Lets see how fast we can make you cum JOI

Lets see how fast we can make you cum JOI
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"This has been my dream since I went on that historically black college tour!" The girl on the side of me practically beamed. I sighed and lugged my suitcases down the hall to my new apartment.

I hoped she wasn't my new roommate. Her constantly cheeriness could work a nerve that I didn't really have right now, still she was nice enough but the high school daze was over for me and I don't really want to room with a girl who was going to join every club and organization that she could.

Damn, already here for five minutes and already I had pegged one person as the type. I sighed again and looked at her.

She was pretty in that 'I'm almost perfect.' type. Perfect hair, perfect teeth, all of that was almost acceptable in small dosages but annoying in large quantities. I smiled thinly at her to let her know that conversation on her part was not appreciated. Either she saw it and ignored me or she didn't hear me at all and kept chattering away.

I thought it was perhaps the sound of her voice was drowning out all other sounds. Since she didn't get the message, I turned my head and began looking for my apartment number, 723. Shit, I forget to ask Danny? Candy? (What the hell was her name?) What her room number was. I refuse to let her be my roommate or neighbor. "Say, what room are you in?" She looked puzzled for a second, as if the thought of other people talking to her was a strange concept.

"Oh girl, its 701, I'm glad you caught that or I would have missed my room." Couldn't have that now could we? I thought, but what I said was, "Hey, girl no problem. I'm more then willing to help out when I can." She turned into her room and shut the door in one fell swoop and I was left to lug my case down what seemed to be isle after isle of carpeted floor until I came face to face with my room; face to face with the last college I'll ever go to (I had transferred from University of Houston).

I really just assumed since so many black girls had aspirations to go to one of these (black colleges)that the apartments would be a lot more glamorous then this (I sort of expected electronic keys computers in every room, you know more modern). Still, like they say you got to take what you get. I still hadn't unlocked the door so I had no idea what the hell laid behind the thing.

I sat down the case I had under my arm and fished for the key in my pocket. Just as soon as I locate my pocket. Damn these modern clothes. I grinned when I found the little gold flecked key and inserted it into the lock.

My luck was not with me I still ended up getting the type. I saw a museum to Greek letters and I winced.

I really don't want to be here. I went to the opened door saw that it was empty of Geek, er, uh; Greek paraphernalia and I decided this was my room. Full size bed, a great view of a brick wall and lots of white walls, my own private sanction. I looked at the full length mirror that the university provided. I had dropped my luggage long ago and checked my self out in the looking glass. I was a track star (I run the fifty and the hundred) and had a great body.

I was five ten without my heeled boots. I have a curly black afro (I have great hair I just don't know what to do with it.)currently put up in a ponytail. My eyes are deep brown and my brows are arched.

I have a deep hazel nutty brown skin color and I am generally described as very beautiful. Beautiful not pretty. I heard the door open and close. It was probably my room mate, I gathered this since she felt it imperative to come in my room. She was cute and quirky and emitted the Sigma pride. I gave an involuntary wince and shook her hand.

Debra was sweet but annoying also. This is when the thought struck me. If I am to tolerate this (Greeks and this damn college) I know I am going to have to get rip roarin' drunk.

I got down to the business of planning who to get royally drunk tonight. I had made a great move from Texas to Georgia and lost all my friends and was going to be replaced by Greek Geek androids. I could not take this, so I asked Debra where a local bar was. She told me there was one up the street. Since it was Saturday and I had no problem with waking up with a hang-over on Sunday, I figured what the hell. It was six o'clock when I decided to get dress.

I pulled on my Luis Vutton black dress that had only one strap that crossed my left shoulder. It connected to the other side but left my whole back bare. No bra, this dress wouldn't allow it. Thankfully I was a 34-B or I couldn't have gotten away without a bra, a pair of green and black thongs, damn things gave me a wedgie but you cannot wear ordinary undies with this damn dress. It started to cover my behind but just barely.

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It stopped a hairs breath away from being illegal. I took my Gucci shoes that are more strap then shoe and shucked then suckers on too. I applied lip gloss, eye shadow, a few twists to my hair and spritz of Happy and I was on my way. After getting lost twice I found a club that is typically known as a hole in the wall.

I had turned down a few offers and I sat down across the bar from a white man that looked like the white guy from Pink's 'There You Go' Video, you know the one she hooks up with at the end.

Tall, bald headed with a goatee and so good looking that he makes you doubt his sexuality. I could tell by his arms that he worked out. Black shirt, jeans, mmm, a workin' man. He smiled and his deep dimples flashed across his cheeks. He had a great smile. "Hey, sweetheart wanna drink?" I was stone sober and trying to rectify that. I smiled back at him "Sure." "So sweetheart what are ya having." God, I loved that good ol' boy twang.

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It was almost gone in Texas, being steadily replaced by the sophisticated eastern talk. He was smiling again at me and I realized I hadn't answered his question. "Uh a beer." I hate beer, its tastes some where between dirty water and bitter fruit juice. He was grinning entirely too much, like he knew something about me. He leaned over and I could smell his cologne it was crisp and spicy, "You don't drink do you?" It was then that I noticed the way that he pronounced his words so correct that he could have been from the East.

That kind of caught me off guard that I looked at him again. He was young, year or two older then my twenty. He had blue eyes and judging from his eyebrows, black hair. He also had a black cowboy hat on the stool next to him. He put it on and looked at me. He looked great with it on. He touched my cheek.

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I pulled back and blushed. Obviously his touching me was an attention getter. I guess I was looking at him to hard.

"I know you don't want a beer. Hey dude you gotta a soda? What kind do you drink." "Nothing carbonated." "How 'bout a glass of lemonade?" I smiled I liked it when a man shows initiative. "I would love one." As he placed the orders for one beer and one cranberry (there wasn't any lemonade) I asked his name. He tipped back his hat and smiled "My name is Clay." "Great a good old fashioned white name." He laughed "So what are you doing here?

No offense but you don't look the bar type." The orders came and I took a sip of the juice. I smiled back. "I'm not but I'm new here so I figured I might as well get a hunt. Why are you here?" "Uh, to which question? Why am I here or why am I in the bar?" "That obvious huh? Well both." "I go to Clark," I choked on that one. It's always strange to see a white guy at a historically black college. "Yeah, I was shocked too." I laughed because that did strike me as funny so I figured since he had started a subject it would be wise to stay on course.

"You like it there." "I don't know, this is my first day." "Oh so you're a freshman?" I posed my statement as a question so I could leave him plenty of lee way, I don't do younger guys. "Nope I am actually a junior." "A real junior, just because you been at school for three years doesn't qualify." He gave a small smile, "I'm for real.

I came from Ohio State as a pre med student but I changed to pharmaceuticals and I had a friend that told me Clark was cool. I mean for that degree that is." He took a sip of his beer and then sat it back down at the bar. "What about you?" I thought about lying but for what?

I might not even see him again ever, so what the hell. "I'm a sophomore and an education minor. History major." "Oh so you're going to teach?" "Yeah, I don't know why though, I don't even like kids." He laughed and I smiled back.

"So what's your name?" I made a face "Yeah that is important." "Yep, just in case we meet again or something." "It's Dayv." He didn't even blink. "O-kay," he drew out the word. "Is that short for something? And I gotta tell ya with a name like Dave it's not looking like the whole thing is going to be pretty." "Nope just Dayv. Its not spelled D-A-V-E. My dad figured since it couldn't sound feminine it might as well be spelled a little girlish." He nodded solemnly as if I had just explained bio-nuclear warfare.

"That's cool do you wanna dance?" Not that I want to relay heavily on stereotypes but where I come from white folk can't dance. Oh they can dance in their on little cliques quite well but I ah. .

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. er. . I guess the rest is better unsaid. Well the point is I never danced with a lot of dudes never mind a lot of handsome white dudes and I wasn't prepared when he reached out and grabbed my hand and pulled me onto the dance floor and into his body. Thank God it was a slow song that only involved his body moving with mine. I had no idea how good my body would feel pressed up against his.

It was hard finding someone my height, but he was taller then my five ten and was so very wide and warm. I placed my head on his shoulder and let his body sway mine and his hands move where they wanted to go.

I was sober yet I could feel my self getting intoxicated from his cologne and his heat and I moaned softly. "You alright Dayv?" I could feel his deep voice through his chest and I liked it. I nodded and placed my head back on his chest. I took a deep breath.

"Do you want to go outside?" Was I picking up a guy in the bar? It sounds like I am picking up a guy in the bar. I watched him as he smiled again. (I never met a guy that smiled as much as he did, sort of like a kid in an empty Toys 'R' Us.) "Yeah, I'd like that." We walked out side and he pulled me back in his arms.

It was so completely familiar and I just sort of fell into his arms. Weird, huh? Even when his lips touched mine I hadn't even thought of refusal. His lips pressed on mine not hard or anything, soft and really good. His thumb slid to my chin and opened my mouth his tongue slid in and took control. He was a great kisser.

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Clay's tongue entangled mine as if they were two snakes mating. His hands slid over my waist and felt on my ass. I was so happy that I was a track star then and my whole body was in top condition. I felt him push me closer and I felt that he was hard. Wow that was quick. I pressed closer into his body cradling his dick with my pelvis. I seldom did this, hell, I barely flirted and I rarely had sex, yet I was fully committed to screwing the hell out of this guy.

I rubbed him harder and felt his body tense. Man this felt good. His hands had finally found his way under my dress. About damn time, I thought as the heat from his big hands cupped my rear. My hands had un-tucked the black t-shirt that was in his pants. I ran my hands over his abs. God I was hot and he was making hornier.

He broke away from me and I felt bereft. I looked at him and saw that I had managed to un-tuck his shirt and unzip his jeans. His breathing was heavy and choppy just like mine. We had forgotten that we were in the middle of a parking lot and that we had started to draw a crowd with our exhibitionism "We. . we have to stop." "Oh," I said and it was telling. "We have to get out of here. I have an apartment down the street and you wanna go there?" "Yes," No fears no regrets, nothing.

I wanted him so bad that I could have probably raped him in the parking lot in front of these people. I went through my jacket and grabbed the keys to my Camry and watched as he hopped on his Grand Cherokee. I followed his car to a convenience store. He was only in for a minute and he came out with a small plastic bag. Five minutes later we where at a very pretty, very big, house. He got out the car and walked around to mine and knocked on the window. "C'mon." I unlocked the door and he opened the door and helped me out.

I clicked the alarm, stuck the keys in my pocked and kept in stride with his pace.


"This is your place? I thought you said that you had an apartment." "This is an apartment. I only have the top two floors." "Must be hard." "Yeah, the maid only comes once a week." I laughed and let him lead me to his level of the house and into the room. I found the stairs and led him up there like it was my house. He didn't have any problems with that though. His hands where under my skirt and pulling at my thong. I felt his warms lips on my ass and I almost fell back.

I didn't push his hands away and opened my legs a little wider. "You keep doing that we won't make it to your room." He thought about. "That doesn't sound so bad." He stopped and pulled me back I fell scared that I was about to go head first down a flight of stairs but he caught me and ran up the stairs and put me on the couch.

I reached up for him and he came right to me and settled right between my legs and I wrapped the long limbs around his waist. I kissed his bottom lip and sucked on his tongue. He pushed down the one spaghetti strap of my dress and pushed up the hem. I loved his hands they had just enough roughness to it. I lifted up so he could pull my panties off. I pulled off his hat and placed it on the table and divested him of the shirt. I paused to reflect on the color of his skin.

For a white guy his skin was a deep dark olive color. His chest was wide with a light sprinkling of hair and his stomach dissected by muscle. He was a big guy that took pride in his body. I sighed in relief as his skin came in contact with mine. He kissed my neck and then the very hollow of my throat.

I moaned loving the gentleness that he was showing me. I caught his head as he licked my nipple. It hardened instantly. My body was always very sensitive. He hadn't caught it in his hands and I was jittery as hell. He caught the nipple and tongued the sensitive little peak until I was writhing beneath him. I was so distracted by that, that I hadn't paid attention to his hands. He reached between my legs and inserted a finger in deep.

I groaned as he worked it in and out of me.


I tried to relax but I could feel my body starting to fly as he stroked me, adding fingers gradually. I couldn't take the double sensations and soon I just burst, my orgasm shocking me because it was so sudden and that had never happened before. He kissed me harder and I gloried in his body on my own.

I felt him move lower on my body and I smiled as he kissed my stomach and his tongue dipping into my belly button. His chin rested on my mound as he placed my legs around his shoulders. Clay's warm breath hit my clit and it caused me to shiver. I screamed as his clever tongue swirled around and mixed with my tastes.

I groaned as I felt his tongue push in side of me. I couldn't breathe as he sucked on me as if I was his bottle. I thrashed and clasped his head with my legs. "Oh, God. . Oh God!" I gasped as I slipped into the realm of the unknown.

I wanted him now so badly. Clay looked at Dayv she was so wet, so incredibly excited, that she made him harder. He wanted to slid in her but he want to prolong this. It had been his fantasy for years to be with a black girl unfortunately there were barely any black girls in Ohio, and if there where he couldn't find them. He stifled a groan as moved and brushed his dick against her. Man, her body was beautiful. Long legs, round tight ass, small waist and tits that where utterly amazing.

He promised himself that he was going to spin more time with them later but right now he was about to explode. She grabbed his cock. Not hard but to grab his attention. "Dude," he gasped as she stroked him up and down, smiling now that she knew she had him in her grasp. He felt her push him and he fell back on the arm rest. She scrambled in between his legs and her eyes widened at how big he was.

Still she went on undaunted and blew her warm breath on him. "I never done this before but I've read a lot of books as to how it is done." With that said her soft lips covered his erection.

Her face made her seem as if she would be a pro at this but she was awkward. Still the pressure was too great to be ignored. She pulled him into her mouth, her cheeks hollowing as she sucked the warm column down her throat. Clay worked so hard at not cumming into her mouth that he almost blacked out.

She stopped and looked at him her eyes inquisitive. "What's the matter?" "Sweet heart I'm about to burst in your mouth. You have to st- God! that feels good." She started back her small hand grabbing the base of his dick, where the balls meet and applied pressure there, while her mouth worked him into a frenzy. Some of intensity that he was feeling was lessened and he dropped his head back and moaned loving her smart little mouth and eager tongue.

He wasn't prepared when she removed her hand and took his whole length into her mouth. It was if his whole body sky-rocketed and he shot load after load into her mouth. Shit. He had never felt anything like, that never orgasmed with that much violence.

He was still twitching in her mouth. He made to pull out but she grabbed him back, sucking at him until she was sure he was complete. When she had finished with him she had leaned back on her haunches and licked her lips as if she were a great big cat lapping up cream. She was so incredibly sexy and beautiful like that. Her chest heaved and he noticed his did too. He tried to calm down so he pulled her on his chest to so she could calm down also.

It didn't work. He was so attracted to her body that he couldn't stop playing with it if he tried. He played with her back, rubbing his hands across her smooth ass. His senses where heightened. He could smell her need, if that made any sense. Could sense how she wanted completion. His hands slipped between the firm cheeks. She opened her legs on both sides of him cradling his semi hard-on into the warm nook that he was going to bury himself in.

He ran his finger around her hole and she moaned softly on his chest. He knew that she was sensitive but how much so was the question.

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He slipped a finger in from behind and her body closed around it tightly. She moved up and down, riding his finger getting off with out him. No she wouldn't. He withdrew from her, plucked the box of condoms from the table and pulled out one. He tore the foil package and removed the membrane.

He pushed her up a little and sheathed him self. She watched him do it all that with a little frown. He cocked an eyebrow. "What?" "I wanted to do that." She said with a little pout. She felt him growing harder and that thrilled her beyond measure. He kissed her, tasting him self on her. "I don't think I could handle it if you did." She rocked on his throbbing cock punishing him just a little.

It really didn't matter to him though, she was keyed up and so was he. He lifted her by the waist and slammed her down on his dick. She purred her content and rode him slowly bouncing her body on him, her ass slapping his balls. Clay closed his eyes and let her have her way. I smiled at him. I never done half of this stuff with my last boyfriend but this felt so right, so good. I picked up his cowboy hat and put it on. He opened his eyes and gave me a half cocked grinned as he picked up the pace and his eyes told me to keep up.

I placed my hand on his chest and the other on his cowboy hat and imitated the cowboys I had seen on ESPN. He bucked and I followed riding him fast and hard into completion.I don't remember much after that. Clay told me I passed out. The lair, I don't pass out. Well, that was pretty much how me and Clay met. We've been dating for almost a year now and are incredible happy.

If you ever drop by Clark University then give us a holla, we'll see you there.