Fervent nympho gapes narrow pussy and gets deflorated

Fervent nympho gapes narrow pussy and gets deflorated
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Who Me &hellip. A Wizard IV I open my eyes and looked around and found a Naked Slinky laying near me.

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I felt the wound in my shoulder … the Shafts were gone but not the ache. Their was also a pressure on my left hip, I looked down and found Princess Aden with her head laying on my hip.

I took a moment to compare her white hair with the feathers of her Owl form. I reached down with my right hand to adjust the position of her head. she was breathing on the head of my cock. It was starting to hurt as it began to rise. My robe had been removed, I guess to make it easier for the Chief Med Mage to work on me.

It really felt different around my cock I thought about it and I solved it. Aden in her sleep had moved around just enough that she had her mouth a top of my cock and was drooling and her saliva was running down my cock.


I tried to move her head … bad move … she shifted just enough that her lips went over the head of my cock. I tried not to move. I really didn't want to embarrass her. gee whiz she is a princess. I lay there very tense afraid to move, afraid to awaken her. Suddenly she turned her head and sucked me deep in to her mouth I couldn't tell if her eyes were open or not.

She began to suck and swirl her tongue around my head it was just to much I began to rut and to push in to her mouth. Didn't take long and I released and bathed her mouth with my sperm. Aden sucked it all down and held it in her mouth until it softened. It slid out her mouth and she snuggled back up to my cock and continued to sleep. I heard a giggle and looked over and there was Linda, "Did you Like it?" "You won't fuck me so I have to get my kicks other ways." I drifted off to sleep.

The next morning I awoke and Aden was gone. Was it real or did I just dream it all. Rowrf brought me a plate of food and helped to feed me. We had a little meeting which included Grubber and Bonzz the Beautiful Elfin maiden Who was The Chief Medical Mage. Her alter ego was a Cat same breed as Puss & Cher hmmm I wonder if she has the same tastes. The meeting was to decide how long this would hold us back. She decided to travel with us for a few days, Princess Aden had already purchased the cart And the Bovine creature.

Linda had the tent mounted to its bed. Bonzz said that I could be more comfortable in my own bed and she could take better care of me and not delay our quest. So it was decided we would leave the next morning. Not an hour had passed when I started going stir crazy I knew I had to make some alterations to my tent. I converted the side panels and the rear of the tent (which mounted on the wagon was the front) Into clear windows of one way glass I could see out but no one could see in.

I also put in a ceiling Fan, with the aid of magic, which kept the Temperature around 76 degrees. Without my robe I lay covered by a satin sheet. Bonzz reclined on a chaise lounge near my bed. I rested quite well that night. I awoke to breakfast noises and Slinky standing next to my bed with a plate of ham and pancakes. Her nude body Really made it difficult to eat I mentioned earlier that when these people morphed to human form they would be wearing a monokini, I was finding out that that was a matter of choice and my ladies chose nothing.

My eyes were constantly greeted with a fully nude group of lovelies. I am glad that Barf and Rowrf wore loin cloths. that is one thing I didn't need was them walking around dangling down. It had been mentioned that Roli was taking care of them. Little Linda was learning her spells quite well, the ones in the book and the ones she made up her self.

Once she cast a spell I knew wasn't in the book. I asked her how she learned that spell and she said by watching me. I had a feeling she was going to become a real strong wizard. She was also a practical joker.

She liked to catch one of the girls bending over, She would cast a quick spell and tweak her victims clitoris enough times that they would begin to sweat then run off in to the bushes.


This day after we finished with breakfast and got on the road. The bushes along side of the road thinned out and either side of the road was open fields with crops growing. Ciel made the mistake of bending over … Linda reached with her mischievous spell and tweaked her clit. Ciel began grinding her thighs together and sweating her eyes almost glazed over.

She grabbed Rowrf and drug him over the fence and into the corn field A few minutes later and there were moans and howls coming from the corn field. The corn began moving and Ciel walked out smiling and said, "Let's see him write that in one of his reports." Rowrf drug himself out of the field.

When I saw him I thought of the old expression about a 'whipped Pup' It seemed like I was the only one missing out. When I felt something nuzzling around my crotch Just like Puss and Cher, it was a tail I looked over at Bonzz she smiled and winked.

I had a thought … They get me where I can hardly move and they use my beat up body. I guess I will have to relax an enjoy it. Bonzz scooted on to the bed with me and pretended to check my thigh wound … She began licking around the bandage and up the inner thigh.

She licked by ball sac and sucked one of them into her mouth. I had noticed like Puss And Cher she had sharp teeth. I did not move at all but she was careful, she moved to the other ball then on to the under side of my cock.

As I said I just relaxed and enjoyed it. She was good she had the movements down pat as she sucked my dick into her mouth so deep that her lips was tickling my crotch.

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She moved back up to the head and put her tail to work as she twined it around the lower section and slowly drew her tail around my cock the hair or fur on her tail was very soft. The sensation was absolutely awesome as she gently drew her tail off me while her mouth caressed the head of my dick.

She reversed her body bringing her pussy close to my face. I reached up with my right hand an slid two fingers in her pussy. Her pussy was hot and inviting I could wait no longer I drew her to me and slipped my tongue into her fiery furnace. I never realized how difficult it was to hold on to a wildcat with only one hand. My scalp begins to tingle, the tips of my toes also they are radiating towards the fantastic mouth sliding up and down my dick.

I was getting close to my release but was trying to hold back. I could feel her trembling she too was getting close.

I was huffing and puffing in her pussy. She pulled her lips off just as I released and she flooded my mouth with her discharge. She stroked me and said, "As much as I want you inside me I am afraid it would be to hard on you. In a few days when your strength is built back up then we can use magic to closely heal you. I shouldn't have used you like I did but I was in need also.

The Queen The green stood outside and taunted the Queen, "Well Queenie have you changed your mind, This could all be over, Just say you will marry me." he chuckles. The Queen, "This is what I think of your proposal" she blew him a raspberry.

Sheba the Red's familiar was in her Human form and she laughed out loud at the puny halfling wizard. Ambrose said, "Go ahead and laugh Sheba you are next for me to take my pleasures from your body. I've never fucked a dog before I think after I penetrate you I will force you to morph back into your dog form and keep you there till I am through." He Laughs and leaves the dungeon.

They stayed silent for over a half hour, they were aware that Ambrose liked to use the invisibility spell to listen in on them. They also knew that he had no patience and couldn't maintain the spell over a half hour. The Queen asked how the others were doing and if they had heard anything. The Brown was keeping tabs on her daughters group with a trained crow. The crow was meeting a common rat who scampered through a hole in the dungeon wall.

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The rat could mind speak with Streek, Blue's mini dragon. Blue made her report, "Ambrose sent a cadre of twenty. The Black saw thru the scheme and used his bangsticks and careful planing they killed them all. The bad news is the Black was seriously injured. He is under the care of Chief Medical Mage Bonzz. He took three arrows 1 to his thigh and two to his shoulder.

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I want to meet this western wizard as he calls him self. The crow says he has a bigger cock than anyone in the land." The Queen's mouth began to water and thought I too want to meet this wizard. The group Al the Black awoke it had been a week since they had continued their journey. Bonzz was talking to the air she turned to me and said, " Oh good you are awake we are going to try a full healing triangle. Linda will attach to your thigh and I will attach to your shoulder, I noticed both were clear of bandages.

The Forest sprites will do their thing." She called out "Now!" Linda placed her lips over the wound in my thigh, Bonzz placed her lips over one of the wounds and placed her hand over the other. Then I looked down and my crotch was glowing. again. The light expanded to form a triangle from my pecker to Linda and to Bonzz and back to my crotch. It glowed for over an hour, then the light drew back from Linda and Bonzz and settled on my pecker then blinked and went out.

Linda and Bonzz sat up and seemed to be dizzy. Bonzz begin to examine me. I was well, even the scars were gone, all that was left was weakness. She sent Linda to tell every one the news.

"I will spend the night with you tonight then I have to return to Phanx." After stopping for the evening and enjoying a meal prepared by Linda's magic ( she did quite well) every body scattered to their own tents.

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When it was time for bed Bonzz ran every one out and began to check me over. It seemed like she spent an extra long time on where my thigh wound had been., She began working her way up my body to my shoulder wound her nipples were leaving a trail up my stomach and to my chest.

She began moving her hips as if they were searching for something. oops I think she found it. I felt her pussy grab the head of my cock and suck it right inside her. I still lay there and enjoyed the feeling. It still seemed surreal. I was thinking this can't be real but as the sensations kept expanding.

I felt Bonzz hips rotating and heavy moans emanating from her. maybe. Maybe it was real … I began to move to try and match her movements, I felt her climax not once but twice. They felt like preparation for something yet to come. I felt like this was happening to someone else.

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Like it was a dream and I was watching and not participating. Then my head started to tingle. both of them. I began to meet her demands and to pound into her as hard as I could. She was meeting me more than half way I looked at her face and it was red and her eyes seemed to be flashing. She was making the sounds of an old steam locomotive. Chug, Chug, Chug. whoo whoo then she grasped me tightly and went into an extreme crash as she orgasmed and fainted.

About ten more hectic strokes and I flooded her love canal with my semen. The next morning I arose and had breakfast I looked around for Bonzz but she was already gone. Slinky landed outside my tent and mind to mind we had a talk.

'Al there is a small village a day away. something about the people doesn't seem right I think they may be Drow (dark elves).' 'Get Ciel and we will talk.' … After a few minutes she returned with Ciel. We talked for awhile. Until we agreed on a plan put forth by Ciel.

They would take Aden with them when they reached an area where they could observe the village. Aden's Owl would act as a messenger and keep us updated as to what they had discovered. Since we were in a fairly good camping area it was decided that we would remain here and plan our next move after we had more information. Just before daylight I was awaken by pressure on my bed and a pair of lips on my forehead.

"Are you awake Al." I was looking into a set of piercing green eyes Since I had reached upwards when her lips had touched my forehead I also had a hand full of nicely rounded tits. Princess tits. She cleared her throat .Ahem ."Well do you like them she laughed pointing at my hands resting on her tits. But really we don't have time for play. I have a report to make. "Ciel says we have a problem, the village is not Drow, They are Elves. but they are under some kind of control." Aden reached under my covers and grasped my solid Hard on.

" Damn it is a shame we don't have time, but I have to get back just wanted to up date you." With that she was gone. I looked around and asked my self did I dream her being here or was it true. Seems I have been having some weird dreams of late. I woke every body and got breakfast ready. "Linda how are you doing with the spell book." Linda smiled and proudly said, "I am almost through with it." "Did you find a spell on how to control a large group of people, and if you did, can you cancel the spell." She said, "Yes to both." "Show me.

I need to learn that one also we are both going to need know how to cancel that spell." Harper was waiting for me to finish writing out a note for the Brown.

I was covering all bases. I needed to know if this spell was a general spell are something specific to the Elves. I heard a scream in my mind."SLINKY" Aden Slinky and Ciel were waiting for Aden to return they had just made forays into the village and had a few ideas.

When. they heard a voice. "Well what have we here?" They started to morph when a net spell came crashing down on them. Aden had just arrived and managed to alight in a tree just in time. A Drow Mage had captured her friends. with the assistance of his be-spelled Elves they were being stuffed in to small cages Too small to change into human form.


Aden stayed out of sight she knew she need to gather as much information as she could.