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Kat was 5'1" (155cm), 15 years old and had straight brown hair reaching halfway down her back. She had 36b tits and a slim body, with a small but cute ass. She had sexy deep red lipstick on, a low cut, loose thin black top and a small black pleated skirt.

Underneath, she had a black lacy bra and matching panties. She had told her mother that she was going to Alice's house for a sleepover. She packed her school clothes for the next day, so she didn't need to come back, but had "forgotten" her pyjamas.

How unfortunate. As her mum pulled over in front of Alice's house, Kat jumped out of the seat and ran to her friend's door without so much as waving goodbye. When she reached the front door she heard her mother leave, and suddenly she was nervous.

Alice was sitting impatiently in her room, waiting for her friend to arrive. Once she heard the doorbell ring, her face lightened up and she jetted down the stairs, ignoring her parents as they watched, confused, Alice's naked body running past them, her tits and ass shaking as she sped along. She reached the door and pulled it open. She saw her best friend and a massive grin spread itself across her face.

A guy across the road to them saw Alice naked in the driveway and stared. Alice pulled Kat into the house and shut the door. Alice and Kat looked at each other for a few seconds. Then, Alice pulled Kat up up to her bedroom. On the way, Alice's mum, Jenny, gave them a knowing look and both of the girls were sure that she was on to them.

"I'll assume you don't want your parents to know why you're here, Kat." said Jenny. "No." was Kat's reply. "Well then, you girls have fun." Alice gave a grin and Kat just looked relieved. When they got into Alice's room, the girls looked at each other. Kat's eyes looked at Alice's tits. They looked better, more real now in person.


She also looked down at her friend's pussy. It was slightly glossy, wet with anticipation. Her hand twitched, and it slowly moved towards Alice's pussy, but faltered and returned to her side.

She was nervous. Alice sighed and gabbed her friend's hand, then swiftly placed it onto her pussy. Kat's hand felt odd and cool against her pussy, and Alice gave a little gasp. Kat felt a little more confident now, removing her hand from Alice's cunt and licking the juices off her hand seductively. "No fair. Why am I the only one who's naked?" Kat blushed, and then pulled off her top. She was about to pull her skirt down, but then she stopped. She'd had an idea.

She turned around and bent far forward. Alice put her had on Kat's ass, rubbing and feeling it. Then, she pulled her friend's skirt and panties down at once. Kat hadn't been expecting it, and she let out a yelp when it happened. She turned back around to face Alice. She put her hands behind her back and unclasped her bra.

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They were both naked. Kat then pushed her friend down onto the bed and passionately kissed Alice, their tongues intertwining. When they broke off, they were both panting. Alice could taste herself in Kat's mouth. Then, Kat moved on. She focussed her eyes on Alice's right tit.


She kissed it around the areola and massaged it, then licked the tip. Soon she was sucking and nibbling away at Alice, and Alice was moaning and squirming. Kat switched tits, going at Alice with everything she had. Alice was eager to begin returning the favour, so she reached her arm out, going her friends pussy. She started fiddling with Kat's cunt.

Then, Jenny walked in. "You left the door open" was the first thing she said to them. They both looked at her while she was talking, but they didn't stop going at each other.

Then, Jenny pulled out a thick double sided dildo. "Maybe this will help." The girls looked at Jenny with approval.

Then, Jenny said: "I suggest you don't close the door, Jamie is having a blast watching the two of you. Oh, and you should try to 69." Alice pushed Kat below her and twisted around so she was looking at her pussy. Right before she started sucking, Kat gave her clit a flick and she moaned, very loudly and audibly. Alice tightly grabbed Kat's ass cheeks, and pulled kat's pussy towards her face. She licked Kat right on the clit, and Alice felt Kat's lower half shudder.

As she started nibbling and sucking Kat's clit, she felt her own pussy being satisfied. Kat was eagerly sucking and licking at Alice, savouring her friend's sweet taste.

Alice was the first to go. She shuddered and moaned loudly, almost shouting. Despite having cummed, she was still eager to help Kat finish. She continued to suck Kat's clit, but started fingering her as well, with 2 fingers from her left hand. Then, she heard a scream coming from Kat, and suddenly there was a clear-ish white fluid coming out of her pussy. Alice tasted it, and once she had she was addicted. She drank all of Kat's sweet nectar and couldn't wait for the day that she started to have her own.

The 2 girls, exhausted, could hear Jamie give a little moan as he too cummed, after watching them go at it. He so desperately wanted to join in, but thought they might object. Hearing Jamie cum, the girls gave a little giggle. 5 minutes, and a drink of water later, the girls were ready to go again. Alice picked up the dildo. It was long and thick, made of a rubbery translucent purple material. She put one tip onto her pussy, and started trying to push it in. Alice yelped as the first few centimetres of the toy entered her.

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She tried to push it further, but she wasn't quite wet enough. "Mum!" she called, "Do you have any lube?" Jenny quickly brought them some lube and winked to them as she left. Alice pulled the dildo out, and spread some of the lube onto it. Then, she tried to push it up herself again and it slid in more easily. "Ok.

I'm ready." said Alice. She pulled the dildo back out and gave it to Kat. Kat lubed up the other side, and pushed it into her.

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She gasped, relishing the amazing feeling. Alice giggled and started straddling Kat. She pushed her side of the dildo gently into her pussy, and the girls moved to the centre of the bed.

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Just as they were about to start, Jenny came in with a towel. "Put this under your ass, Kat, just in case." they lifted themselves just enough for the towel to pass under, and now they were ready. Alice lowered herself down onto Kat slowly. Both the girls felt the dildo going deeper into them, both moaning with every centimetre. Then, their pussies collided. They both looked at each other proudly. Together, they had swallowed 9 inches of fat dildo.

Alice slowly pulled away, and then pushed back again. Every time she did this, it went faster. She was humping her best friend.

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And she loved it. At the same time, both girls became aware that their hands weren't doing anything. Alice quickly started squeezing Kat's tits, and Kat grabbed Alice's ass, squeezing and rubbing it. Alice was rapidly pumping into Kat now, the 2 girls moaning simultaneously every time the dildo reached full penetration. But now, Kat was tired of being ridden. She pushed Alice under her and started riding her. Alice picked up the lube and put some on her index finger.

Then, she slipped the finger into Kat's tight ass. Kat let out a massive moan of pleasure, and Alice felt both proud, and upset that Kat hadn't done that to her. In truth, Kat had thought about it, but was scared Alice might not like it.

She couldn't be more wrong. Within ten seconds, Kat came, and that pushed Alice over the edge too. The girls climbed off each other, and then both Kat and Alice started licking the cum off the dildo and their pussies, Kat even trying to get some nectar from the towel. Once all the cum was gone, they lied beside each other, and panted for a minute, then turned to each other and passionately kissed.

Jamie had heard them finish, and was finally ready to cum again. His cock was hard and ready. He waited for 5 minutes for the girls to recover once more, and then he got brave.

Jamie walked over to them, and said "Can I join in this time?" The girls both looked at each other, giggled, and said "You should have asked sooner." Before he could even respond, Kat was already in front of him, kneeling. She put his cock in her hand and moved it up and down his shaft a few times, then licked the tip of his cock. She stayed still for a moment, considering, and then put the dick in her mouth.

Since this was her first time sucking someone, she only fit the first quarter in her mouth, but it didn't matter to Jamie. This was the best feeling of his life.

And with Kat's innocent eyes looking up at him while his cock is inside her face, he moaned and felt like he was in heaven. Alice looked at her brother. His bottom half was naked, but his shirt still covered his torso. She walked behind him and pulled it over his head. "Thanks." he mumbled. Alice walked back around and knelt next to Kat. She reached her head around and started sucking Kat's tits. Kat moaned as she sucked and this spurred Jamie on.

He was close to cumming.


Alice wasn't going to settle for just tits. She pulled Kat off her brother's cock, and started sucking. She managed to engulf half of his dick, and this plus the incest that made him feel even hotter, brought him quickly to a finish, launching cum into Alice's mouth.

Alice swallowed a lot of it, but kept the last mouthful and then crawled over to Kat. She kissed her friend, transferring some of Jamie's cum into Kat's throat. The girls kissed for a little longer, then giggled and hugged. Jamie's cock started to get a little limper now that it was emptied. Jenny had heard the finish and came in. She said "Now, all of you should get a shower." Jamie started asking who would go first, but Alice just stopped him and said "All together, silly!" The three of them piled into the shower.

The girls decided it would be fun to let Jamie wash them, so they both stood, awaiting his washing. He first spent a few minutes carefully massaging their tits, getting moans from them as he went.

He fingered their nipples and pinched them playfully. Next, he told them to turn around and bend forwards. He soaped up their asses and washed the firm smooth behinds. He next lathered up their pussies and fingered their clits until they came once more. Then, he spread soap around everywhere else, and washed himself too.

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They all rinsed off and walked out of the shower. They dried themselves, and, exhausted, all went to sleep naked in Alice's bed.