Depois do churrasco com meu tiu

Depois do churrasco com meu tiu
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I first started spying on my sister when i was 16 and it went on for the next year until she went to college.

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I didn't start liking girls until i was about 15 and at this point i was only interested in my older sister Emily who just turned 19.At the age of 15 i was the same height as her but Emily's tits were at least a D size where mine are only about a c. A couple of days before her 19th birthday she asked me if i wanted and of her clothes since i could fit most of them now besides her bras.I instantly replied with a yes and grabbed the pile she left for me and carried it into my room(which was next to my room).As i went through the pile of clothes i noticed a lot of stuff I've wanted to try on for awhile from her clothes, so i instantly put them on.I keeped going through the pile and found a mini skirt that looked nice and decided to put it on instead.Once i got it on i looked it the mirror seeing how it looks and when i turned around i saw that it exposes half of my butt and showing my panties.I felt like such a slut so i took it off.After a couple of minutes of trying on my big sisters clothes my sister entered my room and dropped a shoe box saying"Hey sis i see you're all ready wearing my clothes haha, anyways here is some more clothes i don't need".As i opened the box i saw a couple of t-shirts inside with a bikini and some of her panties.

This is when it all stared.

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Straight away i put on a pair of Emily's panties.As i pulled them up my legs and pulled them all the way up i felt the back absorb into my tight ass.I felt like playing with myself right there and then but i couldn't because i had school in about an hour.So i got changed into my uniform but keeped on the panties she gave me.The fact that i go to a girls only school didn't help me feel any less hornier.So at lunchtime i couldn't wait any longer so i went into the girls bathroom and sat on the toilet.I slowly pulled my skirt up while rubbing my breasts as i thought about my sister masturbating in these panties.I started rubbing my clit, then finger myself and after a little time i felt my pussy getting wet.I keeped going, i couldn't stop now but the bell was going to ring in about 2 minutes so i pulled my finger out and started sucking on it.I keeped rubbing my pussy with the other hand revealing a wet spot in my panties.Once the bell went i stood up and started walking to my final class and as i sat down i realized that my skirt was much higher now and was nearly showing my ass.I quickly pulled it down before anyone started looking.

Once i got home i knew that my sis didn't get home until another hour so i went into my room and got changed. While i was getting changed i took off my top and skirt until i just had my bra and panties on and decided to put on that slutty skirt that she gave me.Once again i was staring into the mirror looking at my cute little ass.Then i started feeling horny again so i decided to go to Emily's room and see what panties she has.I went straight for her draws and saw a pair of pink see through panties at the very bottom.As i picked them up i noticed that they were wet and instantly i smelt them.They tasted so good, i had to take them.So i quickly hurried to my room.I put on her underwear straight away as i entered my room and felt her wet panties soak into my pussy and my ass.I took off my bra and put on a slutty shirt she gave me that is baggy on that gave me a clear view of my boobs in the mirror as i stood there in these slutty cloths and see through wet panties.I went back to her room and put them back just in case she found out and maybe she might get wet in them again tonight.

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That night once we all went to bed, i waited until about 12 and i saw that Emily left her door open a bit just enough to be able to see in and at her bed.I couldn't believe what i was seeing,my sister butt up in the air and a vibrator shoved into her pussy being held there by those pink panties that i wore early that day.I feel so horny so i stayed for about another 10 minutes until i started getting wet and quickly went back to my room before i got caught.I jumped on my bed and started fingering my pussy and thought about using her vibrator on myself.

The next day i waited for her to leave and then ran into her room and took her panties again before going off to school.They were so wet this time as if she was going at it all night which made me horny through out the day.

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But as i sat down first period the panties started making my skirt wet so i had to sit on my bare ass revealing my ass to all the girls in my class.For some reason the more i wear her clothes the more sluttier i become.Like that lunchtime i would slit my legs open revealing my wet pussy to any girls who walked past.It got worse and worse as i keeped wearing and thinking about fingering my sister.The very next day i had my skirt higher so it was just so top bottom of my ass and i didn't wear a bra so when my nipples got hard they would show through my shirt.

The next day my friends decided to go to the beach so i said ill come after i went home.I thought i would look through my sisters draws to see if she has any slutty bikinis and i was in luck.I found a bikini that didn't even fit me, making my boobs stick out and the string bottoms were tight showing pretty much my whole ass.This is probably what my sister uses to get all her boyfriends by wearing small bikinis so her tits and ass show.While we were on the beach i saw a lot of guys staring at me and wanting to fuck me but i wasn't interested i only wanted Emily.

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