Carmen monet and jenna moore hot threesome session oldvsyoung and brunette

Carmen monet and jenna moore hot threesome session oldvsyoung and brunette
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This is the complete six-part series of Hoosier Taboo?? Now that I did each part, I've decided to re-edit and reformat the whole story. The plot is still the same though. So enjoy. And remember., please leave feedback in the comments below. Thanks. CHAPTER ONE. It was a rough go for my mom & I since my dad passed away in the summer of 1990, about a month after I graduated from high school in a northeastern Indiana town.

My dad died of a sudden heart-attack. To make matters worse, I'm the youngest of three with a physical disability. My two oldest are fraternal twins, who are just two years older than me. The good thing about all of this was my dad had a huge life insurance policy, along with a partial pension that my mom would now be collecting.

Therefore, all of the outstanding bills, loans and the house mortgage would be paid off. The rest would go into savings and retirement.

Now I'm not saying my mom was the stingy type, but that money wasn't always gonna last forever. Luckily my mom got a job as a school secretary a few years before my dad died.

But the real issue was me. Since it'll be a while before I could get into college, I still need to figure out what I'm gonna do in the meantime for the upcoming fall. One night at the dinner table, me, my mom and my two older siblings(Darren and Dana) worked out a plan. "What's gonna happen to Cody mom?" asked Dana "Well, it won't be until after the holidays before I get the accommodations and living arrangements as far as college goes." I said.

Then I added, "In the meantime, I'll be taking a couple of vocational classes come fall." "Well with you going back to work at that same time, is there anything that Dana or I can do to help you and Cody?" asked Darren. "Well, I do appreciate you twins helping your brother and I out." replied mom.

"But I think we'll manage. And plus, your aunt Deena will be checking up on Cody for the time being. Don't let something like this interfere or jeopardize your college futures. After all, I think your father would've want all of us to move on with our lives." And my mom was right, dad would've wanted it to be like this. I did appreciate my siblings bringing this whole thing up, because there were lot's of concern regarding my college future.

But a bigger issue exists, my mom being home all by herself. In just a couple of years it was a house of five to now two and possibly, just her when it comes time for me to leave. The rest of the summer wasn't any easier, having to cope with the loss of my dad was emotional and tragic. But all of our friends and family members reached out and helped us deal with the loss. But now it's Labor Day, and I know the real suffering was about to sink in. Darren and Dana left to go back to college the week before and finally, it was just me and my mom.

But one night a week after school started up, I happen to assist mom in a way nobody ever though would even dare to help. .Now, my mom at this point was in her early forties, but was still considered a knock-out for her age.

She was a slender,nicely tanned, athletic woman who stood about 5' 7" tall and weighed about close to 145. In addition, she had all-natural 34C cups.

And did I mention she was a natural blond beauty?? She is what you would call a classic, classy lady who could STILL turn a lot of heads if she wanted to. So back to the issue at hand: One Friday night in the early morning hours, I happened to get up to go to the bathroom. As I got finished, I heard a whimpering sound. It sounded like a crying out coming from my mom's bedroom.

At this point, I was thinking 'Is my mom crying?' This made me more curious and not to mention, more worried. So I decided to slowly peak in and check up on hear. Sure enough, she was crying softly. At this point, I was feeling very emotional for her too. After all, we've all lost a very important man in our lives. Me, Darren and Dana lost a loving father. Mom losing a very loving, passionate and caring man- her husband of 21 years.

I too began to sob a little. As I got closer to the bedroom door, I could hear my mom cry out saying., "Oh Peter, why did you have to go so soon?? "Why?" Peter was my dad's name. So I slowly came into her bedroom as she was just laying there still crying a little, when she finally saw me. "Cody, honey," she said. "Come sit next to me son, please???" " "Sure mom." I said, as I slowly climbed into bed next to her. At this point, she was still sobbing a little. "Mom, please don't be sad for me." I said.

Then I continued to comfort her by saying, "Baby's here, everything will be alright." Then my mom said, "Well now, here's a switch. When you kids were little babies, your father and I would tend to all of you in the middle of the night for whatever reason." Then my mom said, "And everytime I picked you up, I would always say that mommy's here and I would always made things all better." "Well, I guess it's my turn to comfort mommy I guess." I said.

"Why don't you put your head on my shoulder mom, and I'll give you a nice back rub." "On, thank you sweetheart." my mom said.

"You've always been such a good son to me, like your brother and sister have." "Anything to comfort my sweet mother.' I replied. I then noticed as I was hugging her and giving her a big rub, that her tits began to harden. This began to turn me on a little. After a few minutes she asked, "Cody honey." "Yes, mom." I answered.

"What is it?" "I want you to give me a kiss on the lips please." she requested. And so I did, and not just on the lips either. She closed her eyes at me as we kissed open-mouthed, like we were husband and wife. I have never done this before, until now. After a couple of smooches I said, "Wow! That was the first time any woman has done that with me.

I sure as hell wasn't expecting this!!" At this point, my heart was racing a little, knowing that I just kissed the most amazingly, beautiful woman in the world. I never thought my very first open-mouth kiss would be with my mother. Then incredibly and unbelievably, My mom then took my hand and placed it on her nightgown, and placed my hand on her pussy. I felt that she wasn't wearing any panties, and her pussy was already getting wet. By this time, my cock was getting rock-hard.

So I was able to feel her wet pussy for a couple of minutes when she finally asks, "So how does my pussy feel there, baby?" "Mom, your pussy feels so nice and wet." I replied. Then I continued by saying, "It's giving me a massive hard-on, and it's also making me feel real horny." "Really baby?" she asked. "Yes, very horny. "I said. "I want to show you how to eat a woman's pussy baby." she said.


And so my mom lifted up her nightgown and took it off her, revealing her now hard 34C breasts. She then tells me to position my face in between her legs so I could see her trimmed, bushy patch and slit." "I want you to lick my cunt sweetie." she said.

"Go slow though, honey." And so I did. As I'm tasting her clit and pussy for the first time, she begins to moan a little. At first, I teased her clit a little. Then after a few minutes, she told me to pick up the pace a little.

She started to moan a little louder, I must really be getting her aroused. She continues, "Oh, oh, oh, OHH!!!!" Then after a few minutes, she said. "I-I think I-I'm gonna cum. Don't stop!!" Then, I tasted something that squirted all over my mouth. Mom just had what I found out was an orgasm. Her love juices tasted so sweet. After my mom emptied out her pussy love juices, she then asks me to give her another open-mouth kiss.

I think she wanted to tasted her own pussy juices. then after all that, she asked "So how was it?? Did you enjoy that baby??" "Wow!!" I said. "That was the first time I ever ate pussy and taste the love juices you shot in my mouth." Then my mom makes a startling request, "Cody, I want you to fuck me baby.

Please??" "Are you serious mom?" I asked. "Yes, baby." she said. Then she made an additional request, " I don't want you to stop either. Instead, I want you to cum in my pussy please." So with that, she had me lay in my back and she got on top of me.

She helped me position my cock so I can gently place it deep inside of her. "One more thing," she said, "Please go slow on me at first. Because you're much bigger than your father was and also, It's been a long time since your father & I had made love. So can you be easy for me please?" "Sure, I'll be gentle mom." I said. And so I was able to position my 10-inch cock at the entrance of her pussy. I teased it a little at first, then I slowly began to slowly re-enter her. I put the head of my cock in her, she began to moan and sigh a little.

"Oh, go deeper baby." mom moaned. And so I slowly pushed my cock in a little more until most of my shaft was buried inside of her pussy. My cock wasn't even all the way in, when I hit what felt like her cervix. She began to moan with pleasure a little more. She then lifted up a little to ease a little sigh, and then she slowly sat back on my cock, riding my shaft with soft, slow strokes. But not long after, the pace started to pick up a little. She was right, It has been a while since her and dad fucked because she was still tight.

Then it wasn't long before mom has reached her climax again. "Oh, oh, oh, OHH!. I-I'm gonna come again!!" she said. My cock then began to feel the walls of my mom's pussy clamped around my cock, and then she had another orgasm. She came all over my cock as I was still poundibg her sweet pussy at a much faster pace now.

Then I felt my balls begin to churn and my shaft began to swell up in her pussy. I then said out loud, "I-I'm gonna cum mom!!" "Cum inside me baby!!" She said. "Fill your mommy up with your sweet baby seed!!' No sooner after she said that, I let out the biggest grunt and started to shoot up in her.

I must've shot endless ropes of cum deep inside her fertile womb. I just wouldn't stop as continuous shots spewed up in her. After my balls were milked and emptied in her pussy, she collapse on to me. I gave her the most passionate kiss, then I said "Now, who's your baby??" And so, I figured out a way to comfort my widowed mom in ways that wouldn't've been possible.

That night, we would make sweet love a couple of times more before morning. And all through that night, we held each other tight. Then my mom said, "I don't want you to tell anyone about us, understand Cody??" "Yes momf." I answered. From then on, I kept my mouth shut. But there's something that dawned on me after that night of love making with my mom with a couple of ?'s One: Was my mom on the pill at that time?

& Two; Was she fixed? I guess we would find out soon enough. CHAPTER TWO. So as the personal relationship between my mom and I grew stronger in a different way, so did the concerns as well. We would continue to be have our intimate interludes at night, but we were also very careful.

Thankfully, my mom was on time as far as her period went. So she decide to go on the pill. After about another month, she showed no signs of morning sickness or missing peroids. So we were both in the clear. I knew it would still a while before the college accommodations and living arrangements would be authorized.

But every so often, my Aunt Deena would drop by just to check up on both my mother and I. Now aunt Deena was just as much of a knock-out like my mother. Deena is about 10 years younger than mom, but her height, weight and her cup size is just about the same. But unlike mom, Aunt Deena never married, nor does she have any kids. Deena has had a couple of personal and sexual relationships with a couple of different guys. I guess she isn't ready for a steady relationship yet.

But little did my mom know, that would all change one afternoon in the middle of November. I came home from my afternoon class while my mother was still at work, when my aunt Deena decided to stop by tocheck up on me. "Hi Cody." aunt Deena said as she greeted me. "Oh, hi aunt Deena." I said. "How was class today?" she asked.

"Oh, piece of cake today," I replied. Then I added, "All we had was just an exam today, nothing special." "Your mom called, your sister checked herself into the hospital for stomach pains." "Oh my god, really?" I asked. Then I added, "Hope it isn't too serious." "Your mother will be home in a bit to get a few things." Then aunt Deena added, "I think she's going up for a day or so, depending on what they find out.

So she asked me to stay here and keep you company this weekend." Now my sister Dana attends a big college, which is a four hour drive from home. So I know mom won't be coming back tonight anyway. So my mom came home a short time after I did, gathered a few things, gave me a hug and a smooch and said, "Bye Cody, I love you." "I love you mom." I replied. Then I said, "Please give Dana a hug and a kiss for me." "We'll do sweetheart." my mom said as she dashed out the door.

So I was able to get a few things done around the house with aunt Deena, it only took us no more than maybe an hour and a half. Then the phone rang, so I answered it, "Hello." "Hi Cody, it's Dana." "Oh, hey Dana. How are you feeling??" I asked. But by the tone of my sister's voice, she didn't sound too good.

"I could be doing better, but I'm still having stomach issues." she said. Then Dana asked, "Did mom leave yet?" "Yes," I said. "Mom left about over an hour and a half ago. She's coming up to be with you." "Good, because they need to ask mom some questions about our family history before they can run more tests." "Okay," I said. Then I added, "As soon as you guys find out anything, let us know. Okay??" "Ok, gotta go. Love you Cody." she said. "Love you sis, bye." I said as I hung up.

Then I told aunt Deena, "That was Dana, she wanted to know whether mom left yet or not." "As long as she called to check up on you too." Deena said.

"You know," I said to Deena, "I wonder if Darren knows what's going on here." "Well if he calls, I guess we'll let him know." Deena said.

So after my aunt & I cleaned up the house a little, I suggested we order Chinese carry-out. Then Deena remembered she had a couple of films she left out in the car for us to watch later. So we made it a movie night. Although it was still early in the evening, she wanted to order now instead of later. So we decided to order from the local popular chinese place we usually order from every now and then, and that really hit the spot.

After we ate, we put a film and started watching a romantic comedy. It was a rather funny one. By the time the film got over, that's when the phone rang again so I answered it, "Hello." "Hi Cody, it's your mother." "Oh, hi mom. Did you get there okay?" "Yes, I got here about maybe over an hour ago.

Is aunt Deena there with you?" "Yes, she is. How's Dana feeling?" "Dana's okay, but she's in a lot of pain." "What's wrong with her?" "Well, she may have appendicitis. But they wanna run more tests on her just to make sure there isn't anything else wrong with her." "How soon will it be before they can do an appendectomy on her?" "Well, the earliest they can do it is later tomorrow moring. Did your brother call you yet by any chance?" "Yes, he did about an hour after Dana called.

But I told him as soon as I knew what was going on with Dana, I would keep him posted." "I'll call him then as soon as I'm done talking with you and aunt Deena. Did you guys watch one of the movies she brung over?" "Yep, we just now got done watching one right before you called.

We're gonna take a little break and clean up a little before we start on the second one." "Cool!! Well, I love you Cody. "Love you too mom. Here's aunt Deena." I said 'bye' to my mom as I handed the phone over to my aunt. My mom and her sister talked for about maybe ten to fifteen minutes. So while they were chatting, I got up, cleared off the coffee table that we had our chinese food on and put some of the leftovers on the fridge. I then got out some microwave popcorn to get us ready for our second movie of the night.

My aunt got off the phone just as the popcorn was done popping in the microwave. "You're such a good nephew sweetheart." my aunt Deena said as she filled both of our glasses up with cold drinks. Then she said, "Well, your mom won't be home until either Sunday or Monday." "Well," I said, "All I can say is that Dana makes a speedy recovery." "Same here." Deena said. "By the way, your mom said that we both can sleep out here on the sofa bed tonight if we want to." "Cool," I said.

Then I added, "Why don't we pull out the sofa bed now, that way we don't have to do it later when we start getting tired." "I agree," Aunt Deena said. So it took us no more than a handful of minutes to get the bed out, and get everything situated.

So we put the second film in that Deena brought over, and it happened to be a good action flick. We were able to watch the whole moviethrough. But I knew that we were both getting tired. So after we got done watching the second film, both of us decided to call it a night. By this time, it was after midnight anyway. Normally on the weekends, I usually stay up until about either 1 or 2 am. But it was a rather busy week for all of us. So about maybe no more than a half an hour after we finished up watching our second movie, both aunt Deena and I fell fast asleep right there in the living room.

But about maybe a couple of hours into the dead of night, I suddenly started feeling a hand slowly stroking my cock. I then glanced over and I couldn't believe was I was seeing and feeling. Aunt Deena was not only stroking my huge cock, but at the same time was taking my hand underneath her night gown. She wasn't wearing any panties becuase she was fondling my fingers on her pussy which was soon getting wet. This was turning me on and really getting me hard. "Do you like that Cody?" she asked.

"Ohh, you feel so wet aunt Deena." I said. "I want you to fuck me sweetheart." sah requested. "Are you serious, Aunt Deena?" I asked in astonishment.

"Yes, Cody honey." aunt Deena replied. Then she makes what turns out to be a shocking & startling request, "Cody, I want to have your baby.

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I'm not on the pill. So please, cum inside my pussy." "As you wish dear." I said. But before I could slowly put my huge cock deep inside her tight twat, I wanted to lick her cunt first.

So I went ahead and I got up under her night gown, and I could see her trimmed snatch right in plain view. So I was able to put my face & tongue in up and down her slit, and I went to town on my sweet aunt. And it didn't take long before my aunt Deena to get aroused, I wanted to get her all nice and wet before I could insert my huge cock deep inside.

But what I didn't realize was that I quickly put her over the edge, because she let out the biggest moan when she screamed, "I-I, I'm gonna cum!!" So not a second too soon, and my aunt was spewing her love juices as she reached her orgasm. Her pussy juices were so sweet and hot. But shortly after Deena had an orgasm she command, "Cody, stick that HUGE cock in my pussy. And don't stop!!" With that said, I slowly risen up from her pussy to join her face and I gave her a long, passionate kiss.

Then I slowly positioned my cock so I can place it in her gently. She said it's been years since the last time she's had intercourse, so it's clear that she was nice and tight.

Sure enough, she was. I slowly inserted my huge cock in slowly until my shaft was almost fully in her. She was letting out a moan, and then a sigh while I was slowly in her. But then I slowly pulled part way out and took a quick breather, then I slowly put my cock back in her. But this time as I went all the way in, I hit her cdrvix. She started getting aroused as I was slowly beginning to pump my cock deep in her womb. All the time as I was doing that, I was able to cup her nicely tanned tits.

"Oh Cody, you feel so good inside of me." Deena said as she continued to moan. "Now, go harder and faster." So after a few nice, slow & easy strokes, I started to pick up the pace a little. I remembered how long I lasted when I fucked my mom, so I figured I would last longer with aunt Deena.

I was able to go a lot faster and a lot harder, you might say I was getting a overnight workout. But not long there after, Aunt Deena reached her climax again as her inner pussy walls clamped my shaft. She let out a huge moan, "Oooooh, I-I'm gonna cum again!!!!" And with that, she came all over my shaft. Her pussy was dripping wet with her love juices. All of the sudden shortly after, my balls began to churn. I knew I was about to cum also, because my big shaft was also getting swollen in her pussy.

"Oh, oh, oh, I think I'm gonna cum!" I told Deena. And that was all it took, because I started to spew endless rope after rope of my precious baby seed deep in her fertile pussy.

I must've shot maybe eight or nine ropes of cum deep inside her. As I slowly began to pull out of her, all I could see was white jizz dripping out of her. After all that, I kindly asked her, "So how was i? Did you enjoy me sweetheart?" "Oh Cody, you were wonderful to me. It's been years since a man has satisfied me like this. Was I great?" Without hesitation, I said, "You were the best dear. Only a real woman can please me like you can." "Really?" Deena said.

Then she added, "I don't want you to tell anyone that you're trying to impregnated me. I'm not gonna ask for any form of child support, should I do in fact become pregnant with your baby." "I won't say nothing to no one." I said.

Then I give her another passionate kiss and said, "I love you aunt Deena." "I love you too Cody." she said as we cuddled each other tight and fell right back to sleep. We were able to sleep on through the rest of the night like nothing even happened between us. Now all this time that my aunt Deena was single, we were under the impression that she was on the pill.

But as she told me that night, she wasn't. But what I can't figure out was why does she want to have of all people, my baby. It would be a while before we would find out. So then it was the next morning and my aunt Deena was already up, because I could smell the waffles in the kitchen going.

Deena was making breakfast for both of us. The phone rang again, but this time it was Deena who answered the phone. And by the reaction of her voice, it didn't sound too good. She then hangs up the phone and said, "That was your mom on the phone about your sister Dana. They're gonna go with the appendectomy surgery, but unfortunately tests came back and they found something even more serious." So now, I'm more worried about what might be wrong with my sister.

Because my aunt Deena didn't say anything else. Anyway, breakfast was ready and the coffee was done CHAPTER THREE. So after aunt Deena & I got finished with our breakfast, we cleaned up the kitchen and the living room where we ate, slept & fucked the night before. It took us no more than 45 minutes to get everything done. Then she suggested that we take a shower together, because of what we did overnight.

But I also knew that aunt Deena might still be a little horny, because she was getting a little frisky with me. But what did I care, I just made sweet love to my mom's younger, sexier sister I called my aunt. So I went into my bedroom, got my towel and headed into the bathroom so I can get the shower started.

About maybe a minute or so after I got in, Aunt Deena joined me. Now I gotta say, she was a smoking hot goddess. But it was even more of a turn on when she got her hair all wet, the water just cascaded down her tanned body. Then she turned around and asked me to sit on the shower stool I usually sit on. "Cody, I want to give you a blowjob." At this pint, I was like, "Okay, can you take it all the way in your mouth and down your throat?" "Well, you're so big.

But I think I could handle it." Then my aunt kindly says, "Just sit right back and relax for me honey." So with that, I sat back on the shower stool so she can proceed with sucking my huge cock. She squatted down just enough to where she can grab hold of my shaft and insert it into her mouth.

First, she teased it a little by licking her tongue up & down my shaft. Then she tongued my balls for a little bit to get me really horny.

Finally after a little bit of teasing and ball licking, she opened wide and put her lips around my shaft. She then slowly begins to bob up & down, as her tongue was moving around in her mouth. After a minute, she then puts my entire shaft all the down and into her throat.

At this point, I was like.,"Damn!!!" So I knew that aunt Deena was doing a hell of a job sucking my cock, because she just wouldn't stop. But I seemed to last a long time, because it took me a while before my balls began to churn. And at that point, I also knew I was ready to shoot my load. Because no sooner did my balls begin to churn, my cock began to swell up in her mouth as well. "Oh, oh, I-I'm gonna cum.," I said as I was grunting. She slowly pulls up and pops my cock out of her mouth and says, "I want to swallow your load." And with that, she puts my long shaft back in her mouth- and just in time.

I began to shoot rope after rope of my precious protein deep in her mouth. I must've shot maybe eight or nine times before she finally emptied my balls full of cum in her mouth. She swallowed most of it because when she finally finished, there was still cum dripping down her chin and onto the shower floor. Then she asked, "So did you like that, sweetheart?" And with a smile on my face, I said, "That was AWESOME!!" But I knew she wasn't finished with me just yet, it was clear she wanted more.

So she stood up and turned around to where her ass was facing me, I knew she wanted me to fuck her again. Only this time, she wanted to ride my cock, but in a reverse cowgirl postition. So she slowly sat on my cock after I positioned it. But since I fucked her last night and the fact that we're both in the shower with the water running, I had very little difficulty sliding my cock in all the way. And before long, she was riding up & down my big, long shaft as my hands were cupping her huge breasts.

I knew her tits were hard, but they were nice, firm & all natural. Her tits didn't really bounce a whole lot, even though aunt Deena was having a ball. But once again, my balls began to churn and my cock began to swell up inside her pussy as well. "I think I'm gonna cum again," I said. "Oh, oh, oh, OHHHH!!!!!" she said as she had another orgasm. I could feel her inner pussy walls clamp on my shaft as she once again begins to milk my cock and empty my balls.

I must've shot maybe eight loads again. I guess as a younger man like myself, I must have an unlimited batch of sperm, I just didn't know when to stop. Finally after a minute or so after I shot my load inside of her, she slowly got up and turned around to face me.

I could tell by her expression that I was able to please her once again. I also noticed that the load I shot into aunt Deena was dripping out of her pussy and onto the shower floor. Then she said, "Let's get cleaned up. Then after we're done showering, you should wipe down the shower floor." "Alright," I said. "But I'll do that after I get dressed, because I'm gonna clean up in here anyway." So aunt Deena & I finished washing up, dried off and went into our separate bedrooms and got dressed.

After I got dressed, I knew I was gonna be busy most of the morning. For a guy that has physical limitations, I was able to get most of the things done. I may have a disabilty, it doesn't mean I'm lazy. So after I got dreesed, I went back into the bathroom where aunt Deena and I fucked and took our shower together. I was able to get the bathroom cleaned, it took me no more than a half an hour. After I was done with that, I got caught up with some of the laundry.

Then I checked the answering machine to see if either mom or Darren called yet, but neither one had called. But instead, I got a message from a mother of a close friend the both my brother and I grew up with. "Hi, this message is for Cody and Darren. This is Mrs. Wilkins, Jacob's mom., I really need one of you to please call me back as soon as possible. It's very inportant. Thanks and have a nice day. Peace." Now by the tone of her voice, it didn't sound too good. Jacob Wilkins was somebody that both Darren and I grew up with and went to the same schools.

Jacob also has a physical disabilty like I do, but his mobility is even more limited. But he hasn't been doing all that great in recent years, and his health was getting worse and was slowly declining. So finally, I decided to give Mrs.

Wilkins a call to find out what was going on. So I called and she answered, "Hello." "Hi, Mrs, Wilkins. This is Cody." I said. "Oh, hi Cody.

How are you?" she asked. "I'm good. You?" I answered. "Well, I could be doing a little better." she replied. Then she continued, "I'm afraid I have some sad news though." "Oh, what's the matter?" I saked. "Well, Jacob's under hospice care now." Mrs. Wilkins said. "But it's something I can't discuss with you over the phone." Then I asked her, "Well, is there anything I could do right now?" "Could you come over maybe later and watch the football game with Jacob and I?" "Sure," I said.

"I could have my aunt bring me over in a little while as soon as we're done getting the rest of the house cleaned. Let me run it by her, then I'll call you back in a bit. Okay?" "Okay, sounds good." Mrs. Wilkins said. "By the way, your mom isn't available?" "Well," I said, "my mom had to go out of town to be with my sister Dana.

Dana's supposed to have an emergency appendectomy today." "Ouch, I hope she makes a speedy recovery." she said. I said, "Same here. Anyway, I'll call you back in a bit." And then, I hung up. I ran it by aunt Deena about taking me over to Jacob's to hang out with him.

Then I called Darren and let him know what was going on with Jacob, Darren didn't take it to well. So I had him call me later tonight after I got back, because I wasn't sure howhat long I was gonna be over there for. So after all that, I called Jacob's mom back and let her know that everything was set and if she wanted us to pick up some lunch to bring over for the game we'd be watching later.

So now my afternoon plans were set. So we finally finished cleaning the rest of the house before we left to go over to Jacob's. A few minutes before we left, the phone rang. So I answered. "Hello." "Hi, Cody. It's your mother." "Oh, hi mom. How are you and how is Dana doing?" My mom answered, "Dana's doing okay. They just got finished removing her appendix. She's in recovery right now. How are you and aunt Deena doing?" "We're doing okay," I said.

"But I have some sad news, Laura Wilkins called about Jacob." "Oh, what's wrong?" she asked. "Jacob is under hospice care now.

She wouldn't get into specifics over the phone though. But both her and Jacob wanted me to come over and watch the football game with them here in a bit. So that's our plan for this afternoon." "Oh, I'm so sorry. Give Jacob's mom a big hug for me. Okay? Love you son." "I love you mom. Take care." I said. And with that, Aunt Deena and I left to go over to Jacob's house. CHAPTER FOUR. When aunt Deena & I arrived over to Jacob's with the pizzas we've picked up, Laura Wilkins was there to greet us both.

"Hi Cody," Laura said. "Oh hi Miss. Wilkins," I said. I remembered that she was no longer married, I didn't even know why I was still calling her Mrs.

Then she said, "You can call me Laura Cody." "Oh, Okay Laura," I said. Then I introduced my aunt to her., "Laura, this is my aunt Deena. Aunt Deena, this is Laura, Jacob's mom." "Nice to meet you Deena," Laura replied. Aunt Deena replied right back, "Nice to meet you too Laura." So Laura helps us carry the goodies into the house.

"If both of you will both excuse me," Laura said, "I'll go tell Jacob you're both here." "OK," I said, "We'll wait." So Laura goes in for a couple of minutes to let Jacob know that we've come over to hang out with him and to watch the game. Then aunt Deena whispers in my ear, " You know, Laura's very attractive for her age- even with a son." Then I whisper right back at her, "Actually, she has two.

Jacob has a younger sister name Bethany who's about a year younger than me." "Oh," Deena said, "I see." About a minute or so later, Laura wheels out Jacob. "Well hey, hi Cody," greets Jacob. "Hey Jake," I replied.

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And then without hesitation, I said, "I here you're not doing so well." Then Jacob asks, "Who is this cute broad that's here with you?" "Oh, I'm sorry," I said. So I introduced my aunt to him, "Jacob, this is my aunt Deena. Aunt Deena, this is both mine & Darren's friend, Jacob." "Nice to meet you," aunt deena said. "Nice to meet you too Deena", Jacob said.

Then he adds, "Mom, could you & Cody's aunt step out on the patio for a few minutes please? I need to talk to Cody alone. Thank you." "As you wish son," Laura said. And so my aunt & Jacob's mom stepped out on the patio. "I have a question for you Cody," Jacob said. "What do you think of my mom?" "Well," I replied, "I think she's still highly attractive for her age." "You know she's not as old as you think," said Jacob.

"Her & dad got married right out of high school." "Really?" I asked. Then I said, "So she's still got to be in her late thirties then, right?" "Precisely," Jacob said. "The reason I ask is that I have terminal cancer to the pancreas.

The doctors only gave me maybe less than a month to live." Jacob told me some other personal issues, such as his life insurance policy.

But then he makes an interesting & unusual request, "One of the reasons I asked you & told you about my mom is the real reason I've asked you to come over here in the first place." "And that is." I said." "I want you to fuck my mom," Jacob requested.

WHOA!!! What did he just say?? Then it gets even more interesting as he continues, "I want you to impregnate my mom, and so does she." At this point, I couldn't believe my ears. My childhood buddy that Darren & I both grew up with, wants me to father his next sibling.

But then again, It's one of Jacob's final wishes. And so, why not carry it out while he's still alive. Now I've got to admit, Laura is a real knock-out. She is a nicely tanned, tall, slender. athletic gal who stands about 5', 7" tall.

She also weighs about 140 & has an all-natural C cup size that are nice & firm. She also has nice, silky auburn hair that blends in during the autumn season. it's clear to me that Laura might still be fertile. But after chit-chatting for about a couple minutes, Jacob motions both my aunt & his mom to came back in.

"Hey by the way, where's Bethany?" I asked. "Bethany went up north this weekend for deer hunting", Laura said. "She left with their aunt, uncle and her two cousins last night. They won't be back until late tomorrow night." "Oh cool," I said, "I hope they get a big one. Darren & I are thinking about going up when he comes home from college Thanksgiving week.

We might go with our two uncles, it's something my dad would've wanted us to do." "That'll be awesome," Laura said. Then Laura went into the kitchen and got glasses for all of us to pour our drinks in.

The game didn't start for about another hour and a half. So we ate a few slices of pizza and we all just sat around, mostly reminiscing about our childhood and asking about our families. "I know it's been a shit year for all of us," Jacob said. Then he continued, "I know things haven't been the same since your father died suddenly Cody. Believe me, I've been there myself. I know what the rest of you have been dealing with." "I know you do," I said, "but what are you gonna do?" And Jacob's right.

Laura's been a widow now for over a year. And now, she's gonna have to bury her son in the next month or so. So that's why Jacob said it's been a shit year. So finally after about a half hour of eating & chatting, Laura asks my aunt, "Hey Deena." "Yes Laura," aunt Deena replied. "Could I borrow your nephew for about a half hour-45 minutes? There's something I need to do with him. Please?" "Oh, OK," aunt Deena said. "Thanks," Laura said. And so Laura & I got up, went into the kitchen to wash our hands and then proceeded to go into her bedroom.

She then closed the bedroom door right after she followed me in. Then she asked me a question, "Cody, did my son ask you to do something with me?" "Yes, he did," I said. "What did he say?" Laura asked. "Well," I said, "he asked me if I wanted to knock you up." "Did he say why?" she asked. "He said within a couple of years, you would be all by yourself," I said.

"And he may be right, because Bethany would be off to college next year." "Well, that's part of it," she said. "The other reason is because I know it's hard for you to get laid because of your disability." She then continues, "Should I do in fact become pregnant, I'm not gonna ask you for any kind of child support.

Is that okay with you?" "Okay, I'll do it," I said. Then I continued, "But we must not tell anyone about this. Okay?" "Ok," she said.

"Now, undress me." And so I began to slowly undress Laura. First, I put both of my hands up under her skirt to get to her panties down her silky legs, then I undid her blouse in the back by unbuttoning it. Then I was able to remove her bra. Boy, what an awesome sight.

Here stands before me is a true classic beauty of a MILF. Her bare tits are nice and firm even with no bra on. In addition, her auburn bush is neatly & nicely trimmed. And so without further delay, she walked me over to her bed and asked me to lay down. "Here Cody," she said, "why don't you lay on my bed & I'll ride your humongous cock. This way, your chances are better at knocking me up when you shoot your load straight up.

Is that okay with you?" "That'll be cool," I said without any hesitation as she strips my clothes off of me. And then I also began to notice that her pussy is glistening, a sure sign that she's wet already. It is clear she means business and is ready to be boned be a big, young cock.

Then she says, "Cody hun, as soon as I get slowly on your big cock, I want you to cup & squeeze my big jugs. Think you can do that for me dear?" And without any hesitation, I was like., "HELL YEAH!!!" And so she got on top of me.

But first, I had to position my cock just right. At first, I teased her slit which was really wet by now. I teased it a couple of times until I made a circular motion so I slowly slide it in.

Then she said, "I want you to put your big cock in, nice & slow until the head of your cock hits my cervix. Okay?" "Ok," I said. "But you need to sit down really slowly so I don't puncture you." "Your right," Laura said, "I'm the one that has to do much of the work here.

Are you ready sweetheart?" "Let's get it on," I said. And so she gently sits on my shaft, but I really had to stretch her pussy lips open. It's painfully & obviously clear that Laura hasn't been fucked in a very long time, because she was really(and I do mean), really tight. So she let out a sigh at first when the head and part of my shaft slowly went inside of her at first.

Then she said in a whimpering voice, "Oh Cody, Your cock isn't even in me all the way. But I feel like a virgin all over again on my first date." So I had her rise up slowly, then I said, "Just you wait dear, you'll really be squealing when I'll have most of my cock inside of your tight little twat." And she knew I wasa right, there was no way all of my cock way gonna be inside of her- especially since she hasn't been tapped in a long while.

So after she rose up, she took a deep breath and then slowly went back part way down oin my long, thick shaft, all the while nice & easy strokes.

We had to do this at least a few times until her pussy was a little loose & stretched. After a few short strokes, she was ready to take whatever she wanted all the way in. So when Laura was finally to slide back down, she was able to take most of my shaft all the way in. Thus, leaving the remaing 1-2 inches that I could see hanging out of her pussy.

Then she lets out a big moan, "Oh, Cody. Your big cock feels sooo good deep inside me!!!!! I wanna ride you as much as possibly., maybe until I totally empty your big nuts." At this point, I was like 'Wow!' She really wants it and good.

So, I gave it to her, and ALL of what she could really handle.

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And shortly after slowly sliding down on me, she started riding me a little faster & harder and at the same time, I was cupping her tubes. They were nice & hard, making them all the more firm. "O-oh, oh, oh, OHH!!!!!!" She yells out. "Don't stop.

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Harder, harder, fucking HARDER!!!!!!!" And so with that, She rode even harder as I was pumping harder myself. By now, our little sexual escapade was in full swing. It got to the point where the bed started shaking. Laura & I were having the time of our lives.


At the same time, My aunt & Jacob are probably wandering 'What the hell are those two doing in there?' Jacob knows, but I don't think aunt Deena does. But anyway Laura began to moan again, "I-I., I., think., I'm., gonna., cum!!" Between each word she was saying and each thrust, it was clear that I put her over the edge.

Because about a few seconds after she vlurted out that she was about to have an orgasm, it happened. She let out the biggest moan that anyone within a couple of blocks' radius could hear. I could feel the inner walls of her pussy clamp & shudder as she unloaded all around my cock, and then some of it leaked onto my nutsack as well. But at the same time that she reached her climax, I knew that I was nearing mine as well.

My balls began to churn & most of my shaft that Laura was riding hard on, was getting swollen. Then I told her, "Oh Laura, I-I. I. I'm gonna., Ohh, cum." "Cum inside my pussy, Please!!", commanded Laura. "Fill me up with your precious baby seed." And that was all it took because after I held it in for as long as possible to build up, I let it go with one giant thrust and a loud, grunting moan. "OHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" I said. I must've shot several giant ropes of semen inside of her.

After a minute or so, she said, "HOLY SHIT!!!! DAMN!!!! You really know how to shoot a mean load." So no sooner after I emptied my balls, she collapsed right on top of me & we snuggled for about a few minutes. We were both keeping an eye on the time, even though our little sexual encounter only took us nore than about maybe 20 minutes tops. So we decided to lay there for about another ten minutes, then we both got up and got dress to rejoin Jacob and my aunt.

But as we were getting dress, Laura & I started to hear weird sounds.

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"Are Jacob & your aunt watching a porn?" Laura asked, "I hear what sounds like sex moans." "I don't know," I said, "let's found out by spying on them." And so about a minute after we both got dress, we quietly opened to door.

Then we both hear a familiar noise that neither one of us could believe. In a short distance, we heard what sounded like aunt Deena moaning. We could hear her saying, "Oh, Jacob.

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Your cock feels soo good in my hot pussy." Then Laura asked me in a whisper, "Tell me that's not your aunt fucking my son." Then I noticed that they're not in the living room when we slowly crept back out. "Where the hell are they?" I asked "Sounds like it's coming from the bathroom," she said. She then adds, "They both must've gotten horny when they heard us moaning & grunting.

I can hear them in the bathroom." "I'll bet they snuck in while we were doing it," I said. But then I ask Laura an interesting & personal question, "Has Jacob ever been on any real dates with any of the gals at all by any chance?" "That's a good question Cody," Laura said. "Maybe we should ask him later. But right now, I wanna see whether or not these two are really doing it." So Laura has cooked up a plan.

What my aunt doesn't know is, that the bathroom they're both in has a hidden camera. The reason is because in case something were to happen to Jacob, mainly because of his terminal illness. CHAPTER FIVE. Laura and I went into the kitchen that led outside to the back entrance of their two car garage, where one of the monitors were at. So she cued up the hidden surveillance she had connected to the main bathroom. And sure enough, my aunt and Jacob were totally nude. Although we both couldn't see Jacob completly, it was clear that they were both at it.

Aunt Deena was riding Jacob in a reverse cowgirl position. At first, Laura was shocked and stunned. But then again, what does it say about what we've just got done doing?. And so Laura got a couple of bar stools she had right there in the garage and we both observed the action.

"Well," I said, "what do you think? Does my aunt want Jacob to breed her?" "I don't know," Laura said, "maybe she wants him to be happy and possibly die a happy man." As we're both watched aunt Deena riding up and down, we couldn't help but wonder. So Laura asks me, "I wonder of you're aunt is fertile or is she on the pill." "Well," I said, "she's a lot younger than my mom.

But as far as her being on the pill isn't any of my business." But what Laura doesn't already know is that I already banged my aunt a couple of times. But my greater concern is Jacob knocking her up. Not about possibly letting me off a huge hook, but there was an even, greater concern. So I asked, "Let's say my aunt is fertile and Jacob gets her pregnant, is he still on any sort of medication that could contaminate his sperm?" "Oh, I see," Laura said.

"You're speculating there may be possible a birth defect should your aunt does concieve." "Exactly," I said. Then Laura said, "They discontinued most of the heavy meds a couple of months ago, so it should all be out of his system by now." "Oh, okay," I said. And so we continued to spy on these two instant lovebirds just going at it. Suddenly, I could hear Jacob grunting and saying, "Oh Deena, I'm gonna explode.

Where do you want it?" I could see and hear aunt Deena say, "Jacob, I want you to shoot your load inside of me. Cum in my fertile pussy!!" "Well," I said to Laura, "I guess that answers your question.

Doesn't it?" "I guess so Cody," Laura said. About a minute or so after Jacob supposedly shot his load inside of my aunt, she slowly rose up from his huge shaft. And what I saw next was unbelievable, he must've shot so much that it all just dripped all out of her. Laura was just beside herself as she said, "Damn, and I thought his dad shot a mean load." "Well," I said, "I guess there's plenty more where that came from. Do you think she's done with him?" "I don't know," Laura said.

"Let's find out, shall we?" Sure enough, aunt Deena wasn't. She then got on all fours and grabbed Jacob's massive cock and started licking and teasing it. It was clear she wanted to give him a blowjob. About a minute later, she puts her luscious lips at the rim and started going down on his big shaft, until it disappeared in her mouth and slowly went up and down on him.

Then Laura asks, "Did she just deep-throat on my son?" "It appears so, doesn't it?" I said. Then we could both hear Jacob saying, "Oh Deena, suck my huge cock., suck it. I want you to swallow my big load." And so we could see my aunt starting to pace up & down on Jacob a bit more. It wasn't long before Jacob was about to have another explosive orgasm. The I heard Jacob say, "I-I think I'm gonna cum again." Deena was still going up and down, but slowing up now, as I could hear Jacob grunting louder.

All of the sudden, I could see his white seed dripping down my aunt's chin and then onto the bathroom tile floor. "Did your aunt just swallow much of my sons load?" Laura asked. "It appears so now, doesn't it." I said. Shortly after he erupted, I saw that they were cleaning up and getting dressed.

I was also keeping track of the time, it wasn't long before kickoff. But then I could hear my aunt say to Jacob, "I wouldn't mention anything to your mom or Cody." Then I could hear Jacob say, "I wouldn't even worry about if I were you." Then Jacob adds, "And besides, they more than likely heard us anyway like we heard them earlier in my mom's bedroom." "You're right," aunt Deena said, "you can say we all got it out of our system today." "Your aunt's right," Laura said, "we were all sex-hungry this afternoon.

But I'm happy for all of us. At least my baby will die a real happy man." And so we disconnected thecable wire from the monitor, put the bar stools away and went back into the house. Once inside, we straightened up the living room, put the remaining slices of pizza in one box to consume space and then refilled all of our glasses with drinks and got ready for the big game.

About a few minutes later, my aunt Deena wheeled Jacob from the bathroom back into the living room. Then I asked, "So did you two horny people have fun in the bathroom?" They were both speechless as they were stunned.

Then Laura went over to comfort my best friend, her son. "Jacob, honey," she said as she's assuring him calmly, "don't feel too bad about what you and Cody's aunt did in our bathroom." Then I said to Jacob, "Your mother's right, don't feel too bad about what you and my aunt did. Besides. she turned you into a real man, you should be grateful." "Really?" Jacob asked.

"Absolutely," I said. "And suppose I were in the same situation that you're in right now, I'd asked you to do the same for MY mom." Then aunt Deena comes up with an interesting and crazy idea, "After we watch the game, let's all have a little orgy here in the living room.

I'll have Cody fuck me from behind. And Jacob, have your mom ride that huge cock of yours." "Now," Laura replied, "that's sounds like a plan to me." "I sure as hell couldn't agree more," I said. Jacob agreed to it too.

So it was nearing kick-off, so aunt Deena & Laura went back into the kitchen to refill all of our deinks. Then, they both came back in the living room where Jacob and I were sitting and go really, really cozy.

it was an interesting & exciting football game too, the Hoosiers were battling the Wildcats in what turned out to be a shoot-out.

But in the end, the day & the victory belong to the Hoosiers as they kicked a game-winning field goal in the closing seconds of the game to seal the deal. Shortly after the game, we all finished off what was left of the two pizzas the my aunt & I brought over. Soon after that, that's when we decided to get it on. First, we cleared off the coffee table that the pizza box was on, then we closed the blinds and the drapes.

We got Jacob down on a make shift mattress we made up from the couch pillows. Laura and my aunt went into sepetrate baths to change into robes, then came back out. By this time, we were ALL ready.

So both me and aunt Deena got into our respected positions, Laura got on top of her son Jacob and slowly lowered herself down on his huge shaft. Meanwhile, I got behind d my aunt so I could position my cock to put inside of my her. Only then, my aunt makes a shocking request, "Cody, I want you to fuck me in the ass.

Then as soon as you think you're ready to explode, I want to pull out and cum in Laura's mouth." "Is that okay with you Laura?" I asked. "Oh Cody, I want to swallow your load," Laura said.

So with that, I slowly made a circular motion with the head of my cock after I got it wet. Then, I started to put the head and my shaft slowly inside of aunt Deena's asshole- very, VERY slowly. Her rosebud was extremely tight, so I took it really easy for the series of slow strokes. "Oh, be gentle for me Cody. Remember, nice, slow & easy," Deena said.

Meanwhile, Laura started to ride her son fast and hard. As I'm slowly ramming my aunt in her ass, I could hear Laura moaning, "Oh son, you feel so good inside your mommy. Who's your mommy?" Neither Jacob or I ever had it this good. First, it was me & Laura, Jacob with my aunt earlier in the day.

Now, it's Jacob pounding while his mom is riding him hard while I'm pounding my aunt in her sweet, tight ass as I'm now going deeper, faster & harder. But it wasn't long before we all reached our climaxes. First, it was Jacob and Laura. "Mom," Jacob said, "I., I think I'm gonna cum." And with that, Laura quickly got up off of his cock so she could put it in her mouth.

He must've shot another huge load, because I could see a little of Jacob's cum dripping out and down her chin. Then she took his cock out and said, "Son, this was the biggest load I've ever gotten.

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You're father never shot a massive load like you did. Now, who's your mommy?" "You are mom," Jacob said. "I'm glad you enjoyed it, but you're not through. Cody has to be very close by now." And she was right on cue, because my balls started to churn and my shaft was swollen insight my aunt's tight ass.

"I'm gonna cum," I said. "Are you ready Laura?" "I'm ready to take some more of that hot, sticky seed you have there Cody," Laura said. And a few seconds after I pulled my cock out of my aunt's asshole and she let out a huge sigh, I put my cock in Laura's mouth and let out a loud grunt, "Oh., oh., oh, I'm gonna cum!!!!" That was all it took, because I shot what this time wasn't that many ropes of cum inside of Laura's mouth. This of course, after she just swallow Jacob's protein just a few minutes ago.

Finally, we all cooled down after just a matter of minutes. We all had to take a breather. But now, it was almost six in the early evening. So finally after about twenty minutes, we all got up and washed up in seperate baths.

Then Laura wheeled Jacob into his bedroom so she could wash him up. Finally, they both came back out, spiffed and cleaned up for the remainder of the evening. Finally, I asked, "So what do you guys got going on for the rest of the night?" "Well," Jacob said, "we have company coming over between 7:30 and 8." "Oh, cool," I said. "Well, it's been fun, thanks for letting us come over." "No, thank YOU," Laura said.

You really made both of our days today. I've really enjoyed it as much as both of you two did." "It's been a real pleasure having us both over," aunt Deena said. "Well Cody, you about ready to roll?" "Ready when you are aunt Deena," I said. "Both mom and Darren should've left messages and checked in by now. So we're gonna take off." "Ok," Jacob said. "Give us a jingle either tomorrow or monday. In the meantime, take care & thanks once again for coming.

Bye." "Bye Jacob, bye Laura," I said. And so with that, we both got into my aunt's car & slowly drove away. This really turned out to be an extravagant afternoon for both of us, and in more ways than one.

But nothing would prepare us for what was about to happen next. As we're both driving down the road coming up to a main intersection, the light turned green for us. Aunt Deena hit the gas when a speeding car ran the red light and hit us on the right side. First, there was a spin around then another loud crunch of metal on my aunt's side. Then all of the sudden, there was silence. And I mean, DEAD SILENCE.

I suddenly blacked out, and all I saw was a soft white, bright light. CHAPTER SIX: THE CONCLUSION. The soft, white light continued to go on for quite a while, and it feels like I'm floating in mid-air.

But then, it seeme like I was beginning to come back to earth. The soft, white lignt I was staring at soon disappeared and I was starting to wake back up into reality. When I woke up, I noticed that the room I was in was very dark. The other thing I noticed was that I had tubes and needles all in me.

But one thing was for sure, any injuries I must've sustained from the accident that my aunt and I were both in have been healed. But there was one question that stiil remained: With my injuries heeled up already, how long have I been out? That's one of the many questions I would seek answers to. After about several hours of doctors and nurses being at my bedside to check my vitals, my mom came in. "Hi Cody honey," she said. "Hi., m-mom.," I said as I'm still trying to gasp for air.

"Where am I?" "You're in the coma care unit here at the hospital," she said. "You've been out for nearly 10 months now. It is now the middle of September." At this point, Ididn't believe her at first. Then she continued, "Cody, a lot has happened while you were in a coma. But it's best that we don't discuss it right now. You need your strengh." "Can you at least give me some feedback about the accident that aunt Deena and I were involved in?" I asked her.

"Good news is that aunt Deena wasn't seriously injured," she said. Then she continued, "She was treated and then released." "What about the person who caused the wreck?" I ssked. "What did the initial investigation turn up?" "Well," she said, "witnesses described that a young lady fled the crash scene where both you and aunt Deena were hit." "So did they track her down?" I asked. "Unfortunately, not yet," she said.

"Apparently, the car she was driving in was stolen when they ran the plates. So they're not even sure who they're looking for." It was clear that this was a felony hit & run. But my mom said that they were able to get a make out on her. But still no luck. All they have was some blood and fingerprints that was in the car that hit me. About a couple of weeks later after I came out, two detectives that were in charge of the accident investigation came in and asked me a few questions from my angle.

But I really didn't have a whole lot to discuss, because neither me or my aunt never even saw it coming. We had the green light, so we were within our right-of-way. Then the detectives left. As the weeks went by, I was able to improve little by little. It has now been five weeks since I woke up. Finally my mom, Darren, Dana and my aunt Deena all came in. Right away, I noticed something out of the ordinary. "There's something we need to tell you Cody," my mom said. But first, she asked both Darren and Dana to step out of the room for several minutes.

"What is it that you two wanted to discuss with me?" I asked. "Well, I got some good news and some sad news to tell you," my mom said. "First off, you're a father to a healthy, adorable, beautiful little girl.

Congratulations." "Oh my god, seriously?" I said "I guess I carried out Jacob's final wish, didn't I?" "It's not what you think," my mom said. Then aunt Deena chimes in, "It wasn't Laura you got pregnant, it's MY baby you've fathered Cody." "Well, what about Laura?" I asked. "Well," my mom said, "Laura did get pregnant about two months after that afternoon when you and aunt Deena went over to Jacob's to watch the football game." "So who's the father?" I asked. "To be honest," aunt Deena said, "it would've been your brother Darren's." "What do you guys mean it would've BEEN Darren's?" I asked.

"What the hell are you two ladies talking about?" "Well," my mom said, "the sad news is that Laura died about five months ago. She died from complications following a miscarriage she had a week prior." "So Bethany is the only one left, I take it," I said. "Yes," aunt Deena said, "Jacob died less than three weeks after our afternoon escapade with both of them." "So what's going on with Bethany now?" I asked.

Then my mom said, "That's not our primary concern right now. But she'll be alright though, I promise you." But as my mom and my aunt finished talking, both Dana & Darren both came back in.

"Dana," I said, "What's been going on with you?" "Well," Dana replied, "the good news is that the tests they ran when I was having appendicitis, turned out not to be serious.

They found that I was also having gall bladder issues, so I had both my appendix and my gall bladder removed in one procedure." "Oh,"said in relief, "so it was serious but they treated it quickly then, didn't they?

Did the recuperation have any affect on your classes?" "Fortunatly, no," Dana said. "Since I was so far ahead, all I really had to do was finish whatever I had left back home here. I was able to take my semester exams back home here as well and spend time here with you.

Then I took the following semester off to help around the house." "So when do you think you're going back?" I asked her. "Well," Dana said, "now that you're improving, I'm gonna wait till after the new year.

Then I'll go back and finish my junior year." Then I asked Darren, "And what about you?" "Well," Darren replied, "the semester that Dana took time off for, I only took maybe a couple of classes so I could also spend time here with you and help mom and aunt Deena out- especially now with aunt Deena's baby." "As you can imagine son," my mom said as she begins to sob emotionally, "all of us have been here with you and been pulling for you to wake up all this time.

We all thought you weren't gonna make it." I too began to sob a little. "To be honest," I said, "I'm at a total loss for words. I can't even begin how to thank all of you. I can't even imagine how upside down it's been for all of us." "Well," aunt Deena said with a wink, "just seeing you alive is enough for us.

But you still have an awful long way to go before you're whole again." And then before they all left for the night, my mom said, "Well Cody, we're gonna go now.

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Bethany is babysitting your little girl. We love you sweetheart." And so with that, they all gave me a hug and a kiss and then they were off. I would be in the hospital for another three weeks, which would now be about two months after I came out of a coma.

It's now the middle of November, about one year after that dreadful night to what was otherwise an exciting afternoon at the Wilkins' house.

Finally a week before Thanksgiving, I was able to go home to open arms. My brother brought me home from the hospital, where everyone else was waiting. They took me out of the wheelchair and placed me in the recliner in the living room. "Wait right her Cody," aunt Deena said.

She then goes into my bedroom and about a minute later, she comes back out holding a big, pink blanket with a baby in it. Then my aunt introduces her to me and said, "Cody, this is your daughter, Deanna." At that moment, I was all in tears.

She then places the baby on my lap so I could hold her. Hard to believe that I'm actually a dad mow. Deanna gave me a little smile on her face. She then begins to cry as I sniffed her. "I think she needs to be changed," I said. Both my mom and my aunt laughed so hard. So they picked the baby up from me, then aunt Deena took our daughter and went to change her diaper. About a couple of minutes later, she brings the baby back out.

"Cody," my mom said, "if you could hold your little girl, I could get a picture of both of you while Deena fixes her baby bottle." "Sounds good to me," I said. "And while I'm holding her, maybe I could also feed her if that's not a problem." "You're right son," my mom said. "I think it's time you get to know your daughter Deanna a little better." And she has a point. As I'm recuperating, I could feed her and learn how to change her diapers.

I just want to be a loving, caring and a responsible father who wants what's best- even if the mother of my baby IS my aunt.

Nobody outside the family knows it was an incestuous taboo affair that went on between my aunt and me. So for the next few weeks, it was rather hectic for me. They had put a crib for Deanna in my bedroom next to my bed, along with a rocking chair so I could take care of the baby. I was also going to physical AND occupational therapy. They still never found out who caused the accident. Aunt Deena's car was obviously totaled, so her insurance covered her for a new one.

Since I already had physical limitations to begin with, I had lifetime medical benefits(even as a passenger). As my physical condition improved, so did my parenting skills. It got to the point where I could now get around more and take care of my daughter as she got big. Finally in January of 1992 after the holidays, both Darren and Dana resumed their college education by going back to their respected colleges.

In addition, Bethany began dating my brother Darren as well.


So now, it was just me, my mom and my daughter Deanna when aunt Deena would bring her over a few days a week as part of a joint-custody agreement.

But at night when my baby girl is with her mother, I seem to feel so empty and alone. And in the middle of the night, I would be the one sobbing rather than my daughter. And then one night, it happened. I had a rather hard time sleeping, simply because I got so used to Deanna waking up in the middle of the night to be tended to.

I couldn't go back to sleep. When I began to sob emotionally, that was when my mom came in wearing only a see-through nightgown. "What's the matter honey?" my mom asked as she came in and laid down besides me. "I don't know mom," I replied. Then I continued, "It's not the same without baby Deanna laying in her crib next to me. It's like I feel so alone, like I've gotten so attached to her all of the sudden." "As a mother, I know how you feel son," my mom said as she begins to cry. "But understand sometging, that's nothing compared to you laying half way dead in the hospital for 10 months.

It's been very stressful not only for mr, but for all of us." "Mom," I said, "could you sleep here with me tonight?" "Okay, but under one condition," my mom said. "What might that be?" I asked. Then she said, "I want you to fuck me again. I'm off the pill, so I want you to pump your baby seed deep inside of my womb." At this point, how could I turn her down?

So she undid my shirt, and then my boxers. And before long, I had a huge hard-on again. Then she lifted her nightgown off her, exposing her nice tubes and her now thick bush. Then she said, "Cody, why don't you let mommy ride your huge cock. Okay?" "You got it," I said. "Are you gonna go slow first, since it's been almost a year and a half?" And so she got on top of me and positioned my cock so it would line up with her wet slit.

Then, she gave me a deeply, passionate kiss before we got it on. She rose up up so she could slowly slide down on my shaft without having to puncture her cervix. As she is slowly sitting on my covk, she let's out a gentle moan, "Oh., my., god. I., soo., miss this young hunk of meat of yours baby." "O-ohh., this., feels., soo., good., mom!" I said in between moans and breaths. Although it hasn't seem that long for me since I was in a 10-month coma, it's been roughly a year and a half for my mom.

So she was sort of tight again, and it felt soo good! My mom started with slow and easy strokes riding on my cock at first, but before long she was picking up the pace. "Oh., oh., oh., oh., oh., yes., yes., fuck., feels., so., fucking., good., inside., mommy's., pussy., son!!" my mom said in between her breaths. "Faster mom., FASTER!!!!" I moaned in excitement as she begins to ride even harder. I began to cup and squeeze her breasts as she squeals ever so passionatly.

My mom's busting up a sweat as she continues her taboo pleasure with me. Then she moans even loader in between breaths, "I-I., I., think., I., I'm., gonna., CUM!!!!!!" She wasn't playing either.

Because at that moment, her inner walls of her pussy clamped and shuddered around my cock. And then., it happened. "OHHHHHHHHHHH., FFFFUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKKK!!!! SSHHHHIIIITTTTTT., YYYEEEEESSSSSS!!!!" My mom exclaimed in excitement as she spews her cum around my cock, thus oozing out of her cunt at the same time as she went over the edge.

But then, my balls began to churn and my shaft starts to stiffen inside of her as she continues to buck. Now, I'm the one who was about to climax. "OHHHH., FUUCCKK!! I-I'M., GONNA., CUM!!!!" And with that, I couldn't hold my load any longer. I shot thick rope after thick rope of my precious baby protein inside of my mother's waiting eggs deep inside of her womb.

This was probably the best stress reliever that both of us have had in a while. After my mom emptied my balls deep inside of her, she collapsed right on top of me. We passionatly kissed some more for a few minutes and not long there after, we both drifted off to sleep in each other's arms.

Next morning, my mom must've gotten up early because when I woke up, she was already up with a little surprise. Aunt Deena came over really early because she came into my bedroom with my daughter. My mom said, "Aunt Deena went to the doctor's office for an annual physical, so could you hold your daughter please?" "Anything for my little princess," I said as she brung her over to me.

"Aunt Deena made up a couple of bottles already," my mom said. Then I said, "I think she's ready for one now." "You're right son," my mom said, "I'll go get it now and bring it to you, okay?" "Alright mom," I said. So my mom leaves my bedroom and a couple of minutes later, she comes back with one. She gives me the bottle so I could feed the baby. Deanna must've been hungry, becuase she guzzled the whole thing within a matter of a few minutes.

Then my mom laughs and says, "Like father, like daughter. When you were a baby, you were the king guzzler out of all three of you." That's still holds true now even to this day, because I like to guzzle my drinks down rather quickly.

After about twenty minutes, my mom picks the baby up from me and said, "Cody, why don't you shower up and get dress? I'll take care of Deanna here. Okay?" "Alright mom," I said to her. And so I wheeled myself over to the bathroom after my mom helped me out of bed. The shower stool was there so I could scoot over. But before I could do that, I heard another familiar voice in the other room.

Aunt Deena came back from her appointment because she came right into the bathroom where I was at, I think she wants to do more than just assist me. But first I asked, "So how was your annual physical aunt Deena?" "It went pretty good," she said. "I got a clean bill of health. By the way, did you just get done feeding Deanna?" "Yes, I did," I replied. Then I continued, "She was one hungry baby, because she guzzled the bottle I gave her in less then 10 minutes." "Holy shit!" Deena said.

Then I noticed her shirt is saturated where her tits are. Then I said to her, "By the way, you're lactating again." "Holy shit, my boobs are full of milk again," aunt Deena said. "I didn't bring enough bottles over, I'm gonna have your mom bring the empty one that you fed Deanna with earlier.

MARYLIN!!" My mom hears my aunt and comes rushing into the bathroom to assist. "Is everything ok., HOLY SHIT DENNA, YOU'RE LEAKING MILK!!" my mom exclaims with laughter. "Why don't you undress and get in shower with Cody and I'll come back with a baby bottle, alright?" "Okay Marylin, I'll do it," aunt Deena said.

So she undresses and gets in the shower with me. A couple of minutes later my mom comes back in, only she's just wearing a robe. Then my mom said to me, "Cody while I'm pumping breadtmilk out of aunt Deena, I want you to do to her what you did to me last night. "Wait, let me giess," aunt Deena said. "Knock me up again." "That's right sweetheart," I said.

And so I positioned myself on the shower stool, then aunt Deena sat on my cock in a reverse cowgirl position. This way as aunt Deena is riding me in this position, my mom can pump all the milk out of her tits. Aunt Deena's pussy wasn't as tight, and for two reasons. First off, we're all in the shower, so she's all wet. Second, she had the baby five months ago.

So my cock was able to slide in nice and easy instead of slow. Before long, she was riding hard. "Oh Cody," aunt Deena said, "This feels so good. Cum inside of me please." Aunt Deena was riding pretty good as both my mom and I are pumping as much milk out of aunt Deena as possible.

Finally after a few minutes, her boobs were empty as both baby bottles were filled to the brim. But it also wouldn't be long before both aunt Deena and I would have our simultaneous orgasm. "I., I'M., GONNA., CUM!!!" I said as I moaned. "Fuck., same., here!" aunt Deena said.

At that moment, we both went over the edge. She came around my big shaft, and I pumped several thick streams of baby seed inside her pussy once again. Aunt Deena wants another baby so Deanna can have a sibling. After aunt Deena squeezed all of her milk out and I bred her, we washed up and my mom gave my aunt another shirt to where. Deanna took a nap the whole time while all three of us were in the shower. The rest of the day was a breeze. I went to my early afternoon therapy.

I knew it would be several more months before I was 100% again. EPILOGUE After that late-night sexual encounter with my mom and the encounter with aunt Deena the following morning, I knew things were beginning to look up. All of the sudden, the stress that I've been dealing with has slowly began to melt away. Three weeks after that breeding escapade, both my mom AND my aunt found out that they were pregnant with my babies. So now, I really had something to look foward to.

Both of them were due within a few days of each other in early October. Meanwhile as the months followed, I also got a whole lot of wonderful news. First off, the accommodations I applied for the college a couple of years earIier before the accident happened finally came through. I would start in late-August. But instead of going to the actual university, I could take the classes at my own pace at the local affiliate in my home town.

This way, I can spend as much time with my daughter and study at the same time. In addition, I could also be around for the births of my future children.

The other good news is that there was finally a break in the hit & run case. An arrest was made in a non-related incident at a local bar & grill. When they ran the DNA & fingerprints, they discovered that it was a seventeen year-old girl.

She didn't even have her driver's permit at the time of the hit & run accident. As it turns out, she was a juvenile runaway who's been hiding out for the last eighteen months.

That's when a horrible secret was revealed: As it turned out, she murdered her father after an apparent domestic dispute. She's been on the run ever since, hiding out and stealing cars. That was why she obviously left the scene of the accident. For if she ever got caught, she would've been extradited back to be tried as an adult under Indiana state law. As for my brother Darren and Bethany, their relationship grew stronger as the summer months followed.

I think they would make a perfect couple together. Dana finally found somebody. Somebody she met in college, but was originally from around our area. In late August, I finally began my college career. In early October, aunt Deena give birth to a healthy, beautiful baby boy named Jacob. This of course, being named in honor of my late friend Jacob Wilkins. Three days after the birth of my son, my mom give birth to a healthy, beautiful baby girl named Carolyn. Now I have my own family which pretty much stayed within the family.

I couldn't even have asked for anything more. It's amazing to watch both my mom and my aunt nurse our babies right in front of me. It was a amazing sight to see. Over the next several years, it has been busy for me and my family. Between taking care of my kids and taking college classes, it was all worth it. About a few months after both my mom and my aunt gave birth, they decide to have their tubes tied.

My mom was DEFINITLY done with kids after the last pregnancy that was risky. In December of 1997, I finished my major in college with a degree in business. As for my brother and sister, Darren married Bethany in April of 1998. They had a baby girl named Gillian the following year in 1999. Dana hasn't married yet, but has had a couple of relationships that went nowhere. But she kept trying. To this day, neither Deanna, Jacob, or Carolyn has any idea that I'm their father.

To them, I'm Carolyn's big brother and Jacob & Deanna's cousin. No one else outside the family knew either, even to this day.

All three of them have now grown up and moved on. In 2009, Deanna graduated from high school with honors and is still in college pursuing a double-major. Both Carolyn and Jacob graduated the following year in 2010.

Jacob enlisted in the Armed Forces and is now stationed in Thailand. Carolyn is still pursuing a medical degree. She wants to be an orthipedic surgeon. But the one thing that hasn't changed over the years is the fact that me, my mom and my aunt would still have an occasional taboo as long as nobody ever found out.

Sadly, Dana never married. About a year after Deanna graduated from high school, Dana was diagnosed with advanced-stage colon cancer. She died about a year after in 2011. She is buried next to our father. Darren and Bethany had one more son in 2012. They named him Peter, after our late father. So they now have a little tike and a teenage daughter.

All in all, things turned out better for the rest of the family members as my business really took off in the later years. And in NE. Indiana, what happens in the family., STAYS WITHIN THE FAMILY!!!!!!!! THE END!!!!!! Well, I hope y'all enjoyed it as much as I did. Let me know what you think.

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