Sexy girl enjoy in rubbing her pussy masturbate and lingerie

Sexy girl enjoy in rubbing her pussy masturbate and lingerie
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I went to my friend breezies house one day and this is what i saw. I always thought of my friend breezie as a huge cock tease. she has blonde hair brown eyes she stands at 5'3" and is about 100lbs she as the tightest little ass you will ever see and the best part of her was her 34-D bra size. i love her boobs though ive never seen em ive seen her great cleavage enough times and to this day she still gives me a hard on and she knows it.

ive offten masterbated to her thinking about fucking her tight teen pussy and her big tits. and man i would love to cum all over her cute face. I love to go over to her house when her mom was at work cause breezie was so use to me she would walk around her house in nothing but an undershirt and her sexy lil panties. there where times i just wanted to go up to her and pin her to the wall and have my way with her for teasing me so much. on day the came in the living room in a sexy pair of green panties that wher so tight i could make out her pussy lips.


it gave a i hard-on like no other. she told me she was gonna take a shower then change i said okay. as she walked by me i grabed her tight little ass and man did it feel nice. she just laughed and said boy you better stop befor i hurt you!!! i just laughed and said you no you like it sweetie. she smiled and said so. i said so go take a shower cause you killing me just standing there in those sexy panties. i know huh she said as she walked off.thats when i pulled my cock out and jerked off it didn't take me long till i shot a huge load of thick cum on her livingroom carpet and man did it feel good.

then about 10mins later she come walking out in a tight ass pair of jeans and she had a sexy little black and pink thong showing. i thought to myself here we go again -_- hhhhhhhhhh.

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part 2 coming soon tell me what ya'll think and thanks for reading. Part 2 Breezie's Blowjob Well to pick up where we left off. me and Breezie where walking to the park to hang out with a few friends. when we got to the park we where there for a good while just me and her and well she said i wanna swing and for me to push her so i did. while i was behind her i noticed when she sit in the swing her black and pink thong had slipped out. and i didn't say a word just kept on pushing her.

i was standing there wishing i had my phone to take a pic of her sexy thong. a few hours go by and our friends show up seeing how it was getting cold we all got in the car.


me and breezie in front our friends in back. breez was sitting in my lap with her leg over in the driver seat and from where i was sitting i could see right down her shirt and get a good look at her cleavage and her nice big boobs.

While we were all sitting there me and breezie were just picking on eachother and giving eachother a hard time.

till at some point at the same time we look at eachother and thought the same thing so we started to make out. and it took every bit of me not to grab her nice boobs.

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and after awhile we just slowly stoped and then we didn't look at one another for 15-20mins or so. then i wispered to her what was that for sweetie?

she said i dont know but it was nice. i was like it's crazy that we both thought the same thing when we looked at eachother i mean wow!!!!


about another 10mins go by and she has her had resting on her right boob so i reach up and take her hand in to mine and she just smiles at me.Then the next thing i know she places my had on her right breast and the only thing i can think of to do is to feel her amazing breast. as i do so she lets out a soft mone and i lean down and kiss her. As we are making out i get brave and slide my finges under her bra and play with her nipples and make her mone even more into my mouth.


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was i hard i wanted to fuck her so bad i could almost taste her tight wet teen pussy. after a while our friends get out of the car and pair up elsewere me and breezie stay where we are. at some point she akes me are you hard jordan? i said yes i am. do you want a blowjob i said yes please and thank you.

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so she get on her knees in the floorbord and unzipps my pants and reaches in and grab my cock. man her small had felt great on my hard cock.she then starts to strock my hard cock smiling up at me say does that feel good? I just moan and say suck my dick baby. she then leans down and begins to suck my cock. and man can she suck dick i was in a state of shock. it had been a good month or so since i last masterbated so i knew my balls where full of hot thick cum just waiting to me set free i was getting so close.

i was moaning and i said to breezie your gonna make me cum soon baby. she stoped sucking long enough to say good and then goes back to sucking my dick. my god i loved her.

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once i was getting close i told her im gonna cum to get ready she just stops and says cum in my mouth. so i grab hold of my cock and strock it only a few times befor i blow. and i said im cumming take my cum breezie. just then i fill her mouth with a hugh thick load of cum the i pull my cock out and the last to ropes of thick cum land on her cute face.

i tell her thank you breezie. she smiles says your welcome and then licks my thick cum off her lips. tell me what ya'll think and i mite make a part 3 soon. thanks for reading.