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Swinger in Florida Teil I dvxx
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I had only met Sawyer a few months ago. I never thought it would be anything serious, just maybe a casual hook up and it would be over.

I had just gotten out of a pretty bad relationship and was looking to have some fun. He was essentially going to be my rebound, you know, just someone to get my mind off of my ex. However things had quickly turned into a whirlwind. It's not like we were dating or anything, fuck buddies really, but Sawyer…he's a pretty cool guy. I liked him a lot and if I wasn't so fucking mental, I would consider dating him. But I mean…who would really want to get involved with a guy like me?

Most people would call me antisocial but I knew better, I am asocial. I suffer from depression and anxiety and just an overall general mistrust of the population as a whole. It's not like I had a tough childhood or anything but it was different than most. I am the middle child, and like my older brother and younger sister, I was adopted, and raised by the two most loving people on the face of the earth, my dad and my father.

I knew who my biological mother was, but had never met my biological father. I never felt abandoned, although my therapist thinks I am feeling it subconsciously. Regardless though, I live at home with my parents, since I'm not exactly able to function on my own just yet, but I was okay with that.

I loved my family so much; they were the only people that I trusted to protect me from myself. That is until I met Sawyer. After I had broken up with my ex-boyfriend, I really started trying to get my life together and was taking the proper medication.

I soon found that I could handle going out and having casual hook ups with other men. Like I said, I had never planned on getting involved in any sort of relationship with anyone, but sometimes fate will lead you into a new world and you need to just go with the flow. Our first few hook ups were absolutely amazing. During my relationship with my ex-boyfriend, I began to realize I liked to be the dominant one when it came to sex. Now that was a problem since he was a dominant person as well and 99% of the time I was the one on the bottom.

With Sawyer, I was so convinced that it would be meaningless sex, that I gave into my desires and fucked him with a reckless abandon.

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And he loved it. I had never met someone so submissive in bed, or so cum hungry. It was almost like he was addicted to cock. Not that it was problem or anything, because I liked it, I liked it a lot. We exchanged information and soon our hookups became more regular and a friendship between us soon began to blossom. It had been a few weeks since our last fling, when Sawyer had invited me over to his apartment. The last time we tried to have some fun was in my room and of course my parents had to come home early from their date and ruin everything.

I had a feeling he wanted to have sex but I still felt pretty awkward about everything that had happened. "Riley," He said, a smile playing across his lips, lighting up his gorgeous blue-green eyes. "Sawyer…" I said as I shifted my weight on my feet. I was still pretty anxious around him even though we had had sex at least five times up to this point. At 6'3 I towered above most people including my older brother and both my parents.

But I was incredibly thin, barely 170lbs, almost no muscle mass, my arms slightly toned showing off small baby muscles when I flexed.

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Sawyer on the other hand, he was so fucking sexy. He wasn't that much shorter than me, maybe about 6'1, but he was a lot more muscular. He didn't work out a lot, but he was much more toned than I was, putting my body to shame.

But I didn't mind it one bit, he was still pretty soft and I liked cuddling with him after sex. "Come on in," I knew what he wanted; there was no real reason to beat around the bush.

But I did like the fact that he hadn't just attacked me in the hallway, like I was a fucking whore. Sawyer was classy like that. He led me into his bedroom and I sat down on his bed. It wasn't as soft as my own but it was perfect for fucking on, since that's all we seemed to do anyway.

"It's been awhile…sorry about the last time. I really need to move out on my own." I said with an awkward laugh as I rubbed the back of my neck.

"You're fine, but it was quite rude of you to not finish what you had started." My cheeks took on a pinkish tone. I guess I had gotten him really worked up because the next thing I knew he was kissing the hell out of me. It caught me off guard but I soon began to relax as I sucked on his tongue. It was so wide and soft; I could suck on it all day.

I let him push me down and get on top of me, his hips grinding into me a bit.


I grasped the hem of his shirt and pulled it over his head, my hands running over his toned chest and stomach, lingering a bit over his abs. I really liked touching him. He felt so soft and firm at the same time. I sat up with him still on my lap and I quickly began to suck on various spots on his chest, leaving large hickeys, occasionally biting down on his slightly tanned skin.

As I began to tease his nipples, his hands began to get tangled in my dyed red hair, something I really liked. "Riley," He moaned into my ear. My cock was really starting to get hard, pressing into him. "I'm sorry you didn't get to finish last time we were like this.

But we can finish now right?" He asked and I nodded my head almost like an eager little puppy. He grinned and got off of me, unbuttoning my jeans, pushing them past my hips, my red boxer briefs coming off in the process.

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I was breathing quite heavily as I watched how he stared at my cock. I was already throbbing so hard, precum beginning to ooze out.


"Sawyer," I said in a warning tone of voice as I started to remove my shirt. "Either suck it or bend over so I can fuck you, but don't stare. All it does is tease me and you know how much I hate that." "Oh? I didn't know that you didn't like to be teased." He said grabbing the base of my cock and began to stroke me.


I gasped and look down at him an annoyance in my eyes, but he just tightened his grip and stroked me harder. "Sawyer," I growled. "Don't do that." But he just stuck his tongue out and flicked it against my head.

I tossed my head back and moaned loudly gripping his sheets. "What's wrong Riley? I just want to make you feel good." He said before his tongue kept teasing my head and sliding up and down my shaft. My legs started to bounce as I tried to keep myself under control. I was feeling so sensitive and when he started licking my balls I felt like I was about to lose it. "Stop it!" I started to whine, looking down at him only to see that naughty mischievous look in his eyes.

"Stop what Riley?

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Don't you like it when I do this?" "You are playing games Sawyer. Keep it up and I won't be able to control myself anymore." An eagerness entered his eyes as he thought I was about to cum, which I had a feeling was something he really wanted. And yes, by the end of the day, his face would be covered in my cum, but that was not going to happen right now. Sawyer stroked me harder, licking my balls. "Go ahead and lose control, I can handle anything you throw at me." I groan loudly as he continued to tease me.

"You want me to lose control?" I growl at you, my eyes narrowing. "Fine, let me grant you your wish." I grabbed his wrists tightly, moving them away from my cock and balls. I did not look pleased at all. You see, I had this side to me, this really dark side. I don't know where it came from, and it only showed up when I could be the dominant one during sex.

My ex-boyfriend did not like it all but, hooking up with Sawyer, had provided the perfect breeding ground for my sadistic side to flourish.

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It's like my personality did a complete 180. And the one thing that I did not enjoy was being teased, almost like it was a trigger for me. I grabbed Sawyer roughly by his black hair and pushed my cock into his mouth completely, stretching it wide open. I wasn't crazy long or anything, maybe around seven inches, maybe seven and a half, but I was extremely thick, almost as thick as a soda can. "Oh God!" I groaned loudly, my breathing getting a little heavier.

"Your mouth is so amazing!" It was the perfect combination of wet and warm. I held his head completely still as I moved my hips, my cock going deeper and deeper into his throat.

I listened as he began to gag, my cock throbbing like crazy. "Oh what's wrong Sawyer? I thought you could handle anything I threw at you huh?" I asked licking my lips, loving the lust filled look in his eyes. I forced him to swallow my cock, his saliva coating it completely, as my eyes began to roll back in pleasure.

"Fuck!" I grunted, as I gave one last good thrust into his face, pressing his nose straight into my hairless crotch, shooting my load deep down his throat.

It was so hot and so sticky in his throat and I watched with delight as his stomach began to bloat a bit as he was forced to swallow about a half gallon of cum. I slowly pulled my cock out of his throat, filling it with even more of my seed, watching as it spilled out the sides of his mouth, running down his chin and neck. "Well you are just a cock sucking whore now aren't you?

Can't get enough?" He nodded his head. "Yes! Can I have more?" He begged. I had always been able to produce massive loads, and there was nothing that got me off more than forcing a submissive bitch to swallow it all and have them beg for more.

I glanced down, and saw that his cock was rock hard and I began to smirk. I smacked his hands away as they started to reach for my dick again.

I grabbed him by the arm and pushed him down onto his bed, ripping his jeans and boxers off, before going straight into sucking his cock. None of that teasing bullshit. "Riley!" He whined loudly, his hands getting in my hair again. I sucked harder, my head bobbing up and down as I tried to swallow his cock, just like I had forced him to do to mine. Sawyer's cock was so long and thick, it surprised me that he never really seemed that interested in fucking, just being fucked.

That was okay with me, I had my own desires that I wanted to act on, and none of them involved me being on the receiving end. Sawyer moaned louder, begging for me to suck harder and I did. However, I wasn't doing this for his pleasure. He had teased me, and needed to be punished. As soon as his ups began to buck I pulled away with a loud wet pop. "Riley!" He groaned again before I flipped him over; his well toned ass was high up in the air, just for me.

I smacked his ass cheek hard before spreading them open and resting my eyes on the most perfect pink hole I had ever seen. I licked up and down the length of his ass, before inserting my tongue into his opening. I loved doing this, one of my favorite things actually, and I loved hearing Sawyer moan like a little bitch.

His cock was twitching even harder than before, his precum dripping down onto his sheets.

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"Riley! Just fuck me already goddamn it! I can't take this anymore!" "Oh, so now you know how I felt when you were teasing me." I smacked his ass harder than before leaving a bright red mark, before biting down, making him groan. I shake my head, laughing, when my eyes land on the bottle of lube on his night stand. "You were prepared?" I said in a smug tone. "What if I didn't want to fuck you?

What if I didn't want to do any of this?" I grabbed the bottle and poured a big glob of the cold stuff into his ass. "Oh who am I kidding, I probably would have fucked you if you just asked me to.

I've wanted to do this for so long; you don't even understand how badly I want to fuck your brains out right now." I rubbed some of the lube on my cock, before pushing my whole length inside him, filling his ass up and stretching it wide open. "Fuck!" He growled and I started moving my hips, hard. I wasn't going to be nice and caring, show him any type of affection. That wasn't what this was about. I held on to his hips tightly as I thrust into him harder and faster. His moans were soon the only sounds filling the room, besides our skin smacking against each other.

"You're moaning so loud Sawyer. Like a bitch in heat, you must really love being fucked." I smacked his ass hard over and over, loving how he tightened up around my cock. "That's okay, I like that you're so loud. It only makes me want you more." I grabbed his hair forcing him to arch his back and I pushed my cock even deeper inside his ass. "Feel free to cum whenever you want, I don't care," I grunted in his ear before I fucked him even harder.

"God this is the best ass I've ever had!

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Why did it take me so long to do this?" I let go of his hair and just continued to pound into him not letting up a bit. "Riley! I'm going to cum!" For me to make him cum would just be delicious. I pulled out of him roughly leaving him to moan in disappointment.

"Oh shut up," I flipped him over on to his back and pushed my cock back inside his ass and started fucking him hard again. My hand began to stroke his cock as I kept pounding his ass, making it take the shape of my cock. I could feel him throbbing in my hands and within minutes he was shooting his load all over my hands and on his chest.

I pushed my fingers into his mouth forcing him to suck them clean, but of course the naughty little slut began to suck on them as if he were cleaning a cock and it's enough to send me over the edge. "Oh god!" I groaned loudly as I shot my load inside him filling him up completely.

His stomach began to bloat out more than it had been before, as his stomach began to be filled with more of my white, hot, sticky, cum. I pulled out of him my cum spilling right back out like a geyser. I looked down at him as his chest was rising and falling and I couldn't help but grin.

I straddled his hips again, forcing more of my cum to shoot out of his ass, and I kissed him long and hard. "That was so much fun," I whispered as I started kissing his neck biting down hard. "Do you want more? I would love to see you riding my cock and have you cum all over my chest.

That would be so fucking hot!" Sawyer nodded his head, too weak to reply.