Stunning babe with huge natural boobs teasing

Stunning babe with huge natural boobs teasing
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When Mike woke up he woke to Zoë's slumbering form, her head settled gently on his chest. He felt his flaccid cock sticking to his sack, still rubbing against Zoë's sweet pussy lips, heard her sigh contentedly and soon felt sleep retaking him. He woke up, fully and finally, finding himself spooning Zoë. His hands were placed on her belly and her inner thigh, his penis pressing against her ass and her hair and neck in his face. He inhaled deeply, taking in the scent of hazelnut and peach.

He sighed and simply lay there, waiting for her to wake up. He didn't have to wait long. Once he was awake his cock became aware of its placement, beginning to rise and press its way in between her thighs. It stopped at its full length, the head resting on her outer lips throbbing. She began to stir not soon after, Mike pulling his cock from between her thighs as she rolled over and faced him in her sleep.

As he looked at her face, a few strands of that dark chocolate hair draped over her eyes and lips, Mike smiled. He wanted to have her again, and again and again and again. Somewhere deep, though he didn't recognize it, he felt love stir for this woman. And what a woman she was! Mike looked at the clock, its hands lethargically reading nine thirty on Saturday. He didn't look up at again for some time, getting lost in Zoë's flushed face.

He contented himself once or twice to rub his cock against her lips, causing her to moan and stir. Once, not wanting to wake her but desperate for attention, he pushed the head of his cock inside of her, and began to fuck her. However the second he did this she stirred, moaning louder and fluttering her eyes. He quickly pulled out and sighed, content but unsatisfied.

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Finally she woke, looking sleepily into Mike's eyes and smiling widely. "Good morning race horse… how long have you been awake?" Mike thought about hat for a moment. "I have no idea" he smiled back and chuckled.


"I've been to busy looking at the princess in my bed." She blushed and smiled, sitting up and stretching. This however caused the sheet and blanket to fall from her chest, exposing her luscious tits to Mike's view. He felt his cock stir again, throbbing quickly at the sight. He just lay back on the pillows and watched her as she stretched. After she was finished she lay back, scooting up and putting her head against his and pointing her body towards his side.

Mike felt her silky smooth breasts brush against his arm as she positioned herself. Her hand idly began stroking his chest as they lay there, enjoying the pure intimacy of the moment. "So… last night was fun, huh?" Zoë looked at Mike with a curious and hopeful grin. He smiled wide, wrapping the arm that wasn't pinned beneath her hips around her.

"It was amazing… You are a goddess!" She blushed again, giggling at his remark. He slid his free hand up to her neck and pulled her face to his. They both smiled as they kissed each other, their tongues keeping out as their lips rubbed and danced. Mike finally pulled away to find her lying on top of him, her breasts pressing against his chest and her hands on his head while his rested on her ass. He chuckled and settled down. "I do have one question though." Zoë adopted a look of interest at his statement.

"How did you manage to swallow my entire cock? I measured it out to about nine and a half inches. I didn't realize any girl could do that." Zoë gaped at him, looking in his eyes to see if he was joking.

When she realized he wasn't she tried to hide her laughter behind a hand. "I have no gag reflex. It comes in handy for things like this… don't you think?" She was playing with her hair as she answered; wrapping a few locks around one finger over and over again. Mike continued to smile and inquired about her laughter.

She laughed again, not hiding any this time. "Well if you watched porn on the internet you would see that a lot of girls can do it. Of course they probably just learn how. Not many people have no gag reflex at all. You… Do you watch porn?" Mike shook his head, the thought never really occurring to him. He had always used fantasies, something far fetched but it had always done the trick. Zoë kissed him once before pulling back. "Remind me later and we'll enjoy some… okay?" After a little while longer cuddling in bed Mike got up out of bed for a shower, Zoë following him after reaching down and feeling her thighs.

Mike turned on the water as she checked herself in the mirror, the reason escaping him completely. "How hot do you like the water?" "About medium, but I tend to turn it up as I go…" She palmed her breasts and pressed them together for a moment, letting them fall back and bounce into position.

Mike walked up behind her as she scanned her torso in the medicine cabinet. "You know you look gorgeous… so why do you have to check?" She grinned and leaned back against him as his arms wrapped around her stomach and his head went to rest on her shoulder.

"Because… I don't ever want you to see me looking frightful," Her voice dripped sarcasm as she turned her head and kissed him. The two separated and jumped into the shower, Mike sealing the curtain against the wall just to be sure. When the water touched Zoë she sighed, letting the heat relax her.

She spun after enjoying the flow for a minute, looking back at Mike. He had watched her through the thin wisps of steam, the sight of her body glistening wet making his cock rise faster than it ever had with Rose. He nearly died and went to heaven as she turned around, exposing her wet front to his view. The ends of her hair were plastered to her back, coming around to her sides and stopping just under her breasts. Her tits were happily pointing out at him, their weight never sagging or looking stretched.

Her stomach and shoulders were shining, but his eyes didn't linger on either of these very long. Once he saw her stomach he looked lower, as all men will, to her hips and thighs. He distantly heard her ranting in orgasm, the memory of the night before poking its way through his reality and making him even harder as he returned his eyes to hers.

He saw her look up to meet his look, but her eyes had obviously been on his cock. He smiled and stepped towards her, leaning in to kiss her as he felt the warm water wash over him. The kiss didn't last very long. After a few seconds Zoë pulled away and dropped slowly to her knees, wrapping a dainty hand around Mike's throbbing cock. He groaned at the feel of her sweet fingers stroking him, the water allowing her to stroke harder than she had been able to the night before.

Mike watched as she sucked on two fingers of her unused hand, sliding them sexily towards her hips as she stroked his cock. Finally he watched as she began to finger herself, stroking harder all the while.

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Mike put a hand on the tile wall for support as he felt her tongue reach out and begin to lick the tip of his prick. Zoë moved her tongue down towards the base of his cock, licking around his balls and traveling back up his length, stopping at the tip again.

Mike moaned loud as she poked and rubbed that spot on the top of his cockhead, the most sensitive area of his entire manhood. Finally he felt Zoë's lips embracing him, surrounding the head and sucking gently. Mike held back with all the willpower he had, praying desperately to last the entire time. He watched as his sensuous lover sucked in more and more of his cock, bouncing every so often and locking the underside on her way down.

Mike was panting hard, desperate to hold off. When she her lips landed in his pubic hair Mike was seeing stars. Zoë quickly pulled herself off of his cock and kept just the head in her mouth, stroking him hard and giving as much attention as she could to the amount of cock in her mouth.

Finally Mike came, grunting as the heat and pleasure shot through his dick and flew into Zoë's waiting mouth. She moaned and swallowed, swallowing the entire load and cleaning him up after. Zoë stood up and looked at Mike as innocently as a puppy, her eyes asking if she had done anything wrong at all.

In answer Mike wrapped one arm around her waist, the other around her ass and lifted, pulling her up to him and kissing her hard.

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She returned the kiss gladly. She was hungry for more than just his seed. Mike pushed Zoë up against the wall of the shower, pushing his half flaccid penis into her outer lips and thrusting over and over. Zoë moaned as his lips travelled down to her neck, then down to her bare breasts. His tongue and lips greedily inhaled one nipple, her other breast occupied by her own hand. The two moaned at each other, begging for love. Zoë felt Mike grow against her pussy, becoming the full beast that she needed.

Mike pulled off of her slightly, aiming his cock and pushing into Zoë's waiting cunt. The wet slurping sound it made told him just how wet she really was. The heat of the shower and the water were both lost on the lovers as Mike fucked Zoë. They needed to feel the sensations again, each needing to have the other.

Mike continued to kiss Zoë's hard tit as he fucked her, shifting between kissing her and sucking on her aroused breasts.

Zoë came as the hand around her ass managed to place a finger on her clit, rubbing lightly as she moved and as Mike fucked her. "Fuuuuuuccccckkk… oh go ohh yes oh fuck oh god oh yes oh dear FUCKING lord that feels sooooooo gooooooooood!" Mike grunted as her pussy clamped in hard on his cock, the entire length feeling as though a hot, wet vise grip had grabbed a hold of his cock. Mike continued to fuck Zoë, never wanting the feeing in his lions to end.

Having just cum he knew that he would last a while. He fucked her as hard as he wanted, shoving his cock in and out of her cunt roughly. Zoë knew that she wouldn't be able to take much more of Mike's cock.

The feeling of his head hitting her cervix, filling her completely with every thrust, was wearing on her, the bliss and orgasmic throes becoming too much for her to handle.

She came for the fourth time as Mike finally whispered in her ear. "Oh fuck princess, I'm gonna cum in your fucking pussy… ugh!" Mike felt his orgasm take over his body as he pushed his cock fully into Zoë's pussy, shooting his sperm directly into her womb. She screamed as her orgasm shot through her own loins, the feeling of absolute pleasure numbing her body as she wailed.

The two stood there, Zoë pressed up against he wall between Mike's arms and his body, his leaking cock still filling her. Her own legs wrapped around his ass, keeping him deep inside of her while her nails were clawing at his shoulders again. Mike panted directly into her ear, Zoë directly into his. Finally she loosened her grip on Mike and he let her down.

They washed one another, laughing and kissing deeply, passionately the entire time.

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When they exited and found their way back to Mike's bed they lay down, not bothering with the covers this time. Zoë crawled on top of Mike, her hair draped damply all over his chest while her lips met his. He rolled over on top of her, his cock already hard again.

He pushed into her for the third time that morning, fucking her long and slow. The feeling was less intense, but Mike discovered he felt more of her pussy this way. Her muscles squeezed him differently if he paused on the way in and the way out. The two came together, his method keeping Zoë from cumming until he himself was ready. She whispered his name as he came in her again, feeling her orgasm convulse the cunt in which he was occupied.

When she was finished cumming all over Mike's cock she felt it deflate, feeling cum ooze out of her well worked pussy. She climbed up and laid her head on Mike's chest again, stroking gently as they recovered. "God… I'm gonna miss your cock…" Zoë sounded almost sad as the words left her mouth. Mike felt like he had been hit with something heavy, dread weighing him down as he asked what she meant.

Zoë's eyes came up to meet his with sadness in them. "I've got to take a trip with my parents. I…I'll be gone until Tuesday. I'm sorry Mike. I just wanted us to have our fun." Se acted as though he was upset. The mention of her parents set him off on a tangent to the conversation, however he made sure to stay on subject. "Listen, Zoë, I don't mind at all… for a second I thought that you had someone, or that you were moving… I can wait a while. Your sweet pussy is worth it!" Zoë smiled up at him sexily.

"So is that smile." The last line made her laugh and kiss him.


Finally he asked the question that had him freaking out on the inside. "Listen… We've already had sex three times, and each time I've cum inside of you. And I'm positive that my cock can touch your cervix… are you on the pill?

Do we have to worry about pregnancy?? I wouldn't mind that, but if we do I need to stop and we need to check…" Here Zoë's smile grew rueful, the look on her face both happiness and resentment.

"Michael… I was born with a… a defect I guess you could call it. I can't have children naturally. My body doesn't react to sperm, or I cant take it in, or or…" Zoë's eyes began to leak tears, her voice cracking as she spoke.

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Finally she sat up and turned her back to him. "I can never get pregnant the natural way. I'm… I'm defective. Broken." Finally she broke down and sobbed. Mike got out of the bed and sat on the edge next to her, wrapping her in his embrace and pulling her onto his lap. He rocked her until she stopped crying, her tears wetting his chest as she hugged him and crying into him.

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"Shhhh, shhhh… It's okay babe. Listen to me," Mike tipped her head back and looked into her wet, red eyes. "I couldn't care less about any of that. I don't want kids right now. No high school student does… But I know I want you.

I want you every day for the rest of the year, for the rest of high school… I want to fill you up every time we make love and give you the most pleasure I possibly can. You are NOT broken. You are perfect." Zoë wiped her eyes and looked at him, thanks and love shining out at him. They stayed in the embrace for a long while.