Katie Morgan and Petra Pearl agreed to have a har

Katie Morgan and Petra Pearl agreed to have a har
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Poke-Her Party This is a true story and it is about how my husband pushed me into becoming a more sexually diverse, and more sexually active (a slut) wife. My name is Kristie. I'm 28 yrs old, 5'6", 125 lbs with shoulder length, dark brown hair.

Although not model thin, I have all the curves 34d-24-36 that turns more than a few heads, specially when I dress to thrill. My husband Barry is a 210 lbs of handsome, that's 6" tall with a Three Musketeers style beard and mustache. We have now been married for a little over 7 years, but about 2 years ago my husband started complaining about our sex life getting boring.

I was happy with our routine, but he seemed to feel he was missing out on something. I wanted him to feel as complete as I did, so I listened to what he wanted, and I agreed to try to do a little more to spice it up.

We talked about some things he wanted to try and he talked me into trying a little harmless flashing. So we took a trip to Florida and while we were on the highway he had me expose myself to some of the truckers we passed along the way.

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They were real appreciative and I got plenty of horn blast and appreciative gestures. I must admit that I enjoyed the attention and even gave him a BJ on the road. We had some intense sex at the motel when we arrived. I could see it had really turned him on. Not being satisfied with what we had done, he wanted to push it a little further.

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One day when I was at home he called me from work. He told me he was on his way home and he wanted me to go lay out back and do some topless sunbathing.

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I was very suspicious and asked him what was up? He told me he was coming home with a friend and wanted me to lay out back and pretend that I didn't know he was home. I protested a bit, but he begged, so I agreed.

I got a little aroused thinking about one of his friends looking at my almost naked body, so picked out my favorite string bikini, a fashion magazine, and a glass of wine and went out back to set up my lounge chair in the sun.

After making sure none of the neighbors were around I took off my top and oiled my tits up. I must admit they looked good all big and shiny under that oil. I was sipping a glass of wine when I heard him pull up, but per his instructions I just laid there soaking in the sun.

I was sleeping on the outside, but the thought that someone else might be watching had me getting a little wet. I had positioned my lounger so that I could see the glass doors of the patio out of the corner of my eye, and since I had my dark shades on I doubted anyone would see if I was looking at them.

I was laid out on my back with my tits exposed for all to see when I saw Barry look out the back door. He had a beer in his hand and pulled two chairs over so they could look outside as they drank their beer. Then the other guy sat down. I thought "Good", It was Dave, one of the cute guys I had been introduced to during a company picnic. Barry and Dave sat there sipping their drinks and watching me lay out. Both were grinning and looking at me quite a bit.

I decided to move around some so they could see my tits bounce, so I got up, re-positioned my lounger and laid on my stomach. To give them a good show I propped myself up on my elbows and pretended to read my magazine.

In this position they could see a great shot of my ass and my hanging tits. I was all wet between my legs and if they noticed my nipples were rock hard. Barry slid open the patio door and came outside after what seemed like forever. Before I knew it both men were sitting in their chairs next to me and drinking another beer. I pretended to be shocked and embarrassed and quickly covered up, but Barry and Dave both admitted that they had already been watching me while they drank their first beer and they had already seen everything.

I told them that they had probably seen enough then, and I got up to go inside. Both of them whined and begged me to stay, and even though I felt uncomfortable with the situation I sat back down. Barry came over and relieved me of my top and towel, and I sat back down and nervously chatted.

Barry came over and rubbed oil all over me again, giving special attention to my tits. I loved watching the men's eyes pulled down to my tits repeatedly during the conversation. Dave got an excellent show that day and as a special feature when I finally got up to go in Barry snatched the strings on my bottoms and whipped them off.

I stood in front of Dave for just a second, stunned that he was eye level with my bare crotch before I covered up and ran inside. While showering up Barry came in and apologized about removing my bottoms in front of Dave, and told me that Dave had gone home.


I told him that I enjoyed it too, even when he snatched off my bottoms, although I was shocked. He thanked me for going along with everything else. His cock was hard as a rock and I was soon getting fucked hard as I was bent over the bathroom counter.

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We retired to the bed shortly after and he was so turned on that he was able to cum and remain hard enough to bring himself off a second time and give me to several orgasms in the process. I must admit that I enjoy the attention, and I look forward to whatever Barry does next. Which just happened to be Mardi Gras in New Orleans. We went with a few friends and during the weekend he talked me into showing my tits many times. I had tons of beads and even got my ass grabbed and tits rubbed in the enormous crowds.

I was out of control and soon I didn't need any prompting to flash my tits. We had great sex back at the room and I loved all of the attention. After the Mardi Gras trip Barry started asking me if I ever wanted to make it with another guy. He confessed that it was a fantasy of his to see me get fucked by another guy.

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I kind of knew this was coming…I've read enough forum articles to know a lot of men like the idea although not all of them admitted it.

I told him I didn't know, and to let me think on it. Inside I was getting all wet thinking about one of his cute buddies (Maybe Dave) banging me. He let it drop for a week then started asking again. I finally said that I would agree, but if I didn't like it he would not get upset if I stopped it. He asked me to just to try it once and if I didn't like it we'd do something else. I agreed and left everything up to him. A few weekends later on a Friday night, Dave and his wife came over for dinner and to watch a new DVD we had gotten from the video store.

Dave was as cute as ever and I got wet just seeing him again. His wife (Sherri) is about 5'10", and slim with an athletic build, smaller c-cup breast, long legs and curly bleach blond hair. Although Barry hadn't mentioned when we would act out his fantasy, I got the feeling we might be doing something tonight. Sherri turned out to be a real blast and we hit it off great.

During dinner we started on a bottle of wine and by the end we were talking and laughing like old friends.

She helped me clean off the table, then we went into the den where the guys had the movie all set up. The movie was "Swordfish" and the guys couldn't help but replay the "Halle Berry tit scene" a couple of times.

We opened another bottle of wine, and by the end of the movie no one was feeling any pain. Dave loved the DVD player and Barry was telling him about some of the features. Ofcourse he had to mention "Multiple Camera Angles" option that some movies had. So while Sherri and I sat there Barry pops in a Porn tape to show Dave what he talking about. We watched about 15 minutes of this little blond getting gang fucked by 10 construction workers, and although we didn't rip our clothes off, everyone did get quieter and the sexual tension was now in the air.

Barry suggested that since it wasn't late enough to call it a night, and that we could go sit on the patio and play a few hands of cards. We all agreed and took our bottle of wine our bottle of wine out on the patio. Barry and Dave followed shortly with the cards.

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The conversation started up again and after several hands Dave and Barry suggest strip poker. Me and Sherri just looked at each other with the "we knew it was coming" looked and laughed.

We said ok, and grinning like 12 yr old's Barry dealt out the first hand. It started rather evenly all around with everyone losing shoes, socks and belts, but I was getting horny and threw away the next 2 hands which brought me to the point of taking my top off.

I tried to look embarrassed, and as started to unbutton my top all eyes were on me. I scooted up in my chair and wiggled my shoulder, which made my tits bounce around like mad, then smiling I tossed it to the ground. My breast were all but exposed in the push-up half bra I had chosen to wear that evening, and since I had to remind the guys to keep dealing I knew I had made the right choice.

Dave and Sherri both lost their shirts next, and Sherri's tits and flat stomach really had Barry staring hard. We stopped for a second to open another bottle of wine and I wanted to run my hands all over Dave's firm chest. We looked each other over quite a bit, and I teased him by bouncing on my toes to make my titties jiggle. Finally the cards were dealt and a new rule was added. The winner of the hand got to remove an article of their choosing from the loser.

Everyone smiled and Barry won and I lost. Barry laughed evilly as he had me walk over and unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down my legs. I had a black lacy thong on and my tan ass was exposed for all to see.

Barry also grabbed a big handful of my ass and laughed as I walked back to my chair. I won the next hand and Sherri was the loser and I bounce all around as I joyfully removed her bra. Having c-cup tits she still looked good and athletic sitting there topless. Barry and Dave lost several hands and both of them were down to their boxers, both of which had obvious bulges. I couldn't tell which was bigger, but I figured that I would find out soon enough.

Since we were all down to our undies&hellip. me with both bra and panties we decided to add another rule. The wine was no doubt helping in our decision making, and I was hoping to possibly get nasty with Dave, and was hoping that Barry wouldn't mind.

From the way he was looking at Sherri I didn't think it would be a problem. Our next rule said the winner got to take off the article of clothing and fondle the loser on any exposed area.

Everyone was laughing as Barry dealt the next hand, and I made sure I lost this one. Unfortunately Sherri was the winner, but she didn't seem disappointed. Instead she made me stand up and unhooked my bra and gave my titties a good massage while the guys laughed. I asked if there was anything I should know and Dave asked "Didn't you know my wife was bi?" Sherri pinched my nipples, rubbed my ass, and even kissed me on the back of the neck before I was allowed to sit back down and deal the next hand.

I was just in my thong now and Dave was staring at me pretty heavily. My pussy was so wet and I was in the mood for a good fucking. Sherri lost the next two hands in a row and Barry felt her up good as he took all of he clothes off.

When we started the next hand she was sitting in his lap, and he was groping her tits with one hand and looking at his cards with the other. We exchanged looks and both of us smiled knowing that everything was ok. Dave scooted over next to me and although his boxers were still on he didn't object when I snaked my hand through his fly and grabbed hold of his hard cock.

This hand turned out to be the last and never got played as my husband and Sherri were getting hot and heavy, and it appeared that she was sitting on his cock. I sank down on my knees and pulled Dave's boxers off and his cock was perfect and large.

In seconds I had my cheeks all puffed out and his precum all over my lips. I was staring up into Dave's eyes as I sucked his cock and he kept his hand on top of my head so he could feel it bobbing up and down.

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He turned my head slightly and I could see Sherri standing up and leaning over the table as Barry was standing up fucking her from behind. Both of them were watching me give Dave head. I stopped for a second and asked if they had anything better to do than watch me? They both laughed and the table started shaking as Barry really pounded into her. Dave then pulled me up and stood me on the other side of the table facing his wife as he bent me over and slid his hard cock up inside me.

He was a bit thicker than Barry was and I could really feel him sliding in and out, with each thrust. Sherri reached over and took my hand and looked right into my eyes as my husband was fucking her good. She placed my hand on her breast and had me pinch her nipple, while she reached over and grabbed my tit. We were both being pounded from behind with our hair flying all over the place and our tits bouncing around like mad. I never felt so good and so slutty.

Dave finally said he was going to cum and made me kneel down as he shoved his cock at my face. I opened wide and licked it some as he jerked off aiming at my mouth. Within seconds he spasmed and hot cum splashed on my lips, cheek and in my open mouth.


Watching us must have been too much for Barry, cause I heard him orgasming right after Dave finished. Sherri came over and kissed her husband and kissed me too, right on the lips. Surprisingly to myself I didn't even pull away as she began licking the cum off my cheeks. We then kissed sharing Dave's cum between us. Barry came over, but was not inclined to kiss me after Dave had shot off in my mouth, but he hugged me and we all went and collapsed on the sofa. Sitting there naked Dave asked Barry if he would like to swap wives for the weekend, and that he promised to have me back, all cleaned up, Sunday night.

Barry thought it was a great idea. Dave got up and got dressed and came back and told me let's go. When I went to get some clothes on he told me I wouldn't be wearing any clothes this weekend and to just come as I was.

I ask "Outside? Naked?" He laughed and told me it was dark outside, and to just to run to the car. So I did. As we drove away I felt funny seeing Barry standing there with Sherri naked in his arms, knowing that they would be going back to our bed soon and fucking all night.

Then I looked at Dave and couldn't wait to get to his house. He didn't tell me he lived in a Townhouse style Condo, and I had to run naked through a parking lot up to his door, and he took his sweet time getting it opened. We had a great weekend and I learned a lot about Dave and Sherri. They like a Master/Slave sexual relationship, and Dave has shared her with a select few other men. I told him that I would be happy to be his slave this weekend since his other was loaned out.

He smiled and accepted my offer. Throughout the week he kept me naked as promise, tied me up some, spanked me a little and took a lot of pictures of me in various settings. He said he would talk to Barry and see if he would swap for an entire week, so he could take me out of state when he has to attend a seminar for his company.

Dave said I would really enjoy myself. He said the guys at the seminar had already met his wife and would give me a good time. I asked him what he meant, but he said I would have to see for myself. Barry and I swap with Dave and Sherri about once a month now, and it keeps our sex life in high gear. Me and Sherri have even gotten together by ourselves and she introduced me to making love to a woman, and I find I enjoy her touch as much as I do a mans.

Dave will sometimes pass by when he knows that Barry has to work late and get a quickie or a blowjob. I don't know if Barry is aware, but I don't mention it, and I enjoy being Dave's other slave girl. Barry seems very pleased with himself, and frequently mentions how great things turned out…I have to agree.

He now wants to put me in an amateur strip contest or have me strip for a bachelor party. I want to go on one of those Hedonist cruises in the Virgin Islands where everyone on the boat is naked the whole trip.

Sherri thinks it would be fun too, and we are both begging our husbands for it.


I write back if anything new happens.