Spicy beauty gets jizz shot on her face eating all the juice

Spicy beauty gets jizz shot on her face eating all the juice
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(If you have not read parts 1-3, it would help to get the context. However, I will give a short introduction.) INTRODUCTION My wife and I had gone on vacation to a lake cabin for 20 years. Since our last vacation she died from cancer. She made me promise to go at least one last time without her. I arrived on a Saturday after strongly debating whether I really wanted to do this. My wife and I had so many memories from these trips. We had made so many friends at the resort and had gotten to know many of the staff by name.

I had helped 2 high school/college girls (Sarah and Sammy) with their basketball skills over the past 5 years. I had also helped another (Maggie) with her mathematics studies during the same time period. My first 2 mornings they thanked me by having sex with me. Sarah the first day and Maggie the second day. The third day my wife's cousin, Cindy, who had lost her husband less than a year ago, invited me to her house and asked me to have sex with her. She needed assurance she was still an attractive, desirable woman more than anything else.

BACK TO THE PRESENT I had arrived back at the cabin after my time with Cindy and discovered a note from Sammy saying she had missed me when she had come by to do the housekeeping. She said that she had something to give me and hoped to see me before I left. My imagination took over thinking about what she had in mind.

However, I had scheduled and paid for an all day fishing trip for the next day. So I knew I would have to wait to find out. I woke up early the next day, got dressed, then walked down to the dock where I was to be picked up. At the promised time the boat arrived. There were 2 others from the same resort and one other client already on the boat.

The guide and his assistant helped us aboard and we were off. Fishing went well. We all caught our limit of walleye. We caught a couple of northern pike, several bass, and a number of pan fish. The guide said they would clean the fish and keep them for us to pick ours up anytime in the next week. He dropped us off at our respective locations at about 4 in the afternoon. I found nothing unusual when I got back to the cabin.

Housekeeping had been and gone. No note this time. I decided to order pizza for supper. A local pizza parlor had one of the best thin-crust pizzas I had ever tasted. I ordered a shrimp pizza with extra cheese. Yes an unusual choice, but it was my wife's favorite.

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The pizza came about 40 minutes later. I was enjoying the pizza, but soon realized that I ordered the size my wife and I shared. There was much more than I was going to be able to eat. I turned on the television to one of my wife's favorite programs. I continued working on the pizza remembering the good times we had shared while at the cabin.

I put the remainder of the pizza in the refrigerator and continued watching TV. After a few hours I decided to go to bed early. The day out on the lake had tired me out.

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I slept well. I woke up Thursday morning and ate the free continental breakfast provided by the resort. Back at the cabin I read the book I brought with me. When housekeeping came it was a young lady I had not seen before. "Good morning, Mr. Thomas," she greeted me. "Good morning," I responded. "Please replace the towels, make the bed, and empty the garbage." "Sure, Mr. Thomas," she said.

She went about her work, then left for the next cabin on her checklist. I decided to do some errands in town. I returned just after noon. I was feeling tired so I laid down on the bed and feel asleep.

I woke up to the feeling of someone touching me. I opened my eyes to see Sammy on the bed attempting to remove my pants. I noticed the smile on her face first, then noticed she was naked. 5 YEARS AGO Sarah, Sammy's sister, had worn a basketball jersey when she had come to do housekeeping. I asked if she played basketball and she said she did, but needed someone to help her with her game. I agreed to help her and we got together that afternoon. After the session I asked her if she knew someone else that played, so we could work on other skills.

She said her sister, Sammy played, and she could be there the next day. Sammy came the next day. We worked on skills and I gave the girls a list of activities to work on themselves. We had 2 more sessions that year.


They contacted me by phone throughout the year. And for 5 years we had worked together at the resort while I was there. They had both been on their high school varsity basketball team and had gone to state 2 years. They were now both playing for the same college team. BACK TO PRESENT Sammy continued to smile at me and I smiled back.

"Mr. Thomas I want to thank you like my sister did," Sammy said. "Please help me get your clothes off." I lifted my hips and she pulled my pants and underwear off and tossed them aside. I pulled my shirt off over my head and threw into the pile with my other clothes. When I looked at Sammy again she was watching my penis gradually becoming erect. I enjoyed watching the expression become more and more lustful and full of desire.

She licked her lips and I assumed she was getting ready to take me into her mouth. However, she crawled up over me and our lips met in a passionate and active kiss. It felt wonderful having her long, trim, toned body on top of me with her soft, but perky, medium-sized breasts pressed into my chest. My penis which had quickly responded to the situation was "trapped" between our bodies, pointed up toward my waist. Her pussy lips were pressed up against it's underside. "Wow, I feel your manhood throbbing against me," Sammy said into my ear.

"This is for giving me my sister back." "What do you mean?" I asked. Sammy responded, "Five years ago Sarah was about to give up basketball. She loved basketball, but her high school freshman coach told her at the end of the season that she needed to improve if she wanted to make the sophomore team.

She asked for specifics, he gave her nothing helpful." "That's horrible. The coach basically told her that he had no confidence that she could improve," I said noticing Sammy had started moving her pussy lips along the length of my rod. "Yes. She had told me privately that she had thought about committing suicide, if she didn't make the team," Sammy said almost matter of factly. "But she met you early that summer.

You offered to help her. She was amazed a stranger would take interest in her and offer to help her." I was a little choked up. It had just been an observation that she was wearing a basketball jersey. Then I asked if she played basketball. This led to me doing basketball training with Sarah and her sister Sammy. I also had given them a list of self-training activities.

Sammy continued, "Your interest and confidence in her motivated her to become better. When she learned she had made the Junior Varsity team, skipping the sophomore team, she was ecstatic." I remembered how Sarah had called me that evening so excited she could not talk fast enough. Then Sammy getting on the phone telling me how she made the sophomore team skipping over the freshman team.

"This is my thanks to you!" Sammy said. She had continued to slide her pussy lips along the length of my erection even with the distracting discussion I had become totally hard. Hard to the point I had pressed between her lips like a hotdog in a bun. Each time my tip rubbed against the top of her swollen lips Sammy let out a little "ooo", "ahh", or "ohh". Her lips found mine again and she increased her pressure and speed.

Her breathing was becoming short and fast as her vocals became louder and longer. I grabbed both of her butt cheeks with my hands and pulled her tighter against me.

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Although I thought I would have preferred to be in her mouth or love hole, I was thoroughly enjoying this sensation and was heading toward a climax. Sammy held her breath between gasps and moans, before reaching her orgasm.

"Oh my God, oh my God. I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" she shouted. Her orgasm overwhelmed her. She twitched, shuddered, and shook as she lost control in ecstasy. This triggered my ejaculation coating our groins and stomachs with my milky fluid mixed with her fluids. After nearly two minutes she relaxed on top of me catching her breath.

Once her breathing returned to normal, I suggested we clean up. "Good suggestion!" Sammy said getting off me and the bed. She then grabbed my hands and pulled me out of the bed. I looked at her stomach as I stood up.


She was smeared with my semen mixed with her juices from her groin up to the bottom of her breasts. "You sure are a mess," I said laughing. "You should see yourself," she laughed back. I looked down and saw what she was talking about. A good portion of the hair on my stomach was matted down with our sex fluids. My penis still semi-hard was "leaking" fluid. Sammy reached down with her finger and collected the fluid. She put her finger in her mouth and sucked it off.

"Very nice!" she commented as she pulled me toward the bathroom. It wasn't until I followed her from behind that I noticed her womanly curves. Sammy had really become a beautiful, desirable woman. She had more curves than her sister Sarah. Now I saw her as such. The bathroom in the cabin was very small. It was just wide enough to fit the bathtub. And deep enough to have the toilet next to the end of the tub where the faucets were and then enough floor space to let the door open inward.

The sink was just outside the door. With a countertop that ran up to where the small refrigerator was located. There was a small microwave on top of the refrigerator. Sammy led me into the tub and turned on the water before I had both feet in and had pulled the shower curtain shut. It took her some time to adjust the temperature of the water because it took awhile for the hot water to run through the line from the water heater which I think was located in cabin next door.

As she was bent over I could not help myself and reached out and squeezed her was cheeks. Sammy squealed in delight.

I continued as she adjusted the water temperature until she was satisfied. She then turned the middle knob sending the water to the shower head and cascading on to her back. She squealed again as the first couple of seconds the water was cold. She stood and faced me. I picked up the shower gel and squeezed some into my hand.

Sammy held out her hand and I squeezed shower gel into it. I set the bottle down and son we were exploring each other's body, lathering them up in the process. I concentrated on her breasts. There were good sized, soft, and perky. I had both of them in my hands and caressed, squeezed, and tickled them. Sammy returned my efforts with cooing and purring.


She had started on my chest, rubbing and lightly pinching my nipples before going lower. I enjoyed this more than I imagined I would. No one had ever done this to me during foreplay. During this I noticed her eyes were wide and staring downward. "It's bigger than I thought. Sarah (her sister) told me it was big.

None of my boyfriend's were your size," Sammy said. "I don't know if I can take that inside me." When I realized that she was taking about my penis, I said, "We will go slow and we will stop, if you want to." This eased some of the concern I could see on her face. We finished cleaning each others stomachs and our hands moved lower.

She circled her hand around my member and slowly moved up and down the full length. I quickly became fully hard. "It's pulsing in my hand," she said. I could feel my rod pushing against her grasp.

My fingers pushed against her pussy lips. Two fingers caressed the outside and a third finger ran up and down the crack. She moaned louder the more firmly I pressed them against her. My middle finger pushed between her lips and was quickly dampened by her hot juices.

Sammy gasped when my finger entered. I avoided going too high. I wanted to wait to stimulate her clitoris. I moved lower and lightly scratched area from the lower part of her pussy lips to just inside her butt cheeks.

"Whoa! That feels wonderful!" she exclaimed. She kept the first hand around my rod. Her other hand reached behind my scrotum and began rubbing and lightly scratching me toward my butt cheeks, then back to my scrotum. This sent a tingle the length of my penis. My penis jerked and throbbed with each movement of her hand.

Sammy noticed, "This must feel wonderful to you too." I nodded. My rod must have grown longer or my knees must have bent. The tip of my penis began bumping up against her navel. I moved my fingers back to her love hole. My thumb found her clitoris as two of my fingers entered her. She gasped and trembled. I increased my movement and Sammy moaned loudly as she increased her movement also. I knew I wanted to be inside her when I came. Took her hand pumping my rod until the tip was aligned with her entrance.

I pushed forward and entered her a couple of inches. I felt her tense up. "Tell me to stop if it gets painful," I told Sammy. She relaxed and nodded. Just by relaxing I slid a little deeper into her.

"It feels good. I feel some pressure, not pain, but pleasure," she said. I wondered how small and thin her boyfriends had been. I moved slowly in and out, going slightly deeper each time. "My sister was right. This feels so much better than I have experienced before," she said with increasing excitement and breathlessness.

"Keep … go … ing!" Once I had fully entered her I put a hand on each breast and massaged them with a moderate amount of pressure. Sammy moaned her approval. She was alternately squeezed and relaxing her vaginal walls on my penis inside her. Squeezing as I pushed in and relaxing as I pulled out. I could feel the pressure preceding my ejaculation building. I could tell her orgasm was greeting close. She took a couple of breaths then held her breath concentrating on the sensations she was feeling inside.

I quickened my pace.

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She took a big breath. Then grunted "oh". She exhaled. Then She inhaled again and grunted "oh again. This was repeated a few times before her orgasm took over. "Oh God, yes. Oh God yes," she nearly screamed.

"Don't stop!" As if I would stop now. The pressure build inside me until it just had to be released. I exploded inside her.

Filling her inside with my cream with several jets of the milky fluid. Even though she had clamped around my rod I kept up my pace. She relaxed for a second or so, then her second orgasm hit. It was nearly the same intensity as the first one. I maintained my pace. She grabbed my hips and pulled me against her saying, "Stop … stop!

Just stay still inside me!" She held me tight as her body continued quaking. Eventually her shaking subsided and our breathing returned to normal. She looked at me with a tired, dreamy smile. I had softened and when she loosened her grip on my hips I slid out of her. I dripped a couple of drops of cum on her leg. The water had started to cool so we cleaned ourselves quickly in the lukewarm water. She turned off the water as I retrieved a couple of towels. We dried each other before getting out of the tub.

There wasn't much room in the small bathroom. I gave her a big hug and we kissed for several minutes. We stepped out of the bathroom. She glanced at the digital clock by the bed and said, "I need to get dressed and get to my shift at the restaurant.

Too bad I don't have time for one more round." I agreed but stopped short of saying she could stop by tomorrow if she had time. We both got dressed.

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We shared a long, passionate kiss. Neither of us wanted to break the intense embrace we were sharing. "I do have to go," Sammy said. "Thank you for so many things. I hope I see you again before you leave." She walked out of the cabin toward the main lodge. I watched enjoying her beauty until she disappeared inside.