Cute blondie in hardcore sex scene

Cute blondie in hardcore sex scene
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I've been teaching now for a few years at Blesstoe Academy. It was a private school for only the brightest children in the area.

It was the highlight of my teaching career. I taught English Class and had always enjoyed the higher thinking of the classic authors. In my 10th year class was Renee. Renee was a bombshell if I had ever seen one. She stood about 5 foot 6, long brunette hair, and beautiful cerulean blue eyes.

Her body was to die for; she looked like she had 36 CC breasts, a beautifully curved, tight ass atop her long, slender legs.

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I had been grading papers earlier that day, when James came in. "Mr. Masters can I talk with you?" "Of course you can James," I set my papers aside and folding my hands on my desk looking at James. "I… I saw Renee… cheating on our last test. I saw from behind her, she was cheating off of Mike." "Thank you James.

I'll look into it." I went back to grading the papers as James left. I then looked at the next set, which was the test James and talked about. I found Renee's and Mike's paper and graded Mike's. Mike wasn't the brightest, but his parents paid to keep him in the school. Inevitably, he had failed. I looked at Renee's paper; every answer was the same as Mike's.

I chuckled to myself and pulled out three index cards. I had a plan in my head for Renee. The next day, I told Renee that I needed to speak with her after school. She walked into my room after the last bell, wearing the school uniform, a skirt that goes to the tops of her knees, a white blouse, with a striped school colored tie. "You wanted to see me Mr. Masters?" "Yes, I did.

Close the door and shut the blinds." She did as I had asked and came over to the desk, "May I sit down?" I motioned for her to take a seat and she sat on the edge of my desk, leaning forward, and showing off her breasts to me.

I wasn't to be distracted, "Renee, a classmate of yours came to me and claimed that you had cheated on our last test. Is this true?" Renee tensed slightly, "No, sir. I would never cheat on any of your tests. English is my best subject." "Well I believe you did cheat on this last one. I checked your paper against all the others and you did. The most unfortunate thing is that you cheated off the only one to fail the test. You know what happens to those who cheat at Blesstoe, right?" Renee gulped, "Expulsion.

But Mr. Masters, I have to go here. My parents would kill me if I were expelled. Please, isn't there another way?" I grinned, "I have to agree with you. Expulsion is a little harsh for just a minor test. So I have these Punishment Cards I keep for such an event." I pulled the three cards I had created yesterday and set them out on the desk. "Now you have a choice. I can take this incident to the headmaster and you will be expelled or you can choose one of the three Punishment Cards before you." I folded my hands, and sat back in my chair, looking at Renee.

She sighed thinking hard about her options. "I can't be expelled Mr. Masters. I'll do your Punishment Cards." She took the one to my right and handed it to me without looking at it. I placed it down in the center of my desk, and took the other two away.

"Your punishment will be…" I flipped the card over and only three letters showed on the card, spelling 'sex'. She looked at the card in confusion, "Come again sir?" "It is just what is says, you can have sex with me or be expelled. The choice is yours." I looked at her, calm knowing what her choice would be. "Fine I'll do punishment," she came around the desk and stood before me. I pulled her into my lap and she tensed up, "Are you allowed to do this the students here?" "The rule book states that each teacher has the right to enforce their own rules in class." "Oh I see, so your rule is sex or expulsion, right?" "This happens to be only one of my punishments.

I created these three cards especially for you. You see Renee; I've lusted after you for most of the year so far. It wouldn't have mattered which card you picked.

They all said the same thing." She leans into me, kissing my cheek, obviously nervous about the whole thing. "Don't be so nervous, I'm going to treat you right. Please call me John." "Uh… Okay… John, do we go to a different room or something to do this?" "Nope, right here on my desk. All I have to do is close the curtains." "Are these walls soundproof?" "Yes, after an explosion in the science lab, they decided to sound proof all the walls.

No one is going to hear us." "Well that a start. So umm… Let's get started?" "Sure, go and close the blinds on the windows." She stands, breathing heavily, closing the blinds, pausing before turning around and walking back to my desk. I had placed the rest of my papers into the closet.

I come back and stand a little off of the desk. She then walked up to me, "This is the last time I'll ask. Do you want to take my punishment over the schools?" She nodded, "Yes, I'm sure." I move behind her, my arms sliding around her slim waist, my hands starting to undo the buttons of the school blouse she was wearing. She is breathing hard, and she smiles at me a little, "You'll enjoy this I promise." I loosen her tie and take it off her.

She stands there stiff, "Okay." "Oh don't act like such a virgin. Come on, play with me." I finished undoing the rest of the buttons on her blouse. "But I am sir… Uh John," she jumped up on to my desk, her legs hanging off the edge, uncrossed, giving me a look up her skirt.

"Why? Does it matter?" I slide her blouse down her arms, revealing her chest to me, "No, It doesn't matter. I think that is wonderful you haven't given it up yet." My hands trace along her bra line on her breasts, "You have wonderful breasts." "Umm, thanks." She glances down, and I know that she sees my erection tenting my suit pants.

I smile, sliding her skirt off her hips. "Oh. I thought you were kidding about having sex with me. I'm only 17." "I wasn't kidding.

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I think you are beautiful," I slide her skirt, over her knees and down to the floor with her blouse. She then leaned forward, undid my pants and sliding them down. "See you know what to do." She smiled up at me, sliding my boxers down. My cock stood straight out at nine inches.

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She gasps, "You like it?" "Yes, it's so big though." I unclasp her bra and pull it down her arms, and then I slide her panties down her legs, admiring how smooth they are. She lays back on my desk, noticeable nervous, "This is going to hurt a little, but I promise to make it feel better." I press the head of my cock against her.

She squirms under me, pushing at me, "No… Get off. Please." I increase the weight of my body on her, reaching into one of the desk drawers, "You said you wanted this punishment and you'll take it." I pull out a cotton rope, and tie her hands together, enough to hold her in place, looping part of the rope around the leg of my desk. I then moved down to her legs, tying them to each of the other legs of my desk. "You keep rope in your desk?" "Only for times like this," I press my cock against her pussy.

"Oh god. Please don't." She closed her eyes, trying to pull away from my cock. I thrust into her and she squealed in pain, her hole so dry. I keep going in, reaching her hymen. "This is going to hurt, but I'll make it better as fast as I can." She is panting, "No, no, no, please no." I thrust hard, taking her virginity.

"Oh fuck," she moans. I then pull back a little, then thrusting deeper than before, stretching out her pussy.


She starts to squirm under me, arching her back. I smile down at her, thrusting deeper into her. She tried to the side, and I pressed down on top of her, my cock buried deep inside her, pressing her down to the desk. "There is no escape," I breathed into her ear. "Fine, I'll be good," she slumped to the desk giving in.

She glanced down to watch and started to freak out, "Oh my god! Why am I bleeding?" "That was from your hymen breaking. It is the sign you lost your virginity. It's only a little bit of blood." "You call that a little bit!" "It only looks to be a lot from where you are at," I started to thrust slowly in and out of her, trying to get her to relax. She had turned her face away, "Just hurry up and get done with it." I thrust deep into her, causing her to moan, "No, it doesn't work like that.

Show me that you are enjoying this or I'll just have to go to the headmaster right now." She groaned, "I'll enjoy. Please, just keep going." She ground her hips up against mine to show she would play along. I start to thrust more into her, grinding my hips against her. After a few strokes, she looked to be enjoying the experience. I leaned down over her, "Having fun yet?" I kissed her softly. She responded, kissing me back, greedily pushing her tongue into my mouth.

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Mildly surprised, I started to stroke her deeper, using all nine inches to give her the pleasure I sought. She arched her back feeling all of my cock deep in her, "OH! Please John, remove the rope. I won't fight it anymore." My hands grab the rope holding her hands, pulling once her hands are free.


She reached up and pulled me down to her, kissing me, "I promise," she whispered. I kiss her back, my tongue sliding into her mouth, moaning lightly as I dance my tongue with hers.

I pull the rope free of her legs and start to thrust into her more, picking up speed. "Oh Renee, I knew you would come around." "Oh John, who wouldn't? You look amazing." A small moan escapes her lips and she started to grind her hips up into mine. "Didn't you know that all the girls talk about you? Your sexy body is all that we ever talk about." I felt my cock begin to twitch inside her. Groaning with pleasure, I started to pick up the pace a little more.

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She smiled and leaned up, starting to lick at my neck, "Oh yeah. Fuck me, John," she purrs softly.


I moan softly, thrusting my cock even faster into her pussy, my hips slamming up and into her, "Oh god, I'm getting close." "Oh yeah, give me everything you have," she manages between moans. I comply, thrusting as fast and as hard as I can.

Suddenly, I slam forward, burring deep into her throbbing pussy. "FUCK YES!" I scream as I start to orgasm, my cock spurting stream after stream deep into her.

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"Oh fuck," she said in sudden realization as to what was happening, "now I'm going to get pregnant. My mother is going to kill me." I knew she hadn't had an orgasm yet and I reach a hand down between our bodies, softly rubbing on her clit, "Don't worry Renee, I'm sterile. You can't get pregnant from me." My fingers stroke her sensitive clit. "Now you need to orgasm or your punishment isn't complete." She arched her back up, moaning in pleasure.

I increased the stimulation, watching her start to buck against my cock, still buried in her.

Her moans became louder and louder, "OH FUCK!" She shuddered and came, her pussy convulsing around my cock, causing me to spurt another steam up into her. Her body falls to the desk as she is panting hard. "Are you ever going to cheat in my class again, Renee?" I pulled my cock out of her, as it started to grow limb.

"If I don't get punished again, I may have to," she beamed up at me.