Perfect candid hotties in short jeans shorts

Perfect candid hotties in short jeans shorts
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I woke up early with the morning sun shining threw my window. Shit I mumbled to myself as I looked at the clock, 7:15. I rolled out of bed And went into the bathroom amd and took a long hot shower. After getting dressed I walked down stairs and into the kitchen where my mom was sitting at the table drinking coffee and reading the news paper.

Morning mom I said as I walked past her to get my own cup of coffee. Did u sleep well she asked without looking away from her paper. Yup I answerd and pourd me some coffee.

I sat acros from her at the table and turned the little tv on with the remote. After watching the news for a bit my mom put her paper down and said' your sister is coming today and I don't want you to tease her ok, she is going threw a hard enough time so you behave you hear me. Ya I hear u. My older sister had just broke up with her piece of shit loser abusive boy friend and was going to stay with us for a while.

The phone rang and I answered it with a hellllo. Hey bro how are u asked my sis on the other end. I'm good I replied.

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We small talked for a few then she said would you do me a huge favor and let me barrow your truck this afternoon so I can get most of my stuff.

I guess u can barrow it I replied. Do u think u could drive over here and help me she asked I paused not wanting to answer.

I will buy u a 12 pack she quickly added. Hmmmm ok I said. Give me an hour and il be there ok. Thanx bro love ya she said and hung up. I went up to my room and Changed into more comfortable shorts and a tank top. Beep beep my cell anounced I had a text. I opend the text and it read, hey bro thanx again for helping me. I have a surprise for u. I thought what could it be. So I replied SURPRISE????

and hit send. About 2 min later my phone went off again and message read. Its a secret!!! Can't explain over phone see you when u get here. I figured it was most likely she stole her boyfriends weed and was giving it to me. I got in my truck and headed towards my sis place.

35 min later I pulled into her driveway and got out of the truck and walked to the door. Before I could knock it opend and there stood my sister. Her blond hair was shorter then the last time I saw her but the rest of her was the same. She was wearing a pair of dark blue shorty shorts and a t-shirt that was too small and made her c cup boobs stick out.

She wraped her arms around me and said thank you I appreciate u helping me. I hugged her back and said where's my beer with a laugh.


We went into her place and ther stood one of the sexiest women I'd ever seen. She was shorter then me by about 5 inches and couldn't have weighed more then 80 pounds. She had shoulder length brown hair a nice set of boobs and a superb ass. This is lizzy my sister said.

Hi I'm Jeremy I answerd. Do you by chance have a cigarette bro my sis asked. Yup there in my truck I answerd. Il get them liz said and headed outside.

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God dam tara I said looking at my sis that girl is fuckin hot. Stop it Jeremy she hissed.

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Come on tara tell me about her. Is she single? Does she have kids? My sis was ignoring me. Does she swallow I blurted out. Tara turned and glared at me and said, don't u dare even think about getting with her.

Why not I asked and at same time liz came back in the house with my cigarettes. Liz sat on the couch and I sat in a chair acros from her and tara sat on the other end of couch.

Liz whisperd something to tara and tara looked at me and said- so bro have you ever used any drug harder then pot. I sat puzzled and said ya I tried coke and shrooms a few times. Why u ask That I said. Well said tara I got something that u might enjoy and opend a wooden box on the coffee table. Liz stood up and locked the door and then sat back down. Tara reached in the box and pulled out a glass pipe and a little baggie. You ever heard of Crystal meth she asked.

Of course I've heard of it I said. But I've never done it. Do u want to liz asked me. Sure I said. My sis took the pipe and put it in her mouth and light the lighter and held it under the pipe and a few seconds later blew out a huge cloud of smoke. Ohh yaaa she said and handed the pipe to liz. Come sit inbetween us tara told me. So I did. Watch how liz does this ok bro. Alright I said. Liz then did same thing tara did and I watched.

Liz blew a huge cloud also and handed me the pipe and lighter. I did what I saw liz do and almost instantly I felt my hair stand up and felt a rush of energy run threw my head and down to my toes. Oh my god wooow I said as I blew out a gigantic cloud of smoke. How is it asked tara. I feel great and my dick and balls are tingling I said.

They both laughed. We each took a few more hits and then decided to load the truck. I couldn't stop noticeing that all I was thinking about was sex and how horny I was.

We got truck all loaded up and tara asked if we wanted to smoke more. Hellz ya I said so we went back to living room and sat down. After my third hit liz looked at tara and said it looks like your brother is enjoying this and pointed to my shorts.

Oh shit I said as I relized I was fully hard and couldn't hide it. Tara looked and said wow bro I wouldn't have guessed you were that big and laughed.Fuck off I said and laughed. tara took the pipe and took a hit and liz keept glancing over at my fully hard bulge and smiling.

Then she looked at me and said don't worry about it jeremy this shit makes everybody horny and tara said true dat.

Then liz added if u want to let it hang out you can. I looked at liz and then at tara and tara said its ok with me and smiled. Seriously I said.

You are telling me its ok to drop my shorts and let my dick breath.

That's what were saying said tara. Unless your chicken said Liz. I'm not chicken I said. Its just weird showing my sister my cock I said. Its not like I haven't seen one before tara said.

Alright i said and stood up and droped my shorts and boxers. My cock stood straight up and I heard my sis gasp. Liz eyes got big and she said wow its long and pretty thick. I sat back down and took a huge hit off the pipe.tara phone rang and she went in her room to tlk to whoever it was and liz went to bathroom to pee. I was alone and without any delay I started strokong my throbing cock. After about a minute of stroking a huge amount of pre cum came out of my dick and I wiped it on the chair.

A few minutes later I saw something out corner of my eye and relized liz was watching me stroke my self. I acted like I didn't see her and started going faster all the way up then down.

I wanted to cum so bad but knew I should wait. Tara came out of her room and stoped when she saw me with my hand stroking myself. I stoped and said sorry. Tara laughed and said its ok and that she was resisting the urge to play with herself.

Liz walked in and sat down and said what are u all tlkn about. I told her that tara walked in on me and I was rubing myself. And then I said that it ain't fair that I'm the only one without clothes on tara and liz looked at eachother and smiled. Liz then threw her shirt off and then stood up and took off her pants.I almost shot my load when I saw her skimpy white thong burried in her ass crack.

I could see the outline of her pussy lips when she turned toward me. Wow I said outloud and grabbed my cock and then let it go. Tara said fuck it and took off her shorts and shirt and bra.I stared at both of them in amazement and didn't relize I was again stroking myself. Liz and tara were silent watching me and then tara scooted half way off couch and started slowly rubbing her pussy threw her underware.

Liz then started rubbing herself and then she pulled her thong to the side and gave me a perfect view of her wet bald pussy. Tara had lowerd her panties and now had 2ffingers deep Inside her dripping cunt.

I couldn't take it any more and stood up and started jerkin off faster and faster. Liz noticed my oozing pre cum and motioned for me to go to her. I walked over and stood infront of her my cock inches from her face. She reached out and rubbed her finger over my dick hole and scooped up the pre cum. She then licked the pre cum off her finger. Tara was watching us and fingering herself franticaly and started moaning then she got on her knees and reached back and started rubbing her ass hole.I'm gona cum tara moaned and I lost it.

I grabed my cock at the base and aimed it at liz face and said I'm about to cum. Liz leaned forward grabbed my cock and put all she could in her mouth. I grabbed her head and thrust my hips forward and felt Liz throat welcome my cock. Ohh fuck I'm gona explode I yelled and Liz moved her hand from her pussy and grabed my ass and inserted a finger in my ass hole.


I started shooting cum instantly into liz mouth. She swallowed all she could and the rest oozed out her mouth.

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My cock went limp and tara was staring at liz. Liz then pulled her finger out of my ass and stuck it back in her aching hole.she finger fucked herself rapidly my cum still driping out her mouth.

I got on my knees and burried my face in her soping wet cunt. My toung fucking her hole. Then I moved lower and toung fuckedher ass hole. She let out a scream and started squirting pussy juice all over my face.

I kept my toung burried in her ass.

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I felt something warm on my cock and looked down to see my sisters mouth around my cock. I didn't care it felt to good. Tara looked up at me removed my cock and asked if she could clean my cock. I said fuck yeah and she swallowed my cock again. Liz was on the couch panting and shaking and still had some of my cum on her chin. I leaned in and kissed her and took my own cum into my mouth. Tara asked me to sit on the couch next to liz and I did. She then took a big hit from pipe and blew it into liz pussy.

Liz moaned in delight. Tara took another hit and got between my legs and lifted my ass up and blew the cloud into my ass hole. I almost shot a load then.

Tara then proceded to suck my cock and then asked me to lift my legs. She started rimming me like a mad woman. Liz got down with her and they took turns sucking and rimming me. I laid on the floor and told tara to sit on my face. I ate my sisters pussy and ass till she had an orgasm. Liz was sucking my cock and I told her to ride my cock. She eased her tight wet pussy onto my cock and moaned loud when she was all the way onto it.

She started bouncing on it and I felt her pussy tighten around my cock. She had a screaming orgasm. I then told my sis to get on hands and knees and got behind her. Her pussy was dripping wet so I eased my cock into her tight hole. Ohh gawwd she said my brothers cock is fucking me and its the biggest cock I've ever had. Liz then got into position and tara ate her pussy while I fucked my sister.

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Tara then looked back at me and said lil brother please fuck my ass. I got some pissy juice from tara and wiped it on her little ass hole and put my cock head on her ass. I asked if she was ready and she said fuck my ass with your huge cock bro. I then pushed the head into her ass and she moaned in pain. I started pulling it out and she said please fuck my ass bro please shove it all the way in please fuck me like a gutter slut slam your big thick cock in my tiny tight shit hole.

And with that I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back to my face and said, u want me to fuck you in your sluty ass like a little cunt. Yes she yelled so I thrust forward and plowed my cock in her ass. U like your brothers fat cock stretching your dirty ass apart like a filthy cum drenched whore I said as I bottomed out in her virgin ass. Yessss brother stretch my ass out and pound me like a whore your fucking me like a bitch I want you to fuck me like you've fantasized about all those years, I know you used to steal my dirty panties and fuck them and cum in them.

I slammed into her again and said your right I used to steal your dirty slut panties and cum all over them. And slammed into her again. Fuck me brother fuck me hard let my ass milk your huge cock.

Flood my violated ass hole with your hot cum. I started hate fucking my sisters ass. Liz layed down between my legs and started sucking my balls.

Fuck your sisters ass like she deserves it liz yelled. Then liz reached up and slammed 2 fingers into my ass. I could fill my orgasm building so I started pounding my older sisters ass like she was a piece of trash. You want my cum whore I yelled. Yes please lil brother your slut whore cum drenched sister needs your seed.

Cum in my whore ass like the cum dumpster I am. I burried my cock with force all the way in and started shooting streams of hot cum into my sisters gaped ass. Oh fuck yes bro drown my ass with your thick hot cum. After I was done cumming I pulled my limp cock from my sisters ruined ass and watched my cum drip from her ass. Tara turned around and said I'm your little whore now, use me as u wish.

Liz got under tara and started slurping my cum from her ass. Tara then grabbed my cock and said let me clean this for you bro and sucked it clean