Bull fucks his wife on the couch tube porn

Bull fucks his wife on the couch tube porn
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The end of the semester had finally arrived and Sheila couldn't happier. This semester had been the most brutal so far and had taken as many prisoners on her campus as possible. Now that the worst had passed and finals were over, everyone was getting ready for the party of the year.


The local and only fraternity was hosting an end of semester bash and everyone who could come was invited. Sheila had decided to go to her first party since high school which had been the same place she lost her virginity.

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Needless to say she regretted it almost immediately and still hoped that one day the memory would be repressed. She showered and dressed in a gray cut off tee and black leggings accompanied by black bow adorned flats. She wanted to be comfortable and still be able to blow off some steam on the dance floor. She left an hour late to give the party a chance to get started. It was approaching 11:30 as she approached the frat house, a faint sound of old school rap preaching to her ears.

The party had spilled outside at some point since the front lawn was littered with cheap beer cans and red plastic cups. Various articles of clothing decorated the front porch and a outfit trail led around the side of the house.

Sheila took a deep breath and walked up the white stairs. A crudely made sign hanging on the door read "No Froshies". Sheila laughed as she opened the door but her laugh was cut short as the scene inside the frat house completely overwhelmed her. The quiet remnants of the spillover outside was nothing compared to the madhouse within. The flashing strobes and loud music did nothing to hide half naked sorority girls dancing on tables, the towers of kegs placed all around and the blatant sex acts happening just about everywhere.

Sheila did a quick sweep of what she could see and was able to identify at least two of her own instructors, putting their jobs on the line for a little fun. Next to them were those desperate students working for that passing grade.

The old school hip hop was beginning to fade and Ciara's-Body Party, started blaring from the speakers. Without missing a beat or sacrifice of rhythm, the room began to perfectly mirror the song. Sheila came to a quick conclusion that this was her chance to unwind and have a little fun and she would do anything to forget this semester and her lame ex. Not only was he a F- as a boyfriend with the social skills of a cactus, sex with him was like watching grandma take out her dentures.

Without a second thought she proceeded to grab three beers in quick succession and chug them down. Sighing and shaking her body loose, she pushed her way into the mass of dancing bodies. She danced with a number of different people throughout the night as she disappeared into the depths of the raging party. After finally reaching the belly of the raving beast, a hand grabbed hers, pulling her even deeper in.

In this area, personal space meant nothing. The hand that had grabbed her pulled her close to its owner and its twin rested itself on her waist.


The body connected to these hands began to grind against her own, moving a hand on her pelvis to hold her back close to its controller. Sheila decided her dance partner had found her and began to enter the rhythm of the song. Reggae had since taken over the party; the dancing becoming more erotic with each passing second.

A mouth found its way to her ear, gently breathing before nibbling on her earlobe. A shiver shot down her spine and Sheila relished it. Pressing herself closer to him, the beat took control of her body. The two dancers became one in their movements and for a second looked as if the hand been dancing together all night. Sheila turned around and ran a hand over her partners crotch as she look into his steely hazel eyes, her other hand sliding over his powerful muscles.

She tugged at his belt and brought him closer to her, planting her lips firmly on his and stealing a quick nibble before quickly pulling away and turning around, shaking her amply heart shaped ass against his now raging erection. Shelia was inviting him to come and get her, slowly teasing her leggings down to allow him a glimpse of her lace panties. Her inner exhibitionist had been set free and would have its deepest desires fulfilled.

As if the man knew she was inviting him in, he approached and descending upon her, nibbled on her ear again. Wave after wave of pleasure rushed through her while she attempted to ride the beat. The man reached down her chest, lightly squeezing her breast before moving further south. He started to thumb the elastic rim of her leggings. In one swift motion, her leggings were down just enough to expose the purple frill and lace boy shorts she wore.

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The hands rubbed her through the thin fabric and Sheila felt herself getting damp as he massaged her damp folds. The hand pulled the underwear to the side just enough to gain access.

Sheila's mind went blank as his thumb brushed her clit. She had only came to dance, let loose, maybe drink a little; now all she wanted was more of this strangers touch.

As if he was reading her mind, the man slipped a finger, then two into her hot depths as his thumb circled her clit. The waves shot through her body and her legs turned to jelly.

He spared a hand to slip under her top and free her perky breast from their wire-fabric prison. He was rolling her nipple between his fingers and soaking her to the point where she could feel it on her thighs. Sheila moaned out, her mind completely lost on the pleasure. Her back arched and jaw slacked.

She made no attempt to hide any sounds knowing no one could hear her as she succumbed to his magical touch. He gave her clit one last rub and moved his hand away, pulling up her panties and fixing her bra. "Follow me.", he whispered into her ear. He moved off and she quickly followed.

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They moved through the crowd and towards a stairway. He cradled Sheila with his powerful muscles as if they were lovers doing this for the 100th time now. Sheila looked up to catch a glimpse of his face but the lack of light denied her this opportunity. They entered a room directly to the left of the stairs. The room was well furnished, even in the total darkness Sheila could make out a dresser and armorial, along with several end tables. He led her to the bed and brought his face to hers.

Their breathing echoed through the room, the heat of his breath tickling her neck. He slowly leaned forward and bit her lip. Sheila let escape a short gasp as he gently tugged on it drawing her partway off the bed before letting go.

He sat her up and lifted her top and unhooked her bra with one hand, three fingers to be exact. He took a soft breast in each hand and brought his mouth to one, gently suckling her tender nipple before giving a soft bite.

He switched, doing the same as he massaged the latter. Sheila relished the attention she was being paid, but her mind was drifting, she was hoping he would eat it. She wanted those velvet lips on her own moist folds. He continued to idolized her full mounds, taking time ensure each one received equal attention.

As moved away from her soft cleavage, he trailed kisses down the exact center of her body, planting a tender kiss on her belly button. He rose and pulled her to the edge of the bed, hooking his thumbs around the band of her panties, he pulled, removing both her lace panties and leggings in one go. Tossing the obstacles to the side, he spread her legs, her glistening folds and sweet tangy scent in full glory before him. He learned forward and took a sample lick, running his tongue from her damp entrance to the little nub at the height of her delicate flower, eliciting a small gasp.

He kissed her clit several times and slowly pumped his fingers into her, making her moan at his whim. His kisses traveled lower and lower until he reached her perfect rosebud. A light peck made Sheila squirm. He removed his fingers from her wet hole and eased it into her virgin ass as he started to ferociously attend to her waiting lips. His tongue lapped up her juices as it leaped from her clit to her lips and back again, covering every spot.

The sounds intoxicated her and all she could do was moan and grab his hair as he dined on her and pumped her tight ass with his slick fingers.

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Sheila began to tense up, she could feel herself get close and she was closer to an orgasm than she had ever been before without penetration. Once again he stopped short, letting her legs hang off the bed as he dragged his tongue across her clit and slowly eased his fingers out of her soft ass.

When she came down, Sheila noticed that one of her legs was being held in the air. A hot hardness was probing at her soft opening, teasing it. It gently rubbed against the soft flesh, playfully poking her entrance then sliding up against her nub.

He aimed and eased it in, spreading her lips wide and burying its entire length in one stroke. As if each were his last, the man began to pump in and out, burying himself a little deeper in her each time. One hand moved up to massage her hard nipples. The man leaned up and kissed Sheila, their tongues dancing in a passionate embrace as he thrust harder and harder, moving the bed a little with each stroke.

Sheila moaned loudly into his mouth and her body tensed. Her clit being circled along with the gentle but deep stroking was more than she could handle as she began to enter her climax. The hard shaft kept entering, speeding up and stretching her walls as he realized she was cumming.

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The man was pounding her and Sheila could no longer hear the music but the joining of their flesh that filled the room as the unknown man handed down the beating on her most intimate parts that she could have only dreamed of. The full orgasm hit her like nothing she had ever experienced. Her back arched, body trembled, toes curled and nails dug into his back. The man held her tight to him as he kept pumping, not letting up on his assault. Even though he knew her orgasm had passed, he did not slow down.

He sped up, relentlessly drilling her increasing tightening tunnel. Her moans got louder and louder, animalistic to an effect as she succumbed to the raw passionate feeling of being fucked like it was her first and last time. In a series of telling grunts he withdrew and sprayed her stomach with his seed, the warm sensation earning a soft coo from Sheila. Wasting no time, he turned her over and set her stomach down across the width of the bed her legs propping her up and her rear pointed in the air.

Sheila felt a tongue trace the small of her back down to her rosebud anus. She felt his tongue taste her before wiggling its way into her butt. It felt weird and cold, but warm at the same time.

She wanted to squirm away but didn't have the energy yet. The man spit on her crack and slid his shaft into her still dripping box giving a few deep thrust.

He pulled out and re-aimed, this time slowly entering her back door. Sheila's back arched as the hard member introduced itself to her tight ass. It didn't really hurt too much, it felt good and weird, but she didn't want it to stop.

The man bottomed out in her, his sack joining against her sticky lips leaving a thin trail of her juices as he pulled away and slammed into her.

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He pulled out and slid back in, picking up his pace, and even stepping one leg onto the bed by her waist to get a better angle. Sheila moaned and wriggled, her face telling that she truly enjoyed the anal ravaging she was being dealt.


The man reached over and pulled her hair quickening and deepening his thrust until she received all of him. With every dip back in, he bottomed out, relishing the small noises she made as he stabbed at her core.

Sheila wore a goofy grin as she took every inch he gave her, feeling herself loosen up. He pushed in getting as deep as he had gotten yet.

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When he stopped, the only thing that could be heard was her deep needy breathing. He pulled out half way, then picked her up by the thighs so that he was in a standing position with her halfway on his rod. He let her back down onto her shaft slowly only to begin mercilessly fucking her ass.

Sheila felt her tits bouncing and her mind go empty as he went even deeper than before, impaling the core of her being with each thrust. He sat down on the bed buried deep in her, but he didn't move, only to put her hands on his knees and started her rhythm.

Sheila understood what he wanted and began to bounce herself on his erection, riding it faster and harder as it drove her into what would be her second orgasm, but this time from her ass.

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As she came, he held her and gently kissed her neck, releasing his seed deep into her. Sheila gasped from the new gushing sensation she was feeling. A few seconds passed before he pulled out, a faint popping noise could heard as he separated from her.

His cum leaking from her well used hole and running down his shaft. The stranger set her down on the bed, running his hand along her back and through her hair. Moments later, Sheila felt her clothes being gently pulled back onto her and a kissed placed on her lips as her body cooled down, slowly fading into the darkness.