Stark behaarte alte frauen

Stark behaarte alte frauen
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FINE LINE 3 I woke up to a new sensation, that of being full again. Having life flowing through me and feeling like a whole new person, I glanced to my side&hellip. She was gone, although I could already feel that the bed was light. "We still have to be careful, I guess." I muttered to myself in ragged breaths. The memories of last night came flooding in.


I remembered her sexy lingerie, her lush lips, and her nipples. Before long I found myself with a raging hard- on, I was tempted to whack of my hard meat. Then I heard crashing sounds from the corridor followed by a shriek… I leapt out of bed in one swift motion, tugging my blood engorged cock into my briefs.


I found terry by the stairs apparently, the heels to her shoe broke! "Are you alright?" I asked. I bent to help her as it was obvious she couldn't stand, she snapped "what? I'm fine!" I felt my stomach churn. I clenched my fists in rage… I turned to leave but, I something snapped in me "why do you always have to be a fucking bitch?!" her eyes went wide in shock.

I had never spoken to her in that manner but I wasn't done. "What have I ever been to you but a good brother, why you always acting up, snapping and treating me like shit… you know I've had enough of your shit?" A fresh wave washed over me. She looked like she had met a ghost on her way to prom night, I walked away to the kitchen cabinet, and I got out the first aid kit and began to arrange the contents I needed beside her.

She understood what I was about to do. Contorting her face in pain she stretched out her leg, I removed the shoe and moved on to clean the bruise, massage and then bandage the ankle… the silence was so prominent you could hear the afternoon breeze rattling the palm trees in the lawn. In about 15 minutes I was done. I pulled her arm over my head, lifted her and walked on to her room.

She remained silent and I was beginning to feel sorry for her, I had insulted my sister and I felt really bad about it but I couldn't bring myself to say a single syllable.

I opened her door with a stretch of my leg, and gently took her in and dropped her on the bed, afterwards I went to the phone on the wall, dialed mom and told her what happened, I prevented her from hurrying home assuring her that I took care of it but, knowing mum I knew she would be back home soon.

I turned to leave and I heard a soft "sorry". I turned to see my sister teary eyed. My heart sank. I walked slowly towards her bed, climbed in and hugged her "I'm sorry too, I said too much".

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"No! its not you, it's me I've been taking out my problems on you ". she then spent the next half-hour talking about how much she was jealous of me, I had a stable relationship, I was smart and had better grades, and how much better I looked.

I sat with her listening and then I told her how much I was surprised to hear all that, I was the one who was truly jealous, she had funky friends, she went to the best parties, got the best gifts, she was even more popular in school.

She didn't believe it, I told her I truly loved and adored her as a sister. She chuckled "I've been so stupid", she said in-between sniffs.


I laughed too. We talked and talked, then mom walked in, looking all jumpy.

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When she saw us she was relieved, a smile broke out on her face and she came to give me a hug. Terry joined in and soon we were all laughing.

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Mom announced at dinner that dad wouldn't be coming home; as much as she feigned a smile I knew she was unhappy. I felt sorry for her, we shared glances accidentally, and she dropped her gaze quickly, hoping to hide her sad face. The way she was attacking the wine proved it. "I think I need sleep now, thanks mom food was great". Mom's eyes went wide and she looked at me "what did you do to my daughter, did you break her leg? ." we laughed (me and terry). "Terry hasn't been this polite since third grade".

Terry just smiled and made an attempt to get up on one foot, she couldn't and before she could slump back into her sit, I grabbed her wrist and helped her up. We went upstairs and I tucked her into her bed "Craig, thanks for today, I love you" she said in a soft voice. "I love you too sis, sleep well and don't fall off the bed" I said turning to look at her; I walked slowly out of the room. The thought of mom filling my mind, I entered the corridor and mom grabbed me by the wrist and into her bedroom.

"Oh I've been thinking about that beautiful cock all day".

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She was undressed except for her black lacy bra and matching thongs, my cock sprang to life and y mouth was hung open at the sexy sight before my eyes. "Oh I can see you missed me too", she said kneeling in front of me and tugging at my brief, my cock sprang out smacking her in the lips.

She giggled.

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Stretching her tongue she licked the tip "oh I can't wait to feel this running through my mouth and ramming my pussy". A soft moan escaped my lips in acceptance; she swallowed my penile cap and bobbed her head up and down on it, sending waves after waves of pleasure crashing through me. I knew it wouldn't be long before I cum, grabbing her by her newly made hair, I fucked her face, "mm yes!

Fuck it" she said slightly incoherently, with my cock plunging deeper into her mouth, I couldn't blame her. I felt her gag reflex kicking in but mum was determined to have the whole of my dick in her mouth. She swallowed more, her spit running down my thighs from my cock, her mascara washed and smeared on her face.

She truly looked like my whore now… "Oh yeah suck it mom, take it all in" I felt my muscles tensing and my balls surging, I was on tope a wave about to crash "fuck, fuck, I'm gonna cum" mom pulled my cock my cock out a little "oh yeah gimme your hot yummy cum, pour it down my slutty throat" hearing my mum talk dirty sent me over the edge and before long I was spewing my seeds into her mouth, mom gulped and swallowed and I kept spewing more cum, mum was a cum crazed slut, she swallowed like her life depended on it.

My feet buckled under me and I staggered backwards, my cock sprang out of her mouth and my last two spurts landed on her face and tits. She chuckled "looks like someone enjoyed that"… "Yes mom, I did and that's the best blowjob ever".

"Oh there's plenty more from where that came". i held mum by the wrist and walked her to her bed, kissing her deeply I ran my hand over bra and she shuddered kissing me back and snaking her tongue over mine. I unhooked her bra and latched on to a nipple with my mouth, she moaned deeply her fingers running through my hair.

I caressed the other nipple pinching and twisting it, she moaned humping my thigh with her panty clad pussy, she was in ecstasy now ad I could feel her wetness through the panty "eat my pussy baby, work that magic tongue inside me".

She didn't have to ask twice, I moved below her spread legs and I yanked her panties down her sexy toned legs, licked her inner thighs she moaned out loud "don't tease me baby" went for her engorged pussy lips, lapping my tongue over them, "fuck yeah!" I wasn't done yet. I took her pouty clit in between my upper teeth and tongue, mom went into frenzy, I was worried she would wake terry. I continued to gently suck her clit, I inserted two fingers into her dripping snatch.

She screamed into a pillow her back arching and toes curling with her hands clutching the sheets, mum turned her laps into a person trapping my head in-between as she came, her body trembling with her mouth hung open. When she came down from her high, panting heavily she said "that was great honey". My cock was standing like a totem pole with the veins almost popping out of the thing flesh covering them. Mom gripped it by the base "fuck me baby, make me your whore".

I didn't need further encouragement I wanted that pussy. I slid in, slowly entering her pussy to the hilt, "fuck yes!" I pulled out to the tip and slammed back in "yeah baby fuck mommy just like that, oh your cock is so much better than your dad's. Fuck me baby". I plowed into her groaning like a giant with an arrow in its side. I continued this fucking and ramming into mom's pussy, I flipped her over onto her back and slid in again… she moaned deeply, grinding back at my cock, "yes baby, you're going to make mummy cum hard".

She screamed into my arm "fuuckk yeaaah", her pussy contracting and squeezing my cock was too much for and I sent spurts after spurts of cum into her hot pussy. My orgasm was sweeping through my entire body sending my spine into another realm, I fell face first into mum "that was great" I said in labored breaths, mum was chuckling. I kissed her back and rolled off her with my dick slipping out of her pussy with a slushy sound.

Mom rubbed my hair while I rubbed her thighs. I knew I couldn't lie like this in her bed if dad was around. "If you're unhappy, why don't you seek a divorce" I blurted out&hellip. There was a long silence before mom explained how she and dad had worked together to make all that he had, she had no interest in all he had but didn't want us kids to get cut out and without proper reasons for divorce we might not get much out of the divorce.

I assured her that I would get enough leverage and in turn we would move far away from here. She agreed "I'll do anything you ask son". We went to sleep with an idea forming in my head.

I began to track my dad, followed his routes and regular joints and with the help of my nerdy friends I got his schedule from his phone, he had several places where he took his secretary Suzie to but the easiest was his Friday motel. It had limited security, walls were thin and there was no camera or CCTV anywhere in the building. Thursday evening I told mum I would be going for a trip with a friend and won't be home till Saturday morning, she was sad telling me that dad won't be home and she was hoping we would be together, I apologized and promised ill bring back something that would be worthwhile, she brightened up as she heard that 'guess it's up to my trusty old vibrators'.

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I took a room besides dad regular room, with the help of my friends we were able to set up cameras in the lamp holders around the room as well as a fail-safe minute camera through a wall clock, due to the corridor not being always free, I took us till Friday noon to be done with the set ups as well as well as our monitors and MICs.

At 6pm he came in with Suzie, the started undressing and I immediately spotted why he was enthralled with her. She had huge boobs with large nipples. He latched on to each nipple one after the other, she shot back her head moaning as he continued to attack her boobs.

She pushed him off the bed and straddled his face grinding and humping his face; soon she removed her sopping wet panties and pushed her pussy back into his face. She reached back and grabbed his little dick. Soon she sucked his dick till it increased in size a little. "Fuck me now, she ordered!" Like an obedient dog he lined his dick into her pussy and began to stride in, she moaned urging him to go harder and faster.

As much as I was angry at the fucker, I felt my dick rising in my pants. She soon asked him to get off and she straddled him riding his dick, her head shot back and she gave a little squeal and from the movement of both of them you could tell dad had cum in her pussy.

She quivered, arched her back and her legs were shaky. "Oh Suzie, you're so much better than my old weary wife"… she laughed, "Bitch!" I muttered. Surely that, was exactly what she wanted to hear? "When will you divorce her" she retorted. "Soon my love, my lawyers are arranging the papers as we speak".

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At that moment it dawned on me, she was only interested in sucking his money dry, I knew I had enough to help in the courts but I knew exactly what I needed to do to nail his coffin&hellip. I smiled to myself "I got you first fucker, I got you first". Part 4? Comments will be the determining factor of that