Round ass babe rides dick

Round ass babe rides dick
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I did not see Jane again until a couple of weeks later when Russ called and asked if I could do a few chores around the house that he did not have time to do. He whispered in the phone that he did not want to do them and laughed.

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I told him I was free in the early morning the next day, he said he went to work at seven and Jane got up then and showered, try to get there around eight. The next morning I jacked off while I was showering, grabbed a packet of rubbers and got dressed. When I got to Jane's house she had just finished her shower and was still in her robe, sitting at the breakfast table.


She asked if I wanted something to eat. I said yes, smiled, and said "but it is not on the table". She looked puzzled for a minute, then said, "are you serious, are you still blackmailing me into fucking you?" My reply was a simple "yes." Jane went in the bathroom and I could hear her brushing her teeth.

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She came out naked and climbed in bed with me. We kissed a few times and wrestled a few times and joked around. "Have you fucked Bonnie yet?" "Nope, but I have kissed her tits".

"Maybe you should try to fuck her mom. I was talking with her and she was complaining that Buford is not fucking her enough. She even mentioned your name—said your dad was the first guy to fuck her, maybe she ought to fuck you before you got Bonnie's cherry." "You're kidding" I said.

"I'm not, you should try, what have you got to lose. If not her, a lot of these older women in town are in the same boat. Their husbands just are not fucking them enough and they are all complaining to each other. I brought up pussy eating, they said they never get that, but would love to." "You did not mention my name did you?" I asked. "No, but if you want to get a lot of pussy, you should give up on these young girls and go for their moms.

They are horny and I think they are ready to fuck a young stud like yourself. Besides, most of them know your daddy, they have fucked him at one time or another." The idea of fucking these older women got me so aroused that I began to go at it with Jane.

I sucked and pinched her tits, then went down and grabbed her clit with mouth and sucked it into my mouth until she came with a massive groan. "Damn, that was fantastic Ryan—put a fucking rubber on that cock and ram it in my aching cunt." I obliged and we fucked like crazy, shaking the bed all over the floor until I came.

Then I took my finger and rubbed Jane's clit until she came again. We curled up on the bed for a while, just talking about how good that fuck was and planning our next one. Russ and Jane rented our house for six years, and we fucked at least twice a month during that time.


I also learned that dad got in on the act. All the women had talked about dad fucking them in the past and Jane just to learn how good he was. Jane did say he was bigger than I was, and that he did have tricks I did not have, but she would not share them with me. I should have asked dad about them before he died.

There was a one-time incident with Bart and his wife during that six-year span. Jane called and said Bart and Russ were going deer hunting for a week and Susan (Bart's wife) wanted to stay with her. A couple of days later Jane called and said that Susan had just learned that Bart had been cheating on her (not with Jane, and Jane was not telling her about Bart and her) and she wanted to get revenge. Jane told her that she knew this college boy that all the girls liked and had a reputation.

Susan agreed to meet you. The stipulation was that there was nothing to be said about the fucking between Jane and myself.

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When I went to their house I met Jane at the door with a handshake. Then Susan came in. She was pleasantly plump, about 5'5" tall and 160 pounds, with blond hair and blue eyes, ample boobs, and a pretty face—definitely something I could fuck. Jane told me that what was going to be said next had to be sworn to secrecy and brought out a Bible for me to swear on. I did that.

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Then she explained about Susan wanting to get revenge on her cheating husband, but that she did not want him to know she had cheated because she did not want a divorce because of financial situation. I agreed to all that. Susan and I hugged and kissed, and then walked into a bedroom and undressed. I began to kiss her in the mouth and then moved south. She apparently had had very little experience with pussy eating as she had an almost instant orgasm as I took her clit into my mouth.

I continued to suck on it and she came again. I then rolled on my back, reached on the nightstand for a rubber, and she said, "no, if I get pregnant, that is even better" and she crawled on top and guided my cock to her entrance and impaled herself and began to fuck me. We kissed and she was tearing up.

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She was saying that she had never cheated and then I put a lubricated finger in her ass and began to fuck her even harder. She was bucking and now she was yelling that she was coming. She collapsed on me and told me the finger in the ass was a first and that it made it even better.

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We fucked every day while Russ and Bart were hunting. Don't know if I knocked her up or not, but do know that Jane had to spray the room with two cans of air freshner to get the fuck smell out of the room.

Jane never had any children and I never fucked her after they moved away.