Beautiful Teen getting fucked and jizzed

Beautiful Teen getting fucked and jizzed
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The only light left in the dead-silent room was the glare of the orange street light pouring in from the window. That light had always pissed him off. It was the only thing that could keep him awake at night; the only thing he could stare at for more than 30 minutes. He always wanted to take its place. He always wanted to stand there, lighting peoples paths and watching their day ease on closer and closer to success. His day never did.

His days always sucked. He hated his life; his family had fallen apart within a heartbeat when his drunken older brother abused him. His mom found out and kicked Justin out before her beloved Caden could clear his head and find out what was going on; his parents went through a bad divorce when he was 8, and that was 9 years ago.

He lived with his mom and his girlfriend now. He eased across the room with pure silence as he grabbed his jacket off the chair and tucked his feet in his shoes, deciding that he would tie them after he left. He used the orange light in the room to glance one last time at Blaine; she was beautiful.

Her PJ Shirt- which was actually just one of Caden's old ratted up tees- twisted around her body and was up above her pierced belly button. No bra, of course, for the best comfort, and a pair of his old boxer shorts rested among her thighs. He loved her more than anyone; she was his only girl, besides his mom. He slid his jacket on and left the room, trying his best to close the door as quiet as possible. He pressed his forehead against the door and closed his eyes for a moment; this was the last time he could ever see her.

He opened his eyes and they immediately filled with warm tears.

The automatic hallway light turned on as he moved down the hall. He peered into his mothers room to check on her. He would miss her, too, of course. She was a great mother- it would just be awkward to live with her dead son's girlfriend and no one else. He thought it through, for a while, that if he left she might have invited Justin to move back in. Caden always noticed Justin glancing at Blaine's ass every once in a while, and it of course pissed him off.

What if he took Blaine? Caden's fingers wrapped around the brass doorknob of the front door. He turned it and pulled it open, sensing freedom on the other side. He glanced across the hallway again, his face turning red and his eyes getting wetter by the moment.

He stared out the door for a long time, letting the crisp, freezing air dry the streaks of tears off of his face. He held his stature for many moments, rethinking over and over what he was about to do.

He began to step out of the house.

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He would have stepped out, too, if he hadn't jumped and tripped over the doorstep. Something yanked him to the ground as he tripped.

He struggled back onto his feet as he tried to make out the shape of what was standing in front of him. Whatever it was, it slammed him into the wall and pinned both of his wrists above his head. "Where are you going?" Blaine playfully stepped on his feet and tiptoed to reach his face level. She stared into his eyes while he blushed and licked his lips.

He hesitantly shrugged and tried to escape her hold, but she pinned him right into the wall again. "Nowhere, Blaine. I just wanted some fresh air." "Why?" She raised her eyebrows.

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"Because. I. I can't sleep." "No, Caden. If you couldnt sleep, you would have woken me up. And we would have talked until we fell asleep together.

Thats what we usually do, and you know that. Where are you going?" "Why does it matter?" She sighed and stepped away from him, pressing her hand into the door and quietly shutting it, being sure that Caden's mom wouldnt hear. "Not again, Caden." She looked down at his feet and teared up, grabbing both his hands. "Please take me with you. If you go, I go." He looked away and examined the clock.3:48AM.

"Blaine, you know that there's a reason why I try and do this while you're sleeping. You can't come with me. I'm sorry." She tightened her grip on both his hands and stared up at him, even though he was refusing to look her in the eye. "If thats the case, then I'm not going to sleep anymore. I'm going to stay up and make sure you're home, 24/7." She tried to hold his face and pull it back to look at her, but he would just force his face away from her palm and look away again.

She was upset, of course. He couldn't plainly see that; only because it used to be different. She used to get furious with him. She would hit him, push him into walls, scream at him. She hated him for being suicidal. She hated him for making her fall for him so much that she couldn't live without him. She tried so hard to tell him that, but he would never believe her. Then one day she found articles on google on how to deal with someone as anxious as Caden, and she began to learn from those.

She became more sensitive to him; she listened to him more and let him deal out what he was feeling. He started to push her away and press her back into the wall, as he opened his door and walked out again. She followed him and took his hand, looking up at him and walking at his side. "I'm coming too, baby." She grinned at him. "I'm coming, as long as you don't let go. Don't let go, okay?" She tightened her grip on his hand.

"I'm sorry, Blaney. I have to let go." She jumped in his path and stepped on his feet, holding onto his shoulders and pulling his face down. She abruptly kissed him and forced his face forward by holding onto the back of his light brown hair-covered head. Her muscles relaxed and he responded by kissing her back. He held her there for a moment, until he slid his hands onto her hips and pulled her away.

He looked down at his feet and played with her fingers. "At least tell me where you're going." She demanded, refusing to let go of his shoulders. "Look, I have to go." He mumbled, trying to step past her, knowing she would just follow him. They were still on his driveway, and he just wanted to be a little further to his destination, which was only a few blocks away. "No. Caden wait! No. Please Cadey. Wait." She begged, trying to yank him back by grabbing his shirt. She started to cry and insisted he tell her why he was leaving her.

She was on the ground now, while she crawled out and grabbed his leg. He tried to shake her off, but she wouldnt let go. She quickly stood up and yanked him forward by grabbing his shirt, and locking their lips together. She began to kiss him passionately. It was different than usual. She wrapped her arms around his neck and he picked her up while she wrapped her legs around his waist. He didnt move like she had wanted him to, so she fell out of his arms (not breaking the kiss, of course), and pushed him back into the house.

They stepped in together while he quietly closed the door behind him, stumbling in and falling on the couch just about 5 feet away from the door. She fell on top of him, her legs around his waist and her hands on both sides of his jaw. She only kissed him harder, breathing into his mouth and running her fingers through his thin hair. He was about to pull away and refuse to let her win him over for tonight, until she stood up and threw her shirt on the floor.

He caught sight of her flat belly and her hourglass shape. She pulled off the pair of boxers she wore to bed; the only thing left was her panties. They were green and lacey; a thong, like Caden liked it. She pulled those off, too, and laid back on top of him without letting him have a long sight of her bald pussy.

She began to kiss him again, pushing her tongue into his mouth and exploring his depths. He breathed hot air into her mouth and she ran her tongue along his, making him shudder.

She started to unbutton the top of his plaid flannel, and he helped her by unbuttoning the bottom. Soon their hands met, and she responded by grabbing his and pushing them onto her C-cup tits. He started to caress them, pinching her nipples and grazing the sides of them with his fingertips. Blaine arched her back and moaned into him as he bit her lip and continued to play with her beautiful breasts. She straddled his lap and eased down onto his hips, grinding his dick through his jeans.

She put her hands on Caden's firm, flat chest and kissed him twice as hard as before.


He started to run his hands up and down her waist, giving her goosebumps. She urged on further, unfastening his belt and throwing it on the floor. She unbuttoned his jeans and unzipped them, pulling them down and glancing down at his boxers. She noticed his boner; who wouldnt? His 8-inch boners were perfectly enough for her. She rubbed it through his boxers while he tilted his head back and moaned, rolling his eyes back and pushing his groin into her hand.

She knew he loved it, he always did. She pulled his boxers off and added them to the heap of their clothes on the floor. She moved on top of him and hovered above his lap while he sat up. She grabbed hold of his shoulders and softly held his dick, wrapping her little fingers around it and pushing her hand up and down.


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Blaine. ohh baby." He knew he shouldn't be here. He was supposed to be dead by now. His plan was to die at 4:00am sharp, and it was 4:12 already.

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She always won him over; almost one night every week she convinced him to stay. She always won. Blaney stepped off of the couch and stood on her knees as he sat normally with his back on the cushions. He spread he legs apart since he already knew what she was going to do to him. She bent down and slid her mouth over the head of his cock, softly sucking on it and jacking off his shaft. She was driving him crazy; She pushed her mouth further onto his dick, taking 4 inches into her mouth.

She pushed her head back and forth, bobbing it across his steel rod. Caden ran his fingers through her hair, tilting his head back and staring at the ceiling. He started moaning and grinding his hips side to side, feeling the thick fabric of the couch pressing against his butt.

She grabbed his thighs and tried to hold him still, pushing her mouth back and forth faster. She immediately slowed down for emphasis, sucking it hard enough for it to hurt.

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Grabbing a fistful of her hair, Caden lost it. She wanted to make him cum. She needed to make him cum. She needed to satisfy him; she needed to get him to stay. She ran her tongue up and down the underside of his cock while she held it as close to his balls as possible. She fondled his nuts with her other hand, avoiding giving it contact with her nails. She pulled her mouth away and spat on his cock, jacking it off and spreading saliva along his shaft. After doing so, she gently blew on it and continued to jack it off.

Within milliseconds, she dove her head back down and took him back into her mouth, bobbing up and down again. She pulled it out to the head. sucking the crown and pressing her forefinger into his foreskin, Caden screamed something unintelligible and came hard. She swallowed all of it. She ran her tongue up the underside of his cock once more to catch the cum that leaked from lips.

She stood back up and stared at him. His face was read and his arms were spread across the back of the couch, moaning and panting. He had to stare at her though, and for the first time of the night he saw her entire body at once. She moved back on top of his lap, grabbing his dick and pressing it against her entrance. "Caden?" She asked. She needed to know he was still with him. She needed all of his attention, all of it.

"Yeah." He muttered between deep breaths. "I love you. You cant leave me. Don't leave me sweetheart, okay?" Caden just nodded.

"I love you, too. I wont leave y-" Before he could finish his sentence, Blaine sunk down onto his cock and pushed it all the way into her love canal. She started to grind his lap, his balls grazing her ass every couple seconds. She wrapped her arms around his neck, holding the back of his head for balance, and started to ride him. The sides of their heads rubbed against eachother and she rocked back and forth on his dick, nibbling on his ear and gently sucking his earlobe.

He moaned and held onto her ass, pushing her up and down on him harder. She bit her lip and rode him harder, tugging on his hair. He was exhausted; he knew he wouldnt be able to stay conscious until he came again. He didnt have the strength to sit up anymore, so he fell back and laid down flat. She held onto his chest for balance again, riding him as hard as possible. He angled his hips so the head of his cock stroked her g-spot within every thrust.

She started to scream his name. He pussy muscles tightened around his cock and she screamed, but Caden quickly grabbed his shirt and bundled it up, pushing his shirt into her mouth to muffle it. She kept rocking, screaming things that he couldnt hear because of her newfound muzzle. She came, shaking and jolting, stopping for a moment. He came with her, spitting loads and loads of cum into her. Blaine collapsed on top of him, panting and confessing her love for him.

He had heard it a million times before, and under his breath continued muttering "I know. I know, Blaine, I know." over and over. They caught their breath and held onto eachother, playing with body parts and holding eachother.

She won him over this time, she knew it. She just had to wait another week to win him over again. They finally relaxed and quieted down and began to fall asleep, forgetting that Caden's mother slept approximately 20 feet away.

They both heard footsteps but figured it was only a part of their dreams; they slept for about 20 minutes before the silence of the room finally spoke.


"What's going on in here?"