Babe fucked doggystyle in threesome

Babe fucked doggystyle in threesome
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My Daughter's Incest Club I had not realized how much my baby girl had grown up over the years when all of a sudden I got hit with reality. As Candy approached her fifteenth birthday she coerced me into letting her throw an entire weekend sleepover party for five of her girlfriends. Candy knew that it was the same weekend that her mother had to be out of town on business. My wife was going across the country to attend a two-week seminar for her company.

However Candy begged and pleaded so what could I do but give in. She could always get me to give in. I think it is something that her mother taught her. The Sunday morning before her seminar we drove my wife to the airport so that she could get out there for her big meeting. As soon as she was checked in through security there was nothing left for us to do so we left. On the way to the car Candy said that I needed to take her shopping for her birthday gift.

I explained that I already had something in mind for her gift. Then I got 'the look' that said that I wouldn't get what she wanted in a million years so I took her to the mall. Candy made a point to hold my hand as we walked. That is something that my wife and I do all the time but I can't remember Candy doing it since she was a little kid. There is something about a teenage girl being seen with her parents that isn't cool but here she was holding my hand proudly as we walked through the shopping mall.

She took me right to Victoria's Secret. My wife shops here and I get kind of excited at helping her pick out sexy things that I will get to see her in later however this was my fourteen-year-old daughter.

As she looked around a salesgirl came over to see if we needed her help. Apparently we did! My daughter wanted to be measured for a new bra. Since her T-shirt was pretty tight and she was already wearing a comfortable bra the girl just took her over to a corner near their dressing rooms.

Since she wouldn't let go of my hand I was forced to follow her. The salesgirl measured under Candy's breast and said, "Twenty-nine inches plus five makes for a thirty-four inch bra." Then she measured across Candy's nipples and around her back saying, "Thirty-six minus thirty-four equals two which is a B-cup.

So you need a 34-B bra Miss." Candy said, "That's what I'm wearing now I was just hoping that I got bigger." The salesgirl said, "Honey by the looks of you and your age I'd say you are going get bigger." I said, "Her mother wears a 36-C but they are tight on her." The salesgirl said, "See Honey I just knew it. It's just a question of time." Then Candy said, "I kind of want to smash them together to make more cleavage. Boys really like cleavage." The salesgirl smiled and said, "Yes they do." Then both girls looked at me.

Of course I was looking at the salesgirl's cleavage. That proved their point. The salesgirl took us to another area and opened up a big drawer.

She took out a bra and explained to us about the padding on the lower sides that pushes the breasts toward the upper center forming a little better cleavage. She suggested that Candy try one on in the fitting room. Candy took a red bra in her size and grabbed my hand as she went to the fitting room.

She sat me in a chair and went in to change. In a few minutes she surprised me by coming out in her bra to see what I thought. I was very impressed that's for sure. I didn't even have to say anything she knew by my mouth being open and where my eyes were staring that she had made the right selection. Candy asked the salesgirl if she could wear it out.

The salesgirl snipped off a tag and asked for her old bra.

While Candy put her T-shirt back on the salesgirl put Candy's old bra in a bag and handed it to me. Once she came out Candy asked if there were matching panties. She knew the size that she wanted.

I suggested two pair to match her bra because that is what my wife always gets. Candy went back in and put one pair on. When Candy came out she handed me her old panties and said, "Would you put these in the bag please" and walked to the checkout counter with the salesgirl. I couldn't help but feel how moist they were. My little girl's panties were moist.

I automatically put them to my nose and inhaled deeply. I saw the salesgirl look at me and smile. Then I paid the bill and we left. Next Candy took me to Frederick's of Hollywood. There she saw a transparent blue bra and grabbed her size then asked another salesgirl about matching panties.

She picked up two then handed them all to me to carry. Candy looked around and headed to another section where she picked up a black strapless bra with two more pair of panties.

Again I got to hold them while she looked around then paid the bill. From there she took me to a Rave store where she asked a salesgirl for a tight black leather skirt that would just barley cover her panties and allow a lot of her belly to show. She picked one out and went back to a changing room. When Candy came out I was simply floored! She had picked up a pair of black leather knee high boots along the way and in that tiny skirt and just her red bra she looked fantastic.

I think I creamed my pants just looking at her. Candy was not my little girl any longer but a very desirable young lady. She just stood there as I took in her beauty. She smiled and knew that she was sexually appetizing. Candy walked over to a rack and picked up a tiny vest that only hooked between her breasts and allowed most of her bra to show.

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She went back in the dressing room and brought out her old clothes and shoes. I paid the salesgirl and Candy wore her new outfit out. As we walked through the mall I could see everyone looking at my daughter just as I had when I first saw her in the Rave store. The men had lust in their eyes while the women either envied or hated her immediately. Candy loved the attention and whispered things to me as we walked. When we got to the car I held the door for Candy as I always do for her mother.

Candy got in and seemed to make sure that I got a very good look at her new red panties as they showed from under her tiny skirt. I closed the door and walked around to my side of the car. As I got in I could clearly see her red panties. I swear that she had lifted her skirt up a little further as I walked around the car. I could see about half of her bra too when she sat down and now the only hook had been undone too so that her entire red bra showed. I had a hard time driving home.

As I drove home Candy talked about her five girlfriends from school and about the weekend sleepover. She talked about what a great time she was going to have and that she was sure that I was going to enjoy myself too. She explained that all of her girlfriends thought that I was cute and that a couple of them talked about letting me fuck them.

What! She had me so aroused that I took a long shower after we got home and jerked off. When I got out I decided to put on a pair of pajamas and a robe that my wife gave me for Christmas.

I had never worn them before because I usually just get undressed and go to bed. I'm not into changing clothes for the evening to relax however I love it when my wife does and lately when my daughter does it too. So anyway when I went downstairs I got the shock of my life.

Candy was in my very favorite outfit. Well actually it was my wife's most sexy outfit. It was an absolutely beautiful sheer white robe if it could be called a robe. I guess it was a robe but it certainly didn't cover anything. There was one little bow that ties between the belly button and the pussy. Other than that it is open to the navel and flares open to expose the pussy. Besides that you can easily see right through it. Needless to say Candy was not wearing anything on underneath it either.

I must have started at her for at least a minute and a half. Finally I realized that she was holding two glasses of wine and was trying to hand me one. I did take it and I think I gulped it right down because she smiled and traded glasses with me. I watch her walk over to the bar and fill her glass again.

Candy looked incredibly beautiful. She had the sweetest little ass, smooth back, and shapely legs. When she turned to walk toward me I noticed that her areola were almost the same light shade of pink as her nipples and they were very hard, her tummy was just slightly rounded and smooth, then there was her pussy.

It was covered with hair but looked ever so inviting. Candy stopped a few feet in front of me so that I could continue to soak in her luscious body. Finally Candy spoke, "Daddy do you like what you see?" My mouth was so dry I could hardly say, "Yes sweetheart!" Candy asked, "Daddy would you shave my pussy for me on Friday?" I said, "Yes sweetheart!" Candy asked, "Daddy would you like to fuck me on Friday?" I said, "Yes sweetheart!" Candy said, "Okay, but then you have to fuck all of my girlfriends too before they go home on Sunday evening." I said, "Yes sweetheart!" Then I caught myself and said, "What?" Candy said, "Daddy weren't you listening?" I replied, "Yes!

Well I think I was! What?" So Candy said, "Daddy on Friday after my five girlfriends get here for the weekend sleepover you are to shave my pussy bald, eat it, and then fuck me. I must give you my virginity to join this club. Then you get to fuck each girl as often as you want this weekend.

Then I have to let their fathers fuck me Sunday when they pick up their daughters." I just looked at her. So she further explained, "Daddy the girls started this Incest Club and I want to join, I have to give you my virginity while they all watch then they let you fuck them and I let there Daddies fuck me.

That's what the Incest Club is all about. Plus they are really nice girls and we do things for our school and community." I just looked at her. Candy said, "Don't worry Daddy only our Daddies can fuck us. It's not like we let any of the boys in school fuck us or anything." I just looked at her.

Candy came closer, reached into my pajamas and started stroking my cock. Soon she knelt down and caught a huge explosion in her mouth. I felt more squirts than I can ever remember. Candy caught most of it in her mouth and swallowed quickly before opening her mouth for more. Then she licked her lips and used her fingers to clean her face and then licked them clean too. It was simply amazing. I just looked at her. Candy then explained, "Daddy I can jerk you off or give you blowjobs until Friday but I have to swallow every drop of your precious cum.

Oh and you can't fuck me! Not until Friday anyway! That has to be done for the first time in front of the other girls." I finally snapped out of my trance and said, "Wow! Candy laughed that cute giggle of hers that I love so much. I said, "You really are growing up. You're not my little girl any more." Candy said, "I can be when you want me to be. I still have that 'schoolgirl' costume that I wore for Halloween. Remember!" I sure did remember!

I loved that outfit. I was also hard again. Candy giggled and started sucking on the head. This time I enjoyed the feeling of her wet mouth. She was not as good as her mother but who really gives a shit about that when a gorgeous little girl is sucking on your cock? I just tried to relax and enjoy it. She did the very best job that she could and this time she tilted her head back a little so that my cum stayed in her mouth. I did not shoot out as much as I had that first time but I don't think she knew that.

I watched her swallow, milk it dry, and swallow again. Candy said, "The other Club Members told me about this but it was not quite like I had imagined.

Did I do it right, Daddy?" I replied, "You did just fine sweetheart!" Candy said, "I am supposed to do that as often as you want, but you can't fuck me until Friday!" I asked, "Are you on the pill?" Candy giggled and said, "Yes silly!

I've been on the pill since I started periods. Mommy wasn't going to take any chances on me getting pregnant like she did!" I had almost forgotten about that. My wife was twenty years old and we had been dating for almost a year when she missed her period.

We had tried to be careful but not a hundred percent it seemed. We were planning on getting married but we had to speed it up a little bit. Candy arrived in our fifth month of marriage.


We were never unhappy about getting married or having Candy. Then as luck would have it we didn't get pregnant again. After a few years we stopped trying and got on with our careers.

Candy said, "Daddy shouldn't we be getting to bed soon? You have work in the morning and I have school." I replied, "Oh yeah!" We walked upstairs and went to our separate bedrooms. I undressed and climbed into bed as my daughter entered my room. She was only wearing a very tight pair of cut off jeans. She said, "I can sleep with you as long as I keep my shorts on so that you can't accidentally fuck me before Friday!" I smiled and said, "Okay" as I reached out for her hand. Candy slipped in the covers and snuggled her ass into my crotch.

In the spoon position I felt my cock slipping between her legs and my arm cup a breast.

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I drifted off into a fantasy world where I got to fuck my daughter and all of her girlfriends as often as I wanted too.

For some strange reason my wife allowed it too. In the morning I awoke with my cock between her legs and her breast in my hand. I looked at the clock and I still had a good half-hour before my alarm would go off. I started slowly humping my cock between her legs. The material of her cut off jeans was pretty course but I didn't care.

Soon Candy asked, "Do you want me to suck it Daddy or is this okay?" I squeezed her breast and said, "I would love it if you would suck it sweetheart." With that Candy slid out of my embrace, pushed me flat on my back, and got on her knees next to my hip.

While she sucked my cock I played with her breasts. I really liked her breasts. Soon I asked, "Would it be okay if I ate your pussy while you sucked me. Its called sixty-nine!" Candy said, "Well yes but I'm not clean down there, I kind of creamed myself a few times last night in Mommy's negligée teasing you." I said, "That's okay sweetheart!

I think I'll still like it!" So Candy got up, stripped off her cut-offs, and sat on my face. She was very wet indeed. She was slimed as if I had cum in her but it was all her natural fluids. She had a very unique taste. It wasn't long before my tongue was trying to crawl up inside her to drink directly from the source. When I latched onto her clit she quivered and gave me a fresh taste of her nectar.

I liked it so much that I gave her three more orgasms before filling her mouth. She just laid there on me upside down. I think she fell asleep. I never said or did anything to disturb her until my alarm went off. We showered together then she went into her room to change for school. We ate breakfast and then I took Candy to school on my way to work.

We were greeted as I pulled up near the school by her girlfriends. She opened the car door but didn't get out. She introduced me to the girls since they had only seen pictures of me. Then while I was right there she said, "I sucked him off twice last night, we slept together, and then this morning we did a sixty-nine.

He gave me four of the best orgasms ever this morning. He even ate out my dirty pussy." Then the girls replied, "Didn't I tell you." "Oh Wow!" "That's great!" "Just make sure you wait until Friday!" "Then you can fuck us all!" Candy kissed me on the lips, said goodbye, then got out and closed the door. I watched the six girls walk away before I drove off. All day at work I found it hard to concentrate.

Well I sure was hard most of the time. When I got home Candy and one of her girlfriends Deloris were there waiting for me. Candy had on her new leather skirt and vest with nothing else on. Deloris had on Candy's Halloween schoolgirl outfit. Candy let me put my briefcase down then took me to my favorite chair, dropped my pants and underwear to my ankles, and pushed me enough for me to sit down. Candy inspected the inside of my underwear and saw several dried stains and a few fresh ones too.

She then started to suck my cock while Deloris lifted her knees and spread them in front of me on the couch. I could see her bald pussy as she opened her lips, sucked on her middle finger, and started rubbing her clitoris.

Deloris said, "You can fuck this after you take your daughter's virginity on Friday. All five Daddies fuck me whenever they want too, including my own Daddy! You'll be my sixth Daddy!" As Deloris stroked herself and Candy sucked my cock Deloris said, "Candy is dandy, liquor is quicker, but incest is best." Candy stopped, looked up at me, and said, "Is Candy dandy Daddy?" I replied, "Candy you sure are dandy and I can't wait until Friday to see if incest is best!" Candy said, "But you have to wait!

That's the rules!" Then she started sucking me with renewed energy. It didn't take me long to cum as I watched Deloris finger fucking herself just a few feet away.

We ordered pizza and Deloris stayed for dinner. After two more blowjobs from Candy we took Deloris home. That evening Candy suggested an early bedtime so that we could fool around and wake up to fool around in the morning too. I thought that was a good idea. We sixty-nined then took a shower together.

Candy put on her cut-offs and climbed in bed with me.

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In the morning we had over an hour extra to enjoy each other before getting ready for school and work. When I dropped off Candy Deloris greeted us and introduced me to Elaine who would be my guest that evening.


The girls listened to Candy's story of what happened after Deloris went home then I got my kiss and they left. I could not get Elaine out of my head all day and rushed home to the girls. Candy only had on her black strapless bra and a pair of panties while Elaine had on my wife's sexy white robe, the one that Candy had worn. Wow! Candy sucked my cock while Elaine put on a show for me.

Elaine made sure that Candy got three loads before she had us take her home. The next morning at school I met Joyce who said that she would be my evening guest that night. I rushed home. This was great. I watched a different girl each night playing with her tits and pussy while Candy sucked Daddy's cock three or four times. Thursday when I dropped Candy off Karen and Fawn said that they were going to be there after school for me.

Wow! So I rushed home to find them all naked. Every girl except Candy had a shaved pussy. Fawn said that it was a tradition that they watch the father shave her daughter the first time then after that it was up to the girl to keep it that way or let one of the other girls do it. As I watched these two fine looking girls play with each other Candy kept sucking my cock. I learned that all of this was the girl's ideas. I was to be kept drained so that I wouldn't spoil the celebration on Friday.

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The girl had to loose her virginity to her father in front of the other members of the Incest Club and I had to be the first one to shave her pussy bald. The girls knew that their fathers liked bald pussies because they looked younger and more child like when their Daddy's fucked them.

I could fuck all of the girls as often as I could Friday, Saturday, and Sunday then on Sunday the other Daddy's would come and fuck Candy.

After that it was open season. I could fuck any girl that I wanted to any time that I could get the chance. However I was not to show too much partiality and I had to try to fuck them all evenly. They keep tract too just to make sure. They suggested that I start some kind of diary too. Finally Friday arrived. I made up an excuse to get out of work a couple of hours early and got home before Candy. The girls all arrived together. Actually one of the mothers dropped them off. They brought in nothing but the mother didn't seem to notice.

When I asked about them not bringing a change of clothes for a sleepover they laughed. Deloris was the leader and said, "Okay! It's Friday and everyone has waited all week for this. Are you ready?" She looked at me so I answered, "Yes!" Deloris looked at Candy and asked, "Are you ready?" Candy answered, "Yes!" Deloris said, "Well then lets get started." The five girls undressed.

I had already seen them all but this sure was a very nice sight. Candy took both of my hands facing me and said, "Daddy I want you to undress me, take my virginity, and shave my pussy bald!" Then she added, "If you do this in the presence of my fellow club members we are yours for the rest of your life." I undressed Candy, which wasn't all that hard. She kicked off her shoes and I lifted her dress up over her head. She hadn't worn anything else to school that day.

I stripped as quickly as I could knowing that each girl had already seen my cock anyway. Candy got on her back in the middle of the living room rug and beckoned me to her outstretched legs. I got between them. She was so wet that there was no need for foreplay however I really wanted to kiss her pussy before I fucked it for the first time.

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Candy placed the head of my cock at her entrance and closed her eyes. I plunged forward sliding right up into her with very little resistance. Candy opened her eyes and smiled at me. She saw the astonished look on my face and said, "Mommy bought me a really nice dildo last year for my birthday. I knew that your cock would fit but I was a virgin because I never had a real cock in there before.

I hadn't even paid attention to the cheering and clapping from the other five girls. I knew that I was way too excited to last very long. I know that they expected it to be short too.

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So I just filled my daughter's pussy with cum. After that a girl brought me a bowl of water and another one brought me my razor and a can of shaving cream. There was also a warm wet washcloth and a towel to put under her butt. Another girl handed me a pair of scissors and took the hair that I cut off from Candy's pussy. Then I got to shave my little girl's pussy as bald as when she was a baby. I was told to shave it twice and to finger her pussy and lips to make sure that I got it all.

I was also told to shave around her asshole too if it was needed. She was spotless when I was done. Then I shaved each of the girls so that they were fresh for me to fuck too.

I managed to fuck three more of them before I desperately needed sleep. Early Saturday morning I awakened to six naked horny girls. I had to fuck the other two before I could get up. They all watched me pee, shave, and then took turns in the shower with me. I really wanted a bigger shower so that all seven of us could have showered together.

When we downstairs the mother that had dropped them off after school Friday was standing in my kitchen naked fixing us breakfast. It was Deloris' mother.

She introduced herself and asked Deloris how I did.

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Deloris praised me and said that I rated five on a scale of six. Deloris' mother was very impressed at that.


I noticed that she was shaved bald too. After we ate I was back in demand. Candy was up. Deloris' mother cleaned up, washed the dishes, put things away, and then left. Elaine's mother came by to fix us lunch. She too was naked and shaved. Her daughter was next right after we ate. Joyce's mother fixed dinner for us naked, cleaned up, and left too. Karen's mother fixed Sunday breakfast and Fawn's mother fixed Sunday lunch.

Then the other Daddy's arrived. They did a very nice gently gangbang on Candy. Once they were done the other five Mommy's arrived with a special present…my wife. She was naked and had a bald pussy too. As I was being inducted all week long so had she been. She had never gone to that seminar.

Instead she had been with one couple for a full evening Sunday through Thursday. Then the men had her Friday evening all to themselves. All day Saturday and up to Sunday afternoon she had belonged to all of the adults to use.

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Then I had to fuck Candy one last time with sixteen people cheering me on. After that I had six wives and six daughter to fuck all I wanted too.

The End