Huge boobs TS Juliette Stray anal rammed

Huge boobs TS Juliette Stray anal rammed
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After Home Time Finally the last bell rang. We all know how it is, the last period of a Friday. All the tension and stress of the boring science lessons can be drank away with some beer on the wreck. My name is Rick if you're wondering. I'm around 5'10 with just a bit of loose flab here and there. I'm a pretty typical teenager, but being 16 has its perks.

You are the top boys in the school, and haven't got to fuck around with everyone getting in your way you can simply push them out to clear the path. After all how else do we get to class on time after our crafty fag break between lessons. My story begins whilst going on the way to Mr Shaws P.E detention. The fucking bastard, he catches me having a fag behind the P.E block and gives me detention for it. Well he might have let me off if I didn't call him a perverted student fucker.

School is fucking pathetic though. How do they expect me to ease my nicotine craving within 2 minutes? Any way back to the story. I ran into the boy's toilets, checked around then quickly dashed into the vented cubicle when I found the cost was clear.

I sparked up, but then the door opened; as I threw the fag into the toilet I heard some muttering. "What, why in here its dirty" squeaked a high pitch voice. " No it isn't, the only reason the boys come in here is for a crafty fag." Said a second voice, which was slightly deeper than the one prior.

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"Well where do you want to do it? And are you sure that the cleaners don't clean this toilet until the morning?" said the high pitched one. "Yes! I am thank you. Now hurry up! I've been gagging for this all the way through Drama, and I can't believe you did that in class!


I saw what you were doing under the table! You sly bitch." Roared the deeper voiced person.

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I wasted a fucking fag for this? A fucking argument? As I touched the door handle a frustrated voice squealed "Look are you going to make me cum, or have I got to spank you again!" I stood back from the door shocked; two people were getting it on in the toilets. Standing on the toilet seat I peered over the cubicle to see who they were, it was 2 girls. I recognized one, charlotte I think her name is. She's in the year below me. But I haven't a clue who the other girl was.

I ducked as charlotte and the mystery girl turned around and placed down both of their blazers. " I love suckling on your nipples lea, there the perfect kind of nipples. Small and pink, I wish I could have you everyday." Moaned charlotte. So the other girls called lea is she? Man this is fucked up. I shouldn't be watching this. They are only 15! But my cock must have though otherwise. Just listening to them was getting me turned on. The only sexual experience I've had was with a complete stranger.

I was drunk for Christ sakes! I took my position on the toilet's edge and peered over the cubicle. Charlotte had lea's top off and was nibbling her ear lobes whilst molesting lea's young looking breasts.

Don't ask me what size she was. I don't know the day half of the time. But they weren't large. Charlotte was right, Lea's nipples were amazing, and truly the pretty quire girl priss look. Lea was quite young looking in the face.

She's got curly ginger hair which seem't to be shimmering in the diminishing light from the sun. As for charlotte, she looked like she knew what she was doing, Lea was groaning softly as charlotte clamped onto her nipples. "thwarhishoneinhair" whispered Lea, Charlotte just appeared to giggle and replied "So what it's more fun this way" My dick was killing me now, I know its wrong but I just can't help it, I slowly undid my belt so that they couldn't hear me, and with a flip of my boxers my dick flung out.

It's about 6-inch maybe abit smaller. But hey I'm still growing aren't I… As I commenced watching the two girls, I saw they both had their tops off now; they were both lying on each other facing different directions though. All I could see was a mass of ginger hair covering charlottes pussy.

They were both passing off squashed groans, and the odd sigh. One of the two whispered again, I could only make out a few words. "Move your hair gibemahew" hissed one of them. And instantly I could see what was happening, lea was licking charlottes pussy. She was sliding her tongue in the top of her pussy whilst tickling her clit with her lower lip, "I need a cock in me, fast!" with a hint of aggression from charlotte.

"Think its time?" groaned Lea "Yes, I need a cock buried in me god damit!" said charlotte "Oi! You get out of that cubicle now" shouted Lea with charlotte giggling in the background. What? What's happening? I was shell-shocked, how did they know I was here?

I tried to ignore what they said. "Get out now! Aren't you blind? We don't want to get you in trouble! We want your cock! Now hurry up, before charlotte dries up. She's never been this wet, this show must have sent her over the edge, now pay us back, were doing all the work after all" giggled Lea.

I unlocked the cubicle and stood out, I was that embarrassed I forgot my cock was out, "Looks like you've been having some fun in that cubicle, See charlottes he's all ready for us." Shrieked Lea "Yeh it looks it, quick keep him going.

I don't want the Dick to go flaccid on me." Without warning Lea pounced closer towards me, and grabbed hold of my cock, I was feeling reluctant because after all this is only my second time. "What's up? Never had a blow job before?" laughed Lea "Well you haven't even ever gave one Lea so don't laugh at him!" Barked charlotte.

I looked into charlottes eyes as if she was my guardian angel. I felt as if Lea was intimidating me on purpose, but charlotte put her in her place.

"Erm, I'm sorry I didn't mean to drop in on this, I was only here to use the toilet. Ill just go, I wont tell anyone honest." I rattled. Laughter erupted in the toilets. "What are you on about going? And don't lie I know you're here for a fag. You don't get it do you Rick? This is a set up; lea and I followed you in here. We've both had our eyes on you for ages, so you're not going anywhere!" quarrelled charlotte.

A warm wet sensation rippled through my body, as I looked down Lea had my cock in her mouth, she was just passed my bell end, and it was amazing she was tickling my dick with her tongue. "aaarrhh" I was moaning like a biggalo. My conscience was telling me to go, but my cock was telling me different, the feeling of insecurity faded.

"Sounds like you know what our doing Lea, maybe you've sucked cock after all" praised charlotte. I grabbed Leas locks of ginger hair and pulled her closer towards me, which started off a rhythmic motion.

I opened my eyes to see charlotte kneeling behind Lea, charlotte was kissing leas spine whilst thrusting her fingers deep inside leas seeping pussy.

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Lea started groaning from her lustful encounter with charlottes fingers. "Arrrhhh, keeping doing that charlotte, this is amazing, don't stop its better when she moans!" I huffed. Taking this as an order, charlotte began thrusting her fingers deeper inside Lea. I was getting close to coming, im suprized ive lasted this long actually, probably because I'm not drunk.

Like the other dreadful time. "Yeh! I'm coming lea, it wont be long now! Urgh!" I furiously shouted. She took my whole cock into her mouth, before I shot my load, I could feel my cum hit the back of her throat, it began trickling down her throat. "You fucking bitch!" charlotte spanked Lea. "I wanted some of that and you took it all you greedy bitch!


Oh well, how does it taste? Asked charlotte "Its fucking great, come here, have ago, I need to return that spank, it hurt you know!" mischievously said Lea Before I could even recover charlotte jumped forward and was kneeling in front of me, how did this happen?

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"Rick, are you there? … RICK!" shouted charlotte "Oh, ugh? What, oh sorry I just got sidetracked." Charlotte held my deflating penis and with one whip like movement, the wet sensation rippled through my body once more, I could feel my penis getting engorged as charlotte wrung my cock like a wet towel.

The feeling was immense, 10 seconds later I was back to my normal size. But it felt like 1 second. All good things go to fast! "Time for payback bitch, and Rick, your going to love this.

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She moans more than me when she gets a good spanking." Chuckled Lea *crack* Lea was spanking charlotte, each jolt from lea's hand forced charlotte further onto my cock, a few strokes later charlotte had my whole dick in her mouth, and with every blow from lea's hand I was verging closer to my second orgasm.

"urgh" slurped charlotte. "I'm cumming charlotte, this is for what Lea stole!" I grunted and came right down charlottes throat.

She lapped up every last bit, as I glanced a look at her she had tears gathered at her eyes." "Are you okay charlotte?

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You've got tears in your eyes?" I sympathetically asked. "Oh she'll be alright! That means she enjoyed it, and hey why didn't you deep throat me, like her better or something?" uttered Lea Charlotte just nodded in agreement. Charlotte walked over to Lea and started kissing her, sharing my cum between them both.

"See Lea I'm not a greedy bitch so there's no need for you to be one!" winked charlotte.

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"Fuck, look at the time charlotte! I'm gonna be late home, if I'm late again my mums gonna kill me. I've got to go. Ill have to fuck you another day Rick, and don't ever think 'm going to forget about this."