Adison dark gets fucked in pov style on saboom

Adison dark gets fucked in pov style on saboom
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Hello everyone this is a travel log of the sexual adventures that I am having with my husband now that we are retired.

We have owned our own business for many years and have worked long and hard and have finally gotten all of the children out of our home.

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I am in my 50's and have never really been too adventurous sexually due to the fact that I had children to raise a home to manage and all the demands of work also. I am 5'7"weigh about 175 lbs, have natural red hair, 40DD breasts, very pale white skin, large round hips and my husband says I have a pretty face.

He is 6' tall weighs about 190 broad shoulders nice build an average size cock with nice fat balls that hang nice and loose most of the time. Chapter 1 We have just purchased a new motor home that we will be doing all of our travels in.

It is a nice unit that is 45' long and set up very nice inside. It has all the modern conveniences of a nice home and we have been most comfortable in it so far. We have agreed that we were going to be sexually adventurous but will not make the other person do anything that they really do not want to do.

We have also agreed that one day a week we will have a must do dare day. We would roll the dice and the highest number wins and they can have the other person do anything they want on that day and they must do it or they will be punished. My husband likes to make me get naked and lay across his lap and he spanks me with a leather paddle until my fanny is bright red for my punishment.

I like to make him strip and the wear an apron and wash up the dishes and clean the kitchen for his punishment. He has to wear just the apron all day. This leads me to our first adventure. We had stopped at a small little RV park in Colorado and had set up for the evening and after we had eaten our dinner another couple came over to talk. They were Rick and Helen and they were very nice people about our age and also on the retirement trail as they called it.

We had a great evening of talking and playing some cards when Helen asked if we ever played strip poker. I told her we had played it many years ago but thought we were a little old for that sort of thing. Helen said you are never too old and besides we were all adults and it was just for fun. I said OK let's give it a try so we went over to their motor home and went inside to play. We all sat down on some pillows on the floor and started playing. We were all about even after a number of hands but we had gotten down to the next hand someone was going to show some real flesh.

I was very nervous about this but Rick got up and said we all needed a break and some more drinks. He went and refreshed everyone's drinks and then sat back down. We dealt the cards and Rick lost, all he had on was his shorts so he stood up and took them off and I almost fainted at the sight of his large cock and balls.

He was at least 8" long and as big around as my wrist his ball were hanging down nice and loose and were just a little smaller than my husband's but he was hairless below the waist and he had no tan lines. His cock was fully erect and sticking straight out now that his shorts did not holding him in any more.

I could not take my eyes off his cock and Helen said I see you like this game a little more right now don't you. I regained my senses and said this was getting interesting.

What does Rick have to bet now or is he out of the game. Helen said they usually played that you could bet your body for 2 minutes at a time if you were naked if you wanted to and the winner could do or make them do anything they wanted.

I could now see that my husband was also fully erect under his shorts and I took that as his signal that he was willing to continue.

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We dealt the next hand and my husband lost so he had to stand up and remove his shorts and as he pulled them down his dick sprang out at full attention. Helen said to me that he had a very nice package but you should make him shave down there, it makes their cocks look bigger and that makes them better fuckers when they think they have this big dick between their legs and those big balls will look even better.

I told her that I think I would make him do that tomorrow. He sat back down and we now had two naked men with their erections sticking straight out. I was dripping wet between my legs. I had not seen another naked man in almost 35 years. Helen dealt the next hand and my husband lost again. Rick was the winner and he told my husband to make everyone new drinks and to stir them with his cock.

We all watched him as he mixed the drinks and then stuck his cock into the glasses and stirred them and then gave each of us our drinks. I was amazed that his dick looked even harder than when he started. I dealt the next hand and Helen lost she stood up and pulled her sundress over her head and revealed a great body.

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She had a very hairy pubic mound that was covered in natural blond hair with her pussy lips shaven clean her breast were about a c cup and sagged down a couple of inches and no tan lines here either.

My husband could not take his eyes off her body and I was having a hard time of it myself. Rick dealt next and I lost this time so I stood up and just pulled off my dress also. It was very exciting being in the RV naked with a couple that we had just met and I was having a great time. I was not sure I was brave enough to see what was going to happen next. I knew I did not want to have group sex or swap partners but I did want to see what would happen.

Helen said that this would be the final hand and to make it more interesting it would be boys against girls. My husband delt and the girls won so Helen said for both the men to stand in front of us and to jack off. We wanted to see who could cum the fastest and we would capture their cum in a cup and see who came the most.

I said we should hold the cups for the men and Helen said we should hold it for each other's husbands. I went over in front of Rick and Helen got down in front of my husband and we told them this was a competition to see who has the biggest load and who can get off the quickest. We decided that there would be up to 60 points for quantity and up to 40 points for time.

We started them off and Helen was talking very naughty and rubbing herself in front of my husband she looked over at me and said it always helps them get off faster if we help a little so I started to do the same in front of Rick.

I was so wet and excited it was hard for me to hold still while they were both working their cocks up and down and I realized this was the first time I had actually watched a man jack himself off. They had both been at it about 2 minutes when Helen got out some oil and drizzled it onto my husband's cock to help his hand slide even easier. I took the bottle from her and did the same to Rick and as I was pouring it on he announced that he was going to cum so I got the cup ready and held it as best I could at the tip of his cock that was wet and slick and the head was swollen and dark bluish purple.

I was really paying close attention to his cock and trying to make sure that when he did start cumming I was going to be able to catch all of it in the cup. Helen was coaxing my husband on by teasing him saying he wasn't going to let Rick beat him was he. You have such big balls I know you have to have a giant load of cream inside and then he erupted into the cup.

Helen was very good at this I now know this was not their first time with this little game. She held the cup over his head and he shot squirt after squirt into the cup. He must have shot 9 or 10 times before he was finished and the Helen grabbed it at the base and pulled along the shaft as if she was squeezing out a tube of toothpaste to get the last drops. Rick then announced he was cumming and I did my best to get it all in the cup he also shot out 6 or 7 squirts and I grabbed his cock and squeezed it just like Helen did.

We put our 2 cups on the table and Helen announced that she was giving my husband 36 points for speed and Rick got 32. She then said I was to give the scores for quantity. I felt so deliciously naughty looking at the 2 cups with all this slick man juice in them.

I put them side by side and then it was easy to see that my husband had produced about twice as much cum as Rick had. I said Rick you get a 30 for quantity and my husband gets 60 points. So my husband was the clear winner. I knew we needed to leave now or we would end up fucking everyone. I told Rick and Helen thanks for a great evening that we needed to get back to our RV.

I just slipped my dress over my head told my husband to get everything else and to follow me back to the RV naked.


He gathered up all my things and his clothes and followed me back over to our RV. It was very dark outside so there was not any chance of someone seeing him unless they walked right by us with a flashlight. It was only about a 2 minute walk but I was tingling all over having him walk beside me naked outdoors. When we got to our RV I laid down on the bed and asked my husband to eat my dripping wet pussy.

I have never been so excited for so long and I needed to cum. My husband is an excellent pussy eater he thoroughly enjoys giving me the intimate kind of pleasure that I feel from him servicing my pussy with his mouth and tongue.


He gladly got between my legs and started licking all around the outside of my pussy first then he sucked each pussy lip into his mouth and held them there for a few seconds. He then held my lips open and licked from my ass to the top of my slit with one long smooth motion. He started to repeat this and after the third time up when he came across my clit he sucked it in and I came with a gushing of fluid like I have never cum before. He put his mouth over my pussy and sucked and swallowed and drank down my liquid offering as if it were a fine wine.

He crawled up on to the bed and his dick was erect again. This has not happened to him in a long time that he was able to get two erections in one night so he slipped his cock into my wet pussy from behind and slowly started pumping in and out.

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I was still very sensitive from the huge orgasm that I just had but I could feel the tension building in my pussy again and after a few minutes he rolled over onto his back I climbed on top of him and stuffed his cock back into my pussy.

I started bouncing up and down and rocking back and forth until I found just the right spot and I rode him hard. He started cumming again and as he shot his last squirt I also came again. My pussy gripped his cock and I felt like I was on fire all throughout my entire body and then I just collapsed into the bed and we both fell fast asleep.

I knew this was going to be a great way to make up for lost time in the sexual department. The next day as we finished breakfast Helen came over and knocked on our door.

She said they were going to leave later that day and wanted to know if we wanted to play another game before they left. I told her that sounded like fun and they could come over to our place about 11 am.

Helen said her husband was gone to the store and she thought it would be fun if she and I shaved my husband's cock and balls.

I had decided that I was going to do that and since she had already seen him jack off I thought it would be fun.

We had him strip down and lie on his back on the table in the dining room she had a shaver with her and she said she would stand at his head and pull his legs back so he was wide open and exposed for the shaving. Helen also suggested that we tie his hands together under the table so that he was secured down and could not get up without our help.

Helen tied his hand together under the table and then we wrapped the rope around his chest a couple of times and he was securely tied to the table. Helen handed me the shaver and let me start the process of shaving his entire pubic region. I started at the top and worked my way down to his prick and ball sack. He was about half erect and Helen was telling me what to do and she would reach in and hold his cock to one side and then the other as I was shaving.

I was very focused on what I was doing so I had not noticed that Helen had climbed up on to the table and was sitting on my husband's face with her bare cunt. She only had on the sun dress she wore the other night and my husband was very busy eating and licking her wet snatch . She kept directing me as what to do and she was holding his big fat balls in her hands as I shaved each of them smooth. I then shaved down his ass and his whole backside she had his legs pulled back so it was very easy to get everything nice and smooth and baby soft.

When I had finished shaving him was when I noticed where she was sitting and I was a little shocked but was also a lot excited that he had not said anything and was busy eating his first strange pussy in over 35 years. I asked Helen what she thought of his pussy eating skills and she said it was one of the best jobs she had ever received and then she sat up straight on his mouth and used his legs as a balance and fucked his face with here very wet pussy.

She came with a huge orgasm and I thought he was going to drown in all the cum that was running all over his face and chin. Helen told him to eat it all up and to lick up any that he missed on his first try.

She climbed off him and sat down for a minute to regain her strength and then she looked over at him and his cock was a hard as a steel rod and was twitching and leaking precum. I said it looks like he has really enjoyed eating your very wet pussy and he must like having his dick and balls shaven also.

Helen walked back over to him and wiped up the remaining cum from his face and fed it to him off her fingers and said that most men love to be fed like this; they also learn to love the taste of a freshly fucked pussy.

I said what do you mean and she said that men like her husband and mine like to eat a woman's pussy right after it has been fucked and is still full of hot sticky cum. I said I do not think my husband would ever do that and she said well he just did and as you can see from the rock hard cock and smile on his face he loved it. Helen then told me that she had been fucked just before she came over here and she had put a plug into her pussy to keep in all the fresh hot cream until we started shaving his dick.

While I was busy working on his package she had removed the plug and sat on his face and he did not even hesitate to start licking and eating and sucking on his new favorite meal a fresh made cream pie. Without us even touching my husband's cock he started shooting all over himself as Helen was telling me what she had done. This was as big a load as I think I have ever seen him shoot and he was coated with his own cum from his stomach all the way up to his forehead.

See she said there is your proof that he loves it. I had heard that some people did that but I never really thought that any man would want to eat a messy pussy but I was wrong. I told Helen this was the hottest fucking thing I have ever seen and could not wait to have him eat my fucked pussy. I was thinking that I would have him fuck me hard and fast then sit on his face but Helen had other plans.

Rick must have been waiting outside the door because he knocked just then and Helen let him in and she told him to strip and he did and his cock was hard as a rock also and he looked like he was ready for some serious fucking. Helen said well here is your chance to get a pussy full of fresh hot cum to feed to your husband. I said I wasn't sure if I should have Rick fuck me because that was going a little further than I had expected to go.

Helen said let's ask your husband and if he wants to see you get fucked and filled with fresh cream for your first pie then I think we should let Rick fuck you silly. I was dying to have that huge cock stuffed inside my pussy but I would leave it up to my husband. Helen started talking and she asked my husband if he wanted to have another cream pie for his lunch and he said yes. She said do you want Rick to fuck your wife and fill up her pussy with the fresh cream for that pie and he said yes.

She said are you sure because Ricks cock was so much bigger than yours and she might only want you to eat her pussy from now on after it has been fucked by some big cocks he said yes.

She said do you want the best seat in the house while she gets her pussy fucked and filled he said yes. She untied him and had him get on the floor and then had me on all fours over the top of him with his head between my legs and then Rick got on his knees right behind me and was going to fuck me doggy style.

Helen stopped Rick and put a small pillow under my husband's head so his face was only inches away from my pussy and Ricks cock. She then told Rick to go ahead and fuck me good and as he slid his cock into my pussy for the first time I had a huge orgasm from all the pressure and excitement. Rick just held his huge fucking dick buried to the hilt in my pussy as I came all over his cock.

His balls were hanging right in my husband's face. Rick then started pumping away and every stroke was almost like the first time I ever had sex I was in pure ecstasy. Helen got down right in front of me and pushed her pussy right into my face.

I had never had any thought of eating a pussy but I just started to lick and kiss her cunt as Rick was pounding away at my pussy. With every stroke as he slammed his cock into me it would push my face into Helens cunt and I was overloaded with sexual desire and I came again and then something strange started to happen.

The orgasm didn't subside like it usually does I kept cumming and cumming until it was one continuous orgasm and then Rick grabbed my hips and said he was going to cum and slammed his huge cock home and held it there as he shot squirt after squirt deep into my hot wet cunt.

Rick pulled out of my pussy with a loud plopping noise and the Helen pushed me up so I was sitting directly on my husband's mouth and he started sucking and licking and moaning as he was also consumed with the sexual excitement.

He was doing an incredible job of eating my pussy and I just continued to orgasm. Helen got down and sucked his hard again cock into her mouth and was giving him a great blowjob.

Here we were in our RV being fucked and controlled by people we had only met yesterday and we were having the greatest sexual adventure of our lives. My husband continued to eat and lick and clean my pussy of all the fresh hot cum that Rick had fucked into my cunt. I had just experienced my first taste of pussy and I liked it and knew I would be doing more of that.

Helen stopped sucking my husband's cock and was working it with one hand as she told me they were going to leave now and said I should finish off my husband.

Helen said I should keep him shaved and keep him eating my fucked pussy.

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He was now a cuckold and I should take the dominate role in all our sexual activities. I should be the one who decides when we fuck who we fuck and most importantly if he get to cum or not was now my sole decision. If you do this you will both have the best time ever and everything you missed out on before you could now make up and both have a great time doing it. I was rocking back and forth on my husband's mouth as she was telling me all this.

I kept stroking his cock when Helen told Rick to get dressed and go back to their RV. He got up dressed and left and then she tells me to get off his mouth and sit on his cock again and as I did this she comes around and sits on his face again while I bounce up and down on his cock and Helen and I are kissing and fondling each other's tits.

She tells me this has been one of the hottest fucks she has ever had and hoped we could do it again some time. She pinches both my nipples between her fingers and thumb and pulls them out a little roughly and I cum again.

Helen cums all over my husband's mouth and face again. Seconds later I feel him shooting off inside my pussy with many powerful squirts. Helen stands up presents her pussy to me and I inhale the strong smell of sex and then I kiss it.

She drops her dress to cover up and says good bye and walks out the door. This is going to be a great way to retire. Until next time let me know what you think.