Sister shaking her fat ass on bed

Sister shaking her fat ass on bed
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Sex is nature, and I believe in going along with nature. Today is Becky's interview with JD Financial for a business loan, every Opthamologist's graduate's dream is to go into private practice.

Becky is now a licensed opthamologist and she doesn't want to work in someone else's practice. She runs the tips of her fingers through her long blonde hair, she is a bit more nervous than the average person but she can't help it, any interaction with someone she doesn't know has always been frightening and awkward for her, this is maybe the reason why she has very few friends and no boyfriend or ex boyfriend for that matter.

She is an attractive 31 year old woman, never married, and her body is slim and sexy. She walks through the rotating doors, and admires the coolness of this firm from the furnishing to the employees, everyone's seem so rich and determined, it goes hand in hand she assumes, she walks over to the front desk receptionist, " Hello my name's Becky Grey, I'm here for a loan interview." She manages to say sounding professional, she types out her name then looks up again, " Yes, Ms Grey, your interview will be done by Mr Malone, please go up to his office on the 25th floor, his secretary will instruct you further." she says, sounding even more professional with a polite smile.

" Okay thank you." Becky smiles back weakly By this point Becky is shaking from all the nerves, she has heard of Mr Malone, he's the billionaire owner of'JD' in JD Financial, she didn't think I personally did loan interviews, she thought doesn't he have people for that. During the ride up in the elevator, she goes through her answers in her head, and gives herself one last pep talk, you're top in your class, stop doubting yourself.

The doors finally open she runs her hands down her plum fitted dress and takes a deep breath and step outs. Becky is shown into my office, I'm standing looking out the window. " Miss.Grey?" My voice is warm but gruff. Becky's heart skips a beat and she jumps up out of her chair. She stood and extended her hand towards me, holding what presumably is a copy of her application. I'm older, late fifties maybe?

I'm wearing a black suit, black shirt, and black tie. On someone else it might of been too much, but on me it worked. " Hello, I'm Becky Grey." Becky flashed her teeth, hoping that her lip gloss still looked perfect. " I'm John Malone- it's nice to meet you. Follow me." Becky followed me into a large room. A board table sat in front of floor to ceiling windows.

On one either side of the board table are 5 leather chairs. I'm on her in a flash, grabbing her shoulders and shoving her hard against the boardroom wall, my right hand wraps around her throat and squeezes it lightly. Becky is starting to feel light headed from fear, she looks at me, and I have a frightening expression. She claws at my hand but my left hand effectively grabs both her wrists and bring it above her head against the wall.

" I demand things from female loan applicants?" I growl at her face bearing my white teeth, she feels like she is about to throw up.

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She wiggles her body against mine, trying to struggle out of my grip, but she presses her belly against something big and hard in my lower region, it takes her a moment to realize what that is before she becomes completely still and looks back at me, her eyes wide, I seem somewhat amused now, " Answer me," I say quietly. Becky bites her lip then swallows, my eyes follow the movement, " Yes you did.I'm sorry," She whispers, my gaze is locked on her mouth.

My eye move slowly up her face back to her eyes, my expression seems to have changed from anger to.hunger, she thinks. I release my hold, but as soon as she is free, I cup her face with both my hands and kiss her roughly, pressing her lips against her teeth painfully, she pushes against my chest trying to break the violation and protest, stop, against my lips but that allowed my tongue into her mouth, she feels tears running down her cheeks, this has to stop, I suck her lower lip hard, then nips it between my teeth, terrifying her further.

I pull away, rubbing the pads of my thumbs gently across her cheek bones, lightly wiping away her tears, as I look down at her, we are both panting.

" What did you think I called you here for, your loan is approved, I wanted to see you, I wanted you, from the first time I saw you in the lobby. I didn't have your loan approved because you were a good investment, I invested in you because I want to fuck you and I will.tonight.

You belong to me now. I've waited long enough and for the next 48 hours, I'm going to get my fix of you." I say seriously, Becky knew she is screwed, she stares at me, horrified and speechless, I planned this from the beginning, how could she not see it?.

I take her hand and walk her through another door, to the front of a bed. Becky walks with me silently to the bed, trying to come up with a way to escape, she needs to hit me and knock me unconscious and get out of here. But how?


She looks around, and spots the vase on the dresser before I whip her around to face me, as we stand at the foot of the bed.

" I know your smart, don't prove me wrong by trying to do something stupid. I'm going to hurt you, don't make it worse for yourself." I advise calmly, looking down at her. My hand comes up to her chest, lightly tugging at her dress but she clutches on to it, " Please don't do this." She chokes out, with a fresh set of tears pouring down her face.

I regard her for a moment, she swallows, this is her chance, she knows what she has to do, she stands on her tiptoes, and slowly place her lips on mine, her heart's beating so fast, she can feel the drumming in her ears, she lets go of her dress to bring her arms up and around my neck, kissing me for all she's got, once her dress hits the floor, my hands are on her instantly, running along her body, squeezing her, everywhere. Becky tries to deepen the kiss further, and I groan into her mouth, grabbing her ass in my hands, I pull her against my chest.

She brings her hands to hold onto the sides of my face, my light facial hair scrapping against her soft palms. She takes my lower lip into her mouth, sucking onto it, like I did to her earlier.


She checks my face, my eyes are closed, I seem to be enjoying her kiss, that's when she clamps down her teeth on my lip, biting as hard as she can, she needs to taste blood, I hiss and immediately pulls away from her. Becky bolts to the dresser for the huge vase, with the full intention of smashing my skull open. She is fast on her feet so she gets the vase in her hand soon enough but before she can turn around to face me, I grab a handful of her hair painfully, reeling her back against me, I take the vase out of her grasp and throw it against the wall, hard, shattering it to pieces.

Becky starts sobbing, " You stupid bitch." I spit out in her ear, I drag her to the bed and shove her face first in the mattress, her body is bent at her hips with her toes still on the floor and her chest and face pushed into the bed, leaving her butt exposed, she struggles hysterically, trying to push herself up with her hands and kick back at me, but my hand is still gripping her hair, keeping her down.

I lean over her back, rubbing my groin against her ass.

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I yank her head up with her hair and speak directly in her ear, breathing hard, " You are mine, there's no escaping, do you understand me?" I ask roughly. " Yes, I understand, please." She pants. Becky remains on her belly, lying still, waiting for me.

She hears my breathing calm down then I slide my hands under her arms and pull her up on her feet. Once she is standing, I go to the bed and pull down the sheets and blanket, before coming back to her. I bends slightly and scoop her up in my arms. Carrying her to the bed, I climb onto the bed with my knees and then cautiously lay her down flat on the center of the bed, she whimpers at the contact of her butt on the bed.

I'm kneeling at the side of her, my eyes moving down the length of her body and she can't help but feel exposed so she brings her hands over her pussy.

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I reach out and push them aside, I lick my lips then cup her right breast, possessively. Becky squeezes her eyes shut, forcing the rest of the tears to seep down her face.

" Fuck," I groan, " I knew your tits would feel as good as they looked." with that I bend my head and suck on her breast roughly, lightly biting her nipple causing her to cry out. I sit up again and she opens her eyes, I drag my shirt over my head revealing my hairy chest, she stares up at me dazed and I chuckle, she blushes and feel her wet face start to warm. I straddle her hips and turn my attention back to her breasts alternating between them, sucking one while groping the other, feasting on her chest.

It's an overwhelming sensation, she doesn't understand it, her breasts feel so sensitive and each suck I make causing her pussy to clench, she moans and arches her back off the bed, bending her knees and curling her toes into the sheets, she feels me smile against her skin, what's happening to her, her entire body is tense, hot, and she is panting. I come up, bracing myself on my palms on each side of her and kiss her, Becky is so confused, what does she do.

I place kisses along her jaw, as I use one hand to pull down my pants and briefs. The contact of my big hard dick on her lower belly, sets her into action, she starts pushing her fists against my chest, crying for me to get off her, I'm sucking on her neck, completely oblivious to her struggles. I'm not listening to her, this helpless feeling lodges a lump in her throat that she can't seem to swallow, she doesn't want this, she can't breath.

" John" She chokes out weeping hysterically.

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I look up at her, I start to smooth her hair out of her face and wipe her tears away, " Ssh Becky, don't be scared, I'll make it feel good for you too. I need you to calm down, take deep breaths with me.yes that's it, you're can do need want this." She doesn't feel like she is suffocating anymore.

I kick off my pants and sit up on my knees, my eyes never leaving hers, I reach my hand down and her eyes follow my hand, Oh God, he's massive, my hand grabs the shaft.

Becky looks up at me and I smile leaning over her again, my body in between her legs, she feels my cock nudging against her, I inter-lock my fingers with hers and bring both our hands to the sides of her head, I let go of her left hand for a second to reach down and slide my cock in between her pussy lips to her slit and bring my hand back to hers, her gaze is locked with mine, my eyes look so dark, my pupils fully dilated, I bend down and kiss her again. Becky feels me entering her slightly and then I stop, stretching her open.

Becky kisses me back, trying to distract herself, then I slam my hips forward, forcing myself into her, she feels something tearing within her causing her to cry out in pain, I don't stop but, I'm suppose to stop and let her adjust, I withdraw immediately and shove more of my cock inside of her, she screams.

I groan, " Christ Becky, you are so tight, I can barely get in." " Your hurting me, stop," She begs, I'm too big, too thick. I start thrusting into her, harder, and faster, filling and stretching her beyond the point she can handle, she screams and cries for me to slow down.

" What did you think?" I ask breathing hard, " that I would be gentle with you, after that stunt you pulled.Did you think I would take care of you since you have not been with a man in a long time?" I ask darkly, looking at her cruelly, I leave her hands and go back to viciously groping her breasts.

" said you would.make it feel good," Becky sobs quietly, the pain is unbearable. " I lied," I say, smirking at her. I pick up the pace, " Wrap your legs around me" I growl.


She quiets down, she is starting to feel numb now, not her body, her body is still feeling the brutality, it's her mind that feels numb but my request seems to be the final push for her to fall off the edge and she explodes, " Fuck you!, you son of bitch!." She yells furiously and slaps me across my face with all her strength. I stop moving, my expression is one of shock but that transforms into something menacing, my jaw clenches.

I slam into her again, harder than before, she feel like I'm gonna tear her apart. I'm grunting above her face and slamming into her, like a animal, the slick skin of my abdomen rubbing against her flat belly.

Becky starts to see spots and her body tenses, her pussy clamps around my hard cock. I groan and start jerking inside her, my fingers digging into the skin of her neck. I explode in her, filling her with my cum. Becky sees a look of triumph on my blurred face as she passes out.

Giving into the darkness, finally. Becky wakes up soaking wet and gasping for breath, she is on her back, the room is bright. She looks up at the white ceiling and starts crying. I sit up and sigh, " I'm going to run on the treadmill for a while, I need you to pull yourself together." I say annoyed. I get off the bed, put on my clothes and leave the room. Becky lies on the bed for a while, contemplating her options.

She can't tell anyone, ' he's extremely powerful, he would get away with what he did. I just need to go home and figure a way to get away from him.

Don't piss him off and you will be fine.' She stands up slowly, her body is sore and raw. She goes into the bathroom avoiding the mirrors, she takes a shower, scrubbing herself thoroughly. Her skin turns red from her rough treatment and the streaming hot water but she has to scrub me off her. She can still feel me on her skin, my scent, my touch, she needs to get it off her.

She scrubs and scrubs, it's not going away, I'm not going away. Becky sinks to the floor, pulling her knees up to her chest and cries, she doesn't think she will ever be able to get away from me, not until I'm done with her. After some time she makes her decision, this has to be the last time she feels sorry for herself, she is done with being overpowered by me, she is going to stand up for herself, let's see if this asshole has the balls to break her, she is not giving up without a fight.

With that she stands up, closes the tap and steps out. Wiping the mist of the mirror with her towel, she looks at herself, she looks the same as she did before coming here, there are marks and bruises on her neck and chest, she takes a deep breath to prevent herself from crying again, don't break. She puts on her panties and dries her hair into soft bouncy waves that fall to her bra.

She puts on her dress, she looks in the mirror one last time and her reflection looks like her again. She feels better but she is hungry. She goes downstairs and wonders around, this place is magnificent, the view of the city is incredible. She finds the kitchen and looks for something to eat, the pantry is fully stocked but she is not a big eater, in general, this situation makes that worse, she just needs something to keep her going so she pours a glass of orange juice and finds some lush juicy red grapes, this will do fine.

She sits at the counter, sipping the juice slowly and picking at the grapes when I walk in the kitchen. I'm shirtless and sweaty, I stop and look at her surprised, she looks down at her glass, she doesn't want to look at me, especially since I'm half naked, it makes her feel.weird. I gets a bottle of water from the fridge and take a seat next to her.

" You look beautiful." I say and sit down the now empty bottle on the counter top. She ignores me, he thinks I'm beautiful.oh get a grip. " Is that all you eating? You need to keep up your strength for what I have planned." I say seriously.

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" I'm sorry, being here with you, doesn't really stimulate my appetite." Becky snaps and gets up. I grab her arm and yank her in front of me. " Oh baby, I see you check me out every chance you get.

Don't be in denial." I smirk at her. " No.I didn't expect to be here.I was not willing last night." She says dryly. My smirk fades away and I stare intensely at her for a few minutes.

I stand up slowly and pull her with me, she knows what's going to happen, so she doesn't beg, she doesn't cry, she just follows. I take her into the bedroom. I stand us at the side of the bed and grab her face, kissing her passionately, when she breaks away, she doesn't even remember her name, she is so dazed. " I'm going to make you want this.want me." I state darkly. " Maybe in your dreams, John." She smiles sweetly, challenging me. I pull her dress off and shove her on the bed.

I climb over her and kiss the tops of her breasts down to her navel, my hands running over her ribs to her hip bone. I yank her panties down her legs and throw them on the floor. I look down at her and lick my lips, " You intentionally came to me for a loan.knowing my reputation.You wanted to be fucked hard?" I said raising my eyebrow. She swallows, she didn't think about my reaction to her challenge. She should have though, I'm extremely turned on.

She shakes her head, lost for words. I smile at her, she can't help but react, she blushes. I flip her around, smack her ass playfully and pull her hips up so she is on her knees and elbows with her butt up in the air, level with my crotch. Becky squeezes her eyes shut and screams when I fall forward and enter her in one hard thrust, filling her completely, my arm on her back pushing her down and my other hand pressed on the bed next to her.

I withdraw slowly and push back in, it still hurts, her pussy stretching to the limit to accommodate me, there's a burning sensation at her opening.

I move in slow hard strokes, my balls slapping her very sensitive clit. I pick up the pace slamming into her, harder and faster, holding her down, forcing her to take what I'm giving and than I hit her g-spot that causes her to cry out, that feels amazing, she clenches around me involuntarily, wanting me to stay on her g-spot.

I withdraw and slam back in hitting that spot again. The pain mixed with this pleasure is messing up her mind, she is enjoying it, don't.don't cave, I start moving faster, slamming onto her pleasure spot repeatedly, my balls slapping against her sensitive nub, her stomach muscles tense,! She grips the sheets and screams, trying to pull away. " John," She cries. Her inner most muscles contract around me as I continue. Her breathe catches in her throat and she lets this feeling take over, her body stiffens and bows.

She caves, cumming hard on the cock of the man who raped her. Her legs trembling and she is about to drop on the bed but I wrap an arm around her hips, keeping her up. She goes limp, breathing hard. I stop moving, my cock still hard inside her, I un-hook her bra and pull her up by her hair against my chest, our sweaty bodies together. I slide the bra off her arms and hold onto her breasts with one hand and my other arm is around her stomach.

" I win" I whisper gruffly in her ear then nips her ear lobe. Becky has never felt so high, she feels like she is floating, her body is tingling, it takes her couple seconds to understand what I'm referring to, by than I'm running my fingertips down her navel, to her pussy.

My other hand squeezing her breasts, pinching her nipples. I start moving again, slamming upward into her, my finger moving furiously against her sensitive button, in a circular motion, her stomach tightens, no not again, she cries out and grabbing onto my wrist, in an attempt to stop me. But I continue pushing and pushing, rubbing and rubbing. " Please John.not win, please" She says breathless. " I always win" I growl, thrusting faster.

Her scream is high pitched, throwing her head back against my shoulder, and experience another mind shattering orgasm. Her neck muscles straining. She stops breathing. She blacked out for a couple minutes, when she opens her eyes, I'm lying her down on her back.

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She looks at me and I seem pleased with myself but I look like I'm deciding on something. I reach down, she furrows her eyebrows wondering what I'm up to now, my cock is still hard, I haven't cum yet, she looks up at me confused, I lean over her and enter her again, she struggles against me, " What are you doing!?" She yells, trying to push me out of her. " I changed my mind Becky, I want to cum inside you." I say gruffly. " NO! GET OFF ME!" She screams in panic pushing at my shoulders, I grab her thighs wrapping them around my waist then holding her wrists down as I slam into her, driving my cock over and over in her slick channel, I groan as my cock bumps against her cervix, causing her to cry out and clench her teeth, her face hot and wet with tears.

I stop, my eyes closed, every visible muscle in my body strains than she feels it inside her, thick hot liquid spraying inside her. I collapse on top of her, breathing near her ear. " God, that felt good." I say after a few minutes, she feels my lips against her neck. She lays under me, motionless, she is no longer crying, what did you do? you came twice then you let him cum inside you. " I hate you" She whispers and close her eyes, trying to figure out who she said that to, me or herself.