Mi ex me busca para cogermela ya que su marido no puede

Mi ex me busca para cogermela ya que su marido no puede
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Dharma Cheats On Greg With Ted Introduction: My wife was faithful to me for a total of thirteen years and we had been married for eleven. When she asked me about having sex with a co-worker who she was attracted to I encouraged her to go for it.

But I insisted that she give me all the details afterward. Names have all been changed to protect the guilty! I had been married for eleven years, when my wife, Dharma, took her first full time job. She began working at a large department store in the jewelry department.

All day long, she would wait on customers. On occasion, a worker from another department would help her out when there were too many customers. Well, this worker was a guy who was almost 20 years younger than her. His name was Ted and he was only nineteen at the time. Dharma had been true to me for over 13 years and I trusted her implicitly.

We had an open marriage and there was nothing she couldn't discuss with me. I was a few years older than she was and we had previously discussed going out with others and had decided that if the right opportunity ever came along we would do it. But this was years ago. So I was very surprised when Dharma asked me what I thought about her possibly going out with a co-worker named Ted.

I was shocked! Not that it really bothered me, but I just never thought she'd ever really want to do it. I asked her about him, and from what she told me, I realized I didn't really have anything to be jealous of. He was about 5'10" and weighed 200 lbs. He still lived at home with his parents and worked in her store only part time.

There was no way he could entice her to stay with him for anything other than a fling. After I thought a minute, I said, "Sure. Why not?" But you have to let me know what it is like!" She promised she would and then leaned over me in bed and took hold of my cock and asked me to tell her what REALLY felt good. So, as she stroked my cock and started licking it as I told her (she already knew all of it!) She told me she would try to do it with him that next weekend.

When Friday night arrived, I waited up for her. She was home on time!

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"What happened?" She told me that she had left little hints for him, but that he didn't seem to catch on. She waited for him at her car in the employee lot, but he didn't come there. So, finally, she drove home. I told her that she might have to be a little more direct the next night. On Saturday, I was watching our kids. After putting them to bed for the night, I waited up for her.

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At the usual time, she arrived home. But another car pulled in after her! She came in and told me she was dropping her car off, and that Ted was waiting outside for her.

I kissed her, and let her out the door. What happened with them is the story that follows: After she came home, I asked her for the details. So here they are: At work that night, she had walked up to Ted and told him she waited outside for him the previous night. He was flabbergasted! He apologized to her and said he'd make it up to her tonight. (This was hard for her: she has always been a shy person) When it was time to close up, Ted came up to her and asked if it was still on for after work.

Saying yes, she turned to him and he quickly kissed her. She had him follow her to her apartment complex. After she was in his car which he had parked under some trees where there was very little light. She had bought some wine (to help get her nerve up) and he had some beer.

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After talking and drinking for more than half an hour, she felt his finger brushing against her breast. She opened her eyes and leaned toward him, and they kissed. He pulled her to him, wrapping his arms around her and thrusting his tongue inside her mouth as far as he could. She put her arms around him, and their first kiss lasted a minute. Then his right hand moved around to the front and started tickling her breast. He kissed her lips, and moved his lips across her face, kissing her cheeks, then her ear lobes, and moving down to her neck.

Opening her blouse, his lips moved downward to lightly lick around the top of her breasts. Reaching down, he undid her front-clasp bra and helped her pull it off.

He grabbed her breasts a little too roughly, one in each hand, and started rubbing and squeezing them. Dharma leaned toward him and kissed him. Then she leaned back against the door, and let the feelings come. Ted licked her nipples, and started sucking them; first one, then the other. His right hand moved down and stroked gently along the insides of her thighs, until he reached her crotch.

Then, rubbing hard, his other hand undid her jeans. Dharma told him she'd get them off, which she did, and took off everything else too. Ted just sat there watching her. When she was completely naked, he leaned forward and sucked her nipples some more.

Meanwhile, his hands were busy stroking her thighs, and rubbing her pussy. His kisses moved down, past her tits, to her navel, and then to the pubic hair. Dharma lay back on the seat, and Ted started licking her slit, moving in small circles just above her clit hood with the tip of his tongue, and then finally sucking her clit while biting gently with only his lips.

She told me that he had definitely done these things with other women before and that he was very good at it. Her pussy was getting real wet by now, and his finger slid in easily. He licked and sucked on her clit, while one hand rubbed and squeezed her right tit, and the other hand was finger fucking her deeply.

After a few minutes, she sat up and had him take his clothes off. He had very little hair on his chest (which she liked), and she started kissing on his chest. Moving downward, she slid her tongue into his belly button, then went even farther.

His cock was hard, and almost reached his navel!


She didn't know how long it was and was not about to ask him. She said that then she started rubbing her fingers along the shaft of it, feeling it get even larger and harder.

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Then she grabbed it and lifted it up away from his belly. Kissing it along the shaft, she moved her lips up until the head of it was touching her lips. She suddenly slid it into her mouth, taking all of it in. Ted moaned in ecstasy, and lifted himself off the car seat.

Dharma started sliding his cock in and out of her mouth, sliding her tongue around it, and squeezing it with her lips. After doing this a few minutes, she pulled it out and kissed down the length of it. Reaching his balls, Dharma licked on them and slid first one, then the other, into her mouth, lightly sucking on them.


His balls had almost no hair, and slid very easily. Kissing back upward along the shaft of his cock, she took the head in her mouth, and swirled her tongue around and around it. Then she shoved his cock deep into her mouth again, and moved her head up and down, fucking him with her mouth.

Ted kept saying that he "couldn't believe this was happening to him. It's too good! Suck my cock, babe! Ooh, yeah, slide it all the way in." So Dharma did. She moved her mouth up and down his cock, until Ted all of a sudden grabbed her hair and started thrusting his cock in her mouth.

In a couple more seconds, she felt him his cum in her mouth, the hot liquid hitting the back of her throat and pooling on her tongue.

Tasting it, she decided it was good, and started swallowing it, tightening her lips around his cock, feeling it throb, pushing his cum into her mouth.

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He had a lot of cum, and it took a few seconds for him to finish. When he was done, he asked if she wanted to continue, because he could cum again. So she kept sucking on him, occasionally getting some more cum out. But his rigid cock still didn't go limp! She got down into the backseat, jacked her legs into the air and he got on top of her.

She was so wet inside, that his long cock slid right in all the way. His cock was hard and big around, and felt oh so good! He started pumping her pussy hard and she loved what he was making her feel. She wrapped her legs around his back, grabbing his ass and pulling him to her. His cock was hitting against her cervix, sliding past it. He grabbed her tiny round ass and really started slamming into her forcefully. Meanwhile, his mouth was on her breasts, sucking them, sliding his tongue across to the other one.

Soon Dharma could feel the tightening deep in her groin that always preceded her orgasms. Her legs pulled him inside her, trying to push it even farther in.

Her pussy clamped down on his cock, wanting to swallow it, her crotch grinding against his.


Before she was finished coming he shuddered and she felt his cock throb, squirting waves of hot ball juice inside her. He had filled her up she said and he was still hard deep inside her!

They then had a cigarette together, and he told her he wanted to do it again! So she slid her hard little ass back down against the car seat and he slammed his cock home again! She said she started coming as soon as he got it inside her that time.

He fucked her hard and deep for several more minutes until they were both worn out. It had been 3 hours, since she had left work with him.

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More than 2 of which was just fucking and sucking each other! When she got home I kissed her, tasting something strange. She said it was his cum. I didn't realize that was what it was.

It turned out that mine tastes bitter to her but his is real sweet!

Oh, well. Whatever. At least she enjoyed herself.

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And I enjoyed hearing about it. They went out a few more times, the next time he actually got a motel room for them! Well, later there was at least one time that she spent with him AND another male co-worker for a hot threesome! I'll tell you this one about this encounter another time.

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