Lovely girl shoving a toy in her cunt

Lovely girl shoving a toy in her cunt
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Death Name 2 Read death name first please I know I'm a bad writer As Sheriff Webb walked in with his wife an daughter.

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Please have a sit. I said as I moved to the couch. Let me go get Lisa. I walked in and threw the bedroom to the bathroom. Lisa was getting dress. A pair of blue jeans and a Alabama shirt. I could watch her all day.

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Sheriff here with his wife an all. I told her watching her and smiling. What is up with you? You have never really wanted to have kids and then you did thing we have never done.

Not even our wedding night? Are you o k ? Im not complaining. You were amazing. I haven't had orgasms like that in a long time. Lisa asked All I could do was smile Please hurry. I asked and walked back to the living room. Lisa will be out in a moment. I told them. We have only been home for an hour. We stopped at Myer's house before coming home. May I get y'all something to drink? I asked picking up my glass and plate.

No. No thank you. Said Webb.

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But I do need to talk to for a minute or two. As he followed me in the kitchen. Yes sir. I said Once in the kitchen he asked about the night before. We don't know much about the other night and I wanted to ask you before thing get out. Asked Sheriff Webb. He was alway straight to the point Off the record ? I asked He nodded I was on patrol. When the call came about Myer.

I drove right there as fast as I could. The k-9 truck was in the ditch and looked like the semi had hit it. The semi was on it side. Myer's body was in the middle of the road. I called for an ambulance an when to check on him and then my mind goes blank. I told him Well I think he hit somebody.

The man must have ran out in front of his truck.he call it in on his cell phone and started first-aid. At sometime he walked of to the truck and let Texas out. That's when the semi must have hit his truck and killed him. Webb told me. After sometime. Of silence we walked back to the living room. Lisa and the sheriffs wife were talking. As they all talked about things I watched Brook the Sheriff daughter texts her friends think about her.

She was only 15 and about 100lb wet. Small little tites.

Maybe out of a tranny bra. Damn what it would be like to be the lucky baster that get to take her cherry. As they got up to leave I couldn't help to look at her ass. A nice little bubble but in a pair of skinny jeans. After they left I asked Lisa to call Jeff an Sam and see if we could get out of supper plans. As she did that I checked to make sure Rick had all his uniform ready for tomorrow night. I got to thinking of all the years I had worked in the the cor and on the force.

And now did I realy want to start all that over again in Ricky's body?


Kids,bill,and all that comes with life? I could move into somebody else life and be better off, richer, better looking,and not have to work? All the thing I have ever dream of doingknow I could. Me and Lisa order her some pizza and talked about kids how many she wanted and were our life was heading.

I thought she must of had an idea about Rick an Jeff but as long as she had her ( looking in the windows prefect life) she would be happy. And Rick thoughts were the same. I didn't want to live that life. I wanted more. So over pizza I came to the idea of doing more. As soon as I finish this pizza I wanted more of that pussy before I had too get some sleep before work a night shift. After pizza we were sitting on the couch watching law and order.

I moved my hand on her thigh working in up and down slowly. What are doing? Lisa asked I gust smiled You are acting real weird. You have never started with me. She said Well I can't have kids by myself. Knowing that would change here mine off things.

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And it worked. Well come on. she stood up and siad walking the the bedroom. Once in there she was laughing and playing as we kissed and got undressed You're playful. Smile and said Yea. I want to play with you Searching Rick's mind remembering Lisa has her toys in her night stand.

She would use when I wasn't around or didn't get her all she wanted. I want to play whit you and all your toys. I told here She turned red in the face as her eyes rolled into the top of her head.

Mmmm OK. She said She move and open her night stand pulling out about a 11in long and 2 in around dilldo, a little pick elephant vibrater ,and a small butt plug.

Then fell on to the bed. This was the kind of things I was thinking about early. Now if I didn't have to work tonight. I would be happy. I grab the dilldo and crawed over the bed. Kneeling over the top over her head and laying my dick on her forehead I haven't done anything like this since college.

And I was wasted on Xs and dope. She laugh I fell over. Feeding her my dick. Moving my hand to play with her pussy. You had to turn the bottom of the dilldo to make in come on. Resting the tip on her clit. She started bucking and moning.

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The more I hit her clit the more she hummed. Grabbing her elephant vibrater. It had a cord with the buttons on the battery pack. As it came to life the little elephant truck started going wild. When I place it on here clit she buck and almost thew me off. Using the dilldo I started to slip it in slow at first then once she had taken it all working in and out hard and fast.

Her hip shot up I keep it as she came. Letting my finger pushing all her wetness down to here ass she was pushing me off my elbows. I waited for here to stop coming. I pulled the dilldo out and when for her ass.

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As soon as the tip hit here asshole she started deep throating me. Hold me in till she gag over and over. I moved so I come. Hey! She shouted I don't want to come yet. I told her. She when to licking my nuts letting my dick play with her chin. Back to her ass I push it in real slow. She had my nuts in her mouth so I had to make it feel good. The little elephant was humming on her clit as she push and let the dilldo slip in here ass. Letting her asshole get acustom to being open by the dilldo.

I found her butt plug and worked it in her pussy. She started bucking again. I had too get the plug good an juice before sliding it in her ass.

She had never used it till now. Her friends for college gave it to her as a wedding prank Rick's memories of it was if she does use it I will.

Memories like that make my dick go soft. I think Lisa notice because she she started suck my dick again I removed the plug for her pussy. Now good a slick pulled the dilldo out an the plug when right in.

And the dilldo when right back in her pussy. She spit my dick out as she came again. I wasn't ready for the dilldo to shot out with a flood of her jucies. Damn I have never see any thing like that before.only in the moves. I rolled off her. I want some of that pussy. I told her She was in heaven and didn't heir a thing I said. I rolled her over to her stomach and pulled her ass over the side of the bed.

She want almost out of it.


Till I pulled that plug out of ass. And lined up and push in she was awake then. Please don't come in my ass. I need it for the baby.

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She asked. I wasn't going to last to long like that any way I could feel the dilldo working in her pussy. I had to enjoy for a moment before pulling out rolling back over to her back she pulled her self up on the bed. I pulled the dilldo out of her pussy. Replacing with my dick and working on it a little. She found the dilldo and stared working in up her ass. Wooo that was it two more pumps and I was coming driving my dick as far as it would go.

I could fill the cap on my nut it was vibrating too.

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I have never been fuck like at Ricky. She said. Making me remember that I was in his body and not my. You can sleep now for about five hours before you have to go in. She said reminding me. And to sleep I when More too come