Purple rabbit in wet pussy

Purple rabbit in wet pussy
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Deception Story: #31 Copyright ©2005 Written: May 15 2005 A story By: KaosAngel Proofed by: Piasa_Troll Please send any comments about this story to ([email protected]) ********************************************************************** "RING" Jessica picked up the phone, Jessica was surprised to find it was Stacey on the other end of the call; Jessica hadn't spoken to Stacey in over two years since they had that big fight over Jason the most popular guy in school at the time.

Their conversation went something like this.


"Hi, Jess" "Stacey?, What do you want?" "Oh come on Jess hold the hostility, put the past behind us" "Ok, but what do you want?, even when we were friends you never called unless you wanted something" "Your right!, I called because I miss my friend, I want you to come over tonight so we can hang out like we use to" "I would like that, what time?" "Around 4pm that way we can play and you can stay for dinner" "Dinner?" "Don't worry my dad is getting us a nice 20 something meat-girl from hills" "Ohh in that case, I'll be there!" Jessica hung-up the phone looking forward to her "play" with her former best friend, hopefully putting the past behind them.

"play" of course meant lots of hot sex and kitchen role-play with Stacey as the chef and Jessica as the meat, Stacey's father had a huge kitchen for cooking meat-girl's equip with a large oven and prep counter and nice shiny spit's leaning up in the corner. Stacey's father would let Stacey and Jessica "Play" all the time of course it was only "Play" both being too young at the time to volunteer to roast, But both girl's knew that one day there time would come and this "Play" helped them to prepare.

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But that was along time ago, Jessica was now 18 years old a registered member of the female meat draft and had her own state meat lottery number that could be called at any time ordering her to report to her designated meat processing plant when her number was up. A day she feared and hoped would never come.


For her "Play" was just that, she did not really want to be called ordered to die and give up her meat to people to eat, yes it was a fantasy that got her off thousands of times and would get her off every time, but she wanted to live, she only had to make it to 30 to be exempted from the lottery and that was what she lived for, every day she would get out of bed and say "Today is not the day I die!", while other young girls who DID want to roast would say "Today is the day I will be called!" as Jessica would soon find out you don't always get your wish.

Jessica packed an over-night bag, because she knew that her visits to Stacey's house even the ones intended to be short always wound up with Jessica in Stacey's bed for the night. She was hoping this visit would be the same, she was missing her friend.

When Jessica arrived at Stacey's house she was met at the door by Stacey, "Hi babe!, I've missed you so much" Stacey said as she allowed Jessica to enter her house.

Jessica entered and then turned to look at Stacey, "I've missed you too, I am so glad you called" Stacey lead Jessica on a mini tour of the house as they walked to her room, it all looked as she had remembered, the huge kitchen was still huge, and Stacey seemed to be her old happy self as they made their way to Stacey's room.

Once inside Stacey's room Jessica placed her bag on the floor and then she saw it, in the corner of the room was Stacey's two part play spit, Jessica walked over to it taking the end piece in her hand rubbing the dull tip that she knew would soon be inside her.

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They wasted no time, Jessica placed the play spit down and both of them ripped off each others clothes and hit the bed like animals grabbing this part, licking that one and so on for what seemed like hours, but only lasted for about twenty minutes before Stacey jumped up, "Hold girly, it's time to get you on your spit" Stacey said as she held the two piece of the play spit in her hand. Jessica was excited this is what she had come for and now she would get to "play" once again, "Yes yes please lets get me on that thing" Jessica replied jumping out of the bed and quickly walked over to Stacey and the spit, "Ok but first, let's make this seem as real as possible' Stacey said, "What do you mean?" came the reply, "If you were to be put on a spit for real you would not be allowed to keep all that hair" Stacey said pointing to Jessica's hairy pubis.

"I want you to go to the bathroom and use the cream to removed all your hair, then take a shower to wash it all off then use the enema bag I have laid out for you, when you come out this bad boy will be ready for you" Stacey said and Jessica had to admit the thought appealed to her she always wondered what it would be like to be hairless, so without wasting a single second more Jessica entered the bathroom and began to follow Stacey's request.

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When Jessica came out of the shower 30 minutes later she was clean, fresh and completely hairless everywhere but her head, "When I started to use that cream I figured why stop there?, so I used it all over" Jessica said to Stacey showing Stacey her completely hairless body glimmering in the light as beads of water ran off her, "You look lovely Jess, one more thing before we can continue" Stacey said as she handed Jessica a piece of paper to read and a pen, "What's this?" Jessica asked, "It's a fake volunteer form, I copied it from the net off of the alternative meat agency's website" she replied, "Ok but why do we need one" Jessica asked looking down at the form.

"To make this experience seem more real" Stacey replied walking over to Jessica, "But if I signed this and the wrong person found it, I would wind up on a spit for real" Jessica said with fear in her eye's, "No you won't, look here" Stacey said taking the form and pointing to an empty square at the bottom, "There has to be an official meat notation stamp here that only a meat inspector can do, for it to be real and legal, I don't see any meat inspectors here" Stacey said assuring her friend it was safe, "Ok" Jessica replied and signed the form handing it back to Stacey.

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Stacey was right adding that little detail to her fantasy had made her feel more like meat then a girl then she has ever felt before, for a second she did consider volunteering her meat to the agency, but this little day dream was interrupted by Stacey entering the room, "where did you go, I didn't even notice you leave" Jessica said as Stacey came over yo Jessica with rope's in her hand, "I went to get the rope, can't put you on the spit without tying your hands" Stacey said as she stopped in front of Jessica, "Why not" Jessica replied, "Think about it, have you ever seen a meat-girl with her hands free?" Stacey said, "No I suppose not" was Jessica's answer as she turned her back toward her friend and placed both hands behind her back for Stacey to tie.

Once Jessica's hands were tied tightly behind her back Stacey stuck a ball gag in her mouth, Jessica tried to protest, "Calm down sweetie, have you ever seen a meat-girl without a ball gag in her mouth?" Stacey asked knowing that even if Jessica had she wouldn't be able to answer leaving Jessica on the floor Stacey left the room again.

A rush of extacy ran though Jessica she was getting closer and closer to her fantasy becoming real, but did she want this? she couldn't answer that if she was asked not at the moment, at the moment she only wanted to feel the spit, the play spit, the real spit, at the moment it didn't matter just shove one in she almost begged out loud but managed to stay silent.

Stacey came back to the room but Jessica was so caught up in the fantasy she hadn't noticed that Stacey was not alone, a man was with her, "So this is your pig?" the man had said breaking Jessica's thought forcing her to look up at the man hovering over here with a clip board, "Yes her name use to be Jessica, but as you can see here she has volunteered to be the spit roast at our barbeque tonight" Stacey said to the man handing him a form, the same form Jessica had signed for their game.

"Ok then let me just stamp it here and your all set to begin preparing this pig for her spit" the man had said as he pressed his official alternative meat agency stamp to the empty square of Jessica's volunteer form it was now official Jessica was no longer human, just a little piglet waiting to be stuck with a spit.

Jessica tried to scream and protest to the man feeling her up and inspecting her meat but it was no use he had seen to many meat-girls fight this way even the ones who volunteer so Jessica was screwed by her best friend and soon would really be screwed as the spit slid though her.

After the inspector left Stacey's father came into her room without saying a word he picked up Jessica over his shoulder and carried her out to the back yard where a lot of hungry guest's were waiting for the roast to start cooking, when they reached the back yard Jessica was placed in a kneeling position over an old tree stump with her chest resting on the stump, Stacey then came out of the kitchen with one of the huge spit's that Jessica had seen when she came in, it looks like she was about to get way more personal with that spit then she had originally intended.


Stacey walked over to her father handing him the spit and then took her place at Jessica's head looking in to her eye's she then removed the ball gag to allow her dinner to speak, "Why are you doing this to me Stacey?" Jessica asked, Stacey leaned in closer and whispered into her ear, "When daddy told me about this little barbeque he said he couldn't get a meat-girl from hills since they raised the price and that I would be roasted unless I could trick a friend into taking my place, well you know I could never do that to any of my friends" Stacey said waiting for Jessica's response, "But we are friends how could you do this to me?" Jessica replied, "but we are friends!, aren't we?" Jessica asked as Stacey's father inserted the spit into her pussy.

"I meant my REAL friend's, ever since you stole Jason from me 2 years ago I've hated you!, this is what you deserve, roast like the pig you are!" Stacey said as her father forced the spit deep into Jessica passing her intestines and stopping just under her ribcage. Stacey took this time to kiss her little piglet one last time holding that kiss until she heard her father, "unless you want to roast with this pig you better move cause this spit is about to go though you both" her father said and just then Jessica could feel the spit touch her own lips, she then opened her mouth to take some of it in sucking on the sharp tip and tasting her former friends blood.

Stacey removed the spit from her own mouth and then kissed Jessica on the cheek, Jessica was staring at the tip of the spit sticking from her mouth and could not belief she was fully spitted and still alive and that it hadn't hurt as much as she thought it would, as mad as she was at her friend for doing this to her she has happy that it was finally done, no more waiting for the yellow envelope and dreading the meat draft, no more worrying that her number would come up for the next monthly barbeque, and no more "I want to roast you" looks from her own father.

Nope now she was free of all that worry, she was meat, she was a stuck piglet ready for the coal's. THE END

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