Maya Hills Takes Cock In All Her Holes

Maya Hills Takes Cock In All Her Holes
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The set up was perfect. A cosmetics convention filled with women at a hotel conference center. At the end of the long day of meetings lots of women get drunk, not having to worry about driving because their rooms were right in the hotel.

The alarm on the clock buzzed in the normal tone, just like it did every other day. However, some how, today felt different. Pushing the bed sheets off her scantly clad self. Diana made her way to the bathroom.

Her bare feet softly padding on the plush carpet beneath her feet. Entering the bathroom she turned on the water to the shower, tested it, and then proceeded to undress. Bending at the waist she pulled down the pastel pink colored the material slipping from between her ass cheeks with little resistance.

As the warm water rained down upon her she sighed. Reaching up to grasp her tits and squeezed them gently rubbing her thumbs across her taunt nipples. Maybe a little play time before work she thought? Yes, that sounds good. Taking care of showering she shaved and cleaned up, then stepped out into the bathroom.

As she reached up to dry her hair she glanced in the fogged mirror to watch her tits bounce as she shook the towel back and forth in her hair to dry it.

Smiling to herself she let the towel fall and her semi-wet form walked into her room. Lying down on the bed she let her thighs part some allowing her long slender fingers access to her already hot snatch. Probing into her wet folds she found that sensitive little button and rubbed on the fleshy nub making her writhe and grind against her fingers.

Her tight pink snatch glistened with her juices as she slid her index and middle finger into her fuck hole. Her hips lifted off the bed and she reached up and tugged on her nipple. Moaning under her ministrations she worked her hand faster reaching in deep with her fingers rubbing against her g-spot. Her hips ground into her hand her palm rubbing against her clit as she worked. Panting from her dirty work.

As her long delicate fingers pounded in and out of the slick moist folds of her twat the aroma of her sex filled the room. She could smell her wetness, and it did nothing more but turn her on even more.

Reaching down and running her finger over her clit as her other hand continued to finger fuck her she shivered. Continuing to rub on the sensitive nub she groaned as her cunt walls began to convulse around her fingers. Her ass wriggled on the bed some and her hips thrust upward. Moaning and panting loudly she let wave after wave of ecstasy wash over her. After what seemed forever she regained her sense and lifted her soaked fingers to her full lips. Sliding them into her mouth she suckled on them momentarily enjoying the taste of herself, it was so yummy.

Lying there she caught her breath, and then proceeded to peel herself off her bed. Retrieving her discarded towel from the bathroom she wiped her drenched snatch dry as best she could before strolling over to her dresser to get dressed. Selecting what she was to wear today was simple enough. She chose a white oxford shirt, white lace bra, a plain black skirt, black thigh high nylons and her normal office heels. Michelle chose to leave out panties.

She felt like being naughty today.

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She felt like having a nasty little secret no one knew but her, and the thought of it at that moment was making her cunt throb back to life. Giggling at her new secret she got dressed leaving several buttons on her shirt unbuttoned just enough to show a good amount of cleavage. I'm such a slut she thought and giggled again.

I'm such a slut and I love it. Spraying a bit of perfume on herself and applying her make up she headed out the door. I actually heard her before I saw her - a sweet southern accent ordering another drink at the bar. From my angle, her back was to me - showing me a nice juicy ass clad in tight fitting black skirt. I knew instantly I wanted to get my hands on that. I approached her and found she had a pretty face to go along with her nice butt.

I introduced myself as one of the speakers scheduled for tomorrow's agenda (a lie) and so Diana let me pay for a drink (a Black Russian) as we struck up a conversation. A few minutes into it, I knew she was just thinking about the conference, unsuspecting of my intentions. She was married and just at the bar to have a few drinks before going back up to her room. I was no more than 48 and I definitely didn't look the part. My hair was dark with a hint of gray to my hair.

I was well built and looked every bit professional as every other guy in the hotel. I saw how provocative Diana had dressed and it made my cock twitch to life. A sort of plan created itself within my mind and an almost wicked sort of grin appeared on my face.

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How lucky was it that they both had rooms on the same floor, and I happened to have an elevator key? I had big plans and thinking about them did nothing but make my cock harden to life further. As the bell sounded to signal the arrival of the elevator and the doors slid open she walked in followed by other guests.

I took my place next to her my hand in my jacket pocket fiddling with the elevator key. The usual buttons were pushed and the elevator was sent on its way. It stopped first at the 3rd floor to let off the first group of people leaving Diana and I alone. Then it was a quick ride straight to the 6th floor. However, it was going to be much longer than Diana had planned. I stepped forward and pushed the key into its slot turning it and the elevator screeched to a stop right between floors 5 and 6.

Diana looked at me confused. "Why the hell did you do that?" I only looked back at her and grinned. " I did that because you're a dirty little slut and you need to be punished." My tone was very matter of fact and serious.

Diana's eyebrows knitted together and she looked at me confused. "What the hell are you talking about?" I stepped closer to her my hands grasping a hold of her medium tits, squeezing them slightly and feeling her stiff nipple in my hand through the material of her shirt. Alarmed, Diana stepped back her ass hitting the back of the elevator. "Get the fuck off me !" SLAP! My hand connected with the side of her face and Diana's eyes watered with tears.

" Don't talk to me like that!" I growled through gritted teeth as I stepped towards her grasping her breasts again. This time I kneaded them in my palms smiling as I watched the fear in Diana's eyes. What the hell was he doing, she thought, why the hell is he doing this to me? Me of all people, but most of all why is it turning me on so much? Diana panted softly as I continued to play with her breasts; I was now pulling on her nipples through her shirt.

He wouldn't do this to her, could he? No. He couldn't. She wouldn't let him. Diana reached up and pushed me away from her, but I was quick and caught her wrist. I pulled her to the ground and sat on top of her straddling her waist.

" I know you like it Diana. Don't deny it you were holding back a moan when I was playing with those nice tits of yours, I heard you." Diana whimpered as my hand reached down and started to unbutton her shirt while my other hand held her wrists together, keeping her from trying to hit me again.

Diana started to tear up, sniffling slightly, but what could she do? There was no way she was going to be able to fight me; I was obviously stronger than she was. Shutting her eyes tight and turning her head to the side she felt my hand pulling her breasts from her bra.

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My hand were cold on her hot flesh. Biting into her lip Diana kept herself from gasping or showing me the satisfaction of me pleasuring her. She bit down hard as I grasped her tits. I grinned and leaned over to take one of her hard pink nipples into my mouth. I sucked on it hard, and bit into the sensitive flesh. Diana stiffened. She felt herself getting wet and she didn't want to be. Her body was betraying her and the mound between her legs was hot and ready to have attention paid to it.

I saw what was happening to her and I grinned grasping her nipples between my thumbs and index fingers again. "You like this don't you? You like the thought of an older man raping your young pussy don't you?" I laughed at my own comment and got off her. "Stand up, and put your hands on the wall. That's good, do that and bend at the waist. Do it don't fucking pretend that you can't hear me!" Diana did as she was told sometimes more hesitantly than others.

She had her ass in the air some and her hands against the wall. "Mmmm, that's a good, stick that ass out for me baby." I grinned as I ran my hand up the back of her skirt feeling her ass cheeks. Sliding my hands up I pulled the skirt over her hips and wrapped it around her waist allowing me a full view of all she had to offer. "Oh you're ready and waiting"? Showing up without any panties on." Seeing her baring her cunt and her ass to me my cock twitched painfully in my pants.

Diana then heard me unzip my pants and the soft rustle of me removing the article of clothing. She whimpered " nnnnoooo.please" knowing what was coming and dreading it. Next she felt my cock pressing against her ass cheek. My cock was hot and rock hard. It felt very thick on her ass cheek, but she couldn't be sure. I grinned and began to rub my thick 10 inch cock along her wet slit. " That's a good nice and wet for me." Diana tried to push away from me again.

I pressed hard aganist her and she stopped her struggling tears running down her face. " Keep it up and I will do more than fuck your wet cunt I'll slam my monster cock into your tight little asshole too, and I won't be the least bit gentle with you." She looked over her shoulder at me with a mixed look of shame and fear as I moved my cock towards her hot wet pink slit and put it in just a fraction of an inch and moved it up and down her slit.


She gasped, " uuuuhhhh.uuuuuhhhh" then I heard a soft moan escape her lips " ooooohhhhh.mmmmmm." I then moved it up to her puckered asshole. I rubbed it across her sphincter muscle and felt it tighten.

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I decided on feeling the inside of her warm pussy first. I had been stroking my cock as I ate her pussy and it was now a full 9 inches long again and ready to penetrate this tight pussy. I lined up the head of my cock against her tight opening. I bucked my pelvis forward and pushed the head of my cock forward entering her about half an inch.

Her mouth opened, but no sound was coming out. I took a deep breath, grasped her hips tight and started pulling her back onto me as I slowly entered her from behind. With that remark I began sliding my throbbing cock along her slit again slapping at her clit with the head of my massive hog. Diana moaned " ooooohhhhh.ooooooohhhhhh.mmmmmmm" and wriggled as I rubbed her clit.

"Mmmm, you like that don't you?" I continued rubbing her clit with the massive helmet of my hard cock before running it the length of her soaked slit and starting to push it into her tight pussy.

With a little pressure I pushed my massive head into her tight passage. "My god your tight. Mmm, god, your pussy is so fucking tight." I hissed as I pushed my thick meat into her dripping pussy. Diana winced and whimpered " aaaaaahhhhhh.aaaaaahhhhh.mmmmmmm," it felt like I was ripping her cunt apart.

It wasn't like she had never had sex before it was just she had never been fucked by anyone with such a large long thick cock, and this one was hurting her.

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I grunted " uuuuuggggg.uuuuuggggg" as I pulled back and slammed my large cock into her tight velvety pussy. "You like that cock inside you don't you." I grunted " UUUUUHHHHH.UUUUUUHHHHHH" as I thrusted into her roughly.

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Reaching up I pulled her head back by her hair. "I asked you a fucking question! Now, fucking answer me!" Diana murmured a feeble "Yes" between her sobs. My cock was so big and it hurt so good. Her tight pussy felt like it was going to split in half. I slammed into her again landing a sharp slap across her ass. "Yes what!?" Diana turned her head to look over her should, her tear stained cheeks right with shame.

She looked confused. What did I mean? "W-w-what?" I growled slamming into her tight pussy even harder getting close to dumping my load into her slick cunt. Diana nodded sobbing again. However, deep in her tummy she could feel an explosive orgasm growing. How could she be enjoying this?

I was raping her. I smiled at her compliance and reached around her to rub on her clit as I continued fucking her. Diana groaned " AAAAAAHHHHH" and pressed her hips back against me to meet my thrusts. I grinned seeing she was finally coming around. I pushed hard into her cunt still rubbing on her clit furiously.

Diana began to moan " OHHH! OHHH!!


UUHHH! OHHH! UH-UH-UH-UUUHHHHHOOOOOOOOO!!!!" and pant at the inevitable orgasm that was upon her. I felt her pussy tighten around my cock like a vice as I slammed in and out of her wet pussy. Diana screamed and moaned "OMG! OMG! OHHH! OHHH!! UUHHH! OHHH! UH-UH-UH-UUUHHHHHOOOOOOOOO" and writhed under me as she came on my throbbing cock. Her orgasm almost knocking her on the floor had she not been held up by me and the wall. Hearing her cum I held onto myself just long enough for her to finish and slammed all the wayinto her shooting load after load against her womb.

Diana writhed feeling my sticky hot semen flow into her cunt and shivering in the after shocks of her orgasm. I continued to grunt " UUUUUHHHHH" and thrust into her as her cunt milked me for everything I had. "Mmm, yeah, take that fucking cum in your cunt." I groaned as I slowly stopped thrusting into her and let my large deflating cock fall out. Pulling up my pants I zipped them and tucked my semi-hard cock away. " Fix yourself, Diana, you can't get out of the elevator looking like that." Diana meekly pulled her skirt back down and buttoned her blouse back up.

The only problem was she wasn't wearing any panties and she could feel my cum dripping out of her. I looked at her sternly. "Go to the bathroom and clean yourself up, and from now on you are to show up without panties just like you did today, also, you are to report to my office first thing in the morning.

If I am not there wait for me, understand?" Diana nodded her head. I continued," If you fail to comply your job here will be terminated. I grinned wickedly and turned the key to start the elevator up and it jolted to life.

Reaching the 6th floor Diana got out of the elevator and ran to the bathroom to clean the now drying semen off her thighs and cunt. I walked to my office with a satisfied smirk on my face. I knew she wouldn't tell anyone, and I knew that she would be in my office the next morning for me to fuck her tight pussy again for my satisfaction.

Diana knew the same thing. She knew she couldn't afford to loose her job, and maybe she liked the fact that she was my favorite in the office pool of secretaries. Somewhere in her brain it clicked.

As she wiped the last bit of partially dried jizm from her cunt she knew she would be in the office tomorrow, and the thought of having my big thick cock filling her pussy again was exciting.