I know how you love jerking off to me JOI

I know how you love jerking off to me JOI
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Hey I'm new at writing erotic stories and I hope I get good comments on my work send me feedback as well. If you liked my story tell me in kik how good I was my kik is ben5128 if people like my stories I'll then write another story part for this.

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And I'll write more stories later on in life. My name is Marc and I'm bi. It all starts on school during the end of the period. I'm in seventh Grade and our teacher assigned us seats for our advanced math class. I was assigned to sit right next to Yashmak he was athletic and was in the boys volleyball team.

I was thin but had some muscles in me. I was 12 and Yash was 13. My height is 5'5 and he was 5'6. I didn't play much sports only if our gym teachers had to ask and play whatever game they wanted us to play and get graded.

I sat next to Yash he had brown hair and dazzling brown eyes and light brown skin.

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He's talking to his friend a row aged of me and him and talked about sports and teachers and how life is sucks. I sat there looking at the math teacher and trying to learn everything she says when Yash tells me something " Hey mark, do you wanna come with us and chill in my house and play video games" I didn't know what to say my heart was pounding hard and I couldn't say anything. I then just nodded and I hope I could be right next to him and feel his soft lips in mine. So when the bell rang he told me to go to bus route number 53 (in school there's busses where they take you home to your home.


So you needed to know your bus route #) so then I went to my locker and texted my mom while i was packing my homework and told her I was going to a friend's house. All the way in the bus ride my cock was getting hard. To my surprise when I got there It was just him, me and two boys I see in school in gym.

There was no one else inside Yash's house except us. Yash's brother wasn't home his brother was a sixth grader in school and was in a club at school. We then played Halo four in his Xbox360.

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Two hours later the two boys leave and I was right there next to Yash. I then Look at his lips and lick my bit my lip. He doesn't know how much I want to kiss him. So he told me if I wanted to go to hi room and watch porn I then agreed to his offer. He told me you could jerk off because he was going to. When we found a good porn video he took his cock out and I took mine out as well. 15 minutes had passed and he then starts to moan and right when he was about to cum I got up and kissed him hard on his lips while shots cum all over his shirt and cock.

He then surprisingly kisses back and we both kiss each other in our lips and his cock starts to get hard he then pulls me apart and tells me "I never knew you were bi". I then said " I always wanted to do that in math Class to you a long time ago and now I'm doing it". He thens comes and sucks on my 7 in. Cock his was 7 and rock hard. He thens goes up and suck on my nipples and I moan loudly and then kisses me on the lips passionately. I then turn him over and suck on his nipples and lick his hard abs and suck his dick he moans and breaths heavily he then say" I'm about to cum!!!" I still suck on him and then he says it again "Stop Marc!!!

" I'm going to CUM!!!!!" I still suck his docks and then he cums lines of cum inside my throat and I then go and kiss him with the cum still in my mouth, I then give Hingis cum and then gives it back to me I then swallow it all.

He then starts to jack me off and all the cum in my dick goes to both of our bodies. We then sleep in his bed. I then wake up by a noise downstairs of his door. I then wake Yah up and tell him someone's downstairs.

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He then says " oh shot!! It's my dad hurry and put your cloths back on." I the.

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Did and his dad calls from downstairs and says " Yash are you home?". Yash then yells "yeah dad I'm here with a friend" he then winks at me with his beautiful brown eyes of his.


His Dad then Say " Okay. I'll talk with you later." I Then Stood up and kissed Yash in his lips.

He finally kisses me back. I then told him I'll talk to him In Facebook or text him. He agrees and u walk out of his house with a smile in my face.

I then went to my house and slept all day. The next morning I woke up and couldn't wait to see Yash. In gym I also had a another crush on this boy his name was Adian. He had green eyes and blonde dirty hair I really wanted him just like Yash. Then it finally came when I saw Yash he was smiling at me and I was smiling at him too. He then does his usual thing but this time he puts his Hand on my thigh and I had chills creeping up at my spine it was so hot and smiled at me too.

When the bell rings for the signal for the end of school he tells me if I wanted to be his boyfriend I then agreed.

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And kisses me but the good thing was that we were sitting in the back row and luckily no one saw us. I then go home and think of all the wonderful things I did with Yash. I then hear my butler who makes all the food and tells me I never seen you so excited I the. Tell him " In school I got a homerun" I then left smiling at him and he just stared at me surprise to see me so happy for just a home run.