Gorgeous brunette gets awesome fuck

Gorgeous brunette gets awesome fuck
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Sonia On a full moon night Sonia was walking in the jungle alone, Cold and Scared and it was getting dark. She started hearing noises but she couldn't really tell what it was. She could feel eyes just watching her from behind and following her, but at the same time she thought it was just paranoia and kept going; hoping she would get to somewhere soon. It was getting too dark and she was desperate to find a place to rest for the night.

As she was walking she saw an open area with no trees. She walked towards it so at least she could see better since it was too dark in jungle. As she got out of woods she saw a small cottage on the other side of a small creek. It was pretty dark and she couldn't really tell how deep the creek was but she tried to cross it since there was no other option.

She took the first step and the creek was deeper than she thought. Cold water ran between her legs as she crossed the water.


It was deep enough to almost reach her breasts. She hurried and ran to the cottage. She bang on the door and called to see if anyone would open the door.

"bang bang! is there anybody there? Can you please open the door, its dark and cold out here." No one answered the door. She went to the window but they were covered with heavy curtains from inside. She could tell there was no light coming from inside. As she looked around, the place looked kind of abandoned even though it looked like it used to be a nice little cottage with no more than one room.

She tried to push open the little green entrance door but it was nicely locked. She took a look around to see if there were any more cottages around but the place was surrounded by trees. Tired and hungry, she tried to find a place to sit in front of the door hoping the owner would show up and let her stay for the night so she could continue her way back to Anahita, a small town with a temple where people went to pay the priests so they pray for them to gods like Zeus, Aphrodite, Apollo and Athena, but she wanted her prayers to be addressed to Demeter.

People brought anything they could, gold, silver, shiny stones, food and even farm animals, and they asked for health, love, and wealth, but she was going to ask for rain for her family's farm. She was the oldest out of her sisters and that was why they sent her.


Her mom could not walk that far and her dad had to take care of the farm that had mostly dried and had become useless since there hadn't been a drop of rain for months.

Her dad was a middle age farmer and her mom was a few years younger. Her sisters, Anastasia and Pandora were each 18 and 17. In fact Anastasia's birthday was coming up in two weeks; her sister was born exactly the same day she was born 21 years ago. She knew the best gift to take back with her would be dark clouds that would rain over the whole village and her dads land.

As she tried to find a place to sit she saw a few big clay jars under the window. She tried to grab one of them to put in front of the door to sit on.

As she moved it she saw a key under it. She quickly grabbed the key and tried it on the lock. It worked and she pushed the door open. Inside looked pretty dark. She walked in and she could barely see anything. She opened the curtains and let the moon light brighten the room a little. Once she could see better she walked towards the large fire place that occupied the whole wall on the right side of the cottage and found some matches on top of the fireplace.

She gathered some dried branches left of the floor and stack them up on each other put some thicker pieces of wood on top of them. She lit branches on fire and watched it grow bigger. She closed the curtains and locked the door before taking look at the place. It was a little brighter now with the fire burning in the fire place. It looked like an old ladies living room. As she stood by the entrance she could see the fire place on her right. A big couch that looked almost like a bed was in front of her, facing her.

There was a dining table on the side of the couch. On her left was small chest. Looking around she saw a few thick candles. She grabbed two and lit them. She placed on the dining table and one on chest. It was much brighter now. It was dusty but cozy. First thing she tried to do was to look into the chest to see if there were any dried cloths in there so she could get out of her wet cloths but there was nothing in there. She decided to take off her clothes anyways so she wouldn't catch a cold.

She unbuttoned her dress and pulled it down just to unveil her firm big breasts. She completely took her dress off and placed it near the fire. She also sat near the fire to stay warm. In front of the fire place there was a big brown carpet that appeared to be wolf skin.

As she laid down she could feel the heat of fire on her skin. It felt so good feeling warm and dry. The wood fire was at its peak and it was getting very hot.

She could feel it burn her nipples. She moved back a little and it was perfect. The heat made her feel sleepy and after walking for almost 12 hours she was pretty tired. Next thing she knew, she was dreaming. But it was funny because she knew she was dreaming. It was a very clear dream and for a second she believed it was reality. But her logic didn't let her believe it for long. She was already in Anahita, right in front of the temple. She was in the same green dress but it was not wet.

But it couldn't be. She didn't remember passing through town walls and buildings or walking the rest of the way or even leaving the little cottage she had just stepped into. But she was there already and that was what was important. She rushed inside the temple. It was a huge building with big columns on its sides.

Inside was empty. As she walked in she could hear the echo of her steps. The place did not feel as she imagined. She had always heard from the people of the village that the temple was a very busy place and it had more priests than any other temple in Thessaly. She called to see if anyone was there. "Excuse me. Is there anyone here?" No one answered to her call. She started to look around but the temple had a very large, but simple architecture.

It was the biggest arena she had ever seen. All around the walls were big columns and chairs, where priests sat and took what people had brought for them in exchange for prayers.

At the end there were many big statues of all gods. The biggest one was Zeus. All the other gods were lined up besides each other right behind him. All the statues were enormous. After not being able to find a priest she decided to pray herself. Since there was no one around she decided she could get as close as she could to Demeter's statue and pray for her dad's farm.

As she approached the gods she bowed and approached Demeter. Once she passed Zeus's statue she saw a set of stairways heading down behind the statue. She decided to try and go down to see if there is anyone to help her. At the end of the stairways was a thick old wooden door. She knocked on it and called a few times but no one answered. As she pushed on the door, it opened slowly, making little noise.

Steam started coming out of the mysterious room. It was much warmer and humid down there. There was a long hallway with three doors in it.

She walked down the hallway and could hear some noise. It sounded like a big group of people were talking and laughing. She wanted to knock but she was afraid. She didn't even know if she was allowed there.

So she decided to walk away, but suddenly she started hearing moans.

The sounds shocked her but she couldn't help but turn around and try to listen through the door. It sounded as if they were having a good time. There were small conversations but she couldn't hear what they were saying and every now and then she could hear a woman moan loudly or breathe heavily. She decided to bend over and try to peek from the crack of the bottom of the door. There were at least twenty people in there and they were all bare footed. She could also see some of men or women were on their knees, kneeling in front of someone else.

The sound of moans grew louder and louder and sounds of smacks and screams got added to them. She knew what was going on but she couldn't believe it. They were definitely having sex. A large group of people; how could they? In a temple? As she peeked through the crack, she saw one of the men lay down on the ground.

He was completely naked with his penis completely erect, pointing to the air. Her jaw dropped. It was not the first time she had seen a man's penis since she had seen the village boys washing themselves in the rivers but this one was different.

I was much larger than other men, it was ticker and longer and its head was swollen and wet. As she was staring at the man's cock she saw a woman stand over his body and land her body on his cock. She held his cock up straight and took it all the way in. his hands grabbed her ass and helped her go up and down on his cock she put her hands on his chest and started doing it even faster. It was a beautiful image. A man and a woman pleasing themselves with each other's bodies, she please herself with his big cock rubbing the inner part of her pussy while he pleased himself with her pussy tightly rubbing his cock.

She started imagining how it would feel to take that cock inside her. The naughty thoughts of getting fucked started getting her wet and she just wanted to touch herself. As she was bending on her knees and picking through the crack she start touching her pussy and feeling how wet she had gotten.

Now the man was grabbing the woman's breasts, she couldn't see her breasts but she knew that was what he was doing. Sonia started rubbing her pussy faster and closed her eyes just imagining the man's cock, as if she was there bouncing on him. Suddenly she felt a hand grab her ass, she got scared and gasped for air, tried to turn around to see who was grabbing her ass.

But he held her pony tail and did not let her look at him. "What are you doing here?" he asked with a thick voice. He sounded like a guard. "Nothing just came to pay for prayers for Demeter. It hasn't rained for a long time in our village and I…" "Shut up" he cut her. "What are you looking at?" "I was looking inside to see." "I guess you like what you're seeing" he cut her again. She didn't really have anything to say. "You have seen too much but I know what to do with you" he said.

"Please don't kill me I didn't see any faces, I didn't recognize anyone, please" she started to beg. He laughed and sounded entertained by her begging. "I'm not going to kill you. I'm just going to introduce you to these people so you don't have to peek through the crack." He pulled her hair and pushed her but he never moved his hand away from her ass.

He pushed her through the door and walked inside with her. She couldn't really look around since he was still pulling her hair so hard she had to look up. But as she walked into the room all the noises stopped.

All the moans and smacks. "Look what I found peeking through the door. This one is a curious little whore" he said "We should teach her a lesson" a feminine voice replied. He walked her to the center of room and let go of her hair. For the first time she could see the people around her. First thing she did was to remove the guys hand from her ass cheek. He gave her an evil smile and kept looking at her ass. He was a guard. He looked like a very strong rugged man. But she didn't really care as her attention was taken by more than thirty people naked around her, touching each other, kissing each other, sucking and licking each other and fucking each other.

There were couples fucking. There were women kissing and touching each other, and there were women being pounded by two or three guys, they were men who were being pleased by two or more women. The room only had a few candles in it but because of all the white marble it looked pretty bright.

The room was filled with white beds and white couches. The man who had brought her inside whispered: "this outfit is not proper for this party" and grabbed her dress and ripped it off. It happened so fast she couldn't even hold on to her dress. The fastest thing to do was to cover her big breasts but what about her round ass.

It was all for everyone to see. "This is better" he said. He ran his fingers on her back all the way to her butt cheeks before he left the room and left her alone, naked and defend less in between all those Horney men and women.

The two women who were making out had stopped and were talking to each other and looking at her. Then one of them stood up and came close, softly held her hand and pulled her towards them. She followed her and sat next to them. The second woman was still lying down and looking at her when the first one went back to work by starting to suck on her pretty breasts. She seemed to enjoy having her breasts being sucked; she closed her eyes and put her hand on Sonia's leg.

The woman started to kiss her body and move towards her pussy till she was in between her legs kissing her lips.

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She was moaning next to her and seeing someone being pleased like that had turned Sonia on a bit. She started licking her pussy when the second woman moved her hand up and touched Sonia's vagina. She let out a moan and held on to the woman's hand. She looked at Sonia and said "You're pretty wet" that caused her to get embarrassed a little but she forgot all about it as she started to massage her pussy.

It felt so good and she was right, she was wetter than any other time.

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She opened her eyes and looked at what the other woman was doing and she was passionately licking and tasting her pussy. As if she was hungry and that's all she could eat. She started to look around again. Next to her there was a tall man standing and in front of him two women kneeling, one sucking on his cock and the other one licking his balls. His balls looked pretty big as they covered most of the woman's face. The other one was having a hard time to take his cock down her throat but he would push her head down.

As he put his hand on her head to push her down on his cock Sonia noticed how big his hands were. Not only his hands but as he took his cock out of her mouth to put it in the other woman's mouth she saw his huge cock, it was much bigger than the last guy she saw. As she were watching the big guy please himself with those two beautiful women and their tight throats she didn't notice that the other two women were right in from of her. The first one started sucking her breast and the other one started to kiss her lips, her lips were wet and tasted great.

She realized the woman who was kissing her was the one who was eating the other woman's pussy a minute ago. Sonia couldn't control herself anymore and started kissing her back and tasting her lips. She closed her eyes and just enjoyed her lips being kissed and her breasts being sucked and hearing the other two women gag on the tall guys cock.

She started to touch the woman who was sucking her breasts, She squeezed her breasts. They were big and soft. Sonia couldn't help but to be more attracted to her since she was prettier, and had bigger breasts and she had just tasted her pussy on the other woman's lips.

They helped her lay down and the woman who was kissing her lips moved down on her and started kissing her other lips; it was hard not to moan loudly. Finally the prettier woman put her knees on each side of her head and lowered her body to her face; Sonia held her butt cheeks and tasted a woman's vagina for the first time. It didn't have a strong tasted to it but it tasted so good, it felt so wet and it was all over her face already, she could feel the other woman digging inside her pussy with her tongue, the woman on top of her started to move her hips on her mouth and rub her pussy against her tongue, She didn't really know how to please a woman but she was trying her best to do everything she thought would feel good.

She grabbed the woman who was eating her and pushed her head onto her pussy, Sonia let out a moan so did she. The woman on top of her sounded really pleased and her moans got louder and faster and she started almost pounding her face with her pussy.

Until she gave out the last and loudest moan and Sonia started tasting a sweet juice, it was amazing, she could not stop eating and tasting it. She had never had anything tasting this good before. She held her face and got off of her.

The other woman who was eating her gave a few last kisses to her pussy and left. The pretty woman stood up and reached for her hand. She held her and stood up next to her she gave her a kiss and walked her to the tall man. He was done with those other women and now he was just eating some grapes. "look what I have for you" she told him. He turned around, he was still hard and his cock was pointing right towards her.

She couldn't help but to stare at that big cock. He had a darker tone skin than other men in that room with black hair. "She is indeed beautiful" he replied. "are you done for today or can you go on longer?" she asked. He smiled as if he knew she was trying to tease him by saying so.

"you should know me by now" she knelt in front of him and looked up to Sonia, she did the same and knelt next to her. Both of them were now on each sides of his cock and it was so big that she couldn't really see the woman's face as his cock was covering most of her view. The woman grabbed his cock and slowly felt it all over. Gave it a few passionate kisses and slowly stroke it.

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Then she pointed his cock right in her face. She didn't really know what to do but started kissing its tip and held his balls from under. "Open your mouths "he demanded. she did as he told her, he slowly pushed his cock inside. She raped her lips around his cock and it tasted amazing, it turned her on so much and she wanted to taste all of his cock suddenly. She let out a moan and he heard it "good girl" he replied.

He put those big hands on her head and started going back and forth. He slowly went deeper and started hitting the back of her mouth with his cock. He let out a moan and she opened her eyes and looked up to see the man she was pleasing. "you look even prettier with my cock in your mouth" he said and that made her feel so proud of pleasing a man that she didn't even know.

she looked down to his cock and she could see the other woman sucking on his balls. He started to push his dick deeper and now he was hitting the back of her throat with his cock. she started gagging a little and tried to pull back but his hands were holding her head. His hands were so big her head looked like a grapefruit comparing to them.

He started fucking her throat faster. It was hard to believe she was only taking a little more than half of his cock down her throat. He got even rougher and pushed his cock even deeper, it seemed impossible for his dick to go deeper but he pushed and pushed and suddenly his cock jumped a little farther down her throat as if it had managed to pass through something tight. He stopped going back and forth and just held on to her head and pushed in. she closed her eyes and just pulled her tongue out as there was no more space for it inside her mouth since his cock was taking all the space.

She didn't know how deep he was until she felt his balls on her tongue. How could it be? How could he fit it all in her throat? Her lips were stretched, her mouth was stretched, her jaw couldn't open any wider, her throat was stretched and her saliva was drooling on her breasts. Tears had started dripping down her cheeks. He finally took his cock out and it took a while for his cock to come out all the way.

She gasped for air. She had held her breath for a long time.

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But for some reason she knew she wanted more. But she had to wait her turn. Now he put his cock in the other woman's mouth. She didn't wait for anything and started deep throating his cock right away. The cock that took so long for her to take in all the way was going in and out of her throat balls deep and at some point he was pounding his balls to her chin. One hand on her head he put the other hand on Sonia's head and directed her right to his balls.

She started sucking on them, taking them in one by one and tasting them.

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Then he grabbed them both by their hair and put their lips on each side of his cock and made them go back and forth on his cock. She could taste her salvia on his cock. While he was pleasing himself using them both, she decided to see how wet she had gotten.

her hand reached down to her pussy and felt it. It was dripping wet, literally. He directed their head by pulling on their hair and made them suck his cock one by one. Sonia was so turned on and curious to see if she was as turned on as her, she reached from behind and felt her pussy.

She was as wet as she was. It turned her on even more that she was turned on by the same man she was turned on by. He lifted them both and made them lay back on a white leather couch next to each other.

He got in between Sonia's legs and started to rub his cock against her pussy. They were both ready. He grabbed his cock and slowly pushed in. its head was in and he continued to push in, she could feel his cock fill her up. He started going back and forth and his balls started hitting her asshole. She had her legs wide open, she had her hand on his wide chest and the other hand on the naked woman next to her, feeling her skin.

She closed her eyes and just started enjoying his cock. "You like it?" the woman next to her asked. "I love it, I love his cock fucking my pussy" "fuck me, fuck me" She started to tell him.

He started to pound her harder. He was getting faster and her pussy was feeling so wet and warm, she started feeling the woman next to her and moved her hand down her pussy and started to rub her pussy.

He grabbed her neck and said "you're a good little whore." "oh yes I am, I'm a good little whore, fuck your little whore" she replied. He was much bigger than her and every time he would pound her a wave would go through her whole body. He slowed down and took his cock out of her pussy and moved next to her.

Now it was the other woman's turn. He was not as gentle with her as he was with Sonia. He started to fuck her hard and fast from the beginning and she sounded very please and started moaning loudly. He told her to get on all fours and wait her turn. Even waiting for that cock made her hot, him telling her what to do turned her on so much. As he pounded her he put his hand on Sonia's pussy and pushed his index and middle finger into her pussy and started to wiggle it around.

It felt so good, his hands were so big that each his fingers felt like little cocks. As he fingered her he pushed his thumb in her ass. It was little painful but it didn't stop her from enjoying it there. She relaxed as he pushed it in all the way in her ass, "it's really tight" he said "We should save it for Zeus" he continued. She opened her eyes, "could he mean THE Zeus?" That couldn't be, how could he know him? Who were these people? She was taken away from those thoughts as she felt his big cock push into her and started fucking her from behind.

He held on to her ass tightly and started to fuck her hard. Even though she had never done it she always thought she would like to get fucked from behind.

Like an animal, and he was indeed and animal. He put his hands on her shoulder and fucked her even harder. Her big breasts were wiggling around as he pounded her ass from behind. He was moaning so loud. He again took his cock out and started fucking the woman next to her the same position. "I always like to fuck you like this Athena" he said.

Sonia turned and looked at her. She had her eyes closed, her hair was being pulled from behind and getting fucked hard. Certainly not the picture she had in her head from Athena, Goddess of wisdom, warfare and reason. "And I always enjoy you fucking me like this Apollo" it was hard to believe her ears. Surely it was just a fantasy. They probably liked to name each other after the almighty gods. Before she could react, he reached and pulled her by her hair making her get under and in between the other woman's legs, as close as she could to her pussy, she was so wet that every time he would pump his cock in, little drops of her juice would squirt on her face, they started to get loud and he started to pound harder and harder.

He suddenly took his cock out and released his cum all over her face, it turned her on so much that she opened her mouth and he came even more in her mouth. His cum was warm and tasted great. It was so fulfilling swallowing his cum. What they had both worked hard for, and a way for him to show he was pleased to let her have his cum.

It tasted better than anything, he pushed her head towards his cock and made her start sucking it, it was even better sucking his cock with her testy juice all over it. He pushed it down her throat and led out a sigh. He was done but she kept sucking and wanting more. He smiled as she sucked his cock.

"Don't worry. Zeus will give you more" he said. END OF CHAPTER I