Blown away sex kitten in lingerie is geeting peed on and poked

Blown away sex kitten in lingerie is geeting peed on and poked
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We finally stopped laughing, and just laid there to catch our breath. Shortly afterwards got up and headed into the bathroom, I ran a shower, stepping in and called for Susie to join me.


As she stepped in I pulled her to me and kissed her lips softly running my hands all over her fantastic body. She did have a body, she was just over 5 foot tall, long brown hair, sensual lips, cute smile, blue gray eyes, full hips, legs almost on the large size, but not, just right and very damn nice to look at, small waist, smooth skin, very firm tits about 36 maybe 38, pink aureoles, nipples the size of two thimbles good for playing with and sucking on, a flat stomach and the tightest looking slit with just a hint of pubic hair above.

She could easily pass for a 20 year old maybe a 24, hell I've seem some 26 year olds who didn't look as good as she did. I could even feel her parent's worrisome fears about her every time she left the house. She was one of those girls that made even the birds in the sky stop and stare, and drool as she walked down the street.

God she was beautiful and I was the lucky bastard who had just popped her cherry, damn I should be shot for fucking something that sweet looking, but I did and was going to do it again and again before this night was over. And not only just tonight, hell whenever the opportunity allows me to, I'm to knock her up, yep she wants my child growing in her belly, her and five other of her friends, all want to have my children, and she's the oldest at 14.

14 years old and the willing recipient of my sperm, as is her girl friends ranging from 11 to her 14 years. All six of these young girls want to be impregnated by me. How on earth could any one man be so lucky? I lathed her up and rubbed her firm breast, licked her ear, nibbled on the lobe and ran a hand down her back to cup her great ass. She in turned stroked my cock and balls with her soft little hands. I groaned and kissed her pulling her into me as we fondled each other.

My dick grew hard so hard I could have punched holes thru a seven inch thick sleet plate with it, but it was only going to punch her tight little pussy over and over with gusto, until I filled her cunt with my hot cum once again and then again and again. We rinsed off, I shut the water off, stepped out of the shower, picked her up, setting her little ass on the vanity counter, her legs open with me in between them and shoved my cock into her fiery tightness in one lunge and started pounding her little twat like a runaway pile driver, driving my dick in and out of her.

She moaned " Bill ohh Bill fuck my pussy augggg eeee fuck meeee fuck fuck meee god you're so so big hard FUCK MY PUSSSSSSY" and with that she thrusted her hips back driving me completely inside her hot wet snatch, she would almost come off the counter and I would drive her back on and again and again. Her tight young cunt tighten on my hard shaft in a pulsating wave as I pumped my dick into her, she began shaking and moaning.

I knew her climax was about to blow again, I shoved harder into her as she exploded in a mind boggling orgasm she cried, babbled, mumbled something about stars, Moon, sky, volcanoes it was all jumbled up and didn't make any sense to me, but she flooded her hot wet cock filled chamber spilling her hot juice all over my dick, balls, stomach, the counter, the floor, hell I think she managed to get some of her sweet cum on the ceiling.

I couldn't hold back any longer shoved all seven and a half inches into her as deep as I could, my balls up against her ass, resting on the counter and filled her tight young steaming love pit with my hot sperm, spurt after spurt I filled her, I knew my cum had to be flowing into her stomach as hard as it shot out my enlarged manhood into her. All I could do was hang on for the ride, my dick and balls had taken over and was driving my seed deep inside her hot twat in search of her womb and eggs to fertilize.

"Cumming auggggg cumming in your hot pussy aeeeeeee" I pumped her cunt full of my hot sperm. She just mouthed something in silence as I filled her twat with my thick cream and her body shook, her pussy milking my cock for my seed. After a few minutes of moaning and trembling of us both, I began to slip out of her cum filled pussy and almost fell on the floor due to my legs had suddenly turned to rubber, and most likely would have if she hadn't grabbed me and pulled me into her, wrapping her legs and arms around me holding me like a person fifty stories up in the air holding on to a beam for dear life in a high wind to keep from falling, she jammed her pussy onto my dick as her cunt was still spasming.

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Her pussy was sucking my cock keeping me hard, buried deep inside her as she had a twitching convulsion and cummed buckets and buckets of her sweet juice. Her mouth was wide open but nothing came out as she silently screamed. It was so incredible. Her pussy had a life of its own devouring my seed and trying to suck my balls thru my dick into her hot little 14-year-old tight snatch.

I was in PUSSY HEAVEN, I felt like I had died and was being sucked back to life. I just stood there feeling her young perfect body wrapped around me and my very existence inside her, I silently prayed that she wasn't pregnant yet, in fact I even hoped that she would be the last of the six to become pregnant, so I could enjoy her body longer. We both finally calmed down as we kissed, my legs came back as I slowly slipped out of her cum laden cunt.

I help her off the counter and said weakly, "Sweetheart you clean up while I go the store and rustle up some food and more drinks for us.

It going to be a long night if we keep going at this rate and I'll needed my strength to keep you satisfied. "Oh thank you thank you Bill you felt so good inside me I could use a break too you you're going to kill me if we don't slow down some," "Yeah I know I feel the same and I do plan to have you again and again and not just tonight neither" " I never felt anything even close to, never even thought of anything so good.

I love you. My body and soul is yours for now till ever and ever" "Yes sweetheart I know" and with that I kissed her, pulled on my clothes and headed out for food, drinks and a bit of a rest from her. This young beauty was going to fuck me to death if I wasn't careful. The stores were just across the alley in back and down a couple of doors, so I didn't have to get in my truck to go anywhere and I wouldn't be gone long, I just needed a few minutes away from her and her incredible pussy, God did she ever feel good, her body was awesome and her little hole so tight so hot so fucking good.

I loved being inside her. My dick began to stiffen some before I snapped out of my thoughts of her. I picked up some burgers, fries, chips, cokes, some Chinese's and a six-pack of beer for me later.

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And back to the house and my waiting 14 year old goddess for some more earth shattering love making. I walked in with my goodies and saw her lying there, propped up on a couple of pillows, with one leg bent slightly under the other, her tight slit looking at me with a bit of my cum just slipping out of her young girl pussy, god she looked good, in fact so good my dick sprang to its full enlarged size nearly ripping my zipper apart.

I was so hard so fast I couldn't get my pants off fast enough so keep from hurting myself. And as soon as my fly was open my cock leaped out towards Susie's pussy like a starving puppy groping for its mother's tit.


She just smiled and said, " I thought you went to get us something to eat, but you more look like a man needing some of this" as she spread her beautiful legs for me, opening her tight wet hole just a bit, showing her pinkness, my cock seemed to grow even harder.

" Oh yes I did and I do" I answered as I slid between her thighs placing my head of my hard dick just in between her lips of her hot wet pussy.

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I once again shoved my hardness into her sweet twat, only this time I just held it in her enjoying her heat and the velvet smoothness of her pussy walls holding my dick just so tight, it was heavenly.

I began pulling out of her slowly, very slowly completely out except for the tip of my cock, then back in just as slow till my balls were jammed up against her ass and the head of my dick was fully in her, then back out and back in still maintaining that slow pace, I was enjoying her hot little girl pussy and I wasn't going to let anything happen to stop me.

I kept my slow pace as her orgasm began to build, she tried to hump me faster as her body grew more aroused but I placed my hands on her hips and held her in place as I slowly fucked her, never wavering just the same slow pace and her body responded as her climax grew and grew. She began twisting and moaning under me, but I kept slowly stroking her hot little girl cunt with my rock hard dick. She moaned " Bill Bill ohhh damn you fuck me FUCK Meeeee" And I still kept my slow pace from tip to base my dick stroked her wet tight pussy, my balls slapping her ass gently as I fucked her and her upcoming orgasm grew and grew, finally to the point she couldn't tale it any longer, erupting in a huge wave of hot molting ocean of cum and screamed as the most wonderful mind shattering bliss flowed thru her young body, sputtered and shaking in her climax.

She shook so hard I thought that she was having a seizure. And then I had to cum no longer able to hold back, my balls released their hot mixture filling her spasming pussy with my hot white seed, load after load of my sperm flooded deep into her quivering cunt.

I just laid there deep inside her feeling her steaming snatch milking my dick for all its essence. We both collapsed, me sliding off lying beside her, each other trying to get the world return to normal.

I swear I saw stars and meteors dance around the room, before my head cleared and I saw the ceiling above me. We laid there forever it seemed, I then said softly "hungry my dear?" " Huh Oh yes please I need food and something to drink before you fuck me to death damn that was good" I laughed offering her a burger and a cold drink, taking one for myself and put the others in my little frig.

Grabbed a burger and wolfed it down in about three bites, sitting back and enjoying the glow of her young body. She ate slowly and I had another, then she spoke. "Bill " as she slid next to me "Yes Susie " I encircled her body with my arm pulling her tight against me. "I love you" and placed her head on my chest.

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"I think I do too but you're awful young to keep, I could go to jail if anyone found out about this" I ran my fingers thru her hair. "I know and no one will except us seven, well as least until Linda turns fifteen, then we six can tell our children who their father is and I hope you'll be here when that happens" "You couldn't keep me away, I only wish I could come back sooner to see all of you girls and the kids" I answered "and I'm worried how will you girls manage, being pregnant, having my children and supporting yourselves" "Don't worry I'm rich and I have a trust setup for me, and I'll be even richer when I'm fifteen and pregnant" "I don't understand how fifteen has anything to do with it don't you have to be eighteen for trusts and such?" "Not in this state, if you have the means and if you're with child or have a child you can be declared an adult at the age of fifteen, some old law that's still on the books, in fact a person can own property at thirteen, I have the means and I'll be carrying our child, as will the others, who I can setup with the right kind of means when the time comes.

I've got some good lawyers" "In fact I plan to open my ranch for a sort of home/school for unwed mothers, namely Amy, Linda, Joanne, Sandy, Glenda and myself. All those having your children, a Bill's offspring ranch." Now I'm honored, but you know my name isn't really Bill, besides wouldn't it be more likely be called The Prego Club Home and School and what are your parents going to say I'm sure they won't be too happy about their little girl having my child" "I know, Huh The Prego Club Ranch neat name where that come from" " Something Amy and I kind of came up with, you know the Prego Club a club for girls to become pregnant by me" " Cute, funny name, but that doesn't matter for now, my parents are dead, killed in a car crash I live with my grandmother, but my lawyers and I control my money, with her guidance, so I've got everything planed out but I want to be on my own and the only way I can do that is to get pregnant, and your impregnating seed is want I need for now" she looked up at me "and then later after the ranch is up and running and everything has settled down we can start working on our second batch of our kids." "Second second batch All six of you, don't you think that's a little much to hope for, do you really think the other girls will still feel the same later on, maybe one or more might find someone else, by that time " "Well I not sure about Glenda and Sandy yet, but I know Linda, Amy, Joanne and me of course want you and only you" "That sounds great even if not practicable" "Don't worry about it now baby just fuck me make me pregnant" as she began playing with my dick again, leaned down and took me into her mouth and I was rising to the call, soon she had a mouth full of hard cock, my rock hard cock in search of a pussy to impregnate, good thing she had one for me.

And I refilled her cunt with my seed once again, before we fell asleep in each other's arms with my dick still inside her pussy. We woke twice during the night and I slipped gently back inside her and filled her with my sperm both times, she loved it. The next morning I was awaken by her wonderful mouth sucking on my cock, getting me ready for some more loving. "Morning sweetheart" I whispered " Morning" she mumbled around my dick "Why don't you come up here?" I said as I pulled her up on op of me "you can fuck me for a change" "Huh ok" as she guided my rock hard erection into her waiting hot tight little girl pussy, lowering herself completely filling her twat with my enlarged man meat.

"God that feels good" I moaned.

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" So good ughhh so so biiig so hard so so deeeep" as she pumped my shaft with her hot wet snatch, her tits bouncing up and down with each thrust, I had to grab them both and gently pinch her nipples, raising my mouth to first one then the other to suck on them and nibble on her rock hard nipples.

She groaned and pumped. She would rise up till I was almost out of her then drop like a rock driving me deep so fucking deep into her again and again. I never had a girl or woman who fucked me with so much vigor and need, she was a woman possessed, a woman in need of sperm, a woman who wanted my cock inside her, although she was only fourteen, she was a woman driven by her needs and wants. And she wanted my child growing inside her belly and was going to have it.

I would push upwards to meet her downward plunge shoving my cock as far up into her as possible, hitting her insides I though I might be hurting her, but her shaking and moaning told me otherwise as she fucked me hard, her hot tight pussy sucking on my dick, working on drawing out the baby making seed out of my balls into her womb. She wasn't going to stop till I filled her again.

She placed her hands on my chest and pumped my dick with her sweet wet cunt, suddenly she stiffen and her pussy spasmed around my dick as she began cumming. "Awwwwwww ohhh I I'm cum I'm cumming cummmmmmin ughhhhh" as she soaked my dick, balls and my bed with her sweet hot cum.

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Her juices were so hot and good flowing over me I couldn't but help answering back as my white hot sperm blew out of my balls up my dick and into her waiting little girl cunt. "I'm CUMMING cummmmin" as load after load of my seed bathed her insides. "Yessss cum in me cum baby cum in my puuussy cum in meeeeeee " she shrieked. Still pumping my dick with her twitching cunt forcing my seed deeper inside her filling her womb. "Cum in me fill my cunt give me your child oh huh ughhh cummmm" she could feel my hot cream filling her, coating her insides with its warmth which caused her to fuck me harder, her pussy walls milking my cock for all it worth, wanting all my juice inside her vibrating twat.

It felt like I came for hours inside her as she worked my dick with her hungry snatch taking everything I had and still pumping for more. I never felt anything like this before, I was completely drain, I felt like it would take days if not weeks before I would be able to have sex again, and really didn't care either, I was so satisfied and so happily wore out.

Susie fell down on top of my chest, me still inside her spasming love pit as she gasped for air, her tits pressed into my chest felt so right and good I just held her basking in her warmth, rubbed her back and ass slowly, as she moaned deeply, her pussy sucking the last of my sperm into her glorious 14 year old body. I was never so happy. We laid there both unable to move, my softing dick still inside her cum filled twat, holding each other like two magnets stuck to each with super glue in between bonding us forever.

I loved this little girl; although we just met I would do anything for her. What ever she wanted I would do happily without any reservations if it were within my power to do so. We laid there for the longest, and then she finally said that she needed to go home, but wanted a shower first. I said, "Sure sweet heart I'll join you" "No you won't cause if you do I'll never get out of here" shaking her head " I'll just end up with you inside me again and I do need to go" "But" I pouted, looking at her hungrily " I crave you" "Me too but I need to go and you need to rest up, I'll be back" and she got up and into the bathroom she went closing the door behind her.

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I got up and went to the kitchen to fix something to eat, I could hear her in the shower and had to restraint myself from joining her, taking her again. When she came out and into the kitchen she was fully dressed, damn she looked good.

Hell she could look good in a potato sack, but so fine in her tight jeans and a two size too small blouse, in fact she looked so good even my tongue even got hard looking at her, she noticed my hard cock sticking out at her and laughed.

"God you're you're so sexy looking standing there with that monster pointing at me" I moved towards her " Oh shit looks like I took a shower for nothing" And she took hold of my hard cock with one hand and unzipped her pants with the other. Her jeans and panties hit the floor, her little ass was up on the counter and I entered her hot wet tight young girl pussy once more. Even after all the fucking we've done she was still tight, almost virginal and felt so damn good wrapped around my hard cock After I filled her with my hot cream once again, she pushed me back dashed into the bathroom again, freshen up pulled on her jeans and was out the door before I had time to recover and take her again.

I looked down and her little girl panties were still lying there, but she was gone. I picked them up and went to have a shower myself, after which I laid down to rest and watch some TV. Sunday football how nice.

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The day passed slowly and each time I though of Susie my dick would twitch and harden. Finally night came and sleep, dreams of Susie and Susie and her fanatic body.