Ficken in tschechien

Ficken in tschechien
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I was so irritated when the phone call ended. A friend of mine who I'd hooked up with a couple times called and said she had been diagnosed with an STD and was blaming me for giving it to her. I knew it wasn't me. She was the only person I'd been with in months and we'd used a condom. She had just broken up with a boyfriend a few weeks before we got together. One night when she was drunk she called me since we'd hooked up in the past -- she wanted to get laid, didn't want to call her ex and didn't want to just find some random guy at a bar.

We had become decent friends at the time. Like I said, I hadn't been laid in months, she was pretty hot and we'd had sex a few times before. I drove over immediately and had a great time. Now here I was driving while talking to her again, but this time the conversation wasn't going to have such a happy ending.

I drove home as quickly as I could, went straight to my computer and looked for the address to the nearest clinic. I was too embarrassed to go to my family doc who I had known since I was a boy. Address and directions in hand, I headed back to my car. The place was 20 minutes away and when I got there, the waiting room was packed. Explaining to the receptionist why I came in was pretty embarrassing.

I sat down, filled out the needed paperwork, and waited my turn. After about an hour or so wait I was finally called back to a room. A disinterested nurse took my vitals and again asked why I was here. After a couple minutes I was left alone in the room to again wait for the doctor. After another 15 minute wait, the doctor finally walked in the room. It was a female doctor. I don't know why, but it hadn't occurred to me that the doctor checking me out for this could be a woman.

She was attractive with what seemed like a nice figure under her lab coat. "So, you had a little fun recently and are worried you caught something?" she said bluntly as she shut the door while still reading my chart. She finally looked at me and said, "You're an attractive young man.

I suggest you remember to use a condom when you take some young woman home." I was caught a little off guard, but cleared my throat.

"Actually, I'm not that worried. I did use a condom. I'm pretty sure she caught it from her ex, but decided to get checked just to be sure and so she can't continue to blame me." "I see," she responds. "Well, let's get a move on then.

I'm going to need you to pull your pants down and sit back on the table." I did as I was told and laid back, propping myself on my elbows with my flaccid cock exposed. The doctor turned from the supply cabinet with what looked like a rather long band aid wrapper. She unpeeled the wrapping to expose an extremely long Q tip.

"Unfortunately for you, the test to prove your innocence to this woman isn't preferred by most men. I need to insert this swab into your penis. It doesn't need to go too deep or for too long, but it will sting a little bit." "Wonderful," I said softly. She held my dick with her gloved hand and slowly moved the swab to my tip. As her hand held my cock, I swore I felt her give it the slightest pump up and down, just once.

I thought this was odd. Unfortunately, my cock didn't see anything "odd" about it and reacted a little to the touch of an attractive woman. I grew just a little.

I swore I saw a slight smile on the doctor's face due to the reaction. The swab met the tip and she slowly began to insert it. She was right about a slight burning. It was a little uncomfortable, to be honest, but not a searing pain or anything. She pushed the swab about a half an inch into my penis and held it there.

I swear she gave another slight pump to my shaft, again barely noticeable. My penis again reacted and grew a little more. Still far from an erection, but not just flaccid.

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I really thought the exam would've been over by now, but instead of pulling it out, she pushed the swab just a little further into my pee hole. At that point, she began to back it out slightly, but then she pushed it back down to the same depth.

A slight, involuntary moan escaped my lips. "Sorry about that," she said as she finally pulled it out. "Slipped," she explained with a sly grin on her face. "OK, all done here. We'll get this analyzed and call you in a few days with the results. In the mean time, I'll write you a 'script for some medication. Even though you're certain you aren't infected, it won't hurt to take the medicine just in case." She handed me the piece of paper and left the room.

I pulled up my pants and finally left the clinic. I went home -- stopping on the way home for the script -- and went about my life as I waited to find out the results. A few days later I got a call from the clinic. I was a bit surprised to hear it was the doctor herself calling, I expected a nurse to give me the all clear, but she asked that I come back into the office as soon as I could.

I explained that I was working until 5 so couldn't be there until 5:30 or so, or would need something the next day. She said she didn't want to delay the appointment any more than necessary so 5:30 or so tonight would work. This obviously made me pretty nervous and I went through the rest of the day in a daze.

Finally, 5:00 hit and I headed back to the clinic. I pulled into the parking lot and noticed it was empty. I walked away from my car to the door and could see the sign out front said the clinic closes at 5 and the lights were out.

I was about to walk away, annoyed that I had made a trip there for nothing, when I noticed a figure move to the door. It was the nurse, who unlatched the deadbolt and opened the door. "Sorry about that," she explained. "If we don't lock up and turn out the lights, people will keep walking in." "Oh, no problem," I replied.

"I'm sorry that I made you stay after hours." "Not a bother at all. Like I said on the phone, I think it's best if I share my findings with you as soon as possible. Please, come join me in the exam room." I walked back through the halls with her and into the same room she had examined me in before. "Please take off your pants and underwear and lay down on the table," she ordered. I gave her a surprised look.

"Please do as the doctor orders" was her only reply. A little stunned by the request, I nevertheless obliged, stepped out of shorts and boxers and laid down. "So," she resumed, "I have good news. You are healthy and disease free. So there's no need to worry about that." "That is great news," I replied.

"Though that does make me even more curious as to why I'm on your exam table half naked right now." She laughed, "Yes, that's a fair point." She rolled her chair closer to me and I from the angle I noticed her blouse was unbuttoned slightly more than when I had previously been here and I got a pretty decent view of her cleavage.

"I noticed something the other day during our exam . how you . um . responded to what was happening. I'm only noticed it a time or two before since I've been working here in the clinic.

In the past I've let is go, but I've become a little more curious about it and thought we should explore a little more." "How I reacted?" I asked.

She swiveled away from me on her chair and rolled over to an exam tray that I hadn't noticed yet. "Yes," she said. "Have you ever heard of the term 'sounding' before?" I hadn't and told her so. "Well, it is a fetish. I've become a little curious about it since our encounter and read up on it a bit in the last few days. I really think it's something you're going to enjoy. "Of course, I think you can tell it's sexual in nature by the term 'fetish' and the fact that I was willing to have you here after hours.

From what I've read, this will give a man who enjoys it an incredible orgasm after enduring the sensation. How does that sound to you? Sorry, pun not intended," and she chuckled again at her joke. I thought about it.

She was quite attractive and I was pretty open minded to trying new things sexually. "Um, it sounds good, I guess. I mean, not really knowing what it is, but ." Before I could say another word she responded with joy, "Oh good! I was hoping you'd be receptive! Then let's begin!" She finally swiveled back in my direction and rolled her stool and the exam tray in my direction.

On it, there were several long, stainless steel rods. They were all the same length, about 8 inches long with a metal ball at the top, but they ranged in diameter. "Um, what are those," I asked, gulping a little and wondering what I had gotten myself into, "and what are they for?" She reached out and grabbed my penis and stroked it a little, not trying to get it hard right away, but obviously trying to give me some pleasure to ease my apprehension.

"Well, these are called sounds," she explained. "They will slide into your urethra in your penis." "Wait, what?!" "Oh, stay calm," she said, still gripping my penis slightly. "So, the other day when I used the swab to test you, I noticed you seemed to enjoy it.

I noticed the gasp of pleasure when I pushed it into you a little deeper. That wasn't an accident. We will use a lubricant with a little bit of a numbing agent and the steel should slide much smoother than the cotton swab." I just laid there, kind of in shock. I thought of getting up, grabbing my clothes and running out of there to report the doctor to the medical board. But something kept me from moving and I remained. When I saw her grab a syringe with no needle I asked what that was for.

She explained it was the lubricant she had mentioned and that from what she'd studied, this was the best was to get it into my urethra to give me the most comfort as we started. Still holding my half flaccid, half hard penis, she inserted the end of the syringe into the tip of my penis and slowly depressed the plunger.

I could feel the gel enter going in. The doctor smiled at me and then grabbed one of the rods, the skinniest one on the tray.

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"Ok, from what I read, it is very important for you to remain still while the sounds are inside your urethra so we don't cause any damage, do you understand?" I nodded my head "yes." "Good, then let's begin," she said rather excitedly. She slowly moved the rod towards the tip of my penis. We both watched, a bit wide eyed in anticipation. She put the tip of the steel to the tip of my cock and gently pushed down.

Slowly, very slowly, the first half inch disappeared into my shaft.

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As before with the actual exam, a gasp escaped my lips. But this time, a moan escaped hers, as well. She pulled it up slightly and then back in a little farther than the first time. The doctor held it there for a second and then very slowly -- excruciatingly slowly -- pushed it down more.

I could feel the rod stretch my urethra, but it wasn't painful. I . I liked it! She stroked my cock very slightly with her fingertips, making sure not to move my member.

The doctor continued to let it slide into me, centimeter by centimeter. To my surprise, as she inserted the rod, my penis grew. Within a couple minutes I was completely hard. "Oh my God," she exclaimed, "I can feel the bulge of the sound as I stroke you!" I could also feel the difference when her fingers were over the area where the metal was inserted and it was pretty hot to have that constant reminder of what was happening. She soon had the length of the sound buried within me.

There was a flat end at the top that ensured the sound wouldn't accidentally slip completely into my shaft and allowed the doctor to grip it. I had closed my eyes and was enjoying the fullness and the work her fingers were doing when I felt the sound removed from my body. "What are you doing?" I asked disappointedly. "Moving on to the next size." She must have seen a slight bit of fear in my eyes. "Don't worry, we won't go any thicker . today." She let that last word hang out there. She was letting me know in no uncertain terms that there would be other days of this and that we would use larger sounds.

She moved the sound in position and began to insert it. Even though it was thicker, it was only slightly so, so she didn't need to move as slowly as with the first one.


Soon, the full length of the sound was inside my shaft. She took her fingers off the flat end and let it rest on my tip. I could slightly feel gravity wanting to do its job and let the weight of the rod slip in farther, but couldn't because of the width of the end. Ever so tantalizingly, her finger nails slid across my skin. "How does it feel?" she asked.

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"I don't know how to describe it," I answered honestly. "I guess maybe it burned a little as you first inserted the sound, but now I just feel . stretched . if that's a feeling?" "Do you like it?" "Yes, yes I do," I half replied, half moaned. The doctor hiked up her skirt a little and slid her panties off her long legs. "I am so fucking wet from this I can't even stand it. Finger me! I think we both need to get off now!" I reached under her skirt and found her soaking mound.

I began rubbing her lips, then inserted a finger.


Shortly after, I added a second and began pushing them in and out as she moaned. Her hands returned to the sound and my cock.

Stroking my softly again, she pulled the rod up a little and then pushed it back in. I was more than used to the width now and the sound moved easily. Each time, she pulled it out a little farther before pushing the full length back into me. I was lost in ecstasy.

My fingers were still moving inside her pussy and she was building to her own orgasm, but all my mind could focus on was the sound in my cock. The good doctor was fucking my cock with the sound, pushing and pulling the entire length in and out of me a quickening pace. Her other hand was barely stroking me now, more just holding my cock fairly still.

A mix of lube and precum was sliding out of my tip. Then it happened. The doctor moaned, beginning her orgasm.

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As she did, she lost control for a split second and pushed the sound down a little harder. It went deeper inside of me by the smallest of fractions, but it did. "Fuck, fuck, I'm cumming," I yelled. Cum spilled out past the sound and ran down my cock and the doctor's hand.

She realized what was happening and pulled the sound from my shaft and I erupted onto my stomach. After we both calmed down, the doctor walked to the counter and grabbed some paper towels so we could clean up.

As I finished dressing she said, "I recommend a follow up appointment for next week. I think we need to figure out just how much your cock can take." "Yes ma'am, I'll be here, ready for my exam!"