Old man and katrina jade

Old man and katrina jade
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I am Alive. Opening my eyes, I find myself in a clean room. Machines beeping monitoring me. I close my eyes and focus on the magic. Pulling it into my body slowly I focus it into healing. I fall back into the darkness as the magic takes over. Waking up again I feel different. Opening my eyes, I find myself in a tank of some kind. Held up and surrounded by a greenish goo. Whatever the fluid is, it is helping the magic and my nannites heal my wounds.

I look down and see my legs slowly re-growing. My arm is fixed and there are no more holes in my chest. So I relax and draw more magic filling myself to the brim. Then it hits me the feeling. I am the last mage, so much magic crying out to me. The empire has cleansed the ranks. No more magic users meant scary things for me. Magic has always had a will just the Light and the Darkness. Things would be changing for me in more than one way.

I could feel the magic coursing through and around me. It was already changing me I could only hold on for the ride and try to keep my sanity.

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I could feel the entirety of magic. As the empire burned books of magic I could feel their knowledge flowing into me, inscribing the words in intricate and beautiful designs on my skin. As this continues I find that there are watchers aliens, hiding behind masks and containment suits.

After 2 days of my second awakening I am fully healed the magic has taken my body and left my sanity. I feel different good but different. The watchers have come and gone this entire time.

As they come back in I look at them and listen to their language. It is easy to learn with the magic in me. One is the Captain but also the head of a clan. There is an emissary who is not with the crew but sent by their emperor. They are arguing amongst themselves as to what to do with me.

That the humans want me back stating I am a traitor to the Human empire. I motion with my hand and the tank starts to drain. The alarms catch the attention of everyone in the room. The doctors are quickly talking with the nurses trying to figure out what is going on. I reach up and pull off the mask as the fluid reaches my chest.

I swallow and cough a couple times.


When I feel like my throat is clear I say in their language. "if you give me a moment to gather myself together I will give you answers to your questions." Everyone looks at me stunned. I release the arms holding me up and fall to the floor my new legs are quickly regaining muscle mass. After a few minutes I stand and test my balance then I do a few stretches the magic is quickly returning me to my previous physical state from before the explosion.

I motion to the glass of the tank and it slides out of the way. Stepping out I feel a slight breeze and look down before realizing that I am naked. Summoning the magic, I reach into the darkness back to my hideaway and pull some clothes to me. Stepping up to the bed in the room I look around and see several of the nurses blushing as they stare. The Captain steps forward and coughs.

"You said you could give us answers." I look over at him as I get dressed. "It is polite manners to identify yourself so we know who we are talking to. But maybe that is just a human custom. I Am Joshua MoonShadow. And I can give you some answers but I can't give you any that might betray my empire." He nods and responds with "I am Kael No Seir.

This is my clanship.

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We are Kaire." Looking them over I notice the differences now they look like giant cats. They have fur all over the ears on top of their heads and tails the swish just like a big cat.

There are different colors from black to gold pink to green. I finish pulling on my boots and stand before bowing. "Greetings. How can I help you?" The Captain smiles and nods to the emissary. "This is Reit Lo Miious. He is the emissary from the Emperor Polius Ser Lii.

To your human empire. We came across you floating in space. Wwe thought you were dead. Until we pumped oxygen into the airlock and you started having a fit and started breathing.

We started medical treatment on our way to your homeworld. It has taken us a little longer because we had to detour around a new black hole that just formed which was interesting enough. So we arrived yesterday and told them we have one of theirs we found floating in space. And once they saw you they started throwing a fuss saying that you were a criminal and a traitor. That we needed to stop medical treatment and let you die. Well our doctors wouldn't let that happen. So your government changed tactics and demanded you be turned over to them for trails and punishment.

That is what we were just arguing about the emissary wants to turn you over and I am saying that we needed your side of the story. We found you in space and you are our responsibility until you are able to stand by your own defense. So is there a reason that we shouldn't turn you over to them?" I smile and shake my head "The government doesn't want me alive because of what I represent I am a member of a … "Group" of Special individuals.

We are sworn to the defense and betterment of humanity. Recently a few nobles have started to think that our power should be theirs. They are trying to control the emperor and succeeding. They attacked our group and killed a few of us. One of our own betrayed us. And betrayed me worse.

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I am the one who caused the black hole. They don't know that our organization is older than the empire and we are the ones to help forge it. These nobles think they can just take our power.

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They have no clue what it takes to earn a position among us. But enough of that you are not going to put any treaty or negotiations at risk so you will escort me down there in chains and turn me over. I won't have you getting in trouble over me. I just need a final thing and then you can put me in chains." I reach through the darkness and try to locate my mask and I see it I wonder how she will take this.

I can see God asleep with my mask she is holding it tightly. I shake it and feel her start to wake up. As she sits up a pull the mask out of her grip and make sure she sees it floating there. Then I pull it through the shadows.

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I grab my weapons and ID while I am at it. The Kaire are surprised as my mask flies out of the darkness and into my hands. I put it on before catching my weapons and ID. I attach my weapons to my outfit and put my id in my pocket. I nod to them and hold my hands out in front of me. The Captain looks at me with a weird look in his eyes. He asks slowly as he pulls out a set of handcuffs.

"What is the name of your organization?" Looking at him I wait till he has snapped them into place. "We are the Black Suns" I see a look of surprise cross his face and body. He quickly turns to the emissary and says.

"We can't turn him over." He walks over to the wall and presses a button. "Will "Claw" please report to the infirmary." I stand there not giving anything away but am starting to get confused. Ten minutes later a Kaire female who is my height walks in. Weirdly enough she is wearing a mask like mine.

She looks at the captain and says "Why have I been summoned I was under the impression I was not to be involved but kept in the shadows." The captain points at me and as she looks at me.

I can see the surprise pass through her body. She quickly walks over and looks me over before walking around me. She stops in front of me and says.


"Respond to Epsilon Delta Orion." Responding out of training "Star Killer Three Six Omega. How do you know a Black Suns code phrase?" She chuckles and pulls her mask off. Looking at me she says. "I am a member of the Golden Suns. I am here to return this to the Black Suns." She takes a pouch from her belt and hands it to me. Looking inside I see a mask and an ID pulling the mask out I gasp and say. "Pharaoh. He found you.

We thought he wouldn't many thought he was just taking the long way out. Many say he grew tired of our life." I put it back in the bag and slip it onto my belt. She nods "He found us and spent time teaching us. He founded the Golden Suns he knew he wouldn't make a return trip. The Emperor sent me along so that I could fulfill Pharaohs last wish.

I am glad that the Black Suns are still active. We aren't the only race that have Suns. Out of the 6 races we know each has their own Suns. You are the originals we have much respect for your order." I smile and reach up removing my mask. "I am glad that you do." I frown and look around the room. She sees the look and turns asking everyone to leave.

Once everyone is gone she looks at me. I nod and say.

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"We are currently Black Sky the nobles have gone against us and have been using the Emperor as a puppet one of our own led an attack against us we lost 2. The others don't know I am still alive. Unwittingly your emissary has let the nobles know I am still alive and I must turn myself over. We were ok with going black sky and watching from the shadows but they brought the fight to us.

They want our masks and ID's. They can't know about you or the other Suns. There is an evilness to humans and some of them cannot be trusted. Keep your crew close. And don't let them out of your sight humans have been known to take what they want." She looks at me and says "You keep saying humans. Are you not a human?" I smile and shake my head. "Once I was I have become so much more. My death has changed me. I can send you to the Black Suns if you want you can tell them I am still alive.

Tell them to watch the imperial channels for when I am handed over. Will you go? She quickly nods. She heads to the door and tells the captain that I am sending her to our group and she will contact him soon. She comes back to me I open the portal behind her and look at her. "Put your mask on and tell them that Requiem sends you. Tell God she was right and that I am sorry for not believing her." She nods and puts her mask on.

I push her through the portal and close it behind her. Now they Know I Am Alive