Queen Of Spades Deep Throat and Pussy Fuck Creampied

Queen Of Spades Deep Throat and Pussy Fuck Creampied
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The alarm clock hits the room as Kristie stretched her legs on the bed sheet. She woke up with a smile on her face, knowing that this day has finally come. Alvin and the chipmunks are going to have a concert in the arena later on!

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And what makes her more excited is that her sister bought her front row seats and a meet and greet pass. She is so thankful to have a sister like her. She went to her modernized bathroom, removed her clothes and tossed it somewhere on the floor. She turned on the shower as the cold water hit her naked body, running through her chest and to her thighs.

As soon as she finished taking a shower, she wrapped herself in a towel and walked to her closet, finding an outfit to wear. She chose to wear a white printed tube that reveals her belly a little and a white denim skirt that matched her top. And curled her hair She ran downstairs and ate some snacks that her sister made.

She drove her to the arena with her new BMW, it's an hour drive, cause their house is quite far away from the concert venue. She stepped on the precious floor of the arena, the wind rushing through her hair. She felt her knees weakened as she saw the gigantic poster of Alvin, Simon and Theodore.


She waved goodbye to her sister and proceed to the line. She showed her ticket to the lady, she gave her a V.I.P pass, mainly because her ticket is front seat and She got a V.I.P bundle. She went to her seat and waited patiently. After a couple of minutes, the band started playing. A hint that the biggest event in the year had begun! She jumped up and down as it went to the rhythm. Finally, Alvin, Simon, and Theodore entered the arena.

Kristie began to shout violently, cause she can't fight the urge, she's just having a blast! They sang their opening song, "How We Roll" as the crowd started singing with them too. After singing a couple of songs, a lady in a tight shirt with an ID that says "Chipmunks All Access" approached Kristie. "Do you want to come on stage with them'?" She asked loudly, the others around her began looking at her and shouting.

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She nod in excitement as she lead her to the stage. The crowd screamed louder as Alvin held her paw as she walked to the stage, her body trembling and shaking. There is only one chair in the stage, he sat down and looked at her sexily, still holding her paw. "Hey cutie, what's your name?" "Kristie" she said, shakily. "Let's give it up for kristie!" Alvin shouted while Simon and Theodore shouted with the crowd. The whole arena screamed and shouted some random rants "Girl you're lucky!" and other stuff.

it's the first time they're going to bring a girl on stage and guess what. SHE'S THE FIRST ONE. What an opportunity! He started singing as the music began to play. "Vacation all I ever wanted, vacation had to get away." They sang as he was sitting on the chair.

She's standing and looking at him like crazy. He then pulls her softly on him, letting her sit on his lap while Simon and Theodore sing with him, watching both of them. She literally blushed as the whole crowd began to scream as loud as they can! He wrapped his paws around her waist while singing, resting his head on her shoulders and showing those cute expressions of him.

The song ended and he gave her a tight hug. Their chest touching each other's body. "Thank you so much for coming Kristie, I hope you're having a great time." "I am, thank you!" He smiled sweetly and winked.

The show has ended and the V.I.P and winners began to form in line, including her. She was the last one in the line but she doesn't mind waiting for so long. It's ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS!

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After like, almost 30 minutes of waiting. it's finally her turn! The show went great, the crowd is crazy. Alvin loved it, the boys had fun and the meet and greet went good. There are lots of cute girls, some were nice and some were okay.

He was kind of tired a bit but still continues, the staff were all hungry so they left them. Simon and Theodore went home too. Leaving him and the last girl standing on the doorway. "Come in sweetie!" He shouted softly. And there it is, a very smoking hot and gorgeous girl walking towards Alvin. She's the girl he serenaded a while ago, to be honest he instantly got hard when he let her sit on his lap. His cock began to throb as he sights her perfect curves.

She accidentally dropped her purse, she whispered an innocent "oops" and bent down, exposing her tight deep pink panties, seeing a perfect view of her tight, juicy looking ass. "fuck this, i'm going to bang this hottie." Alvin thought.


She hugged him and pulled back softly, trying not to freak out. he glanced at her chest "nice underwear." he said, without even realizing it. "Thank you. wait what!?" She said in a louder voice making her step backward. He slowly lock the door and went closer to her.

"I said. nice underwear.


But it would be better if you slip them off" She was shocked."W-what?" She said shakily. He can't take it anymore. His cock is swelling asking for her pussy's entrance.

He grabbed her hair tightly and pulled her to him. "I will fuck you hard and make you scream." "Alvin, p.

please let me go." She said trembling, her eyes widened in fear. "Do what I told you and be a good girl" He demanded. He pushed her down her knees as he pulled his pants showing his cock. "Suck it!

And swallow every cum, understand!?" He shouted. She nodded in fear. He thrust his cock into her mouth and forced her to suck it. She sucked it as he told and demanded her to deep throat him.

"Yeaaaaah baby that's what I want, good girl!" He moaned. She sucked it harder and he felt his balls starting to cum.

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His fluid started pumping into her mouth, "I wanna see you swallow it babe. Come on do it!" She swallowed his cum, as he shoved his dick back to her mouth demanding her to clean it.

He moaned as she sucked it, he bend her over, lifting her bum up in front of his throbbing dick as he ripped all of her clothes off.

He ran his paw through her bum and down to her pussy, he pushed her fingers on her pussy deep and twist it until she gets wet over him. "Alvin.p.please.". She screamed as she went deeper into her, he pulled out her finger and made her suck her own finger, tasting her juice.

She sob and did what He said, making his cock harder. "I'm going to pound your ass and make you suffer, show me what you got." He pinned her into the wall, her bum facing him and her paws up.

He slowly slid it in her bum, began to thrust slowly at first, but went faster as his speed is building up. She gasped with each thrust as he slapped her bum. "ooooohh yeaaaah, babyyyyy.

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uuuuuuh yeaaah." He was so horny, he grabbed her breasts and pinched them harshly as he fucked her ass, making her scream in pain. He threatened her as he pound his cock in her ass. He felt his cum blasting into her, his knees becoming weak.

He leaned up against her so she can support his knees. "Ohhhhhhh goodness!! damn baby you're fucking hot!! I'm so going to fuck you so hard!" He moaned loudly as he shut his eyes and spread his load into her. She was screaming and breathing heavily as he pulled out his cock.

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His penis began to soften as it went, he looked up to her, looking like a mess. "Kristie. is it? Don't worry i'm not going to hurt you.

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just give me your address, your email and your phone and make sure no one will know this and our secret will be safe." She cried even louder. He grabbed her purse and took her Identification Card. He received a text from him and his brother's manager that they're on their way back here and they supposed the meet and greet is over.

He replied a "yup". They didn't know it's not just some simple meet and greet. It's a hot meet and grex (The word "Greet" combined with the word "Sex"), Alvin's thankful he's got so many smoking hot pretty fans. He can just easily bang them, especially this girl. (to be continued.)