cums, as her vagina just seems to give in to any man that so much as looks at it the right way. Her struggles become more frenzied, but eventually her fists pounding against Lou's chest and face turn to claws, tearing at his shirt as his slicked fingers bring her to a powerful forced orgasm and she cries out, collapsing in a heap of tears against his chest.

Lou's cock is hard as a rock as he dumps Stacy off of his lap and onto the chair, letting her take a moment to absorb what's happened to her, how helpless she is, and that her pussy is essentially his property.

Lou shakes his pants off fully and reaches over, pulling Stacy's panties down to her ankles. He opens her legs easily now, her body having given up the fight, and places her legs on top of his hips as he prepares to mount her.

"Please." Stacy moans through her tears, in shock at how easily she just lets men take her now. "Please.we didn't agree to this." "Oh, just shut up," Lou says with a chuckle, then begins pushing his cock inside her pussy, which starts to moisten even more at the entry. Did I know this was going to happen? Is this what I really wanted all along? Stacy thinks to herself, as Lou's cock enters her all the way, filling up her pussy, which is getting warmer by the second.

How could I think that all he'd want was a blowjob to keep him from suing us? Then, as an afterthought, I hope we have more RU-486 at the pharmacy!

Lou begins pumping his thick, hardened cock into Stacy's tight snatch, and even though she tries to fight it, she's soon moaning in rhythm with him, her hot pussy lubricating obediently, allowing him to go deeper and spill his seed into her. Stacy doesn't look in his eyes; instead she stares up at the ceiling as Lou fucks her, thinking to herself that this must be what prostitutes in Saigon feel like.eager to just have their john get done with them, for the deal to be complete.

Tears spill down her face as she realizes she can't even admit to herself that she's not enjoying it; the feel of Lou's thick prick--so much larger than her husband's--is like a drug to her pussy, which clamps onto it desperately, not wanting to ever let it slip out from inside her.

This just turns Lou on all the more, and he's soon pumping his cock furiously inside Stacy, who gives in to her lust and starts crying out in ecstacy. Before she realizes what she's doing, she's opening her mouth, allowing his tongue to enter it, then her own is greeting his and playing with it as they kiss.

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Her legs, simply spread and dangling over the seat before, are now wrapped around Lou's waist and her arms are wrapped around his neck, holding on tightly as she now accepts him fully within her.

Before too long, Lou's blasting another hot load of sperm within Stacy's eager vagina, which absorbs it completely as her walls are well coated. Finally spent, Lou pulls out and sits back on the seat as Stacy's legs and arms drape back onto the seat.

Lou exhales heavily and looks over at Stacy, who is laying quietly in a type of shock; wondering if this is what she was meant just service men who want to take her, no matter that she's married and has a loving family. Maybe she's meant to be simply property of whoever finds and chooses her.

She's brought out of her state as Lou slaps her playfully on her thigh. "Good girl," he says, satisfied. "You did a good fucking job, so off you go. We'd better both get out of here before that cop comes back." Stacy says nothing. She nods in understanding and sits up, slowly pulling her white cotton panties back up and refitting the straps on her halter top. She straightens her tennis mini skirt and watches passively as Lou tucks his prick back into his pants and jumps out of her mini-van without so much as a goodbye or thanks.

He heads back to his car and gets in, while Stacy just sits in her car, trying to come to terms with everything that's happened to her. An impatient honk from the BMW snaps her out of it, and she moves forward into the driver's seat. She turns the car back on, puts it into reverse and carefully backs out onto the main road.

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She pauses on the shoulder, waiting expectantly for Lou to pull around and stop beside her, to say something. He doesn't; he pulls his car out onto the main road and speeds off into the distance, out of her life. Stacy frowns deeply. Even though her body is satisfied, and her pussy still throbs warmly from shameful pleasure, she has to fight back tears all the way to the day care center.

(*To be concluded in Miranda: The Speeding Ticket) (**See: Stacy the Asian pharmacist: Secret Origin, Stacy the Asian pharmacist: Disneyworld Romp and Stacy the Asian pharmacist: The Trip Home)