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Ebony teen hitchhiker flashing boobs on the streets
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Laying in bed, crying. Just like any other night. I hated my life. I was constantly bullied, hated. Never accepted. Let me introduce myself, my name is Lucy. I'm 17; I have short blood red hair, blue eyes and a slightly curvy figure. I'm kind of pear shaped so my hips are wider set.

And therefore, people feel the need to call me fat and bully me every day. And it doesn't help that I like dressing in black and red and painting my nails black or wearing black lipstick. Or that there are scars on my wrists. My parents are no help.

They either fight or constantly ignore me. But I didn't know this night would be unlike any other.

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I was laying bed crying. When a voice spoke to me from across the room. A male voice, but not one that I know. "Why do you cry, little one?" I looked up tears still coming down. And there I saw the most beautiful man I had ever laid eyes on. He was tall. Looking about 6 feet. His head nearly touching the ceiling. He had black messy, spiky hair.

His eyes.like the clearest blue pools you could ever see. His lips were slightly puffed but not enough to create a feminine look. He had a slight scruffle, like he hadn't shaved in a week or two. He wore a white t-shirt and black skinny jeans. He wasn't muscular; actually he was rather on the skinny side. But something about him looked strong.

His hands looked rather large but welcoming. His skin was pale. Like snow. On his feet was a simple pair of converse. He spoke again and his voice was like a melody of strings. "Is something the matter?" I wiped the tears from my eyes and replied "Who.

Who are you? How did you get in here?" He smiled, showing perfect white teeth. "You'd never believe me." "Try me." He leaned his broad, squared shoulders against my wall.


"Alright. If you insist" and in a flash he stood in the centre of the room and jutting from his back were two white wings. My mouth fell open in shock. "I'm an angel." And the wings disappeared again.

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"Wha.how?" I was so confused. And he just laughed softly. "My name is Joshua. I'm an angel. Yes, a REAL angel. And I've seen your troubles. Someone else has too" he pointed up then continued "And both he and I have settled on how to help you. "Oh and what's that? I go to church?" He smirked. "We'll you could do that, or this could help instead." He walked over to where I was sitting and bent down and kissed me.

His kiss was gentile but strong. And I soon became lost in the sensation. His kiss sent warmth through my body and I felt the heat settle between my legs. Him being this close to me, I caught his scent. Cinnamon and roses. We continued kissing as he sat down on my bed. He kicked his shoes and socks off. And when the kiss finally broke we were both panting. "Listen to me," he whispered. "Tonight, it'll be magical. And afterwards your life will be amazing. But only if you consent and say yes, right now." In a heartbeat I replied "yes.

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A thousand times yes." He laughed. "Just once is enough, my sweet Lucy." "But.aren't there rules. Y'know about a human and an angel.?" He ran his fingers through my hair. "There are," he started "but tonight, let's break a few rules." He resumed kissing me and his tongue poked against my lips and I opened my mouth to let him in and our tongues met and intertwined.

He tasted of the cinnamon he smelled like. His hand moved to my shoulder, then down my body to the bottom of my tank top.

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He slowly started pulling up when I pulled away. He looked concerned for a moment. "Are you alright?" I let out a breath. "I'm fine.


I've just never done anything." And I felt my face blush. He smirked. "Don't worry. I promise to be gentile. I will not hurt you. Well, unless you like it that way." He winked making me blush even more. Then resumed taking off my shirt, revealing my black bra. Filled by my b-cup tits. I looked down. "Sorry they're kind if small." He gently lifted my face with his thumb and index finger. "They're perfect" and he kissed me again. This time his hands gently moving to my bra and starting to cup and squeeze my breasts, making me moan softly.

He smiled again and casually pulled off his own shirt. Revealing just barely a few abs and a skinny body. But I thought he was perfect. Then he gently lifted my bra over my head, revealing my tits. He started kissing my neck and down to my shoulder. Occasionally biting and making me moan even louder.

Every kiss, every bite, or any whisper of a promise of the sweet love we were going to make felt better and better. This was already better than the simple pleasure I afforded myself. And already I could feel my panties getting wet. "Lay back, my sweet." He pushed on my shoulder so I could lay back on my bed. He then kept kissing down my body until he reached my tits.

"Has really no man ever touched these?" He looked at me curiously. I shook my head, not being able to find words in this state of bliss. "Fascinating." He started to kiss my right tit while his left hand massaged my left tit. He got to the nipple, both of which were hard as diamonds, and he circled his tongue around it and blew a breath of hot air, making me arch my back, nearly lifting him off the bed.

"Well, well, well.aren't you sensitive?" He smiled making me blush even more. Then his mouth enclosed the nipple and he started sucking and as he did that his left hand started pinching and gently twisting the nipple. Making me moan and grasp at the sheets.

Then switched sides and his right hand twisted and pulled the right nipple while he continued to suck on the left. I felt my panties grow increasingly wet my legs and hips started to squirm. He paused for a moment to look at me. "If you're already squirming just at this, I wonder what'll happen when I do this" before I could even question him, he started kissing down the rest of my body until he reached the top of my jeans. He unbuttoned them and slowly pulled the zipper down.with his teeth.

He slowly pulled them down, revealing my black boy shorts. Oh thank god I'm wearing these I thought. They were my sexiest panties. He slowly started pulling those down and they soon joined my jeans and his t-shirt on the floor. He gently spread my legs, revealing a shaved and VERY wet pussy. He took it in. "Oh look at this. You're absolutely soaked. A couple of nips and kisses and that's all it takes? Damn." He gave me a quick wink. Then lowered his head.

He quickly ran his tongue from the bottom of my pussy all the way to my clit. He separated the lips with his index and middle fingers while this thumb started moving in and out of my tight pussy. I started moaning louder "Oh Joshua.please." "Please what?

You'll have to be specific" he gave me that smirk again. That smirk I was falling in love with. "Please.please make me cum" the request itself seemed dirty to say to an angel but I couldn't help it. I needed this release. He moved his thumb in and out a few more times. "Damn.you're so tight. But I don't think you'll get to cum just yet." He then pulled his thumb out and brought it to his lips.

He sucked his thumb in between his lips, tasting me. "Mm.So sweet." Then he leaned in and kissed me deeply and passionately. My tongue again, meeting his and tasting myself on him. He then pulled away and I let up a whimper. "Why did you stop?" "Because I'm selfish. I want to be in that tight pussy when you cum." He stripped off his jeans.

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Then slowly pulled down his boxers revealing the glorious cock underneath. 8 inches. Standing fully erect. He truly was an angel.perfect in every way.

He laid me back again, and settled in between my hips, spreading my legs further. "Are you ready?" He asked one final time. Wide eyed and breathless, I nodded. He smiled and started kissing my cheek, lips and neck.

"Don't worry. It'll be enjoyable. You'll love it." He kept kissing my face before slowly starting to move the head of his cock inside my pussy. He did it slowly as to not cause harm but as he stretched me, I already felt full. He kept pushing in until he hit the tell tale sign of my innocence. He looked down at me.

"Interesting. You're one of the few girls that still has one of these nowadays." He laughed and as I was starting to laugh myself He thrust himself into me, tearing my hymen and causing some of the worst pain I've ever felt.

I pressed my face up into his shoulder, screaming and sobbing while he tried to calm me down. "Shh.Ok ok relax. Relax. Just relax." And eventually the pain started to subside and instead it felt.good. I lay back and drew my hands away only to reveal that I had grabbed my lover so hard, I had caused him to bleed. I looked up at him, embarrassed. "I'm.I'm so sorry." He just smiled down at me.

Giving me another kiss on the lips he whispered against my skin "think nothing of it my dear" then he continued pushing his cock in my tight pussy until his hips met mine. He took a deep breath and started pulling out, the sensation causing me to moan.

He pulled out slowly until only the head remained in me and then he plunged the rest of him in me. Causing me to yelp and moan all at once. I kept cooing in my lover's ear.

Begging for him to make love to me. He soon started a rhythm of slow, gentile strokes. Each one causing me to moan louder. Then they started getting faster and faster. His cock pounding me over and over while he whispered in my ear how beautiful and wonderful I was. My legs and arms wrapped around him, bringing him closer to me. I kept moaning louder and louder calling out his name in pure ecstasy "oh!

Joshua" "Yes, cum for me my sweet" and he drove it home a few more times before finally I screamed out my name and arched my back, calling out his name even louder.

My pussy exploded around his cock. He shot his semen deep in my womb. Filling me with cum til it oozed our past his softening cock. He collapsed against me and we lay there breathing heavy for a few moments. Until finally he removed himself for me.

Finally I spoke "oh my." I paused to look at him. He laughed. "Go ahead. You can say it." "Oh my god. That was incredible.

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I.I feel alive." He kissed me again "I'm glad I could make yours, and my, first time." "It was your first time too?" "Sweetie, I'm an angel. Of course I'm innocent" I smiled and laughed. But I yawned, exhausted. "Can I make one more request, Joshua?" "Anything. " "Can you stay here and sleep with me tonight?" He smiled and kissed me again "Of course I will." He drew up the blanket and wrapped me in arms.

He held me close to him and I listened to his breathing til it lulled me to sleep. --- The next morning I awoke to the sound of rain and thunder, my favourite weather. I found that Joshua, my angel, was gone. My heart sank a little but I looked to my left and saw a bouquet of fresh roses, and a cup of coffee that I found (after a sip) was pure perfection. Then I noticed a small note written in beautiful handwriting. "I will return" I flipped it over "soon"