My very old hairy arab friend

My very old hairy arab friend
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In response to numerous requests, here's another chapter in the saga of Ranchland.

If there's enough interest, we can keep this story going for another 13 chapters. I can only count to 20, using all my fingers and toes. . 21, if I get a good hard-on. . ! [b]Ranchland - Chapter 7[/b] Ben surveyed the Longhorn herd's survival after their first Chinook experience. There had been some losses, but nowhere near as bad as he had expected. Out of a herd of two hundred head, they'd lost six. Maybe, he thought, these Longhorns would prove to be more adaptable than most of the local cattlemen believed.

If, by spring, they had proven themselves, there'd be a strong market for calves, with a little marketing on his parrt. As Amy had the only sizeable herd of that breed in the area, she could be sitting on a potential goldmine. Christmas came and went, as did the beginning of another year. The New Year, though, marked something special for both Ben, and for Amy. For the two of them, it was the beginning of their first New Year's together, and the celebration of the conception of their first child.

It was hard to tell which one was more excited over the prospect, Ben or Amy. It was obvious to anyone that knew of the pending event that Ben spent a lot of time floating in the clouds, while Amy looked forward to the completion of the first trimester, and maybe the end of her morning nausea. She'd been to the family doctor, who confirmed that Amy was, indeed, pregnant. Doctor Smith had prescribed some medication to ease Amy's morning discomfort, and so far, it seemed to be working.

Ben woke late, having slept in after being out tending the Longhorns until the early hours of the morning. The sensation of a pair of lips sliding up and down his throbbing cock had definitely gotten his full attention, and he looked forward to his pending orgasm.

But first, he just had to peek under the covers. The sight of Amy lazily sucking him off further excited him. "God, Little One, you sure know how to get a guy's undivided attention, don't you?

But that feels so damned good. . " he greeted his niece. She allowed his cock to slip from between her lips, then greeted her uncle. "Morning, Lover," she cooed, "today's my turn to wake you up like you used to do to me. Damn, but I'll be glad when this baby comes. Then we can go back to you eating me, first thing each morning." "Yeah? What happens if I get used to starting my day this way? Are you prepared for that possibility?" Ben teased.

"Well, there's always a last-resort tactic. . " and she began to pull herself from the perch between Ben's legs. "Hey! Where the hell do you think you're going? You gonna leave me high-and-dry like this?" Ben squeaked in exasperation.

"Yeah, well, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, Lover. If you're giving up on eating pussy every morning, I guess I can go through withdrawal and stop sucking you off. Or would you rather we come to a better agreement?" Amy quizzed.

"Oh, get up here, and give me a kiss!" Ben growled. "If you're gonna be like that, the least you can do is let me taste those sweet lips of yours. Then I can go have a shower, dream of how sexy you really are, and get some relief while I'm at it" he threatened.

"Fuck it! You win" Amy conceded, and slid her lips back over his cockhead, once again bobbing up and down on Ben's shaft. Ben chuckled lightly, understanding that he may have won the battle, but the war wasn't over. As much as he loved his niece, and the ministrations she was performing, he really did miss the taste of her pussy every morning.

"Umm, Little One, can I ask a quick question? Does it still get your tummy all upset whenever I wake you with a good cum? That's why I've been foregoing our usual morning foreplay. I hate the idea of being the cause of your discomfort, and you know it.

But if you'd like to go back to that morning routine, I'm all for it. Do you have any idea how much I miss the taste of your sweet nectar?

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God, just thinking about licking your pussy gets me hard as a rock!" Ben pleaded. Amy let her uncle's cock slip out of her mouth once more so that she could answer him.

"Uncle Ben, there's only one way we're gonna find out, ya know. Care for some pussy, while I finish what I started?" she growled suggestively. With that, Amy pivoted herself so that she lay on Ben's stomach, her pussy inches away from his lips and tongue. She resumed her pleasuring of his still-throbbing cock, noting how it twitched as she lathered his cockhead with her tongue, then licking the edge of his purple helmet before sliding him in to her tonsils.

Ben wasn't about to pass up her offering, and slipped the tip of his tongue into her slit, running it up from the base to the top, then swirling around Amy's hardened clit. Each swirl of the tongue produced a groan of pleasure from his niece, and the vibrations from her throat sent shivers up and down his spine. The more he flicked across her nub, the more thrills she delivered to his stimulated shaft.

It became a game of who would cum first, and how hard. Determined to ensure that it was Amy, Ben began to seriously suck her clit, teasing and stimulating her until she mewled in expressive lust. From Amy's point of view, it had to be Ben that came first. To that end, she swallowed him deep into her throat, letting the muscles of her esophagus pull and stroke on his cock, helped along by the vibrations that his tongue elicited from her as he drove her to the very edge.

She could feel that tingling in her pussy begin, and knew that she had short moments before her orgasm would sweep throughout her entire body. But she could also feel the tell-tale twitches from the base of Ben's cock as it loaded up with his salty, sticky semen that she craved so dearly.

By increasing the volume of her mewls, it would be possible to drain his balls of that special spunk of his, just as her own climax exploded inside her. The delirious joy of his tongue on her sex wasn't hurting her quest, either. Ben felt the first sticky spurt of his cream blast up his shaft, and out his hole. It was all he could do to maintain his lathering of Amy's gash, as he involuntarily moaned at the arrival of his cum.

But the vibrations of his muffled screams transmitted into Amy's clit, thereby sending her over the top sooner than she expected. With Ben still in her throat, she screamed of her ecstasy, the sound driving into Ben's gushing manhood, forcing eve more of his boiling seed from his balls, and sending him even further into his own ecstatic release. It became a vicious circle, with Amy cumming hard because of Ben's muffled sounds, and Ben filling her tummy with his cream as a result of her throat's vibrations on his cock.

Only Amy's lack of air in her lungs broke the circle. She had to let him out of her throat, but not her mouth, as the last dribbles of his steamy spunk spewed into her, to be held there until she could catch her breath. The glow of post-orgasmic bliss settled in for both of them, with Ben gently licking up and down Amy's gash, and her lovingly licking the last of his seed from his cock. She felt physically exhausted, and sexually satiated.

Ben wasn't sure if he was dead, alive, or somewhere between the two extremes. After the cum his niece had sucked out of his nuts, he really didn't care, either. All he knew for certain was that she had taken him to Nirvana again, and offered him some of that addictive nectar that he loved so much. It was him that finally found the ability to talk first. "God, Little One, what you do to me when you do me!

If I hadn't experienced it," he groaned, "I'd never have thought such an orgasm was possible. To shoot my load while being bathed in your girl-cum? That has to be one of the ultimate cums possible!" "Lover," Amy cooed in his ear as she settled her head on his shoulder, "you have no idea how much I miss having you eat my pussy like that!

I can't remember when I've cum so hard! Now, if my stomach doesn't get all bent out of shape, we'll know if you can wake me up that way in the morning.

That's something else I miss." Ben held his niece tightly in his arms, enjoying both the afterglow, and the warmth of her body against his. He moved one hand down to her slightly swollen belly, rubbing it gently, and dreaming of the child growing there. "Lover," she asked softly, "which would you like it to be? A boy, or a girl?" "Umm, it's got to be one or the other, doesn't it? To tell the truth, my preference would be one of each" he answered. Amy lifted herself up just enough to be able to punch him softly on the shoulder, then slumped back into the crook of his neck.

"No way it's gonna be twins, Buddy!" she growled. "Just taking care of one is gonna be a full-time job, especially if it turns out to be as horny as you!" "Me?" Ben squeaked amorously. "What about its mother? God, if it's a girl, she'll turn out to be another little minx, sure as shit!

How's one guy supposed to survive in a household of two horny women?" "Right! And if it's a boy," Amy rebutted, "how's a girl supposed to keep her cunt to herself? He'd probably mount me three and four times a day, plus the five or six good fucks you'd need!" She looked into his eyes with an understanding of the possible future dynamic of their lives. "Besides, if it's a girl, I doubt you'd be able to keep up with the two of us. Hell, at the end of the day, I doubt you'd be able to even get it up!" "Oh settle down, Girl!" Ben strongly suggested.

"We're not having kids just to spend all our time fucking each other senseless. . are we? I mean, you may be my niece, among other things, but at least you're a grown woman. I'm not so sure I could handle having sex with a youngster, and I doubt you could either. So let's not go there, okay?" "For Pete's sake, you horny old bastard, if you had the chance to fuck a young girl, you'd probably take it! You know it, and I know it! Hell, you're already fucking a woman that hasn't seen twenty-two yet, not that she has any objections.

I've always thought that a man gets better with age, and you seem to be proving that theory quite nicely, thank you. By the time our daughter is sixteen, you should be just about aged enough to pop your cork!" Amy spat out.

"Little One," Ben began to extol, "by the time our daughter's sixteen, I'll be almost fifty. You really think a sixteen-year old girl is gonna want to sleep with an old geezer like me? I think you've been swallowing more than just my cum!" "I can't see why not" Amy philosophized. "I know that when you're fifty, I'll still want to fuck your brains out, suck your gorgeous cock, and feel you fill me with your seed.

If our daughter inherits my horniness, why wouldn't she want the same thing? Besides, there's just something about losing your cherry to a warm and wonderful guy.

And you, Ben Calhoun, happen to be all those things, and more." Amy wrapped her arms around her uncle, holding him tightly to her, hoping that some of the love in her heart would run into Ben's, so that he'd know how much he meant to her. "And if it's a boy? What then?" Ben expanded his argument. "Mmm, that's easy." Amy lustfully cooed. "Three holes, no waiting! If our son grows up to be half the lover his Old Man is, I'll probably spend most of my time being filled with beautiful, beautiful cocks!

Might kill me eventually, but what a way to go!" Ben chuckled softly at his niece's speculations, wondering just what she meant to harvest from the seeds she was sowing. "You'd really have our kids making love with the two of us?" he asked. "Lover, this ranch is overflowing with hormones already," Amy went on, " what with you and I fucking like rabbits all the time? Tim and Josh always seem to be off on their own. Collin and Janice fuck like minks, and let the rest of us know when it's happening.

And something else I've noticed. Jim and Beth always seem to have someone over every weekend, but never in the same car twice. Whether they have groups going over there, I couldn't tell you. But if they are, I'm a little put out that we haven't been invited.

. yet." "Jim and Beth? You figure they're into group sex? Why would you want to join in on something like that?" Ben wondered. "Simple, Lover," she went on, "when it's a group thing, you're after quantity. A guy with a hard-on is looking for as many cums as he can get, jizzing until his balls shrivel up and die. For a girl, it's having her holes filled up and unloaded into as much as she can handle.

Face it, when someone's pleasuring your cock, you don't really give a damn who it is, or how they do it to you, just so long as you get to shoot your load. For us girls, it doesn't matter who uses what -- cock, tongue, fingers, dildo -- as long as it makes our pussies dance and squirt, and that explosive sensation blast through our bodies.

But if a girl wants quality, she'll go back to the same guy, every time. I assume that guys are the same story. If you want a lot of fucking, you'll go where the supply is. If you want good fucking, you'd better be coming to me, because no one can love you the way I do, and you fucking-well know it!" "Yeah, you do have a way about you when it comes to loving, Little One," Ben agreed, "and you're right.

When I need good loving, you're the one I'll run to, every time. But," Ben paused for a second, "are you really advocating having sex with our kids? Isn't that a little over the top?" "Maybe," Amy advanced her feelings on the subject, "but at least we'd know who they were sleeping with, whether they were safe and loved, and we could allow them to discover their own bodies. Hell, this baby's not even born yet, and we're plotting the loss of its virginity?

I think we're getting a little ahead of ourselves, don't you?" Ben chuckled softly as he took in Amy's logic. "Yeah, you're right. We are a little ahead of ourselves. I've just never considered the idea of fucking my own daughter, or sharing you with my son. I'd have to give the concept a lot of thinking first" Ben advised. "Well, by my math, you've got about seventeen years to think it over.

If it's not for you, it's not for you. Oh, and just for your information, if it's not for you, it's not for me, either. You're the man that's the centre of my little world, perversions included. I'm not in any hurry to fuck that part up, so you don't have to fret over me seeing someone else without you knowing about it first.

I hope and pray that we're talking about a two-way street here. If you really wanted to fuck someone else, can I count on you letting me know who it is, before you do it? I just might want to join in, ya know" Amy inquired. Ben's first reaction was one of shock, but the more he let his mind sift through the ideas, the more he found he could understand and accept what his horny little niece was driving at. How his life would unfold with these new parameters was more than he could fathom.

All he knew was that, no matter what, his life now would always include Amy. Silently, Ben swept the covers back, then motioned to Amy that they both needed a shower. One sniff, and even someone with a cold would be overpowered by the scent of sex. He smiled lovingly at his niece, who began to ease herself out of bed and into the daily routine in the bathroom.

Every time they were together in that shower, it seemed, one of them finished with an orgasm. Sometimes it was Ben getting his cock sucked off, sometimes it was Amy, finding at least one area of her body being pleasured until she exploded in lust and love. There had been more than a few times when it was both of them.

Just that thought had her cunt beginning to ooze her juices, a sight not lost on Ben. He spotted the dribble as it ran down her inner thigh.

The sight created a twitching in his cock as it began to fill and engorge its way to another steel-stiff hard-on. As usual, Ben grabbed their morning robes while Amy found two clean bath towels.

She turned the water on, made the adjustments, then waited for her uncle to join her. She felt his hands caressing her breasts, teasing and twisting her sensitive nipples in the process.

The resulting turgidness induced her to lather Ben's now-hard cock, softly stroking him as she marvelled in the dichotomy between the hardness of his shaft and the soft skin of his cock.

Soon, she felt Ben's hands moving down her body, and she anticipated the delicious curiosity about where he'd pleasure her first. One hand covered her pussy, his fingers sliding down the crack of her slit, tickling her clit until she almost screamed with lust.

The other hand softly rubbed her back, roamed around her ass cheeks, then began to probe her crack. She felt Ben's finger lightly rub against her rosebud pucker, gently ease her sphincter open, then begin to explore the sensitive areas of her asshole. In involuntary reaction, she pushed against his finger until he was buried deep inside her anus.

The delirious joy of being penetrated there elicited a groan of lustful surrender. Even as she revelled in the happiness of being filled back there, Ben's other hand extended a finger up into her soft and slippery cunt, all the while rubbing his palm over her clit.

Amy's groans accelerated into a demanding series of mewls. She pumped Ben's cock in response. "Make me go off like that, Lover," she groaned. "God, your fingers inside me feel so fucking good!

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Finger me off while I play with your stiff cock until it's hard and thick, then jack you 'til your jizz spurts out! Baby, I want to see you cum!" Amy's words only served to excite Ben even more, and the sensations of her fingers as they slid up and down his shaft drove him half out of his head. They'd jacked each other off before, but never like this, and never to such a wickedly lustful state of horniness.

He kept sliding the fingers of both hands in and out of Amy's asshole and cunt, while she stroked and caressed his throbbing cock, the actions of her hands attempting to milk the steaming hot cream out of his balls.

Knowing how sensitive her asshole was, Ben paid as much attention to her rear entrance as his limited concentration would allow, but not to the exclusion of her dripping wet cunt.

As Amy pumped and stroked her uncle, he could feel his balls begin to lift, and the base of his cock fill with that steaming cream that his niece wanted to see explode from his shaft. Even as her fingers danced up and down his cock, Ben could hear Amy's breathing change as her own climax began to tickle the very centre of her sex, spreading quickly through her ass, then exploding throughout her entire body.

She screamed her delirious ecstasy, and the sight of Ben's cum spurting in high arcs only drove her further and further towards Nirvana. The fluttering and pulling of Amy's walls on his finger pushed Ben to a level he could only imagine before now.

He staggered as his muscles lost some of their control, yet struggled to maintain his movements inside his niece's overstimulated body. As the waves of ecstasy washed over her, Amy could only feel the bliss of sexual tension slowly release her from its intense grip. The two lovers finally allowed their afterglow to sweep over them, still holding onto each other for support, both physical and emotional.

The water had started to cool down, yet neither one had the strength left to adjust the taps. Ben staggered towards the shower door, helping Amy exit to the bathroom, then turned off the water. Neither one had felt this wiped before. It was a good feeling to have pleasured each other to this level, and Ben clasped his niece tightly in his arms, savouring the warmth and closeness of her young body. She clung to her uncle in a similar manner.

"Little One, what have you done to me?" Ben gasped. "God, Girl, I think you pulled more than just cum out of me. I can barely stand up any more. Speaking of being unable to stand, how're you doing? I think you came even harder than I did, if that's possible." "Lover, the only thing missing to fill me up completely was your cock down my throat! God, I've never, ever, felt something as intense as that before!" Amy took a second to catch her breath before she continued.

"It's a good thing I sucked you off before our shower. If I'd done you with all those fingers in me, I'd probably have choked to death! Even now, my pussy's still tingling! Just thinking about my poor clit being tickled is threatening to make me cum again." Ben began to reach down towards her pussy, threatening to take her on another orgasmic flight. Swatting his hand away lightly, Amy pleaded, "Please don't, Lover.

I'm not sure I could take another cum. Amazingly, I think you've found my orgasmic limit." She leaned into her uncle, then stretched herself up to his masculine lips, lightly brushing them with her own several times.

"Let's go and get some breakfast, before this baby makes eating a real pain. Okay?" Ben silently dried his niece's body, exerting as much tenderness towards her as he could muster. She purred softly at his attention, then happily reciprocated. Once ready to tackle the day, each helped the other don a robe, and Amy led her uncle to the kitchen. "You ready for breakfast now, Mr. Meat-Ball?" she asked. "Yeah, that would be great. How about you? How's that tummy of yours? Is it feeling queasy at all?" Ben wanted to know, his concern for Amy's comfort very evident.

"Seems to be feeling pretty good, actually. I think that belly full of cum might be the secret. Well, I hope it is, because I really loved having you cum in me like that.

You tasted so good this morning, too, but I may have to put more sugar in your diet. I'm developing a craving for sweet things, lately." "Umm, like pussy juice, you mean?" Ben teased. They'd shared each others juices before, and while she didn't mind her own flavour, she much preferred the taste of her uncle. "No, not really, Lover" she stated.

"I still prefer yours to mine, but something a little less salty right now would be better. Changing your diet would help take the saltiness out. Might even get you sucked off more than you get now, if you're good." Really?" Ben asked as his eyebrows lifted.

"In that case, could you pass the sugar?" Amy began to laugh heartily. Her uncle never put sugar in his coffee. They sat quietly at the table, just being in each other's company feeling like the best gift they could give each other. Ben gazed into Amy's eyes, and the twinkle of her love for her uncle sparkled back at him brightly. He felt that wonderful warm glow of his own love spread through his soul, and gave silent thanks that she was his, and he was hers.

Now that their first child was growing inside her, she'd become more important to him than he had ever thought possible. "Umm, Amy, can I ask a stupid question?" Ben asked softly, and holding her delicate hand in his own. "A stupid one, huh? Sure. Might as well be consistent" she answered, that glint of mischief lighting her face.

"What's on your mind, Lover?" she asked with a more serious tone. "Were you serious about our kids becoming our lovers?" Ben queried.

"I'm not sure, to be honest. I mean, it's an idea that has some appeal, in a perverse sort of way, but it's also on the edge of hurting our babies, and I can't go there if they could be hurt. The idea sure seemed to get your motor running, for a while, though. Or did I read that wrong?" "To be honest?

It makes for an interesting fantasy, but I doubt I could comfortably let it be anything more than just that. It took me a while to get comfortable with you and I being lovers. I'm not so sure I could handle having our son or daughter included as a part of our love life." "Let's let it go for now.

Who knows how things will turn out in another sixteen years" Amy put forward. The door was still open, in the event that the idea proved viable, but the child's welfare was their highest priority. Changing the subject, Amy asked Ben what his plans for the day were. He'd been spending a lot of time keeping tabs on her Longhorn herd, and they had responded well to the change in climate. Despite the loss of six cows, the rest of the herd had survived their first Chinook, and a couple of subsequent ones even better.

Those first six were all they'd lost. "I'm thinking of heading up to Sundre this afternoon. Gordie Krebs is supposed to be at the vet clinic today.

I'd like to see if he can get Longhorn bull sperm. I'm thinking seriously of inseminating some of the cows. With the track record your herd has shown handling the Chinooks this winter, they might work out to be an alternative to Herefords. With a couple of decent herds in the area, the price per pound can't go anywhere but up. And yours is the only herd around, so if we can convince a few ranchers to add Longhorns to their operation, you're gonna be selling calves as fast as they're born." Ben's enthusiasm was catching, and Amy grinned at the prospects.

"Wanna go for a drive with me?" he asked. "Damned rights! I need some new maternity clothes anyway. These jeans are getting a little tight around my growing belly. . and it's all your fault, Ben Calhoun!

You did this to me!" Amy giggled, then scooted around the table and into her uncle's arms. She searched for his lips, probing them with her tongue, and wrestling with his as she gained entrance. "God, Girl, but you're gonna be the death of me yet, aren't you" Ben teased, the gleam of love bright in his eyes. "First you suck me off, then jack me off, and now you're about to ravish me again? I sure hope this youngster of ours can get his schedule right, or I'm gonna have the bluest balls in the whole county!

Tease the hell outta me, then bugger off to feed the baby? I don't think so!" "Oh shut up, and go watch your cows!" Amy sarcastically threatened. "I've got work to do in here, anyway. I don't need no horny cowboy making things more difficult than they are already!" With that, she kissed him lightly, then got off his lap, and started to clear the table.

As she walked towards the dishwasher, she glanced at the calendar on the wall. "Hey, Lover, this is the first day of the second trimester!" she let him know. "Only another six months, and you're gonna be a Daddy!" "Yeah?

Hmm, wonder who the mommy's gonna be?" he teased her. She scowled at him for a full nine seconds, then began to giggle at Ben's remark. If nothing else, her uncle had an uncanny ability to make her laugh, to bring happiness to her life, in more ways than one.

The trip to Sundre proved to be a complete success. Gordon Krebs, the local vet, thought he could get the Longhorn semen Ben was looking for, and Amy found enough outfits to last for two or three pregnancies. When Ben saw all the packages, he groaned sarcastically, but deep inside, there was nothing too good for his niece, in his mind. Whatever she wanted, he'd do what he could to get it for her. The next couple of months were filled with tending and inseminating cattle.

Doctor Krebs had managed to find enough semen to fertilize fifty cows, and forty-one had taken. In addition, Ben had found a Hereford bull to breed some of his cattle, resulting in almost a hundred-and-fifty pregnancies in that herd. Tim and Collin groaned at the news, knowing they'd be working long hours that winter as calves started to drop. But the increased size of the herd would let them send off enough cattle to market to see them through the cold winter in relative comfort.

Amy's belly began to show noticeably by the middle of May. Ben spent every spare second spoiling his niece, making doubly sure she was comfortable, well-fed, and healthy. If he'd had his way, she'd be in to see the doctor every other day, and his excessive attention made her laugh.

By the beginning of the summer, the days were long, and the work-days even longer. Janice and Collin had become the proud parents of a son at the beginning of June. While the birth had been cause for everyone to celebrate, it also marked a point where Collin spent more time with his wife and new son than working.


As annoying as his absence was, Ben made a point of overlooking the inconvenience, reminding himself that in a few short months, it would be him that would be missing from the crew. To make up for the shortage of ranch hands, the rest of the crew worked a little harder, and even Josh put in many unpaid hours as his contribution to the extended family that had become what Ranchland was all about.

Many nights, Ben wouldn't get back to the house much before sunset, but he kept his promise to himself, and never spent a night out on the range. In keeping with that promise, he woke Amy as often as he could by licking her pussy until she either woke up, or came all over his face. It wasn't until the end of July that she begged him to ease up on eating her every morning. "But I thought you loved to be woken up that way, Little One" Ben protested.

"How's a guy supposed to survive with no pussy juice for his breakfast?" "Ben, you really can be a goof, sometimes," Amy had chuckled to him, "but with the baby due in five weeks, I'm a little afraid of accidentally inducing early labour. So for now, can we take it a little easy in the mornings? It's not because I don't love you, or love what you do to me. I just want to make sure our baby arrives when it's supposed to, and not before. You can have double portions after it's born, if that makes you feel any better.

It'll make me feel better, and that's for sure!" Amy explained. Ben wasn't too enthused with the idea of a forced abstinence, but the baby was his most important consideration, after Amy, of course. Besides, it was only five weeks, not the rest of his life. He could live with that.

. sort of. By the end of August, poor Amy couldn't wait for her due date, and the birth of their child. While the pregnancy had been relatively easy, she was tired of packing the extra weight, and the inconvenience of her protruding stomach. She'd joked that her belly button arrived twenty minutes before the rest of her, but with short weeks left to go, it wasn't a joke any more.

Not to her, anyway. Ben had watched his niece as she grew, and the sight of her swollen belly gave him a delightfully warm feeling, deep inside. It was an early morning in mid-September when Janice Taylor came over to the house with her daughter, Tanya, and three month old son, Jason. The two women chattered incessantly about motherhood, child-rearing, and all the other related topics that came to their minds.

Amy absorbed as much of Janice's information as she could, even though most of it was overwhelming. Janice had scheduled a shopping trip to Calgary for her and Collin. Beth Allison had volunteered to look after the two youngsters while the Taylors were gone, making it possible for them to concentrate on the many stores Janice wanted to visit. Suddenly, Amy's eyes flew wide open, her expression one of slow-motion discovery.

"Janice, go get Ben. He should be out in the barn" Amy requested with a tome of urgency in her voice. "Amy! What's the matter?" Janice asked as she stood up to head for the door. "Umm, either I just pee'd myself, or we're about to have another resident here in Ranchland" she explained.

"I think my water just broke." Janice shot out the door, screaming Ben's name as she went. He was working on repairing riding tack, and heard Janice's panicky voice as it broke his concentration. Dropping everything to answer her call, he ran out of the barn, and almost collided with her. "What?" he demanded. "What's all the fuss about?" "It's Amy! Her water just broke!

You've got to get her up to the hospital, now!" Janice's shaky voice came back. They turned and ran to the house, only to find Amy struggling to get out of her chair. "Little One, what's going on? Are you okay?" Ben wanted to know. "I'll get the truck ready, and we'll get you up to the hospital. Where's that suitcase we packed?" "Lover," Amy slowly drawled, "we're not gonna make it to any hospital in time. This baby's coming quick. I can feel its head pushing.

. " She gasped deeply as another contraction hit her, then continued once it had passed. "Ben our baby wants to see its Daddy, real bad. Go get Beth, somebody? Lover, could you help me into the bedroom, please? I think you're about to be introduced to your son or daughter in the next fifteen minutes. These contractions are less than five minutes apart." It was all Ben could do to remain calm, but the last thing Amy needed was to contend with a panicky father. Ben gently helped her stand, then let her lean on him as he helped her down the hall.

Once in the bedroom, he whipped the covers off the bed, and helped his niece into a reclining position. Janice had run out of the house, screaming Beth's name loud enough to be heard in the south-west range pasture. Beth Allison had heard the ruckus, and had flown out of her kitchen in answer to Janice's call. "Beth, it's Amy! Her baby's coming! She says they won't make it to the hospital in time! She wants you there for.

. " Janice couldn't remember if Amy had told her why Beth's help was needed, and adopted a blank stare of non-comprehension. Beth calmly headed for the ranch house, giving Janice a list of items to round up. Some of the things would be necessary. Most of them were to give Janice something to concentrate on besides the pending birth, and to get the hysterical woman out of Beth's hair.

Walking into the ranch house, Beth's calm aura permeated the entire house as she called softly for either Ben or Amy. "We're in here, Beth," Ben answered her call, "in the bedroom. Looks like our young one is in a real hurry to see Mommy. I can see the top of its head already." Beth went to the bedroom, now a make-shift delivery room, and surveyed the situation. Moving to Amy's side, she smiled at the mother-to-be, then began a quick preliminary examination. "Ever been through this before, Ben?" Beth queried.

"You're about to deliver your child, you know. I'm just here to help you through it all." "Me?" Ben squeaked out. "I know shit about delivering babies! I should go call Doctor Smith!" "Forget it, Cowboy!" Beth hissed. "Amy's right. There isn't time to get her to the hospital, and by the time Smith gets here, this baby's gonna be celebrating a birthday.

I could do this for you, but it'll be a more memorable experience if you do it. It's the same as delivering calves, only not as fussy. The legs don't get all caught up inside the mother, and the chord's not wrapped around your youngster. But Amy's not dilated enough yet, so we'll have to wait until she is. By the looks of it, that'll be another ten minutes of so. Then the fun begins. Ready?" Beth turned her attention to the pregnant young woman on the bed. "How you doing, Honey?

Let me know what's happening inside you, and we'll all sail through this, piece of cake. You're not dilated enough to let the baby come through yet, so try your best not to push until I tell you. Okay?" "But this baby wants out, so fucking bad!" Amy cursed. Trying to suppress the contractions took all her concentration. She had talked to Beth about giving birth before, and had found out that Beth had been a registered mid-wife at one point.

At the time, Amy had filed the information in a safe corner of her mind. Now, she was glad that someone who knew all about the process was there with her. Amy gazed up into Ben's face, and saw his concern. "Lover, we're gonna be fine," she tried to reassure him, "and you're going to be right there when your young one comes into this world.

I can't think of a more perfect way to greet our first-born, can you?" She smiled at her uncle, trying to help him find the confidence he needed to survive his ordeal. Ben silently leaned over and kissed Amy's forehead, understanding the trust she had in him, and praying that he wouldn't let her down. "Love you, Little One," he whispered to her, "and our youngster, too.

You're right, though. We'll get through this just fine." Turning to Beth, he sheepishly grinned his appreciation for her presence.

"Thanks, Beth. I'm a little scared, so be patient with a new Daddy, okay?" She returned his grin with a smile of her own, then began to re-examine Amy's progress. "Okay, Amy, we're just about there." Beth advised. "Your baby's in one hell of a hurry to meet its parents, I'd say. It's crowned against your opening, and as soon as you're dilated enough, it's gonna come out of there like a bull out of the chute.

When I say push, I want you to push gently at first, then harder as we go along." Beth waited five minutes, examined Amy one more time, then gave the order. "Now, Sweetie. Push, but not too hard.

Let the head come out enough so Ben can turn the rest of the baby. Otherwise, the shoulders won't come out properly." Turning to Ben, she gave him instructions on how to grasp and turn the infant as it exited the birth canal. "Ready, Ben?" He knew instinctively that "No" wouldn't be an acceptable answer.

It was only minutes before the baby's head emerged fully. Beth coached Ben through the rest of the birthing, instructing him how to turn the fetus so that the shoulders could pass through Amy's birth canal without damage, then getting him to lay the baby on Amy's stomach while Beth wrapped the new-born in a receiving blanket. Turning the baby so that its lungs would drain of amniotic fluid, she induced the youngster's first independent breath.

That breath was accompanied by a high-pitched wail, as the youngster protested against being ejected into a whole new world. Ben's looks of trepidation were instantly replaced by a smile of joy and wonder. "Congratulations," Beth beamed, "you're the proud parents of a baby girl!" She leaned down to hug Amy, who looked absolutely exhausted. "That was one of the easiest deliveries I've ever seen, by the way. But I won't tell Ben that. He's liable to turn you into a baby-making machine!" The comment was a catalyst that broke the tensions in the room.

Amy smiled at the mid-wife, then looked to her uncle. "Umm, you might be the Daddy here, but any chance I can see our daughter, Lover? After all, I did contribute something to her creation" Amy softly requested of Ben. He slowly passed the infant to her mother, his reluctance at letting go of his daughter imminently evident. Amy held her new-born in her arms, studying the miracle with a face that reflected the warmth in her heart.

"Hi, Sweetie. Mommy and Daddy still need to find you a name, don't they?" She looked back at Ben, her question begging for his answer. "Angela," Ben suggested, "Angela Lynn.

I've always though that was such a happy, melodic name. Would you mind, Little One, if we named her Angela Lynn?" Amy smiled her agreement, then turned her gaze back to their daughter. "Welcome to the world, Angela Lynn," she whispered, "and welcome to Ranchland.

If Ben had thought that life on Ranchland was hectic before Angela's arrival, he was up to his asshole with chores and duties for the next two weeks.

Between looking after Amy's recuperation, Angela's demands for sleeping and eating, the day-to-day tasks of running a thousand-head ranch, and keeping tabs on over two hundred bred cows, his day seemed to start at 2:00 AM, and end at 1:59 AM the next morning.

Just keeping up with the laundry proved to be a full-time job, as Angela added several diapers to the pile every time he turned around. During one of the infrequent lulls, Ben found ninety seconds to sit and talk to his niece. "Damn, Little One," he started, "if I'd known how much work babies are, I'd have thought twice before becoming a father. I mean, how can something that small fill that many diapers that full? I'd almost suggest going to disposables, but we haven't got anywhere to get rid of them out here." With that, he leaned over and kissed his baby daughter lovingly, then her mother's soft lips.

God, it felt like he hadn't made love to Amy in months. "I miss you, Amy," he confessed, "and the simpler times we lived in. Don't get me wrong; I love our daughter, too.

Almost as much as her Mommy, in fact. But you know what I mean, right?" Amy stretched up to kiss Ben's lips lightly, then curled up against his chest. "Lover, you're turning out to be one hell of a great father. Look at you, doing all Angela's diapers every day, changing her whenever she needs it, looking after me, running a ranch, and all on about twenty minutes sleep a day.

If it was me in your boots, I'd have packed it in by now. But now that my milk is in, and I can feed Angie properly, I'm going to have to get off my fat ass and pitch in a lot more. Angie's probably about ready to wake up and be fed. Right after she's finished, let me get out of this bed and into the kitchen, so I can make you a decent meal.

Knowing you, you've been living off peanut butter and jam sandwiches." She got no argument from her uncle. Before she could get up, Angie began to demand another feeding, and Ben got up from beside his niece to retrieve his daughter from her bassinette. They'd converted the spare bedroom into a nursery, now Angela's private domain. Returning his daughter to her mother, he watched with glazed eyes as Amy exposed her swollen breasts for her daughter to suckle.


She looked up at him, understanding the look on his face. "Meat-Ball, if I didn't know better, I'd say you were jealous!" she giggled. "What's the matter, Lover? Looking to suck on my tits, or something?" "Yeah, I guess I am" Ben admitted.

"Shit, I haven't been able to make love to you since. . I can't remember when. If I wasn't run off my ass, I'd be stroking off like a madman. You have no idea how much I miss you, Little One. I just hope Angie realizes what a sacrifice her Daddy's making. She gets all the fun, and all I get is. . dirty diapers!" Amy broke into gales of laughter at his comment, but deep inside her, she had to admit that she, too, missed Ben's lips on her nipples, the soft caress of his hands on her breasts, and especially the warm, wet feel of his tongue as he ate her pussy.

Just the memory of how he once sucked her off each morning had her juices starting to flow, her moisture trickling down the inside of her thighs. "Oh Ben. Right now, I'd love to feel you licking my pussy," she confessed, "and the way you make me cum whenever you eat me out. At the rate my breasts are filling, I may have to get you to suckle on me, too. I'm producing more than Angie can handle in a day." She looked at Ben with a quizzical expression on her face.

"Lover, have you ever suckled on a lactating woman? I think I have enough to feed you, too, and it would be a lot better than just peanut butter and jam.

Even if it was to relieve the pressure in my tits. Damn, but they get painful, sometimes!" The idea of tasting Amy's milk sent a thrill through Ben's groin. He had to admit that the idea appealed to him. His biggest fear was that he might inadvertently deprive his daughter of her much-needed nourishment, and that made him reluctant to pursue the actions. Still.

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. . Just as he was about to accept her invitation to suckle Amy's nipples, there was a knock on the back door. With dejected resignation, Ben turned to go and answer it. He was greeted with the sight of Janice Taylor, complete with both Tanya and Jason.

Silently, he ushered them in, then began to sort through clothes from the dryer, setting the diapers apart from everything else.


"Bad timing?" Janice asked. "No, not really" Ben replied. "I have about a hundred loads of these damned diapers to run through, so I should get busy on them. Come on in. Amy's in the bedroom, nursing Angie. Go on down and visit her. She could use the company. I'm not much good to her that way, right now." "Ben, you look like something the cows should have left in the fields!

When was the last time you took a good nap? I'd say long before Angie was born, by the look of you! Tell ya what; you go crash out somewhere, and I'll finish this laundry while I visit Amy. Get your skinny ass outta here, before I have to push you out myself" Janice commanded. She sure didn't have to twist Ben's arm to get him to agree with her suggestion. He closed the door behind them, turned, and shuffled into the livingroom. Falling down onto the sofa, he was out like a light in seconds flat.

Janice pulled the afghan off the sofa's back, and covered her husband's boss. "The poor guy's beat," she thought to herself, "but he's as good a father to his daughter as Collin ever was to ours.

That Amy is one lucky girl." Janice went down the hall to the master bedroom, knocked lightly on the door frame, and announced herself. At the sight of her friend, Amy broke into a welcoming smile that beamed her delight at the company. "Hey, stranger!" Amy greeted Janice. "Brought the kids over, I see. You going to show off for me, now that you've got two, and I haven't caught up. .

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. yet?" The two women laughed as Janice sat on the edge of the bed. She sat Tanya on the floor and dropped some toys beside her daughter in an attempt to occupy the two-year old's attention. "I see our newest addition is growing like a weed" Janice mentioned. "God, your milk must be really rich for her to grow that much this fast. I sure wish I could get some weight on Jason, but he won't touch baby food yet. He seems to really like breast milk, and he sure drinks enough of it.

If I let him, he'd suckle twenty-four hours a day. I checked with Doctor Smith, and she says that there's lots of nutrition in my milk, so there's not much chance of Jason not getting nourishment. As a matter of fact, he's about due for feeding. Mind if I nurse him while we visit?" "Mind?" Amy squeaked. "Why would I mind? I'm laying here, my boobs hanging out, our daughter sucking like a vacuum cleaner on my teat, and you think I'd mind? Come on, Janice! There's only two reasons that we have boobs.

One is to feed our kids, and the other is to get our men horny as hell. . so we can have more kids! Go ahead. Let Jason have his fill." With some reservation, Janice pulled off her top, then undid her bra to release her swollen breasts. She glanced down at Amy, and realized that the young woman was staring at her chest, almost with a look of envy. It had been years since Janice had stood before another woman, showing herself off.

The memory of those times drifted through her mind. "God, Janice, they're huge!" Amy observed. "If I had tits that size, Ben would be on my nipples like shit on toilet paper!" Amy felt that familiar tingle of excitement in her pussy.

She'd never been attracted to another woman before, but there was something sensually delicious about Janice Taylor. Amy had a burning desire to touch Janice's breasts, to fondle the massive orbs of the lactating woman, to run her fingers over her nipples as they hardened and became erect. "I'll bet Collin just loves to suck and play with your tits, doesn't he?" Amy added.

Janice lifted her son up, feeding him one teat to suck on, while absently sliding her hand up and over her other breast, tantalizingly teasing her hardening nipple. Letting her eyes drop down to the sight of Amy's heaving breast, Janice understood that the new mother was getting as turned on at the sight as she felt in exposing herself.

"Ever tasted breast milk?" Janice asked Amy. "Mmm, never have. What's it like?" Amy replied. Janice sat on the side of the bed, her son suckling on one teat as she offered her other teat to the young woman in front of her.

"Try it. Suck my tit, and see for yourself. Collin loves it, but I've never been able to lick my own tits, so I have no idea" Janice offered. Amy cautiously manoeuvered her lips until they gently grazed Janice's erect nipple, then took the offered teat between her lips.

The hardness of the nipple excited her, and she felt that familiar moisture begin to ooze from her slit.

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With a tentative lifting of her hand, she began to caress Janice's orb, marvelling in the softness of the other woman's skin. She felt Janice's hand pull her head tighter to the breast she was savouring, even as her mouth began to fill with the lactating woman's breast milk.

The flow of milk from that teat was almost matched by the oozing flow from her cunt. "Oh God! That feels so good!" Janice moaned. "Having Jason on one tit, and you on the other? Shit, I could enjoy that feeling all day!" Still holding Amy tightly to her teat, Janice began to moan lustfully, and the sound of her enjoyment sent a deeper thrill through Amy's body.

Many minutes later, Janice began to release her grip, allowing Amy a chance to swirl her tongue around the rim of the offered nipple. Janice gasped deeply, announcing her approval. "Sweetie, you've just got to try that!

God, that makes my tits feel so good, I almost had a cum!" Janice purred. Switching off of one another, Amy felt Janice's lips capture her now-erect nipple as Angie continued to nurse on the other one. Janice's tongue began to circle Amy's teat, then she started to suckle Amy's breast milk. Waves of ecstatic pleasure coursed through Amy's chest, and increased the tingling sensations in her crotch.

She raised an unoccupied hand to Janice's ponderous breast, sliding over the woman's soft and delicate skin as she revelled in the delighted thrill of it all. Janice had begun to squeeze and ply her fingers on Amy's offered breast, and the sensations created an electric-like surge through her body. "God, Janice! You're right, it does feel wild! Suck my tit, Girl. I think I'm gonna cum!" Amy moaned. As the milk ran from her nipple into Janice's waiting mouth, Amy felt that tingling in her pussy begin to spread slowly up and out towards her tummy and down her thighs, threatening to finally permeate every corner of her.

She became aware, in the haziness of her overloaded mind, that Janice was about to take her to a slow and delicious climax. "Suck it, Janice! I'm gonna cum, with my tit in your mouth! God, I want to cum, so bad! Do it to me!" Amy wailed. The noise of the two females had woken Ben, and he peeked in the door to the sight of Janice locked onto Amy's breast, with her hands squeezing and pleasuring his niece.

For just a moment, he felt a wave of jealousy flow over him. There was no resentment towards Janice in his mind, but the nagging discomfort at being excluded had definitely anchored itself in his mind. "Umm, is there a reason I've been left out of this little tete-a-tete?" he inquired.

Releasing Amy from her lip's grasp, Janice looked up at Ben, an expression of invitation on her face. "Let me shift Jason here, Ben," Janice invited, "and then you can suck my tit, if you want. God, that'll feel so good!

I love having my tits sucked, and with both of them being nursed, I'm gonna cum almost as hard as Amy! Is that okay with you, Sweetie?" Amy said nothing, but pulled Janice back to her exposed breast, encouraging her to pick up where she'd left off. Janice re-arranged her son, leaving her other breast available for Ben's lips.

Returning to Amy's available teat, she patted the edge of the bed, inviting Ben to join them. Sitting beside his niece in a position that allowed him access to their neighbour's ponderous mammaries, he glanced up to survey the expression on Amy's face.

She had thrown her head back, and was lost in the delirious sensations of having another woman pleasure her. Ben reached for Janice's breast, encircling its mass with his hands, then softly began to squeeze and ply her fleshy orb as his lips closed over her turgid nipple. She rewarded him with a mouthful of her sweet-tasting fluid. Swirling his tongue around the rim of Janice's teat, Ben felt his cock begin to harden. The whole scenario was becoming a massive turn-on for him, too.

Knowing that Amy was being pleasured by another woman, even as he pleasured his neighbour, send waves of desire from his brain directly to his quickly-hardening cock. As he squirmed to allow his growing manhood the room it needed inside his pants, Amy glanced towards her uncle, and recognized the bulge growing from his groin.

She became aware that Ben was getting aroused, and that awareness sent a thrill deep in her pussy. Propping Angie on her chest, Amy reached down into Ben's lap and began to rub his hard cock through the material. He groaned lustfully at her touch, sending delicious vibrations through Janice's breast. In reaction, she moaned softly on Amy's nipple, sending a corresponding shiver through the younger mother's body. "Lover, I want to feel your cock in my hand" Amy growled as the lust coursed through her.

Ben undid the button of his pants, pulled the zipper down, and eased himself out of his clothing. His hard, throbbing member sprang forth, relishing the freedom from its confines. Amy immediately wrapped her fingers around his cock, and began to stroke him slowly and gently.

Gazing back past the breast she was nursing on, Janice caught sight of Ben's protruding organ, and a lustful groan of delight erupted from her lips, sending more of those vibrations through Amy's own breast.

Janice let Amy's teat slip from her grasp just long enough to voice her approval of the sight. "God, you two," Janice growled, "you're making me want to play with myself! Jack him, sweetie! Let me see you make him spurt! Shit, you're getting me so fucking horny!" "Lover," Amy whispered, " touch her.

Play with her pussy, and make her wet her panties!" The idea of Ben feeling Janice's steaming pussy notched up Amy's own horniness more than she would have ever believed. Ben reached his hand into Janice's crotch, slowly sliding his fingers over where he thought her labia lips might be. She mewled at his touch, thrusting her hips towards the invading fingers, and spreading her legs to grant him full access. As she squirmed in ecstatic delight, Ben began to undo the fasteners on Janice's pants, and as she lifted her hips for him, he dragged the garments down to her knees, then further to her ankles.

Returning to the heated patch of labial flesh, he began to slide his fingers up and down her slit. Janice's clit stood hard and proud, like a little cock, inviting him daringly to tease and torture its owner. At his first contact with that knotted nub, Janice jumped, pushing herself tighter to Ben's probing finger, gasping deeply, then mewling loudly in her lust and desire.

Amy's grip on Ben was enough to send him over the top almost immediately. It had been weeks since he had felt her touch, her caress, or the loving that he found himself so addicted to. Her fingers softly ran up and down his shaft, tickling the ridges of his purple helmet, causing his entire length to twitch in anticipation. But as much as he wanted this feeling to go on and on, he also felt a burning need to cum, to explode, to spew forth his seed.

The dichotomy of the situation fed his lust, filling him with desires that he had almost forgotten. And even Amy was caught in this web of lust and desire. Angie nursing on one teat felt like she had found her purpose I life, even as Janice's manipulations of her breast and suckling on her nipple sent her up into a place she never even knew existed before. That tingling that usually started from her pussy was now emanating from her treats, but threatened just as strongly to blast through her entire consciousness as though it had begun from its usual place between her legs.

The spread of sensations was a lot slower than her regular orgasmic pattern, but the finality and intensity grew just as insistently. Then suddenly, it was upon her, taking her to a level she'd never experienced before. Amy inhaled deeply as her climax eased her to the top, only to throw her into a riotous atmosphere of light, feeling, and explosive release.

She wanted to scream of her ascension, but managed to hold it back, worried that the sudden outburst would scare poor Angela. It was all she could do just to remain cognisant, so strong was her orgasm. Janice felt Amy begin to quiver and tremble, and let herself slide over the edge of her own orgasm moments later.

Between Ben's firm hand on her breast as it squeezed and teased, his lips clenched to her lactating nipple, and his finger sliding up and down her love canal, she was experiencing a completely different level of stimulation than she was used to. Maybe it was the intrigue of making love with someone different. Possibly it might have something to do with being part of a trio instead of half a couple.

Quite likely, the spontaneity of their sexual playing exerted a hidden force that raised their libido to new heights. Whatever it was, Janice felt helpless to stop the roller coaster of lustful reactions, and even if she could, it was very doubtful she would. She began to flutter on Ben's finger, feeling that warmth and flow of her orgasmic release building as it swept all through her being.

She, too, began to shake spasmodically, and Ben shoved his finger deep inside Janice's cunt while she let go a muffled scream of ecstatic delight. With both women around him caught in the throes of their orgasmic surrender, Ben became aware that he, too, was about to join them in Nirvana. Amy had his cock coated in pre-cum, and was wildly pumping her hand up and down his shaft, coaxing his sperm from his balls. His spunk paused momentarily as it marshalled itself at the base of his cock, the rushed up his shaft and burst from his cockhead, spewing sticky white strings of his cum over Janice's legs, thighs, and stomach.

It had been a long time since his niece had made him cum, and she was making up for her lack of attention to detail by mercilessly pumping and stroking her uncle to a pinnacle he'd almost forgotten about.

Ben howled gutturally as his twitching cock spewed rope after rope into the air. For a second, he could have sworn that his balls had gone dry, and that what he was spurting was the milk he had just drained from Janice's breast.

Her excess dribbled down his chin, yet he was incapable of convincing his muscles to deal with the overflow, so powerful was his climax. As the trio slipped into their individual afterglows, Angela began to fuss, then let out a determined wail, as her mother's breast was fully drained by her daughter's feeding. Ben eased himself back onto his feet, taking his daughter carefully, and placing her so that she was laying against his shoulder.

"I think our girl has tummy bubbles" he stated, then began to lightly rub her back while softly bouncing her against himself. The sight of her uncle burping his daughter while his pants clung to his ankles brought giggles to Amy's lips, which soon became gales of laughter. "Meat-Ball, you should see yourself!" she teased. "Talk about being incongruous! It almost looks like a before-and-after scene!" Janice struggled back into a sitting position, looked at Ben, and joined her friend in laughter.

Ben thought about his situation, but failed to see any humour in it. His main concern was Angela's discomfort, and he did everything he could to relieve the pains in her tummy. A loud belch advertised that he had succeeded, making both him and his daughter feel much better. "Little One, could you take Angie for a minute, while I get dressed?" he ventured.

Amy reached her arms up to receive Angela, and when Ben bent down to deposit their bundle of joy in her mother's arms, received a warm and loving soft kiss on the lips for his trouble. "Amy, I think Ben here just might be a keeper" Janice advanced. "I doubt there's anything he wouldn't do for his little girl.

Collin's the same way, which goes to prove your point when we talked last year. Underneath all that testosterone-based hardness, they really are walking, talking, blubbering softies, aren't they? And we wouldn't have them any other way." By this time, Jason was looking for another breast to feed from, and he let his mother know it. Janice moved the boy to her other breast, now half-drained in Ben's stomach. Hopefully, there'd be enough milk left to satisfy the baby's hunger, and if not, she'd just feed him a little earlier the next time.

Janice left a half hour later with her children, and Amy reflected on the experience they'd all gone through. She looked at Ben's pensive face, and felt a gap pulling them apart. The realization scared her. "Ben? What's wrong? You look like you're a million miles for here.

Talk to me, please?" Amy pleaded. "Huh? Oh, I was just rolling this afternoon around in my head. I must admit that, while it was definitely a unique experience, it's left me feeling like there's something that wasn't quite right about it all, besides the obvious." "Care to expand on that, for my benefit?" Amy asked.

"Well, to start with, I've gotten used to your body, and how it reacts to whatever I do. I'm comfortable making love with you, and I realized that, when I began to finger Janice. Not that I didn't enjoy the experience, but I don't really know where her sensitive places are, and I feel. . like I didn't give her the kind of loving she's used to, or wants, or needs.

I feel like an inadequate lover, and that doesn't still very well with me. I'm sorry, Little One, but I guess I'm not cut out for multiple partners" Ben explained.

"Oh shit, Lover," Amy apologized, the tears threatening to spill from her eyes, "I didn't mean for you to be uncomfortable. Janice felt so good on my breast, so warm, so. . almost loving, and I wanted you to be a part of that for me.

I needed you inside the circle, not outside it. I guess I got a bit selfish. Oh Ben, I'm so, so sorry! Can you ever forgive me?" "Forgive you? What's to forgive? You were just being the special and loving woman that captured my heart.

I could never feel angry about that. I think it's me that I'm angry with. You needed me in that circle, and I couldn't get myself into it properly. I think it's me that should be apologizing, not you." Amy moved in front of her uncle, took him in her arms, and kissed him deeply and passionately.

She probed his lips, then began to duel with his tongue, feeling relieved that he reciprocated as only he could. "You don't owe me a thing" Amy whispered in his ear as she broke their lip lock. "I needed you, and you were there for me.

That's who you are, Ben Calhoun, and that's a part of why I love you so damned much." She kissed him softly, still holding onto him, the glow of his warmth spreading into her soul. "Is that all that's troubling my man?" Amy expanded her interrogation, "or is there something else? It's not like you to get this withdrawn over something like debating monogamy, or even heterosexuality. Fess up. There's something more, isn't there?" Ben took his time, the feelings in his heart scrambling to become the words on his lips.

"Remember we went through that fantasy about making love with the kids? When we were all huddled together, I couldn't feel Angie in my heart. I could connect with Janice, sort of, and I definitely felt you deep in my soul. But I couldn't feel that connection between Angela and myself. At first, it scared the shit outta me. Now that I've had time to think on it, I'm realizing that the fantasy, for me, has to remain just that. A fantasy, without Angela being any part of it.

I know she'll grow up to be just as beautiful as her mother, and maybe more so. But she's a part of me, the spawn of my loins, and your womb. That's something so very special to me. Anything less than holding her safe from all the ugliness, sorrow, and pain in the world isn't enough.

Some men might dream of making love to their daughters. I'm just not one of those men. Ben stopped to re-gather his thoughts before continuing. "Amy, your mother moved out when I was ten or eleven. We'd never been all that close before she left, and I never saw her again after she'd gone. Sure, I loved my sister, as much as a little brother can. But all we had in common was the people that we called Mum and Dad, and a surname. I'm not sure if I ever really missed my sister.

I think what I lost was what a sister represents. So, in that respect, while you may technically be my niece, I don't think of you that way. I think of you as someone separate from my family, as a woman that has become so much a part of my life, in the here-and-now.

It's who you are, not what you are, that turns my crank. And maybe a part of that isn't accurate, either. What you are, to me, is the woman I want, that I need, and that I can't comprehend being without. You're the mother of our child, my lover, my best friend. You gave me Angela, our special gift. You carried that girl inside you, went through the pains of delivering her, just so you could give me a beautiful daughter to love, cherish, and watch over.

That's about the most wonderful gift a man can receive, and I love you dearly for that. I always will, too." As Ben held his niece in his arms, he felt the sobs wracking through her body, and instinctively knew that she was crying tears of pain. He wanted so desperately to make that pain go away, knowing that it was impossible. All he could do was hold her, protect her, and be there for her when the tears subsided.

"Ben, I feel cheap inside, for what I've done. You're the man that makes my world go around, and I've hurt you deeply. I don't know what to do, or how to make it up to you. That makes me feel ashamed of myself, and I'm beginning to see that it's something I can't fix. Not by myself, anyway." Amy hesitated, sniffling back the effects of her tears before she went on. "Is there a chance you can ever forgive me?

Can we make it right again, like it was before? Will we ever be the same people we started out to be? God, I'm so scared, Ben. If I lose you, I'll lose everything that's important to me." Another wave of remorse swept over Amy, and she broke into an renewed series of sobs and tears. "Hey, hey, Little One," Ben tried to salve her pain, "we all make mistakes. My Daddy used to say that if we didn't make mistakes, we weren't trying, and if we made the same mistake three times in a row, we weren't learning.

Maybe this is an example of what he tried to teach me. We've both made our mistakes today, and I think we've both learned what doesn't work. So we'll have to remember the lesson. I'll also guarantee you that we'll make other mistakes, just as sure as God made green apples. Maybe we both have to go through this so we learn how to pick ourselves up and get back to being what we're best at, being lovers, friends, parents, but most importantly, a couple." Ben held Amy as her crying ran its course, washing away some of the hurt and pain that temporarily ruled her soul.

"For what it's worth, Little One, I love you just as much right now as I did first thing this morning, and maybe more. If you feel you need me to forgive you, consider yourself forgiven. I don't think you've done anything wrong, but if that's what you need t hear, I'm quite willing to say it, and mean every word of it." Amy looked up into her uncle's warm and loving eyes, wanting desperately to lose herself in his gaze.

She could almost see right into his soul, and the place he'd made for her in his heart. "I love you, Ben Calhoun!" Amy declared.

"God, I'd be a fool to ever lose you. I need you, so damned much, and so does our little girl.

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She's lucky to have a man like you for her Daddy, and I'm even luckier to have you as a lover, and a friend, but mostly as the other half of my life." With that, Amy squeezed Ben in her arms as tightly as she could. Whatever it took to hold his heart, she promised she'd do it, both for her, and for their daughter.

It all just felt so. . right. Ranchland truly was a home, for her, for Angela, for Ben. They were a family, complete with all the ups and downs that make life worth living. In that realization, Amy found a sanctuary that would protect all of them, she felt, until the day she died.

This was where she belonged, and the people she belonged with.