Vollbusige Teen Babe Schwanz sinnlich Wichsen

Vollbusige Teen Babe Schwanz sinnlich Wichsen
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I was finishing up my make up in my bathroom mirror when I heard my phone start buzzing on the counter. I looked down and saw that it was best friend Tiffany calling. I answered and put her on speaker so I could finish putting on my lipstick. "Hey what's up," I asked. "Nothing, just wanted to let you know I'm outside when you're ready," she replied. "Come in for a second. I'm almost done getting ready but I have to let my dad know before I leave." "Okay I'm heading in now." I loved that Tiff never argued with me about anything.

My other friends would probably have bitched about me not being ready on time, Tiff was always understanding though. She just went with the flow of whatever I was up too. Satisfied with my make up, I stepped back to take in the finished product.

I was pretty satisfied with what I saw.

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My perky little c-cup breasts were exposing just the right amount of cleavage from the scoop neck of my pink shirt. My blond hair was pulled back into a sporty little pony tail. At 5'8" I had a beautiful balance of curves with my shirt ending just above my navel and my tight little ass wedged into my short shorts. I loved the things I could get away with wearing in the summer. I grabbed my phone and headed down stairs. When I got there, Tiff was in the living room giggling at something my dad was saying.

"What's so funny," I asked, slightly amused. "Your dad just told me about how your mom finally convinced Dalton to go to the gym. He said that in a few months I'll have to watch out for him since he'll be such a hard body." I grinned at dad's stupid joke. He was always implying that Tiff and Dalton should date. I always assumed it was just his way of being a wing man for his son. It made perfect since seeing as Tiffany was a petite little ginger with a beautiful face.

He probably wanted to live vicariously through Dalton. I wondered how seriously Tiff took his remarks. She spent so much time at our house I was sure she had gotten to know Dalton well enough to know he was interested.

She and I had spent countless hours talking about guys we were into, and some of the things we had done with them, but she never mentioned him in that light. "Dad we're heading to the mall like I told you yesterday. I'll be back for dinner," I said, eager to get out of the house. "Tiff you can stay for that as well if you would like," he replied. "Sounds like fun," she responded all bubbly, "thanks Mr. Hill." "Tiffany when are you going to start calling me Kyle?" Dad asked, still smiling at her.

"Probably never at this point sir," she replied blushing slightly. I waved good bye and grabbed her arm pulling her towards the door. Once outside, we got into her Honda civic and headed for the mall. On the way there we chatted lightly about bull shit until I mentioned how weird it was my mom got Dalton out of the house so early. "That's pretty cool he's going to start working out though," Tiff remarked.

"Hey does it bug you that my dad is always insisting you go out with him?" "No, not really. He just likes to tease me is all." "Have you ever thought about my brother like that before?" She paused before saying, "He's cute, but I can't see us being a serious thing." She waited, then finished "I've known your family too long, it would be like hooking up with my brother." I grinned, "So admitting he's cute is okay though?" "I mean even you could admit that." She blushed a little.

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"Is that why you always giggle at my dad's stupid jokes?" "He's funny. And I like how sweet he is when I'm around." "Oh my god," I laughed. "You have a crush on him. You're such a dirty little slut." I meant that statement as a joke but when I said it she blushed and refused to glance in my direction. I considered this and realized she must have had some fantasies about him and enjoyed the attention he always gave her.

I wondered how long she had been thinking about him romantically and how intense those thoughts must have been. I decided to drop it since we were pulling up to the mall. She and I had made plans to window shop for an hour, then meet my boyfriend Jake to see a movie. The hour went by like normal. Just looking at clothes and make up while chit chatting about nothing in general.

I occasionally considered her feelings toward my dad and decided it didn't really bother me. I couldn't fault her for thinking he was attractive. His body was sculpted beautifully.

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His large chest muscles over a very tone 6 pack that he always showed off when we all went swimming. His arms and legs matched with gorgeous tone and vascularity. He even had a handsome face with a dark five o clock shadow.

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When I considered his looks and how often she was around our house I realized she was having a pretty normal reaction for an 18-year-old girl. I decided I would bring it up again later and let her know it was no big deal. We finished our window shopping and headed to the food court to meet Jake. When he saw me he immediately wrapped me in his arms and kissed me.

I felt his hands slide into the back pockets of my shorts while his tongue slipped just slightly into my mouth. He knew I loved it when he groped me like this in public, so he did it often. Jake was actually a friend of my brother.

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They had met freshman year of high school and gotten along pretty well for years. When my brother graduated Jake came to the graduation bbq we had at our house. He and I flirted a lot and ended up sneaking away from the party.

We went to my room and after twenty minutes of fooling around I gave him a blow job while he sat on my bed. Dalton had no idea that he and I had been dating ever since. I kept it quiet by never letting my family know when I was meeting up with him. I pushed against his chest to break up our kiss before my panties started to get wet. I loved that he wasn't scared to show his love for me in front of everyone.

We smiled at each other with out giving any real greeting. He glanced up and noticed Tiffany. "Hey gorgeous. How have you been?" He asked her grinning. "I'm doing fine, thanks." She replied with a warm smile. They were pretty friendly seeing as the three of us met up to hang out pretty often. He was always a little flirty with her but I never really minded. That was just how he talked to my friends. I doubt I would have been as interested in him as I was if he weren't such a flirt. We got tickets to our movie and headed into the theatre.

Several minutes later we were seated all the way at the back of the theater. There was barely anyone else there that day. Jake sat between us with his hand on my thigh. When the previews had been going for a few minutes he started to caress my leg. His hand travelled lightly, running his from my knee to my hip. The sensation was warm and loving. As he continued, I noticed that he was pressing a little more firmly and closer to the inside of my thigh.

A small spark of warmth began growing inside of me. He continued with his motion slowly upping the odds, coming closer to my pussy. The warmth inside of me spread across my leg and groin. It felt like being snuggled by a warm blanket on a weekend morning. I placed my fingers on his forearm and rested my head on his shoulder purring my approval.

His hand ventured from my thigh to my pussy, rubbing it lightly over my shorts. My eyes closed as the warm massage continued to send pleasure through my hips.

I was breathing softly and I could feel my panties starting to moisten from the pressure and my lust. I opened my eyes to make sure that Tiff was still distracted and discovered the she was not distracted at all. She was staring at Jake's hand pressed into my lap and the faraway look in my eyes. It was clear from her expression that she was feeling a similar heat between her legs.

Although the Tiffany and I were best friends we had never fooled around in the same room before. This was the first time she had ever seen me with one of my boy friends. Knowing that she was watching him massage my warm wet pussy over my shorts was making me hotter by the second. I expected her to stop staring at some point but, she continued to gaze at Jake and I sharing our love. I glanced at Jake to see if he noticed that she was looking but he simply stared at the movie screen giving no indication of what was happening.

When my eyes returned to Tiff I felt his hand begin to undo the button of my shorts. My zipper shortly followed and I felt his warm fingers sliding into my panties to caress my pretty little pussy.

His fingertips slipped into the warm folds of my sex and traced the entrance to my womb. He continued this for what felt like hours but may have been moments. I felt my pussy lips burning with desire and his fingers glided back and forth occasionally brushing my clit. Tiff and I locked eyes.

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I was drunk on the sensation and stared at my best friend while she looked back. I saw her pull out her phone and send me a text message.

"Can I touch myself," it read. I nodded back causing Jake to glance over at me. I put my hand to his cheek and drew him in for a passionate kiss. When we broke I nodded toward Tiffany and watched his face light up at the sight of her hand in her pants and her eyes on us. The taboo of being watched by my friend in the theater was making the whole scene much more intoxicating. His fingers began focusing on my clit as I let out a soft sigh and felt myself edging toward an orgasm.

Jake's free hand was rubbing his growing cock over his pants while his eyes moved from my face to Tiffany's lap. Her face was flushed and I could see the drunken look in her eye as she neared her climax with me. I never knew she could be so dirty. She and I had been talking about sex since we were 13 and she never once gave me any clues that she would be into something like this. Seeing her now with her hand in her pants and the other cupping her small breast over her shirt, I was in a fantastic state of shock.

I felt Jake's fingers zone in on my clit again and the pressure sent me over the edge. My clit throbbed and my pussy convulsed. Fluid seeped into my already soaking panties as my breath caught in my throat. I felt my thigh muscles tighten. My eyes closed and a warm wave of pleasure erupted from my cunt and traveled directly to my brain.

I felt like every inch of my body was emanating from my clitoris.


As my tension abated and I came back to reality, I noticed Jake was breathing hard too. Tiff had upped the ante by sliding her shorts all the way down her legs. We could both see her gorgeous pussy. It was framed in short red hairs that matched the ones on her head. I noticed it had been neatly trimmed so that it wasn't messy. Two of her fingers were sliding across the folds of her cunt.

The beautiful glistening lips let her fingers just glide smoothly as she brought herself closer to cumming. I looked at my boyfriend and best friend and decided I was going to give them both something to enjoy. With my head laying against his shoulder, I undid Jake's fly and pulled out his throbbing rod. It was fully engorged and pulsing in the soft silver glow coming off the movie screen. I grasped it in my hand and gave it a few soft strokes, admiring the diamond of precum that emerged at the tip.

After several more strokes the diamond dripped from the head of his cock and slid all the way to my hand at the base. I licked my lips and pressed my tongue to the spot where it stopped. I torturously traced its path back to the top.


I stopped there and swirled his knob around my outstretched tongue tasting more of his salty precum. The slick spongy head was so deliciously engorged I didn't know how Jake hadn't blown his load already. I closed my eyes and bobbed my head up and down gently. His cock bounced with his heartbeat as his breathing quickened. As my lips traveled toward the base they bumped into a hand that was sticky and smelled like pussy. I looked up to see Tiff was holding his cock at the base with the same hand she had been fingering herself with.

Her eyes belatedly asked if she could touch and I responded by bobbing on the tip of Jake's cock while using my hand to stroke him with hers. This was final straw for him it seemed. Jake's hips bucked sending his cock deep into my mouth.

I felt a gushing pulse of warm cum erupt against my throat. I closed my lips and swallowed what I could but the onrush of such a huge load caused me to cough. Milky white cum poured from the corners of my mouth down his cock.

I licked and swallowed everything I could, even the large amount of cum that gotten on his jeans.

Tiffany whimpered and I looked up to see her hand flying across her clit as her pussy gushed clear fluid everywhere. It was the hottest thing I had ever seen. We all sat back in our chairs silently each reflecting on the depravity of what had just happened. After a few minutes we all fixed our clothes and finished the movie.


When we left none of us addressed what happened. I gave Jake a long kiss tasting his tongue on mine and turned to leave with Tiffany. "You coming to dinner tonight?" I asked. She nodded and said, "I think I might stay the night. You and I should talk about a few things." We rode home in silence and I contemplated what it was she wanted to tell me. When I got home my mom was in the kitchen cooking.

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She had a distant look on her face as I asked, "How much longer? Tiff and I are starving." "Should be ready soon," she murmured without much focus. "Awesome I'll go grab Dalton." She didn't reply and seemed to tense at that statement. As I headed up stairs I thought to myself, "there's no way her day was stranger than." Please leave rating when finished. Feel free to offer constructive criticism.