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Inked vixen Lena Kelly sucked off by stunning tbabe
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First off, I want to apologize for the long wait for this next chapter. I had every intention of posting this chapter, and the following chapters, promptly after I'd posted chapter 3.

But sometimes things don't go as planned. Life gets in the way, and more important things take over. This, writing stories, is simply a hobby. Real life can get in the way and overshadow our hobbies at times.

I had things that demanded my attention, and so I was unable to give my writing and this series the focus I once had. I'm back now. No promises that life won't get in the way again. But I will do my best to finish up this series as quickly as possible. To those who follow this series, don't lose hope, I'm here and I'm working hard on chapters 5 and 6! As long as things progress as I'd like, I should have those up over the next month. Thank you for reading! Hope you enjoy!

Hell Hath No Fury Ch4 - Hell hath no fury like a psychopath… perhaps that's not how the saying goes, but Derrick was furious as hell when Gabby said she'd rather die than be with him. As she blacked out from Derrick repeatedly slamming her head on the hard wood floor, all Gabby could think was this was the end. Her life hung in the balance and her biggest fear wasn't death itself, but that she wouldn't get to see her love ever again.

The last image in her mind was that of Jacob smiling down at her, then there was nothing. When Gabby came to she saw Jacob and Derrick battling it out.

Fists were flying. Derrick landed a few blows, but was easily overpowered by the stronger more muscular Jacob. Derrick punched his fist out toward Jacob's face, but met air when Jacob moved out the way.

Jacob's balled fist lurched up into Derrick's abdomen, whooshing the air right out. Derrick doubled over and Jacob pounced. Blow after furious blow, Jacob pounded at Derrick. Gabby managed to stagger to her feet feeling quite dizzy.

She saw Derrick's body going limp. "Stop! You're killing him!" Gabby hollered breaking through to Jacob. He looked back at the badly beaten Gabby and ceased the beating. "Oh my God, Gabby!" Jacob leapt up rushing to hold her, to know his eyes weren't tricking him.

"I thought you were dead!" He took her bruised and bleeding body in his arms. "Thank God you're alive!" Gabby cried on his chest soaking his shirt. "If it weren't for you I would be… We have to call the police." She told him logically. "We will… we will…" Jacob now had tears streaming down his face. "When I busted thru the door and saw you on the floor not moving… all the blood… I lost it!

I wanted to murder the son of a bitch!" "I'm so glad you came… It was awful!" Gabby shriveled in his strong arms, needing comfort. "Did he… did he rape you?" Jacob feared he had after seeing the state of Gabby's clothing.

"No… he tried… he was going to…" "I'm so sorry my sweet! I should have been here sooner!

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I should never have let you return here! This is all my fault! I hope you can forgive me…" "There's nothing to forgive.

Neither of us could have predicted this. The person at fault is him…" "No, you mentioned having a bad feeling, I should have listened." Jacob felt responsible; he was supposed to protect her. "I'll heal&hellip. Right now we have a call to make." Derrick was coming to now, they had to act fast. Jacob had Gabby go put some clothes on while he secured Derrick's wrists behind his back using his own tie.

With Derrick's wrists immobilized and Gabby dressed, Jacob dialed 911 and told them the situation. It wasn't long before a police car and ambulance arrived. The aging officer took statements while the rookie handcuffed Derrick, read him his rights, and put him in the back of the cruiser. A paramedic attended to Gabby. They insisted she go to the ER to get checked. Gabby wanted to ride there with Jacob, so the ambulance left with her assurance she'd get right to the hospital. After the older officer snapped a few pictures to document Gabby's injuries, he huddled with his partner speaking in hushed tones.

The older officer walked back to Jacob and Gabby. "We're taking him in, but he'll probably bail out within a couple hours. And he may possible want to file assault charges against you sir." The officer was speaking to Jacob. My suggestion is to finish getting your things and be out of here by the time he gets back. I wish you both the best of luck." Gabby was crying too hard to speak as she shook the cop's hand.

Jacob spoke up. "We can't thank you enough." He said giving the man a firm handshake. Gabby broke down the second they were gone. "Oh my god! He's going to get away with it, all of it!" "No, there has to be some evidence somewhere. I won't rest till he's behind bars or 6ft under. You hear me?" Jacob preferred the idea of him dead and buried.

"He'll come for me! He'll kill me!" Gabby was in hysterics. "He will have to go through me first. I didn't protect you like I should have before, I won't make that same mistake again." And he meant it. He carried her to his SUV placing her in the back and covering her with a blanket.

"You rest while I pack what's left." He went back and started boxing up clothes, books, her laptop, anything and everything he thought might be hers or that she might want. He loaded up the items in the SUV. What he couldn't fit in the SUV he put in Gabby's car. He contacted Janie to fill her in and told her to be ready because he was on his way to pick her up.

He got Janie then dropped her off back at Gabby's to get Gabby's car. He told Janie to drive the car back to his place and he'd meet her back there after they were done at the hospital.

They spent 3hrs in the ER just to hear what they already assumed. Besides the obvious bumps and bruises they surmised she had a broken nose and a concussion and some bruised ribs. They gave her a prescription of pain killers and sent her home with some at home care orders. Jacob immediately helped Gabby up to bed for some rest. He met Janie back downstairs. "So, what'd the docs say?" Janie asked him. "Well, she pretty banged up and she's got a concussion…" He tried to choke back tears.

"If I'd shown up any later she'd be dead!

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I'm worthless… I was supposed to protect her!" "You can't dwell on the 'what if's' bro. Gabby loves you, she needs you to be strong for her now.

Quit beating yourself up and focus your energy on keeping her safe from here on." "You are wise beyond your years, sis…" They sat sipping on beers for a while, but didn't talk. Jacob broke the silence.

"We have to start digging into his brother's death for a way to prove it was murder." "That's the Jacob I know!" Janie was glad to see the self-degradation was done with. "Hey sis, can you go get some Chinese real quick?" "Sure thing." Janie grabbed her purse and was out the door. Jacob went up to check on Gabby.

He found her under the covers when he got upstairs. She was in better spirits, fully awake now, but still physically sore and drained. He curled up beside her, cradling her in his arms. Kissing the top of her head he smelled the aroma of his shampoo. "Did you shower?" He inquired. "Mmmhmm." Gabby hummed. "Do you feel better?" "Mmmhmm." "Well enough to eat?" "Maybe." "Hope you like Chinese, Janie's out getting some." "That's perfect." "You sure? I can fix you some soup in you'd prefer." "No I'd rather you stay right here." He gave her a gentle peck on the lips.

"Your wish is my command my sweet." Jacob provided the comfort and strength Gabby desperately needed as they lay in bed waiting for Janie's arrival. Soon Janie showed up and Jacob went to help her bring the food in.

She wasn't prepared for what she'd see as she entered the master bedroom. "Oh my gods girl! You look like hell!" That was Janie, no mental filter. Jacob popped her in a brotherly fashion on the back of the head. "Way to be sensitive sis!" Gabby was actually relieved Janie wasn't walking on egg shells around her.

"I feel like hell, might as well look the part." "Remind me never to marry a murdering lunatic." Janie joked. "Too late, I've tapped that market." Jacob didn't care for their kidding, "That's enough you two… this is serious." "You're no fun!" Janie pouted. "Not like someone almost died today!" "Yea Jacob, lighten up!" Gabby played along. "Now bring me that food. I'm starved!" Relenting, Jacob kept his mouth shut rather than argue with two hard-headed women.

Jacob and Janie joined Gabby on the large king sized bed. They ate and conversed as usual, with no further mention of near death experiences, much to Jacob's relief. Once they were done eating Gabby sank down next to Jacob with her head on his chest and fell fast asleep. Janie offered to clear the mess and started gathering the trash and leftovers from the bed to take downstairs.

As she reached the doorway Jacob invited her to stay the night, seeing as it was getting late. He offered her the guest room down the hall. Janie happily accepted, since she knew the only way she'd be getting home is if Jacob drove her and he wasn't about to leave Gabby right now. All was peaceful overnight.


The next morning Jacob took Janie back to her apartment early in the morning so she'd have time to change before work. He'd barely begun backing out of the parking spot when he saw Janie running towards him in hysterics. He had the SUV in park and was outside the vehicle before she'd made it halfway. "Janie, what is it?" Jacob saw the fright in her eyes as he asked her.

"Oh my gods! I was… he was… my apartment…" She stammered out incoherently. "Oh my gods! Gabby… we have to…" "Whoa! Calm down! What about Gabby? Your apartment?" He strained to remain calm himself. "Just breathe… Now tell me what's going on." Janie huffed grabbing onto Jacob for balance. She took a deep breath in before beginning again.

"I was broke into! I think he somehow found out where I live and broke in… He's gotta be looking for Gabby." She looked at him with panicked eyes. "It's only a matter of time before he finds her… We have to get back now!" Jacob's eyes grew wide.

He darted toward the SUV as he hollered to Janie. "Get in! Let's go!" He pushed down on the accelerator the second the passenger shut. Fear for Gabby fueled his adrenalin as he raced to her rescue once again. He thought to himself; how could I have been so stupid! I should never have left her there alone! His foot was like led, causing him to speed recklessly through the traffic. "Jacob! Slow down!" Janie screamed, clinging to her seat. "We won't be any help if we're dead!" "Call her!

Now!" Jacob barked loudly. Janie shakily fumbled through her purse till she found her cell phone. She pushed the call button and put it on speaker phone; all they heard was ring after ring till it reached voicemail. "Maybe she's just asleep…" Janie tried to reassure him. "Keep trying!" He ordered. As Janie repeatedly hit redial, Jacob's thoughts wandered.

"How could he have gotten your address?" He wondered out loud. "How should I know? As far as I know, all he knows bout me is my first name and that I work with Gabby." Jacob's mind scrambled for a minute.

Suddenly it was like a light bulb went off. "The dental office!" Janie raised a brow and gave a confused look. "What? You think he got the info from there? Like do you really believe he'd break into there?" "He's a psychopath… who knows what he's capable of!


He didn't have any problem breaking into your place, did he!" They didn't speak another word as he made his way closer to home. His nerves increasingly on edge as Janie continued unsuccessfully to reach Gabby.


When they pulled up to the property all seemed as they had left it. Upon entering the home Jacob found Gabby safe and sound, snuggled under a throw blanket on the couch with a cup of coffee in hand reading a book. He rushed to her and scooped her up in an instant. "Thank God you're alright!" He breathed a sigh of relief finally. "Of course I'm alright… What's going on?

Why's Janie with you?" "I'll explain in a minute." He assured her. "Right now I need you to pack a bag. We're staying in a hotel for a few days…" Gabby didn't question him; she just hustled upstairs to pack. Jacob turned to Janie. "You need to call the police and file a report. Have an officer meet us at your place." She shook her head in compliance. With cell phone in hand she made her way outside to make the call. Jacob headed up the stairs to assist Gabby and to grab a bag for himself as well.

He found Gabby stuffing clothing in a suitcase practically convulsing, she was shaking so hard. He stood behind her rubbing up and down her arms. "It's all going to be ok.

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I promise to protect you my sweet." "Jacob… what's this all about?" She asked tentatively. "We think he might have broken into the dental office to gather information in hopes of locating you. We know he broke into Janie's apartment, and that's the only way he could have known where she lives." He held her upright as her body trembled and her knees gave out.

"I just don't want to risk him finding you, so I'd rather us go elsewhere until we can figure this out." "He's not going to stop till he has me… till he kills me…" She whispered as tears poured out. "I won't let that happen!" He spun her around to face him. "You are my world now.

I will do anything and everything to keep you safe!" He meant every word. There was no doubt he would do whatever it took to protect his woman. Jacob held her tightly as she sobbed into his chest. At that moment Janie poked her head in letting them know she was hoping in the shower real quick.

She explained that since there was no immediate danger, an officer wouldn't be available to take her statement for at least 45mins. Jacob thanked her for keeping them informed and said they'd meet her downstairs to leave out in about 30mins.

With that Janie closed the door and proceeded toward the guest bathroom. Gabby had sat at the foot of the bed, wiping the remaining tears away; she had to be strong. Jacob crouched down before her, taking a firm grip of her hands. "How you holding up, my sweet?" She managed a brief smile. "Better now… a mini breakdown, nothing to worry about." "You had me scared shitless, you know?" "Oh… how?" "We kept trying to call you on our way back. Didn't you hear your phone?" "No… Now that I think of it, I'm not even sure it's on.

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Yesterday was, well you know." "Yea, I know! For now on you make sure to have it on you, ok?" Gabby raised her hand to her brow, mimicking a salute. "Yes sir!" Her playfulness at that moment eased the tension of the moment and even made him laugh slightly. They smiled at one another. As if of one mind, the distance between them vanished and their lips met in a passionate embrace. There was little time for romance or foreplay, they stood and assisted each other in removing all clothing.

Once the task was complete, Jacob lifted Gabby up in his arms and carried her to the nearby dresser. There he sat her facing him, their lips once again joined. Without wasting time, Jacob guided his throbbing member gently inside her. Gabby pulled back gasping for air, then let out a low moan. "Am I hurting you?" Jacob was concerned. "I can stop if it hurts." "Oh no… no don't stop." She wrapped her legs around him keeping him in place. "It feels so good." That was all he needed to hear.

Jacob plunged in till he reached his full depth, pausing briefly to glance at Gabby for any signs of discomfort, and then began pounding her hard. Gabby bit her bottom lip trying to keep somewhat quiet as she clung to his biceps, digging her nails to the point she nearly broke flesh. "Uh.uh.uh.uh!" He panted with each thrust. The dresser served as leverage as he attacked her with a blazing desire. In that particular position Gabby could do little to assist, she simply held on for dear life as he ravished her body.

He put his mouth to good use, nibbling and sucking at her neck, not once slowing in his assault. When she neared her peak, Gabby could no longer hold back her cries of pleasure. "Oh my God! YESSSSSSSS!!!" She climaxed hard, causing her inner walls to clamp down on his tool sending Jacob over the edge.

"Uh… Oh… FUCK YES!!!" He burst, filling her with his juices. His knees wobbled, but he stood his ground while they hugged each other close. They were still catching their breath after their power filled quickie, when they heard a meek knock at the door.

"Uh… guys… kinda time to go…" An embarrassed Janie spoke on the other side of the door. Jacob and Gabby rushed to redress that instant. "Yea, we'll be down in sec." Jacob mumbled. With that Janie swiftly shuffled down the hall. Within a couple of minutes they had dressed and thrown enough clothes in bags for a few days. Janie was waiting patiently by the front entrance as they descended the stairs.

Jacob loaded up the SUV, and they headed out. The three of them were soon nearing Janie's apartment complex. Two squad cars sat parked in front already on the scene. Janie was the first one out and up the stairs. An officer stopped her before she could reach her doorway. "I'm Janie Grayson, this is my place." She said pushing past him. "I'm the one who called it in." Jacob walked up the steps slowly with his arm around Gabby in a protective manner.

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He stepped up the office an introduced himself. "I'm her brother, Jacob Grayson." He said shaking the officer's hand. "We believe we know who did this.

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And we're almost certain her place of employment was hit as well." "How can you be certain of this?" The cop asked skeptically. "It's a long story, but I assure you we are correct." "Give me the name of the alleged person involved in this particular break in. I'll put it in my notes and he will be looked into. Also, I need the name and address of her employer so that I may check into that." The officer wrote as Jacob told him all the information he could.

"And why do you presume this Mr. Thomas has anything to do with this?" The officer questioned. "Is he an ex-boyfriend of Ms. Grayson?" "Um, no… Mr.

Thomas is my husband." Gabby interjected before Jacob could answer. The officer starred down at the still visibly battered Gabby. "And you think he did this why?" "As you can see, she's been through an ordeal recently… yesterday in fact." Jacob didn't like how the man was interrogating her. "Mr. Thomas did this when she tried to leave him.

They, my sister and Gabby here, are coworkers and friends. Gabby has no other close friends or family to turn to, which Mr. Thomas is aware of. He is a predator hunting his prey; we're afraid he won't stop till he catches Gabby and does who knows what to her.

The obvious path toward his goal is through my sister. This guy is crazy. These women aren't safe as long as he's still walking free…" "Eh… I see…" The officer looked back at Gabby. "Miss, you need to get a protection order immediately. I wish there was more advice I could offer, but unless we find proof of wrong doing our hands are tied. My only suggestion is to stay somewhere he'd never think to look for you until you have your day in court over his recent assault." "We intend to file for one as soon as possible, along with filling for divorce." Jacob informed him.

"Aside from that, I'm doing all I can to guard her wellbeing." "The resident confirms there is nothing missing." Another officer announced walking toward them. "Except for some picture." "Then if you have her statement, there's nothing more we can do here." The officer they'd been speaking with turned back to them adding. "Here's my card, if you folks need anything, have any further disturbances, or there's any new information… don't hesitate to contact me.

I wish you both luck. I will be looking into Mr. Thomas and this other possible break in." Gabby thanked him as both officers proceeded to leave. Janie emerged from the apartment. "What's this about a picture missing?" Jacob asked. She shook her head. "Yea, a picture I had on my fridge of the two of us." "Now he knows there's a connection between Janie and you…" Gabby said, trying to remain strong.

This was all too much for her. She kept thinking what might have happened if Janie had been home. Would he have harmed her? She didn't want anyone to get hurt because of her, but she was powerless to stop it. If only she could prove what he'd confessed to her yesterday. Gabby was a bundle of nerves worrying about it all.

"It's just a picture, that's not a ton for him to go on…" Janie reassured her. "Let's not dwell on it right now. We need to get going to the hotel." Jacob changed the subject. "I'm going to wait here for the locksmith. I'll meet you there later." "Ok sis, text me when you leave here." He gave her a slight hug. "Take care of yourself." "Will do. Now you go take care of her." "Always." He replied as he ushered Gabby down the steps.

Gabby looked back at Janie. "See you there. Be safe!" "You too!" Once settled in his SUV he turned to Gabby. "First we get check into the hotel, then I'm arranging a meeting with my lawyer friend." "If you say so…" Gabby sat still staring vacantly out the window. Jacob reached for her hand and gave it a firm squeeze. "It's going to be alright. We'll figure something out. And hell, if all else fails we'll leave town, change our names… whatever it takes!" "I know… I'm just worried about you and Janie at this point…" "She and I will be fine…" "I hope so…" Later after they'd reached the hotel and checked in, Jacob phoned his lawyer friend.

He scheduled a meeting for the next day. While he was busy making a game plan, Gabby took a nice long soak in the bath. Jacob poked his head in the bathroom once he'd finished his phone calls. "Hey, I got a text from Janie. She made it to the hotel. I'm going to go make sure she gets settled ok. I'll be back in a jiff." "I'll be here." "You better be…" He gave her a wink.

"And don't be answering the door while I'm gone." Gabby did her play salute. "Yes sir!" When Jacob made it back to the room Gabby was sprawled out on the bed napping.

He spooned up behind her and dozed off. Tapping at the door woke him from his sleep. "I'm coming." He uttered quietly, as not to disturb Gabby who was still sound asleep. He slid gently off the bed and crept to the door. Without a second thought he turned the knob and pulled back the door. There stood Derrick with a handgun pointed straight at him… To be continued&hellip.