Big breasted masturbation solo tube porn

Big breasted masturbation solo tube porn
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When I got home from work Wednesday Debbie was waiting for me naked and half drunk. She was really excited.

She had a double Glenlivet on the rocks waiting for me. She asked me how my day went and told me to drink up. She got me another double.

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She said she had worked outside in the backyard from about 8:00 to 9:00, naked. She said she started in on a bottle of wine at 9:30. She said that at 10:00 she was half drunk, loading the dishwasher. She looked out the kitchen window and saw Danny, the 16 year old next door neighbor boy, outside on his BMX bike practicing jumps on the hill on the cul-de-sac just south of his house. She said she thought of me and my buddy watching girls in their skimpy little bikinis. She said that he would come clear up just past the end of our driveway so he could build up speed to hit the jump really hard.

Debbie said that all he had on was a pair of running shorts. Really short running shorts. She said that after five minutes of watching him she put on sun glasses and her skimpiest semisheer, totally unlined bikini and waited until he got down past the jump and went outside to check the mail. The mail box was on the road right next to the driveway. She said she was out at a the mailbox when he rode back up to the end of the driveway.

She said she was facing away from him as he rode up and that he got a good look at her ass. Her bikini bottom barely covers half of her ass and sinks into her ass crack and cunt. She said he rode just past her and turned around. She was facing him and talked to him for a few minutes.

In that bikini her aureole, nipples and cunt hair were obvious. You can see the color of her skin through the bikini. Debbie said that she felt her nipples get hard while he was staring at her tits. She said that the way he was sitting on his bike, right pedal all the way to the top and his leg spread, she could see up inside the right leg of his shorts.

They had a thin sheer skimpy bikini type lining and wrapped on the sides.

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She could see the head and about an inch of his cock. It had about half an inch of foreskin and she watched it get grow as he stared at her. Debbie told me that she had gotten her tits when she was twelve and noticed boys looking at her chest all the time. She said she noticed boys bulges in their swimming trunks when she was at the lake in her tight little one piece bathing suit. She admitted that she had been a crotch watcher ever since.

She said that it had turned her on watching the guys cocks get hard in their swimming trunks and pants. She also told me that it really turned her on to feel a guys cocks get hard while she danced with them. She told him that she wanted to watch him go over the jump.

She said she gradually moved so that he could see her tits from the side. An inch of naked under boob was exposed. Her C cup tits started under her armpits.

A good two inches of the sides of her tits were naked. Her hard fucking nipples point outward at about a 5 degree angle. The bottom of her large aureole puff out and turn her nipples slightly upward. The insides of her tits were exposed almost to the edge of her aureole.

She said that her cunt was gushing. I knew that her bikini bottom got totally sheer whenever it got wet. Debbie watched him go over the jump again. When he came back she flaunted her body for him to look at.

She said that he sat on his bicycle seat with his right leg spread again. His uncut cock head was exposed along with about two inches of his cock through the sheer lining of his shorts.

She said that she was glad she had her dark sunglasses on. She watched him go over the jump again and when he was about halfway back to our house she walked down to meet him at the end of our property. He got to see her nearly naked tits jiggle as she walked toward him. She told him to let her watch him once more. When he came back she said that she talked to him for a few more minutes. He was staring at her cunt and tits. She said that his hard cock was turned upward in his shorts.

She said that it looked to be about five inches long, skinny at the head, but thicker at the base. She said that she could see his right nut. It was really big. She told him that she was going to go out to the backyard to sunbathe for a while before it got too hot out.

She said that her bikini bottom was drenched with cunt juice and that when she finally went in the house she looked in the mirror and her bikini was soaked, totally sheer, her cunt and cunt hair exposed for him.

Debbie said that as he rode off she walked up into the arborvitaes on the south front corner of our house and got naked. She said that as he rode up by the house she was hidden by the arborvitaes on the south side of the house. He looked at the south side of the house into the backyard looking for her and in the kitchen window. She said that while he was by the driveway she stepped in between the two bushes on the front side of the house naked where she was totally exposed from the front but he could not see her and she masturbated.

She fingered her cunt. She hid herself as he went by. After he went by the bushes she eased herself back out, exposed naked, and if he had only looked back to his right he could have seen her naked, masturbating until he got over the jump again and started back towards the house.

Each time on the way back to the house he looked for her in the back yard. She continued to play this cat and mouse game with him. After four jumps she said that Danny went up his driveway and went in the house.

She said she walked naked into the backyard and went up to the fence, totally naked, and watched his house for him to cum out. She said she watched him cum out into his backyard and step over the fence to the cornfield and watched him cum up the irrigation ditch towards our house. She said she thought about me watching that 30 year old woman getting naked.

She sneaked into the house and put her bikini back on. She watched him through our bedroom window as he approached our property.

He came out of the cornfield and sneaked up alongside the fence to the middle of the back yard. He laid on the ground looking through the opening between the bottom two boards. Debbie said she came back out and laid her sleeping bag out in the middle of the yard.

She said she went back into the house and got a bottle of wine. She said that she took her time spreading the sleeping bag out. She bent over facing towards him and let him see see her big tits hanging down in her semi-sheer bikini top.

She stood up and turned around a couple of times, and giving him a complete view of her entire body. She bent over facing away from him, her bikini bottom still wet with her cunt juices and sheer, and let him see her cunt lips spread wide open. She imagined me and my friend at 13 getting to see her like that. And us jacking off watching her.


She said she could not wait to tell me about Danny watching her. She wanted to watch me jack off while I watched her sunbathe. Debbie said that it was all that she could do to keep her bikini bottom on and not masturbate naked in front of Danny. She said that she was incredibly turned on fantasizing about it being me and my friend watching her sunbathe.

She said she fantasized about Danny jerking off right there ten yards away from her. She said that she rolled onto her belly and took her bikini top off. She raised up and took a drink from her bottle of wine, totally exposing her naked tits to him. She stayed up on her elbows and exposed her naked tits for a few minutes for him to see.

She said that she was totally obsessed with me and my pervert buddy seeing her naked. She said that the more she thought of it the horny she got. And the more she wanted to get naked. Then reality set in, and she realized there was a 16 year old boy looking at her. And that he might tell all of his buddies about seeing her like that. Debbie told me that she had to go in and piss.

She sat up with her big naked tits sticking out. She slowly rotated herself to face Danny. Her tits, with her hard nipples, were totally exposed facing him.

She got up, bent over with her tits hanging down, and stood up.

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She slowly walked into the house, letting her big tits jiggle while he watched her. Our bedroom drapes were still open from last night and she paused in front of and right next to the window for a couple of seconds to make sure he saw her in the window.

Debbie came out of the bathroom and stood in front of the window naked, looking out the window for a minute. She still had her sunglasses on and could see him looking at her in the window. She put her bikini bottom back on, bending over with her naked ass almost touching the screen. It was the first time that she had let him see her totally naked.

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She said she was giving him the idea of window peeking on her. She said I could hide and watch her get undressed while Danny watched her and they could both jack off while they watched her getting naked. When Debbie went back out she pulled her bikini bottom clear into her ass crack, letting him see her naked ass from the side. She could feel the sheer wet front of her bikini bottom digging into her cunt, spreading her lips wide open.

She turned and faced him and bent over and picked up her bottle of wine.


She stood up and faced him and stayed that way for a full minute, topless, sipping on her wine and exposing her cunt to him. She laid down on her belly facing away from him at about a 45° angle with her right knee pulled up about half way and her leg spread.

Her sopping wet spread open cunt was barely 10 yards from him. She turned her head towards where he was laying. She still had her sunglasses on. She moved her right arm up by her eyes making it look like she could not see him, her right nipple exposed. She could see Danny watching her between the two bottom one by tens. She watched him pull his shorts down below his cock and balls and stroke his hard naked cock between the bottom one by tens. Debbie said that she fantasized about me and my buddy watching her and almost came.

Debbie watched Danny slowly stroke his hard cock, practically stuck through the one by tens for her to see.

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He gradually wrapped his hand around his cock and started fucking his hand. His cock was thrusting back and forth right next the two bottom one by tens. She said she wanted to finger fuck herself right in front of him. She said that his cock was about 5 or 5 1/2 inches long, really curved, and had gotten way thicker than it was on his bicycle. She said that she could see his foreskin sliding up over the end of his cock head and back down exposing it entirely.

She said she wasn't even aware of it but finally noticed that she was grinding her cunt into the sleeping bag to the rhythm of his jacking off strokes. She said that he finally came, really hard, shooting cum through the gap in the fence.

She said that watching her must have really turned him on because she couldn't believe how much he came. She said that he shot eight or 10 thick burst of come about a foot through the gap in the fence. And that he stayed hard after he came. She said that she could hear him grunting a couple of times while he was cumming.

She said that all she could think about was getting to be watched by me and my buddy while they jacked off to her. Debbie said that she was having a little mini orgasms without even having to touch herself.

She remembered me talking about how incredible it would have been to watch that 30 year old woman getting fucked. She picked up her cell phone and called me. She said, "Hi" and told me that she was in the backyard practically naked and horny as hell.

She said that when I got home she wanted me to take her out into the backyard and fuck her brains out and she'd suck my cock. She said quarter till five. She said she would be naked and drunk and horny when I got home.