Experienced Dads Switch Their Stepdaughters

Experienced Dads Switch Their Stepdaughters
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The Prophecy Ch. 1 This is a story I wrote on an alternative profile and have edited it so I can continue the story now. This story contains fantasy/magic within it and is the start of more interesting magical twists to come. If you're not interested in the realm of seduction, fantasy, action, and adventure then you found the wrong story. "Life is boring," that single consistent thought went through Luke's mind. Although what else would be going through the mind of a eighteen year old high school guy while he sat in English class.

The teacher was going over the proper word usage that Shakespeare portrayed in his works and the only thing Luke could think of was how many times the teacher was going to say the same thing.

Now technically considered an adult, Luke had an overall grasp on how school ran and got enough high grades to stay a head of the course. Now a senior, he knew all the twist and turns and hidden rules of school, both outside and inside class.

Which, leads to the point where he was about to die of pure boredom. At this point he was merely counting down the seconds until the bell rang. He ran the seconds through his head as the random thoughts bounced about in his skull. Two minutes. "I wonder if my last two classes will be this boring." One minute forty seconds.

"How much can a guy keep talking about a dead man's writing?" One minute ten seconds. "I wonder what the girls are whispering about over there. Probably their latest crushes." Twenty five seconds. "Why is this taking so long?" Ten seconds "I'd say freedom but I still have two more classes." The bell finally rang with a high pitched buzz that had Luke shuffling from his desk within minutes.

As soon as he left the class he was swallowed up in the sea of high school students that blended in a chaotic melting pot of faces and a buzzing noise that made Luke want to find some headphones. As he walked to his next class he could see the groups mashing together: athletes, preps, Goths, dorks, anarchists, bookworms, partiers and etc. What was sad was that he didn't fit in any of these crowds. In fact compared to the crowd he didn't stand out much at all in fact.

He was 6ft with some of an athletic build to his frame that made him look more scrawny than skinny. His green eyes were covered by his messy dirty blond hair that almost came to his shoulders. Even his clothes didn't stand out: grey jean jacket over a band t-shirt, black jeans, and tennis shoes. He didn't fit in with any crowd since he had a mix of hobbies as well as talents but didn't get so caught up with one thing.

Instead of making many friends because of it, it seemed to distance him from others. He didn't mind it at all though. Every time he did try and fit in with a crowd something just didn't sit right with him. Some were too immature, others too unfocused, and most were just plain annoying. The groups seemed to be too far into their fashions, studies, parties, sports, or fads for Luke's taste. It actually got on his nerves more often than not, especially since he got nagged at by his sister that he needed to get out more and become part of a group.

Maybe she was right but he'd rather take a shot to the foot than hang out with half the people in this school. It wasn't like he didn't have friends. He had some friends that he liked to hang out with, depending on his mood, but he counted them as more of acquaintances. And, he wasn't so much an outcast that he never had a steady girlfriend, he definitely wasn't a virgin.

But, he didn't have a place where he belonged. The swarms of people passing by only reminded him of things he didn't miss, yet everyone told him he should.

As he continued to watch the crowds with an annoyed expression he noticed that they began to thin. His brow rose slightly before he looked at the clock and registered what was happening. His eyes shot wide open when he saw that he was almost late for his next class. -0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0- Luke was on his way home from a non-eventful school day.

The last two classes, Biology and History, seemed to drag on as much as his English class. At the very least he was hoping for a little reprieve from the day when he arrived in History class to see his favorite teacher. But, as luck would have it the teacher was sick and replaced with a sub that didn't seem to know his ass from his face.

On the way back from school Luke saw students streaming out in buses and cars, screaming and yelling a storm for the weekend to come. They all had plans for parties, sport events, and causing all sorts of madness around their small town.

Luke on the other hand didn't have any plans. Like usual, the only thing he knew he would do was wing the days of the weekend away and see what happens. He shrugged his bag on his shoulder while continuing to walk down the street towards his house.

His eyes barely glanced over the many stores that covered his route home; in fact he barely looked up from his feet at all. The world was dull, once he had seen what excited him there was little else to see.

At this point in life he was just walking through the paces. He managed to get to the park that was a few blocks from his house. As he crossed the grass and dirt covered paths his mind started to blank out like it usually did. Most people called it a nothing box, he called it the random box. "I wonder what's on TV when I get home. Probably another rerun episode of CSI. How many of those can people make? I don't think I can sit in the house all day watching reruns or I'd go insane.

But, what else is there to do toni…" Luke's thoughts came to screeching halt when his body got knocked back and his head throbbed. His eyes blinked rapidly to pull himself out of his daze as he slowly sat up feeling his forehead throb in pain.

As he sat up, however, he was met with a sight that more or less mirrored his own. But, the other person he stared at was a girl, and to say she was attractive would be an understatement. Her long bright red hair seemed to almost drape over her shoulders like a soft curtain. Yet her solid blue eyes could easily be seen on her sweet heart shaped face. As she was sprawled on the ground he couldn't help notice her slender build forming nice legs, a firm ass, and quite wonderful breasts (Luke guessed they were at least in the large C's).

The girl sat there and seemed just as stunned as he was by their little encounter. Her long black skirt was sprawled around the ground and her black sweater shirt seemed to be snug in just the right kind of way. Luke lost track of time but realized he was staring more so than he probably should have. As he stood up he quickly offered her a hand and tried to make a speedy apology, "Holy shit I'm so sorry. I wasn't paying any attention were I was going." The girl slowly took his hand standing up but her eyes remained locked onto his face.

At first he wasn't sure how to react. "Is there a big red mark on my forehead? Does she think I'm cute? Why is she staring so long?" After a few moments Luke started to feel uncomfortable and tried to break the silence, "Um…are you ok?

That was a bit of a nasty fall ya know." His words didn't seem to sink in as the girl just continued to stare. Luke was really starting to get a really weird vibe out by this whole situation. "It's you." Her voice, and the fact that she finally spoke, took Luke completely off balance. Her voice sounded as sweet as honey and it was just a whisper as softly as a breeze. "It's really you. I can't believe I found you…come with me." Luke was still trying to pull himself from the shock of the blow to his head and the sound of her voice when she suddenly took his arm almost dragging him in earnest.

He didn't fight her or even argue as she continued to drag him through the park. At this point he was still trying to absorb all that just happened in the matter of just a few minutes.

He had just head butted a beautiful girl and she seemed to be more shocked about it than him. Now she was holding his hand leading him through the park. In truth he was wondering if he was knocked cold and the fact that such a hot girl was dragging him through the woods was a dream. After a few moments he relaxed, if it was a dream or not he might as well enjoy the ride. He slowly found himself walking beside her, instead of being dragged.

He followed her steps and when she began to pull in one direction he quickly moved in step. As they walked he couldn't help but take side glances at her sweet face and her magnificent breasts. Every now and then he caught her doing the same thing with him, except it was at his entire from. When he caught sight of her gaze on his face she looked in both shock and awe before turning away with a slight blush on her face.

He couldn't help but think how cute it was. He lost track of time and his surroundings as he continued to glance at her body from the corner of his eye. It had been several minutes of them walking and him scanning her body while she lead him deeper and deeper into the park until they were completely surrounded by trees. It was actually the first time that Luke caught sight of his surroundings, since he had been staring at the girl a majority of the time, and he couldn't help but stare around in wonder.

He'd never been to this part of the park and didn't even realize there was this many trees here. It took him a moment to realize that she had let go of his hand and now stood in front of him staring right into his face with the same awe and shock that she had worn the entire time.

He didn't know how to react, her eyes almost seemed pleading. He was about to open his mouth to say something when she ran up to him and nearly tackling him into a tree. But, he ignored the sudden spike of pain in his back when he felt her soft lips press against his own. It was the sweetest taste he could have imagined, like pure honey being drenched over his lips. He kissed her back wrapping his arms around her waist as he felt her breasts pressing against him.

Her body completely molding into his own as a bulge started to develop in his pants. She continued to kiss him, flooding his lips with passion, while her arms wrapped around his neck pulling him into her lips.

He felt like the wind was being taking out of his lungs entirely. She finally broke away from the kiss staring up into his face with complete admiration. Luke's head was in a full spin wondering if this was a dream how long would it go on till he woke up. "Please take me," Her voice pleaded in a voice that sounded like the softest breeze.

When he heard those words slip into his ears he had to force his jaw from not dropping in complete shock. He wondered if the dream would suddenly end with that plea but as he felt her hand suddenly rub his giant bulge. She looked up at him pleading as she continued to grip and rub his bulge, "Please make me yours. Let me be your first." He wanted to correct her by letting her know he wasn't a virgin but by the way she was gripping and rubbing him the words had a hard time finding their way out of his mouth.

Dream or no dream Luke wasn't going to waste another second wondering how he got so lucky all of a sudden. With his arm still around her waist he spun them both around and pressed her against the tree. Within that sudden movement his lips found hers once more as he began to drink in the sweet taste of her lips. He felt her moan into his mouth as she continued to grope and rub his bulge, he was almost in pain from how much he had grown (it was a bad day for him to pick one of the smallest pairs of pants he owned.) The kiss grew more heated and passionate within the next few minutes.

The way she gripped and rubbed him was unbearable yet her lips were a pure drug he couldn't get enough from. A sudden relief washed over his growing bulge as the pressure was somehow removed. He broke the kiss softly as a sigh of relief escaped his lips and was quickly replaced by a groan as he felt her soft slender hands wrapping around his eight inch cock and stroking it.

Her fingers slightly gripping and gliding along his hardened member sent rushes of pleasure through his body. He pressed her more firmly against the tree as his lips meet her neck, kissing and sucking it firmly. He could feel the sudden gasp of breath brushing against his ears as she moaned in pure bliss. The more he kissed on her neck the faster she stroked his cock. Luke was in paradise but he wanted more, and he could tell she did to. While he continued to taste and kiss her skin, his hand slipped from her waist making its way over her sweater and squeezed her breast firmly.

As his hand found her breast she let out a gasping moan, right into his ear, of pure pleasure. Her knees buckled as she tried to stay standing while he tormented her breast and neck with pure lustful pleasure. His hand gripped her soft breast through her sweater and he noticed something, she wasn't wearing a bra.


This only drove Luke even crazier as he gently bit into her neck and gripped her breast more firmly, as if to milk it.

Her head rose to the sky as moans tried to leave her throat but no sound came out. She suddenly gave his cock a hard gripping tug that made him break from her body from the sudden jolt. That brief break away was enough to let her suddenly drop to her knees and engulf his cock in her warm slick mouth. Luke had to grip the tree to keep his knees from buckling as her mouth sent constant jolts of bliss coursing through his body. She continued to work his shaft, bobbing her head in sucking motions while he felt her tongue rolling about his member.

Her hands gripped his ass pulling his hips into her mouth as he felt his cock reach the back of her throat. Constant groans and moans escaped his lips between panting gasps of breath. She had been working his shaft for five minutes straight, without ever removing her mouth, before she pulled away gasping for breath with a bright smile on her face. Luke moved gently to rest his back against the tree, as he felt his knees would give away at any second.

When he moved away the girl stood up taking a few steps away from him. He was about to tell her how amazing she was when she started to take off her sweatshirt.

His words were caught in his throat as he could only gaze at her perfectly smooth back. When she turned around he saw the perfect breasts as she opened her arms smiling brightly to him. "Come and take me," her voice matched her very smile, bright at the glow of the sun. The strength was back in his legs as he walked forward and kissed her deeply and passionately.

The moment his lips met hers her back arched and her legs gave way. He continued to kiss her while slowly easing her body to the ground. When she lay flat his body pressed up against hers, his cock pressing against her leg, while his tongue slipping into her mouth. Their tongues danced in ecstasy in each other's mouths with pure passion. Luke's hand then wandered down her body from her cheek to her neck till finally cupping her breast. As soon as his hand touched her breast she broke from the kiss in a gasp of joy.

On that sudden reaction he continued to work her bare breast gently squeezing it and massaging it, while each finger glided attentively over her nipple. Luke grew bolder by the minute, and it was due in no small part to her begging for him to continue, his lips began to travel down her neck till they kiss about her breast and finally took her nipple into his mouth.

As soon as she felt both her breast being worked she arched her back gasping for air. One of her hands found his head, gripping his hair firmly, as she begged, "More. Give me more please!" He continued to suck on her breast while his tongue twirled about her nipple in small swirls. All the while his hand continued to work her other breast, gripping it and massaging it, as if he meant to milk her bare breast.

He continued his attack on her breast while she screamed and moan in pleasure. Finally, she gripped his hair more firmly, pulling his head away from her breast, as she smiled with pure yearning on her features.

"Please finish it." Luke blinked up at her surprised, "Um…what?" Were the only words to pass from his lips as her beautiful body lay under him. He wanted to take the words back as soon as they left his mouth. The worry that he had ruined his chance with her quickly clouded his thoughts, especially when he was so full of energy and lust to continue.

His fears were completely dashed when she smiled and repeated her words, "Please finish it." If he hadn't caught the meaning the second time her actions solved the problem quickly, when she lifted her skirt to show her glistening pussy waiting for him. It was a beautiful sight that made Luke completely speechless. Her pussy was there, completely shaven, for him and she was begging for him to take her.

If this was a dream he didn't want to wake up. Without waiting for another reply she pulled his head to meet her lips in a deep passionate kiss. She groaned into his lips and he needed no more hints. He began to press the tip of his cock against her pussy which caused her to break the kiss with a mighty gasp of air.

As he entered her he felt how tight her body clamped down on him and couldn't suppress his own groan of pleasure. He smiled down at her and she beamed one up at him. He whispered to her, "You're so beautiful." That small sentence brought a brighter smile from her face as he eased more of himself into her. He couldn't push anymore of his member inside her and was barely half way in. Yet, she gripped his head firmly and rocked her hips against him.

Luke was in complete heaven and didn't want to waste another moment. He began to thrust inside her pushing his eight inch cock even deeper with each thrust, spreading her tight pussy wider as he dove in deeper. "Holy shit you're incredible," Luke grunted between breathes as he continued to dive even deeper. "No…" She gasped and groaned between thrusts, "You're the amazing one. Please complete it." She gripped his entire body to where he felt her breasts pressing against his chest.


The whole time their bodies rocked and thrust against each other in a pure rhythm of lust. Finally Luke had sheathed his entire shaft all the way inside her and was amazed on how she took it all and even more so that she continued to rock against him thrusting even more.

They had continued their erotic rhythm of lust and ecstasy for what was another ten minutes before she screamed out to the sky, "Oh yes! It's almost complete, I'm about to cum!" Luke needed no more inspiration than her cries. His hips started pounding into her madly, throwing his whole body into each thrust.

She suddenly gripped his body and screamed as a powerful orgasm took over and she gripped his body as tightly as possible. Her orgasm lasted for what seemed like hours but was only a few minutes. When she came Luke felt a strange pulse of energy run through him, almost flooding into him, he was worried that he was about to cum, but the energy left as quickly as it came. He slowly pulled out of her looking around as he wondered what just happened. His attention was quickly pulled back to the girl sprawled on the ground in front of him.

She smiled with a bright glow, "It's complete and it was wonderful thank you." She rolled over getting on all fours to get up, and that's when he caught sight of her bare ass for the first time. It was perfectly round and smooth, just like the rest of her skin. He couldn't help but reach out and touch it, cupping it in the palm of his hand.

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She gasp as his hand caressed her ass and when she looked over her shoulder at him, her eyes locked on his throbbing cock. She smiled as her tone was seductive and lust filled, "Perhaps it wasn't complete, you still have plenty of energy left." She wiggled her ass egging him to continue.

He returned her smile with his own as both hands gripped and squeezed her luscious ass, forcing a moan from her lips. He caught a glimpse of her pussy from the back, and strange enough, it looked more wondrous from this view.

Her glistening pussy hidden under the smoothness of her ass was all to inviting, and Luke accepted the invitation. With one simple motion he buried his cock all the way into her pussy causing her to scream in pure pleasure.

He groaned at how tightly she clamped down on him, even after freshly coming she was still just as tight. It was slow at first but soon they were both back in their erotic rhythm, the moans and screams of pleasure mixed with skin slapping against one another. As they moved into this continuous rhythm his hand reach and gripped her breast, cupping and milking it as he hammered her furiously. He continued to grope her breast, squeezing and pinching her nipples, while he felt his own body tighten.

He knew he was close to his climax but not by how much, he always had good endurance. Her body trembled as her fingers gripped the grass and she screamed as another orgasm came upon her. Luke felt her juices poor down her leg and over his shaft. With one sudden pull of his hand her back was suddenly press against his chest while one arm held her waist and the other continued to fondle her breast.

Her arm instinctively wrapped around to grip his neck while their bodies rocked against each other. She was on the verge of collapsing as she was hit with another sudden orgasm that spilled down her bare leg; she even began to have a small trail of drool run down her chin from the amount of pleasure that was being sent through her. That last orgasm nearly pushed Luke over the edge as he thrust up into her.

"Damn it I'm about to cum!" he grunted the words through gritted teeth as she gripped his hair. She gripped his head more firmly and her other arm reach around gripping his ass through his jeans, "Don't pull out. Please, please release it all inside me." How could he resist a request like that? Her voice sent him into a wild state where he slammed his whole body into her.

He could feel her pussy gripping him, not letting him pull out, as his own member pulsed and trembled against her walls. He gripped her body more firmly, squeezing her breast hard, as his cock erupted deep inside her.

As he filled her up she couldn't stop another orgasm from washing over her. Their bodies grew stiff for a moment before falling limp as the both collapsed beside each other on the ground. She cuddled up to Luke and he was more than happy to receive her back as his arm wrapped around her. But, strangely Luke felt more tired than he had in a long time (and he had pulled all-nighters, even after parties). His eyes wanted to slam shut and it was a struggle to keep them open.

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She looked up at his tired face and merely smiled. She was saying something but Luke couldn't make out a word as his eyes fell closed and sleep took him. -0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0- When Luke woke up his whole body jolted up right to look around. He was in the exact spot from when he head butted that girl. Then she led him off to the woods and…was it all a dream?

He didn't have a clue, he felt really good, but that could be to the fact that he took a long nap. His palm came gently up to rub his forehead, which still brought a wince at a small touch. The only thing he knew for sure was he hit something, or was hit by something. He finally pulled himself off the ground brushing himself off as he noticed how dark it was outside.

One look at the sky and he could see that it was getting close to sun down. "How long have I been out?" He posed that question out loud and didn't expect an answer so he made his way to hurry home.

-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0- Luke finally arrived home after a long walk, the whole time he tried to piece together everything that had happened with him and the beautiful girl.

Yet, he still couldn't figure out if it was all real or just a dream he had while he was knocked out like a light. He knew it would drive him insane if he couldn't figure it out. It was like an itch in the back of his head that he couldn't scratch.

As he walked through the front door to their small house he was greeted, lazily from the crouch, by his sister. "Hey Luke, what took you so long getting home? Some guys messing with you or something?" Luke rolled his eyes, "No, just lost track of time when I was walking through the park." A half-truth that worked, or seemed to, when she gave a groan in acknowledgment while she continued to watch T.V.

His sister paled in comparison to the goddess which kept his thoughts racing.

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All Luke could see was his sisters short dark brown hair, which almost made her look like a boy. Her small angular face, and pouty lips, was the only things that kept her from being thought of as a boy.

She was barely 5'7, normally she came up to Luke's shoulder on her good days, and her petite body (with high A and low B cup breasts) gave her the look of a skinny boy. Luke's eyes barely lingered a second over her before he brushed past the couch to his room.

"Do I always have to be in trouble for me to come home late?!" He slammed the door before she could even reply. It was true that Luke got into the occasional fight with other guys from school, but who hasn't? She continued to treat him like a little boy even though she was his twin and born maybe a few minutes before he was, and now both their birthdays had passed within the last week or so.

Luke leaned against the door with a deep sigh as he tried to clear his head. With one look at his room he felt the urge to immediately leave. Like the rest of his life, his room was boring and average.

His clothes were hung up and in drawers, at least the ones that didn't liter the floor. His bed was crammed against the corner and his desk rammed next to his window. He had only one solid bookshelf in the room and some that hung on the walls, all of them filled with books he had already went through and was never going to read again.

Beyond that there was nothing special about it, he didn't even bother hanging up posters. He had to get out of his room, out of the house.

Without wasting any more thought on the subject he tossed his back pack on his bed before going to the closet to rummage through some clothes. He knew he wanted to get out and do something, if anything, but he didn't know what he wanted to do. Every skin and fiber of his being screamed at him to get out of the house and he was so flustered he didn't even care what he wore. He wanted out so bad he grabbed some random pair of pants and shirt. He was out of his old clothes and in his new ones within a blink of an eye (which might be record pace for him).

Luke rushed out the door without a single word to his sister; at most he gave a casual wave of good bye with his hand as he closed the door. When he made it outside he felt himself more relaxed, as if he was being choked and was suddenly able to breath.

The house at that moment he walked in was a jail and he was an inmate that was just set free. But, if he was an inmate who exactly was the warden? He didn't think too hard on it because he hadn't figured out where he was going to go yet. He still didn't have a clue what he wanted to do but he did start walking and tried to fallow his feet. -0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0- Luke had lost track of time or how far he had been walking into town. All he knew was he was when he at his house the sun was barely above some of the buildings and now he was downtown, some were, with the sky being completely dark.

The only light he had to go off of was the occasional street lamp. His feet began to shuffle against the side walk as he had still yet to find anything of interest.

It had been an hour after he left before he noticed that he had grabbed his best blue jeans and a decent V-neck shirt with tribal designs along the upper chest, along with his grey jean jacket. He found himself drawn to an empty street with only a few shops. It was more than strange, there wasn't anything special about the street itself when the only thing this street had was a few old, or run down, shops and flickering street lights that showed off a few alley ways. Yet here he was walking down it because of a random urge, the same random urge that made him feel suffocated in his own home and had him grab some of his best clothes.

A deep sigh left his lips before he put his hands into his pant pockets. The street seemed to remind him of the rest of his life, boring and dead. Luke just thought he was fooling himself at this point, hoping for some excitement in his dull life. There was no God, at least that Luke knew of, so there was no random force that pulled him here.

The only thing that pulled him here was his stupid curiosity and imagination. He had finally decided to brush off both moments, moment he had with a goddess as a dream and the one he had at home, as just pure dreams (though he wished he had more dreams with the goddess in them).

He had to face reality, that his life was as dead as this street. "Hey there." Luke's attention was pulled away from his thoughts as his head snapped around to the voice. His eyes became locked on a convertible blue sports car, but it wasn't the car that caught his attention, the woman in it had his full attention. The woman was so stunning that Luke had to make sure he hadn't run into anything to make him start dreaming again. He blinked a few times but the woman was still there.

She was an older woman, maybe in her late thirties, but she was more than in her prime. She had a full athletically toned figure with the right curves, hell the first thing he noticed was how well her business outfit held and hugged her nicely fit curves. Her blue skirt, which only came above her knees, showed off her nicely toned legs. Her blue jacket was barely covering her white dress shirt that hugged her voluptuous breasts (around the high D's, maybe even DD's).

But, Luke's eyes were completely locked on her face and its full angular figures that seemed to display her luscious lips like a portrait, her bright hazel eyes were the lights shining in the display, and her long blonde hair framed the art perfectly.

He was completely in awe. The fact that he was staring to long was more than obvious but it only brought a smile to the woman's lips as she gave a soft chuckle, "Enjoying the show are we?" Luke finally pulled himself from his staring and found his voice, "Oh, sorry. Um…Can I help you Mrs.?" She seemed to give another soft chuckle, "Well first it's Miss.

Nina Bradley. And, I believe you're the one that's in need of help. Get in." She nodded her head towards the passenger side of her car. If this was a dream Luke would have jumped in but he knew better, even though there was such a beauty in front of him.

He shook his head, "No thanks I think I'm goo…" His thoughts were cut in mid transition as he felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up and an itch on his spine as if someone just breathed down his neck. He slowly turned around to peer into a dark alley that was behind him. As he looked down the alley way he couldn't help but feel like every part of him wanted to move away from the alley way. This bothered him more than the feeling down his spine, since Luke was never the superstitious type.

He had no time to continue the line of thought when he was hit with the sudden urge to duck. He responded to the thought just as a blur moved for his head. As he dove down he saw the creature grip were his head was before landing on top of the convertible. Luke hit the ground hard bringing a grunt from his lips. His eyes slowly stared up at the demented looking creature that stared right back at him. It was something out of a horror show, with its body completely hunched over and about the size of a chimpanzee.

Its skin was completely pale and it looked so thin that the bones pressed against its flesh, and because it was hunched over the spin was more than visible. But, the creepiest part about this thing that caught Luke's attention was its face: teeth like jagged nails, eyes as red as blood, and ears pointed back like daggers. Luke found himself gapping at the thing as the words escaped his lips, "What the fuck?!" before his question, or statement could get a reply, the creature was suddenly slammed by a burst of fire that came out of no were.

Luke wasn't sure what knocked him cold to put him in such a screwed up fantasy. "I always hated those things. You better hurry up and get in." Miss. Bradley's voice pulled him from his shock.

Before he knew it Luke was back on his feet and his emotions came flooding in like a river. "What the hell! What the fucks going on!" Miss Bradley just stared at him with a sigh, out of sympathy or annoyance he couldn't tell. "I'll explain, but we need to move before more trouble arrives." "More trouble?!" The words just poured out with his shock, anger, and anxiety, "That thing was like a god damn mutated gremlin and you're telling me ther…" He was cut off again but this time he didn't have time to react as something slammed against his back.

He fell to the ground with full force and the wind was knocked completely out of his lungs. He groaned for a few seconds before trying to sit up.

Suddenly pain shot into his leg forcing him to scream. Out of reflex of pain and instinct he kicked randomly with his free leg and felt his foot connect with something. He rolled over clutching his leg as he felt more pain shoot through it. As he rolled over he saw another creature like the previous one. "Holy shit!" This time he was able to react better to the thing lunging at him.

His free leg slammed full force into it making it fly back into a nearby trash can. Luke pushed himself up and back away from the thing when he felt something take his arm. Panic shot through him again till he looked up to see Miss. Bradley helping him up. He gladly accepted the help and didn't care if it was to her car.

But the sound of the trash can moving caught his eye again and he was about to freak. However Miss Bradley reacted better and with a simple wave over her hand another burst of flame appeared from thin air and slammed into the creature as it screamed.

Luke's eyes widened as he stared at the thing.

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The sudden tug on his arm brought his attention from the blazing fire as he moved towards the car. He practically fell into the passenger's side and hissed through his teeth as more pain shot through his leg. He barely noticed her move to her seat before driving off. He looked over at her and found her smiling at him from the corner of her eye, "Well I never did liked goblins anyways." -0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0- Luke was still trying to processes everything that had just happened while he sat down in what was the most expensive looking apartment he had ever seen.

One look out the window showed him he was five floors off the ground. Yet the view outside compared little to the view in the apartment itself.

The furniture was of high quality, you'd swear it belonged in a manor, with the tables and desks being of dark wood and the couches being of white leather. There was a HD TV Flat screen that would have taken up an entire wall at his house and here it was a modest piece in the intricate setting.

The apartment had plenty of space but from sitting in the living room Luke got a good look at the whole furnishing. The only thing out of place in this whole apartment was Luke himself. A sudden sharp pain brought Luke back from staring as he winced. "Well if you don't hold still I won't be able to pretty you back up again will I?" Miss.

Bradley's voice was coy as she knelt beside Luke. Luke sat there embarrassed as his pants hung at his ankles. Normally he wouldn't mind showing off when a beautiful woman was involved but when the woman is cleaning a slash mark from a goblins claw…it just breeds an awkward conversation, especially since you still trying to get to the part where you believe in goblins.

Miss. Bradley now continued to clean the blood from his leg with a wash cloth occasionally looking into his eyes, Luke could easily get lost in those eyes of hers. "Well it looks like you're gonna need some new pants then but otherwise your leg should heal on its own." She stood up moving to her luscious bathroom, giving Luke a great view of her ass.

Luke couldn't decide if he was in heaven or hell right now. It was a lot to take in for the short amount of time. He barely had time to think when she came back out of the bathroom with a strange smirk on her face. "I don't mind admiring the view there but shouldn't you have your pants back on?" Within a flash Luke was standing straight and pulling his torn up, formerly good, jeans back on.

Miss Bradley just stared at him wearing her strange smile. He was torn between embarrassment and frustration. He went with frustration, all that happened in less than a few hours and all this woman would do is just tease him.

He had enough; he needed to ask her what happened. But, instead of calm and collective it came out bursting with a scream, "What the hell is going on?!" Miss Bradley actually looked like she had been slapped from the sudden scream.

It took her a moment or two to compose herself. The brief moment pulled her from a shocked girl to a commanding woman. She wore her coy smile once more as she gently tucked some hair behind her ear. "Well love, what do you think is going on?" Luke was easily getting more pissed off; his fists clinched so tightly his knuckles popped. All he wanted was a straight answer and this woman was toying with him?

"How the hell should I know?! I keep on wondering if someone is knocking me out constantly today just so I can have the strangest dreams of my life! You're standing there asking me what I think?! I think I'm in a living fucking nightmare!" Luke didn't much care for softening his word for the moment.

He needed to yell he needed to scream his way out of this nightmare that had taken over his life. He wanted Miss Bradley to sudden shatter like glass and wake up in bed. Instead what she did made Luke feel like he wanted to shatter instead. She laughed. She laughed such a throaty laugh that she started to turn red.

Luke could only stare dumb founded as he looked at her. Her laughter continued to roll out of her so fierce that she held her stomach for a few moments.

She smiled after clearing her throat and taking a few deep breaths.

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"I thought the same thing when I found out I was a sorceress, or a sorcerer in your case." Again, Luke felt like he wanted to shatter into pieces. He didn't hold back his shock, or his scream for that matter, "Are you telling me I'm a fucking Harry Potter?!" Luke's comment brought more laughter from Miss Bradley. She started to grip her gut and almost fell over from how much she was laughing. Luke could swear he even started to see her eyes water from how much she was laughing.

At this point he was hoping to see a bunch of people come out with cameras laughing and shouting "Punked!"' But all he saw was a very attractive woman laughing at him; he even hoped she was pulling an elaborate prank on him.

She finally stopped laughing taking a few deep breaths before coming up to him. He still had his fists clinched and ready for some sort of fight, any kind of fight. But, when she placed her hand on his cheek and smiled into his eyes he felt all thoughts of anger and fighting slip from him. He felt calmer for some strange reason and…it was nice. After another few moments she took his hand and sat down, pulling him to sit down as well.

She was still smiling at him as she spoke, "Well I've never heard it put that way before. But, no you're not a Harry Potter. You're a Sorcerer and between you and me, we out rank Mr.

Potter any day." Luke actually found himself smiling at her joke and found himself hung on her every word. He didn't know why but he had to listen, it felt like that exact urging that had been pulling him through everything up to this point ever since he left his house. Miss Bradley continued with a soft smile, "You can use the forces of magic and have certain things bend to your will. Everything that happened this afternoon was real.

That "mutated gremlin," as you so elegantly put it, was really a goblin and that's not the only mythical creature that exists. I know it's a lot to take in but you'll get use to the fact. I know you don't want to believe me bu…" Luke found himself cutting her off for some reason as the words flowed naturally from his mouth, "No, I believe you." His eyes blinked for a brief moment to process the words that left his own mouth. Did he believe her? It felt right to say yet he didn't know why.

But, the fact that magic existed seemed like something he could believe, and calling the creature a goblin made some strange sense. He didn't know what was allowing him to think clearly but he was able to connect the dots. Some things did make sense but there were some blanks in his mind. "What things are blank?" Miss Bradley's voice suddenly pulled Luke from his train of thought and he didn't realize that he had voiced that last thought.

He must have had a dumb founded look on his face because Miss Bradley just smiled at him and squeezed his hand. He finally voiced the question that had bothered him, above all else. "I…think I had something else strange happen to me earlier today but I don't know if I was dreaming or not." "Tell me." "Well…I was walking through the park when I ran into this girl, literally ran into her.

Me and her spent some time together but I fell asleep and woke up were me and her…ran into each other. I just don't know if it was all a dream or…" Luke froze when he looked up to see Miss Bradley's face light up with a beaming smile. He didn't know if he said anything stupid or if he seemed childish by his story.

He was just shocked when she took both of his hands between hers squeezing them firmly, as if she was trying to hug the life from his fingers. "You didn't dream anything love! You completed a contract! Your first contract was completed before I could even teach you a thing!" Miss Bradley seemed to turn from woman to an excited school girl. She just kept holding Luke's hands and smiling brightly. "Um…I did what?" Miss Bradley seemed to struggle to pull herself from her girly high.

"Sorcerers and Sorceresses gain our magic by completing contracts with beings that find us worthy. That "girl" was one such being." "But…" Luke was more confused than ever, "She looked like an ordinary girl. And I didn't sign anything." Miss Bradley gave a soft smile, "Love, I'm sure you and this "girl" did more than spend some time together didn't you?" Luke felt like he swallowed a stone and even felt his own cheeks burn red.

Miss Bradley just smiled even more, "What you did was completing a contract, or signing a contract as you put it." Luke's jaw dropped, "Are you telling me that me and her having sex was me signing a contract?!" Luke clamped his mouth shut just as quickly as the word came out and turned even redder. Miss Bradley seemed to giggle at that one and squeezed his hands gently, "Yes." "Um…what does the contract mean?

Do I serve her in exchange for something?" Miss Bradley shook her head, "No love, she serves you. At least her power does. Let me explain more." Luke sat more straight and drank in her words with pure need to know more. It was as if he was lost at sea for ages and her words were the sweet waters he needed to live. "You see when a being of magic finds a sorcerer/sorceress worthy they make a contract with them.

When this happens there power transfers to the one they deem worthy. In this action they serve those they find worthy." "So…in exchange for sex I get magic?" Miss Bradley laughed again at that, "You have a charming way with words there love.

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That's an over simplification, but to sum it up yes. Sometimes it doesn't have to be sex, it just has to be a way to acknowledge you as being worthy of the beings power." Luke nodded listening to every word she said. "What did the girl look like?" That one caught Luke off guard, one moment he was nodding and drinking in what she had to say and then he felt like he got smacked by a baseball bat.

He looked at her blankly for a moment before giving his response, "Um…I'm sorry what?" She simply smiled and asked the same question, "The girl you made the contract with, what did she look like." Luke paused for a moment closing his eyes.

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He told her everything about what he remembered of the goddess. From her red hair and blue eyes to the curves of her body, he went into as much detail that he could remember. The more he described her the more the memories flooded back and he couldn't help but smile. But, the smile had faded from Miss Bradley's face as she suddenly stood up and began pacing.

Luke felt himself grow nervous as he sat there watching her pace about the room. She seemed to pace around the room mumbling at first and then talking under her breath. Luke could only make out a few words here and there but he started to hear the last few trains of thought more clearly. "It could be her. If it was her she must have seen something special in him. The descriptions are too exact from what he described to be a something other than lck.

She hasn't made a contract with anyone in years. So he must be the one…" She let that last thought trail off as she suddenly eyed Luke who was listening intently to her words. She smiled and looked at him. "Manira, I'm positive that's who it was." "Then why were you pacing like a woman from an asylum mumbling about it?" "Because Manira has rarely made a contract with anyone. She must have seen something special in you." Miss Bradley smiled as she took a seat beside Luke, except this time she rested her hand on his thigh.

Luke's eyes immediately shot to her hand before looking up into her eyes. "You are something very special." Luke looked between her hands to her face trying to make the connection. He was something special? The idea of him being special was more shocking than actually finding out that he was a sorcerer in a magical world that he had no idea about till that day.

He just couldn't grasp anything special about himself, his whole life wasn't amazing and he hadn't done anything fantastic. Luke finally locked eyes with Miss.

Bradley and just let the words slip, "I think she may have made a bad call on that one." Luke wasn't sure if she heard his words or not because she just kept smiling at him as she rested her hand on his thigh. Her eyes that were once coy, teasing and yet commanding turned to the eyes of an admirer. He found it strangely comforting as he felt how soft and cool her hands felt wrapped around his own. He continued to stare into her smiling face and began to get lost in the vast ocean that was her eyes.

He was pulled away from her eyes as he felt the softness leave his thigh and caress his cheek. He took in a small gasp at the cool feel of her hand on his cheek before looking back into her eyes. She smiled more so and spoke and an almost hushed voice, "I was looking for you because you are special. I just didn't realize how so till now." Without another word she pulled his face into her own planting a deep kiss on his lips.

Luke was hit with a full shock of her lips, they had a bit of a bitter flavor but a hidden sweetness behind it that just made him crave for more. After a moment he kissed her back matching the depth of her kiss. They spent the next few moments entangled in an embrace of each other's lips. She broke away from the kiss leaving Luke lingering as he still felt the taste of her lips on his own.

With one swift motion she was on her feet and pulling his hand, while she held her admiring smile. "Fallow me." Luke needed no further urging as he stood up. Once his leg carried his weight to the ground he held back the wince of pain from it and just fallowed Miss.

Bradley. She gripped his hand walking slowly, as to not put more pressure on his leg, and lead him to the bedroom.

Luke wasn't surprised to see that the bedroom was just as fancy as the rest of the apartment, but what did surprise him was the four post bed with see through curtains. He wasn't granted much time to enjoy the view of the bed before Miss.

Bradley pushed him into it. He landed with a solid bounce on his back, as he felt the mattress cradle him like a cloud. The mattress felt relaxing and he knew he would fall asleep on it easily, but he had something distracting him.

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Through the curtains he could see Miss. Bradley sliding out of her business suit slowly. Luke swallowed hard as he leaned up on his elbows for a better view. He didn't know if she saw him watching her or not, either way she took her time. The first thing Luke saw was her blouse slowly being unbuttoned to allow her breasts to breath. Once it was unbuttoned she let it fall off of her shoulders and glide to the ground like a feather.


Her next motion was bending over while unzipping the side of her skirt and that slowly inched down her thighs. Luke was being teased by how slowly the clothing was coming off. He felt like she was walking as slowly as she could out of murky water to show her voluptuous form. After what felt like the longest few minutes of Luke's life he was able to see Miss. Bradley only in her underwear, and what a sight. He thought she was gorgeous with the clothes on but when they came off he was stunned.

Her smooth skin over the athletic muscles of her flat stomach trailed up to her magnificent breasts, all of which were barely hidden by her silk white bra and panties. She must have liked Luke's reaction because she had a pure coy smile on her face. She slowly moved the curtains a side and slipped onto the bed herself. "Now it's your turn there love." Without waiting for a reply she gripped Luke's pants and nearly yanked him, with the pants, off the bed.

With one solid motion his pants and boxers were off his hips and on the floor. When she saw the massive hard on that Luke held she went wide eyed, "Now that's a wonderful sight." She continued to have her coy smile as she crawled up Luke's body, lifting his shirt slowly, while planting small biting kisses along his skin.

Luke closed his eyes as he felt her lips and teeth grip his skin from his stomach up to his chest. Every small nibble along his flesh was just the purest bliss he could imagine. Within those brief bites of bliss he felt her lips fall back on to his lips for a deep kiss that took his breath away. Her lips mashed against his in one of the fiercest kisses he had ever had.

She remained locked on to his lips for what felt like eternity, but may have only been a few minutes. She finally broke the kiss, tugging on his bottom lip as she pulled away. When Luke felt her let go of his lip she wore the most lust filled smile he had ever seen in his life. Luke finally came down from his shock and let his hand glide up her stomach, feeling every inch of her skin, all the way between her breasts. He would have gladly moved further up, but she gripped his hand over her breast.

This time it was Luke's turn to wear a coy smile as he began to squeeze and massage her breast. A small moan escaped her lips and Luke felt her hips slowly grind against his bare member. He let out a small deep sigh as he felt her silk panties, warm from the heat of her core, grind against his throbbing member.

This only caused him to grip her breast even more, and in turn caused her to grind on him even further. Luke could completely stop there and enjoy the sensation of her soft breast under his hand and warmth grinding against him, but he wanted more.

With his free hand, he cupped her firm ass, squeezing it firmly as she continued to grind more against him. At this point their rhythms rocked the bed and moans of deep pleasure escaped both of their lips at the blissful foreplay. But it seemed that Miss.

Bradley had enough with the foreplay. She hopped off of Luke's throbbing member only to bend over it with a lustful smile. She stared at his cock with complete hunger, with barely a side glance at Luke. But that side glance was enough for him to see her line of thought. He barely felt her breath caress the head of his cock before she had engulfed most of the length in her mouth.

This brought out a deep gasp of pleasure from him as he felt the warmth and softness of her mouth glided along the very length of his cock. Every time she bobbed her head a moan escaped her lips and he felt her tease the head of his cock. She continued her attack on his dick, trying to take more and more each time, but was unable to take all eight inches of his cock. She swung her leg around, so her ass was in his face, to get better leverage and forced six of the eight inches in, causing her to gag slightly on his dick.

Luke would have been lost in her motions if a strong smell hadn't reached his nose. Luke looked more carefully and saw that Miss. Bradley's silk panties were soaked.

He reached forward pulling the panties to the side to see her entire pussy glistening with her own juices. It was a lovely sight, she had just the smallest patch of hair above her pussy. He couldn't contain his excitement and just dove right in, licking and sucking on her pussy. This caused her to break away from his cock and gasp with pleasure, "Oh my god!" Luke didn't let the sudden cold air on his cock stop him from tasting her warm juices. He continued to drink up her nectar which tasted just like her lips, bitter but strongly sweet, only it was more intoxicating.

He continued to lick up her pussy's lips, poking his tongue into her hole. He started to feel her grind against his tongue as she attempted to go back to work on his cock. She started just licking from his balls all the way up his shaft to his head, just trying to tease it.

But, Luke was so engrossed with tasting her pussy he held back the moans of pleasure she brought and made she sure she screamed them instead. His lips finally locked on to her clit, gripping it firmly, as he sucked and licked it. She was unable to continue teasing his cock as he toyed with her clit. She just gripped his thighs moaning and groaning in pure pleasure.

Luke's assault lasted a good five minutes before Miss. Bradley couldn't take it. She forced herself off his mouth, which brought a slight wine from Luke, and stood to the side of the bed. Though, Luke's wining stopped instantly when he saw her unclasp her bra and go to slip off her panties. He stared lustfully after her naked body, seeing her perfect D sized breasts and the small patch of hair above her pussy.

He continued to stare even as she crawled back onto the bed, and on to him, staring just as lustfully into his eyes. She leaned in and whispered into his ear, "I'd like to make a contract to." Luke was completely taken off guard with that and even more so when she impaled herself onto his dick, taking all eight inches inside her. Both Luke and Miss. Bradley gasped in completely pleasure. But, for Miss. Bradley, she wanted more. She began to instantly slam herself onto his cock trying to drive it even deeper inside of her.

"Oh my god, it's so big. It's filling me up!" She exclaimed as she continued to pound and dropped herself on to his cock. He could feel her pussy grip him so tightly it was as if she was sucking him into her pussy. Luke's hands reached up and gripped her ass firmly, pulling her down even harder on to his cock.

Their skins slapped against one another, filling the bedroom with the sounds of their moans. Miss. Bradley buried her face into Luke's neck, screaming and groaning into his skin. Luke would thrust up as much as he could, trying to ignore the pain in his leg from the Goblin's claw. They continued their motions of ecstasy for a good ten minutes, while Miss.

Bradley gripped onto Luke more firmly. Suddenly she pulled away from his neck, pushing her hands onto Luke's chest which forced him flat, and began to wildly drop herself onto his dick. Her fingernails dug into his chest causing a groan of pleasure to escape his lips. He was lost in the bliss of her body gripping his own. He felt his dick pulse and throb as the growing climax began to swell inside of him.

Luke announced with a roar in his throat, "Oh shit I'm gonna cum!" This only caused Miss. Bradley to smile more wickedly as she bounced more furiously on his cock, "Cum, cum inside!" With that final plea and the intensity of her bouncing on his cock Luke couldn't hold it in any longer.

His dick exploded with a deep intensity inside of her and in turn he felt her clamp down on him and her own juices gushed out of her. After they both came down from their high, they laid on the bed panting and heaving with sweat coating their bodies. It was right then that Luke was afraid that he was going to fall asleep again and wake up to find out it was a dream. He forced his eyes to stay open as he stared down at Miss. Bradley who was collapsed on his chest, breathing heavily herself.

"So what happens now?" Luke had to make sure he wasn't dreaming. He didn't want to go back to a boring life and think that this moment was a dream as well. Miss. Bradley barely tilted her head to look up at him, as she moved a piece of hair behind her ear.

"Well first thing tomorrow, after we are all rested up, I'm going to take you to make another contract. I'm not familiar with Manira's contract so I can't teach you how to use her powers. So I need to start you off with something I know." She smiled devilishly at him as she held out her hand. Within a blink fire burst from her hand and he felt the heat of it off his chest. Just as quickly as the flame came it disappeared.

She smiled widely and snuggled up to his chest. For some reason he felt reassured by it and just let her hold him as he slipped off to sleep himself. -0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0- When Luke woke up panic suddenly shot through him and he bolted up right. He looked around and found himself in the four post bed in the expensive apartment that was beyond anything he could imagine.

A sigh left his lips as he knew that everything wasn't a dream, it was real. The only thing that peaked his interest at the moment however was who or what he would need to deal with to form this new contract that would allow him to use fire magic like Miss. Bradley. His thoughts were pulled away when the sudden smell of bacon entered his nostrils, and just as he smelled it his stomach gave a growl that would rival a bear.

He stood up with a grunt from his lips, he had completely forgotten about the claw mark on his leg. He shook his head out of pure annoyance; something like this is just a nuisance. He just shrugged it off and retrieved his ruined pants. As he got dressed to devour whatever delicious meal was waiting for him he couldn't help but think of what will wait for him today.

He had no idea where the kitchen was but it wasn't hard to fallow the sweet smell of bacon that seemed to tease his ever growling stomach. As he walked into the kitchen he was greeted with a sight that was delicious to both his eyes and his stomach. Standing in the middle of the kitchen was Miss. Bradley wearing a green dress that left little to the imagination, and the rest to wonder. The dress had no back, it also showed just enough cleavage to make the eyes want to stay locked on to her breasts, and had a long slit along her leg.

There she stood in all her beauty holding the morning breakfast of pancakes beacon and eggs. She noticed him staring with a giant gaze and chuckled with her coy smile, "I'm not sure that gaze is for me or the food their love." She winked teasingly at him as she set the plate down for him to devour. -0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0- They were on the drive toward the mountains and he felt himself being anxious at what to expect.

Sitting in Miss. Bradley's car only left him to his thoughts on what to expect. She hadn't reviled a thing since last night. Every time he tried to find out where they were going, who they were meeting, or what to expect all she would do is just smile coyly and say, "You'll see." He was quickly getting tired of that answer.

For someone who told him that she would teach him how to be a sorcerer she was being very quiet. The whole car ride he was trying to see where they were going, any kind of hint, but when they are driving out of town towards a nearby rock face it leaves little to speculate and a lot to wonder about. As they grew closer he just eyed the massive structure with a raised eyebrow looking back between it and Miss.

Bradley, and all she seemed to do was were that coy smile of hers that showed that she was in charge and knew what to expect. He just watched as they grew closer, resting his chin in his knuckle. It was another few minutes before he was suddenly jarred away from his thoughts by Miss. Bradley taking a sudden turn. He looked between the road and her and she wore a brighter smile, like a little girl about to receive her present (he just worried what kind of present she was looking forward to).

She fallowed the barely visible dirt road around the rock face till they were facing a cave entrance, this peaked Luke's interests by a large amount. Miss. Bradley parked and slipped out of the car with a wide grin. When Luke didn't fallow she just stared at him with her hand on her hips, wearing her coy all knowing smile, "Well are you coming along?" Luke gave a sigh and slipped out of the car, staring at the cave entrance, something about it made the hair on the back of Luke's neck stand on end.

It was almost like when the goblin attacked him but this time instead of having the instinct to run or duck he was drawn towards it. Miss. Bradley noticed the look on his face and smiled more widely. She rested her hand on his shoulder smiling widely, "Don't fight your instincts, they are your greatest weapon. Listen to them and they can't steer you wrong." Luke nodded, before taking a deep breath, and just fallowed his feet towards the cave entrance, with Miss.

Bradley falling shortly behind him. The walked through the cave and it was instantly dark after the first turn, dark enough that Luke couldn't see his hand. Yet, strangely enough he knew exactly where to go, when to crouch for a low ceiling, and when to take a higher step. He knew everything without seeing a thing, it was both unnerving yet amazing. He could also feel Miss.

Bradley right behind him more than hear her. He couldn't help but wear an ear to ear grin. It took them about twenty minutes or so to walk through the dark maze that was the cave until they came to a room that sent a shiver down Luke's spine. Miss. Bradley stood right next to Luke and boomed her voice through the echoing dark cavern, "How long are you going to keep hiding in the dark there Renna?" As soon as the name was said the cave room was lit up like a candle, fire sparking torches along the cave wall all at once.

Luke would have been amazed by the effect if the person sitting on the far side of the room didn't hold his attention first. The first thought that came to Luke's mind when he saw this person was Amazon, because that's how she dressed.

It was a woman that was cladded in dark leather armor that covered her chest, wrists, and shins enough to protect but not constrict. The rest of her shown clearly from her dark ebony skin to her sharp angular features, even her braided shoulder length hair was visible from across the room.

But the one thing that held Luke's attention was her solid red eyes that felt like they were trying to pierce right through him.

Her voice was deep, in almost a growling tone as she spoke our loud, "Bradley, I haven't seen you since our contract and now you show up with a boy who couldn't even feed a hungry wolf. Why?" Luke wasn't sure to be offended or be worried that she was thinking of him as a meal for an animal. Miss. Bradley didn't seem to be offended at all. She just stood there with a calm collected face she stared right at Renna, "It has been a while, but I think you know why I brought him along.

You can sense it yourself." At this point Renna moved from her seat across the room and strode over to them. Within a few strong strides she was face to face with Luke, almost. Now that she was closer Luke could see the details of her features. She was much shorter than he was, maybe about 5'4, but one glance at her arms and legs showed that she was no push over, she had more than an athletic tone to her build. Here hair had tints of blonde entangle in her black braided hair.

Her dark ebony skin held her angular face like a perfect statue. But, again those mattered little when his eyes locked on with her eyes, her eyes were solid red minus the pupil itself of solid black. This time with the way she stared at him he felt like he was a piece of meat that she was waiting to cook and devour.

Renna scoffed, "You expect me to believe that this boy is worthy of making a contract with me? He couldn't take down a cub." Miss. Bradley wore her all knowing smile, "Surely Renna you must be able to tel…" "I think I can speak for myself thanks," Luke cut off Miss. Bradley catching both women off guard. The whole time Luke watched this woman and it wasn't hard to get a read on her line of thinking, hell he'd done enough people watching at school to be able to get a good read on people.

Renna was a hardcore fighter and was hard to persuade, though he had no doubt that Miss. Bradley had a silver tongue, he had to prove he could handle this himself.

"This "boy," as you put it is, getting sick of hearing about being called a piece of meat." Renna was now at full attention as Luke continued to speak.

"You want proof that I'm worthy? Then shut the hell up about it and let's get down to the nit and grit of the matter. You want proof? Then this "man" will show you what he's got. Just name your terms." When he finished he just stood there with arms folded over his chest staring down at this woman. Renna stared back before wearing a deep smile, "Now that's more I like it. Perhaps we can see if this cub actually has more bite than bark." Miss. Bradley just stared at him, he couldn't tell if she was amazed, worried, or maybe both.

Renna strode over to the middle of the room before turning around to face them both, "The terms are simple, fight me and I'll see if you're worthy." Miss. Bradley looked as if she was going to argue but Luke didn't pay attention.

She had given him advice before they entered the cave, "Listen to them and they can't steer you wrong." Well, all his instincts felt right with moving forward with this, then again it might just be his own ignorance (who could say at this point). Luke casually walked forward, "So what are the means of the fight? Till first blood? K.O.?" Renna's smile widened further, "Let's make it…first blood, and I don't mean a single drop, I mean a solid slash." Luke nodded and understood what she meant and decided to add more, "Sounds simple enough, but with the way you describe it, that means we will need weapons." Renna only smiled, Luke guessed that this was her all knowing smile, as she waved her hand toward another section of the cave.

Just like it did when Renna first appeared, the section of the cave lite up brightly revealing what was almost an army supply of martial arts and medieval weapons. Renna went to move toward them but Luke had to think fast, it was more than obvious she knew how to use the weapons, but he didn't.

"Wait," Luke's voice rang and Renna stopped in her track looking at him almost disappointed, like a sad puppy. He knew he had to think fast or he would lose his chance to gain the contract.

He stepped forward moving past Renna, making sure his back was to her. He didn't want her to see how nervous he was and he hoped his voice sounded commanding enough to hide that, "You set the terms, which means I choose the weapons themselves." He didn't see her reaction but for some reason he got the feeling she was smiling widely. Luke had to force himself not to swallow hard as he looked at the selection of weapons, most of these weapons looked like they belonged in an anime or in a fantasy collectors room.

The style and form of them made them look elfish or something else. There we rows of swords, spears, axes, and every kind of weapon he could imagine and then some.

He had not doubt that she knew how to use every single one of these, and he needed to pick one that he could to some degree or another. From the corner of his eyes he spotted what looked like daggers with a slightly curved blade. It was the closest thing to something he knew to use from his high school brawls, when an asshole would occasionally pull a knife on him.

He grabbed both blade and tossed one to Renna, she caught it with ease as if she was already expecting it. Luke took a deep breath and walked towards the center of the room. He took a single glance over at Miss. Bradley and she smiled back with a nod of approval. For some reason he felt more relaxed and confident. He wasn't going to argue his new found calm as he squared off against Renna who looked like a hungry wolf ready to strike.

He smirked, "Let's dance." He wanted to charge forward but, when he compared her to a wolf he wasn't far off, she crouched instantly as if she was on all fours and charged forward. If Luke hadn't jumped back she would have sliced right through his chest. He held his dagger and tried to stab her with it but she merely knocked it back and charged forward again.

She was relentless and all Luke could do was dodge and block. When he got the chance he attempted to slash at her but it was as if he was trying to cut air.

He was tired of going on the defensive but was struggling to find a way to get an inch ways inside and get at her. That's when he saw it, it was a brief opening but it was there. He had to take it or he wasn't going to last long. He swung long and picked up speed as he slashed at her. A ring sounded in the cave and Luke felt like his hand was about to break. He was so distracted by the sudden pain that he didn't see her fallow through with her next move.

Pain stung his cheek as he jumped back. His good hand reached up and felt a small cut on his face. Renna stood there victorious and completely disappointed, "That was first blood cub, and your bark is all you can do.

Now get out of my sight!" Luke felt his own anger rise as he squared off against her, meeting her gaze. Then a thought, like a little prickle at the back of his mind struck a chord. He smirked and whipped some blood from his cheek, "I thought you said a solid slash counts, this only feels like a drop to me." Renna was caught off guard and he even heard Miss. Bradley inhale a small surprise as she watched the two of them. It was Luke's turn to get caught off guard when Renna gave a throaty laugh that rang through the cave like a haunting echo.

She then looked straight at Luke with a bright toothy grin, and for the first time Luke could see her sharp canines to the point where they looked like they belonged on a serpent. He had to fight down the shutter that threatened to crawl up his spine. His eyes scanned about as he saw where his blade was, it was across the room behind Renna, and he knew it would be a challenge to get a hold of it. His hand still stung but he squared off with her anyway, hoping that his features didn't show how tired he really was.

He was no athlete and most fights he had a decent advantage to take care of it fast, now all odds where against hims and he struggled to not let it show. When Renna was done laughing she stared right at him, "Now that's more I like it. Shall we dance?" She teased him with his own words as she crouched down once more.

An urge suddenly came over him, just like it had for the past couple of days, an urge that almost seemed insane. But, he remembered Miss. Bradley telling him not to ignore his instincts, and during the middle of this fight he needed every edge he could get.

Luke shrugged and decided to do the insane, "I thought you'd never ask." And, without hesitating any more he charged right for her. Renna reacted in turn by charge at him and went to slash at his legs. By the time her blade went for the slash Luke was already in the air over her when he came falling down hard on the ground. The momentum made him roll on the ground for a while and he wanted nothing more to go with it but that urge still held him tightly to reach out his hand.

As he did he felt his fingers close around the blade and grip it firmly till he stopped rolling. He would have been satisfied with that small victory if every urge in his body didn't scream for him to move. He rolled just in time to avoid Renna's next strike and blocked her second.

She backed off and they stood squared once more as they circle around one another. Renna was ten times Luke's equal but he had to get at least one decent mark on her. But every part of him burned. His leg throbbed from when the goblin clawed him, his skin was scrapped from the hard roll, and his hands look like he stuck them into jagged rock wall cracks continuously. But, something felt different, Luke couldn't put his finger on it but for some reason he knew what to expect from the fight and what he could do to defend himself.

He was now holding the dagger upside down, which felt more comfortable, and was more than ready to use it.

This time when he charged he didn't think about it he just reacted. He slashed at Renna, missing, and moved to easily dodge her own strike. It was a strange rhythm that seemed oddly familiar. Whatever it was Luke wasn't going to argue or focus on it.

He needed to land a solid slash on Renna, and even with his new found instincts, it almost seemed impossible. They went at it for what seemed like hours, but it may have just been Luke's imagination.

The whole time neither of them got a decent slash in on the other, it may have been close but nothing made a solid connection. He even heard Miss. Bradley gasp and inhale more than once when things got even closer. Luke's instincts were giving him the edge to stay in the fight but he knew he couldn't keep lasting long on that alone. Then an idea popped in his mind that was risky but seemed like it could work.

He had no choice but to try it or tire out doing nothing. Renna charge forward and Luke fallowed the instinct to dodge but not to back away. He stepped only to the side catching her by her wrist. He felt her other hand punch into his gut, which felt like he got hit by a hammer. The air was knocked out his lungs and he felt like he was going to pass out. But, right when things felt like they were fading he saw that she was completely open. This time it was his pure will, and not instinct, that drove him.

His arm reacted with what little energy was left and his blade came down across her thigh as he fell forward. He couldn't see if he made contact or not but he felt his head, along with the rest of him, make contact with the ground. He was so jarred that he couldn't make sense of barely anything.

He barely managed to look up only to see Renna smiling down at him, showing her sharp canines, before the lights went out. -0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0- When Luke woke up he felt his whole body complain like he was on fire. He groaned as he slowly sat up. But before he could even get half way up he felt a warm hand press against his chest forcing him to lie back down. Then a familiar voice rang in his ears, "Drink this." Renna's voice almost made Luke jump out of his skin until she pressed a hot cup to his lips.

Since his whole body wanted to fight him at that moment he didn't dare fight Renna, he accepted the cup drinking the liquid as it burned down his throat. It almost made him cough to drink it but he forced it down, particularly since Renna was forcing it to his lips.

After he was done drinking he started feeling his body relax more and felt more energy go back into. The fowl taste mixed in with the after math easily told him he drank some sort of medicine. His eyes were finally able to make out things much more clearly. He was still in the cave but it was a completely different room, if he had to call it anything it looked like a cozy bedroom (if you could ignore the cave walls and floor).

He was lying on a soft bed, softer than anything he had laid in, if he were to guess he was laying in some sort of feather bed, with an iron framing that seemed like it was made by an old style blacksmith. He noticed the room was lit by a single source, it looked like a fire place with a large dancing flame, but what had his attention was who was standing in front of the flames. Renna stood knelt over the flames, prodding the wood with a fire poker, wearing nothing.

When Luke first saw her the armor covered up her feminine splendors and now it was hard not to notice. Her athletic tone shown more clearly within the reflection of the fire and it was a magnificent sight to behold. He could see her wonderful curves that complimented her toned figure and since her back was to him at an angle, he had a nice view of her rather petite ass, he thought it was cute. He felt in complete awe of a woman that was on the verge of carving him like a turkey the last time he had set eyes on her, he couldn't think of any other way his life could get stranger.

He smiled to himself because he probably jinxed it. He knew he couldn't lie in bed forever, he forced himself to sit up. As the blanket came off him he came to realize he was naked. He looked down at himself surprised and looked over to Renna who had turned her attention back to him. She smiled warmly at him as she stood up, "Well it looks like your better already." Luke barely heard her words as he caught full sight of her splendor. Her breasts were in full view and she had medium B cup sized breasts that suited her so perfectly.

His eyes stared at them for the longest time till they traveled down south and saw the dark path of hair that covered her pussy. He was in complete admiration of her body when something caught his eye; right on her left inner thigh was a good sized cut.

At first he wondered were that had come from until he was struck with the realization. He won the fight. Renna was fully aware of Luke eyeing her up and smiled widely when his eye caught sight of the slash mark on her leg. "I was just as surprised as you when you got me. I thought I had you for sure when you did something so reckless." She walked over to him, with her hips swaying with a natural warrior's grace.

"We had made the conditions clear, and you prove yourself worthy." She now rested on the bed, sitting on her knees, as she took Luke's hand, "I will make a contract with you." She smiled widely before planting a firm kiss on his lips. Luke was caught off guard, he was completely hung on her every word as he watched her walk slowly towards him.

When she kissed him he returned the firmness of it, while gripping her hand firmly. He was about to pull her to him when she pulled him to her. He was caught off guard when she pulled him and held his head into her breast. She laughed with glee, gripping his hair firmly as she tried to suffocate him with her breast.

He smiled into her flesh before sucking roughly on her breast, taking her nipple into his mouth and pinching it firmly with his teeth. This caused Renna to gasp with surprise, while throwing her head back, and grip Luke's head more firmly into her. He gave no second guesses to her urging as his arms wrapped about her form, pulling her close, as he sucked more roughly on her breast.

He gripped her nipple and breast with his lips, as she rocked them both back and forth panting and breathing heavily from the pure pleasure of his lips. Her fingers dug into his head and gripped his hair as if they were reins. She gripped him more roughly against her breasts to the point where he felt like he might actually pass out.

He growled through the assault and bit her hard on the breast, taking both her breast and nipple into his mouth, as his tongue flicked wildly about her nipple. Her scream of pleasure echoed off the cavern walls as she rocked her body against his. He continued attacking her breast for as long as he could till she gripped his hair firmly, pulling him off of her breast.

With all her force she pushed him back down on the bed, kicking of the blanket, before straddling his hips. Both her hands gripped his face as she kissed him with a wild passion he had never felt. His hands began to dig into her back gripping her firmly as he kissed her back just as furiously.

Their lips attacked one another and tongues slipped in and out of each other's mouths with pure animal passion. Their bodies grinded furiously against one another, Luke could feel her pussy grinding against his member and the juices start to drip over his flesh. He grew bolder and rolled her over so he was on top. Without even thinking about it he bit hard into her neck, causing another scream of pleasure to escape her lips.

Her fingers dug into his back, leaving claw mark from her nails. He groaned and growled into her neck biting even harder as his tongue danced along her flesh. He began to grind just as furiously as she had against him, rubbing his member deep into her pussy's lips, forcing more moans and groans of pleasure from her lips.

This time she rolled them over, trying to pin him to the bed, but Luke remained attached to her neck sucking more furiously than ever. She continued to scream and moan in pleasure before taking his earlobe into her mouth, biting and sucking on it.

More growls and groans escaped Luke as he bit harder, he was almost to the point of breaking skin but Renna didn't seem to care. She just grinded against his cock more furiously, moaning directly into his ear and driving him to go crazy.

He finally broke from her neck moaning with pure joy of feeling her body against his own. She pulled away from his ear and smiled down at him with deep hunger in her eyes. He couldn't wait any longer, he rolled over pinning her down as he rammed his whole cock deep inside of her, forcing it all in, which caused her to arch her back. She arched her whole body and head attempting to scream but the sound was caught in her throat.

Luke didn't even bother to wait for the moment to register as he began to impale her harder, ramming his dick deep inside of her. She finally found her voice and began to scream in pleasure as she ran her nails down his chest. She began to hammer her body into his every thrust causing both of their moans and screams of pleasure to ring throughout the cave. Renna grabbed onto Luke's neck pulling him into a deep passionate kiss to silence them both. They kissed furiously, moaning deeply into each other's mouths.

He moved his legs to part hers more and hammered her pussy even harder, diving more deeply, causing her to scream into his mouth. He had to pull away from her mouth to breath and her screams echoed into the cave once more.

Luke gripped her hips pulling her into his thrusts and forcing his member even deeper inside her. Renna was now gasping more than screaming in pleasure as her nails ran along the length of Luke's forearms.

He felt wave after wave of orgasms pass through her, soaking his cock as he continued to force himself even deeper inside of her. Suddenly she flipped them both over pinning his shoulders down as she continued to ram her body down on his member.

Their hips grinded and slammed as their voices rang clearly through the cave. He laid there moaning and gasping in pleasure as she pounded and grinded on his dick. His own hips moved on their own, thrusting upwards to force himself into her very depths. Their bodies grew hot as sweat dripped over their skin, their flesh glistening within the fire light.

Luke could feel his climax growing as she rocked his body repeatedly. He broke away from her hands, sitting up to hug her frame and pounding more furiously into her. Growls and groans escaped his lips as well as hers, filling the entire cave with their wild sounds of ecstasy. She gripped his head with one hand, entangling her fingers into his hair, while the other ran down his back, clawing him even more.

A growl escaped his lips as he exclaimed, "Fuck, I'm cumming!" At that moment Renna bit down on his neck, sinking her fang deep into his flesh, and piercing his skin. He screamed in both pain and pleasure as he erupted into her and she flooded his cock with an intense orgasm. Just then Luke was filled with a large amount of energy, just like he had when he first had sex with Manira, and just like before it disappeared as quickly as it came. They both laid on the feather bed, soaked in sweat and each other's juices, as they panted and gasped for breath.

Renna laid slightly curled next to him, just staring at him. For that moment Luke couldn't have guessed she was a warrior, she looked like a giddy lust filled woman staring at her lover. The only thing that kept pulling him back to the fact she was a warrior were those red eyes of hers. She finally stopped admiring and propped herself up on her elbows and wore her all knowing smile.

Luke realized he was going to have to get use to a lot of people wearing those until he had a better understanding of being a sorcerer. She ran her hand over his body with a smile, "I guess Bradley was right you are special." It had never occurred to Luke to ask, especially during their sexual bliss, about what happened to Miss.

Bradley. Renna just smiled, "Don't worry she's fine. After you passed out she left you in my care and will be back to pick you up in the morning." That brought another question to mind, "How long was I out?" Renna smirked and looked as if she was trying not to laugh, "You were out for about five hours." When he heard that number his body reacted before he could, his stomach growled like a hungry bear.

This time Renna couldn't hold in her laugh. She smiled shaking her head and prepared them a meal. -0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0- Just as Renna said, Miss. Bradley was waiting for him the next day. This time she was wearing a sundress of green and blue that left most to the imagination but hinted towards what the dress itself hid underneath.

She sat in her car with a wide smile as Luke walked up. After a full meal and a full night of rest Luke was ready to leave. As they drove off Miss. Bradley wore her coy all knowing smile brightly, "So looks like you made another contract." Luke would have been embarrassed if it weren't for the fact that he had already had sex with Miss.

Bradley herself. So he just replied with a shrug, "It was an interesting night." Miss. Bradley smiled and chuckled. Luke couldn't help himself, "What?" "You do realize that her biting you was her way of completing a contract?" Miss.

Bradley looks like she was trying so hard not to laugh at Luke completely. Luke was stunned, "Then why the hell did she sleep with me?" The look on Luke's face was enough to make Miss. Bradley break her composure as she tried to say the words, "Well she is a woman after all, and does get lonely." She winked playfully at Luke and this time he was embarrassed.

-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0- Miss. Bradley dropped Luke off at home and told him that she would be waiting to pick him up after school. He nodded at her and went to walk the rest of the way home. He wasn't looking forward to going through those doors and explaining were he had been the past couple of days to his family, or why he was covered in scraps and cuts. He was about to ask Miss.

Bradley to take him somewhere else but she had already drove off. With a deep sigh he walked through the door to be greeted by his sister, who took one look at him and panicked. She rushed over to him looking at all his bruises, scraps, and the cuts on his face and leg as well as his shambled clothes. She looked like she was trying to say something but the words never made it past her line of thought as she just gawked at her brother.

Finally common sense won over and she took him to the bathroom and tried to clean up. Luke was torn between appreciation and annoyance, "I'm fine really." "You're not fine!" His sister exclaimed, "You got jumped again didn't you!? You look terrible, and look at your clothes. Did you get mugged to?" She started fussing over his face when he caught her hand and smiled, "Sam, I'm fine really.

Ya, I got roughed up a bit but nothing I can't handle. I promise." His smile was warm and that seemed to surprise Sam more than anything else. She sighed and threw up her arms, "Well alright, just be grateful that mom was pulling doubles all weekend so she didn't have a clue, but I would suggest cleaning up just in case." Luke smiled after his sister as she walked away from him; she turned around and looked at him shaking her head.

But something surprised him, a voice. He heard Sam's voice as if it was in his head. "If he gets into any more trouble he's going to worry mom and me to death." Sam was all the way down the hallway when the voice finished and Luke blinked after her. Her lips didn't move at all yet he heard her voice in his head. He had just heard her thoughts in his head. Luke turned towards the bathroom mirror to wash his face as a wide smile crossed his features.

Life was sure getting interesting and he didn't know what else to expect. But, one thing was certain; he wasn't going to be bored. Based on the feedback, I'll write more and even take suggestions. Depending on certain suggestions I might even alter the story in that direction. Here is a chance to add and adjust a story. Even if you don't see any changes that need to be made I wouldn't mind some positive feedback.

Hope to hear from you all.