Gay video In minutes the baseball player started shooting straps of

Gay video In minutes the baseball player started shooting straps of
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Had a couple comments about the length of my chapters, I will do my best to make them longer, I usually stop at 12 pages at 16pt. Someone else suggested better chapter transitions, I'm not quite sure how is the best way to go about this, but I will see what I can do.

Please excuse errors, I do try to proofread. Stuff like to and too or your and you're are usually spell check errors, as I am typing on an android tablet. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After my romp with my new girlfriend, and her mom a short time ago.

I laid on Brittney's bed sandwiched between two beautiful women. What a way to spend a night. I was spooned up behind Brittney and Alice was the same behind me. I noticed the clock glowing 5am so I started gently stroking Brittney's hair and whispering in her ear. "Hey beautiful, you have to let me up, I have to go get my mom from work." "Noooo stay with me" She groaned sleepily.

But grudgingly rolled over to let me up. She was back asleep before I was dressed. She had rolled into my now empty spot and was laying snuggled up with Alice.

Seeing Mom and daughter laying together nude was an image that has never left my mind. On my way out I stuck my head into Becca's room where her and May were sleeping. To my shock the two of them were curled up on Becca's bed almost in the same position I had left Alice and Brittney.

Becca and May were also both completely naked, sleeping very peacefully. I snuck a picture with my phone, and left them to sleep. I pulled up in front of the hospital right at six, I had to sit there for a few minutes watching the nurses and other staff coming in and out.

The stereotype of all nurses being hot is so untrue. The passenger door popped open and my mom slipped in with a big smile on her face. "Morning dear, I would ask if you had a good date last night, but I know the answer already." My mom said cheerfully.

"Morning mom! I am not the only one who had fun last night" I said handing her my phone. She was looking at the pic I took of May and Becca, she was unconsciously rubbing her crotch, while staring at the screen. "Oh my, I would have never thought.Steve pull into that parking garage over there.please." No sooner had I found a dark spot in the garage and put the car in park, my mom had her scrub bottoms around her ankles and her fingers buried deep in her pussy.


Her other hand reached over and grabbed my cock. "Pull it out for me" She demanded. I freed my cock, she leaned over and and started licking it like a lollipop. "Oh fuck your cock tastes like sex, I can smell and taste their juices.Oh Ohh, Steve Immm gonnna." She went silent as her body went rigid in the throws of an orgasm. She had me slide my seat all the way back, then she straddled me face to face and lowered herself onto my cock.

This wasn't love, or sex, this was a pure unbridled fuck. She was slamming up and down on my cock, moaning and grunting, as the whole car shook, and bounced, with the windows fogged up. I pulled her scrub top up and unhooked her bra, pulled it out of the way and began to take mouthfuls of tit. Her pace started to become erratic, her cunt muscles were starting to move in waves rippling up and down my shaft.

This brought me over the brink. "Mom here it comes." "Cum in me baby cum in mommy." She screamed. I started pumping loads of deep inside the hole I was born from. She was shuddering, her pussy milking every drop from me. After her orgasm released it's grasp on her body she slumped forward in to me and gave me a kiss.

"Holy shit I needed that, those pics were too much for me. I needed release so bad." She said. "Glad I could help." We both started laughing.

I drove us home Mom suggested we leave May to sleep over at Alice's while we finally caught up on some much needed sleep. I slept until noon, when I woke up, it was pretty obvious I needed a shower. I was enjoying the hot water, and going over images in my head. I heard a knock on the door and May's voice. "Steve.can I talk to you?" "Right now? I'm kinda in the shower." I replied.

"Please." She asked, I could hear in her voice something was wrong. "Sure sweety, whats wrong?" Inviting her in. I turned the shower off, wrapped a towel around my waist, and sat on the edge of the tub. "I think something is wrong with me." She started to tear up. "May, whats wrong, are you ok?" I was getting worried. "I slept in Becca's room last night.she had a dirty movie.I kinda liked it.and we made out and played with ourselves.does that make me a lezbo.cuz.thats bad, isn't it?" She was truly scared.

In hindsight, I shouldn't have, but I started laughing. She looked at me with a hurt look, like I wasn't taking her seriously. "I'm sorry May. When you said you thought something was wrong with you, I was thinking maybe you were pregnant, or had the clap.

Now that you have told me, I can assure you, you are just fine." "But. I've never been with ah guy, and am already making out with girls.what if I'm a lezzie." Just then I saw the light flicker under the door, and I knew my mom was listening.

So I chose my words carefully. "Ok.You watched a porn movie and got horny" "Yea" "Well that's natural. Do you like Becca?" "Yea." "Good. So you to made out?" "Yea" "Did it feel good?" "Yea" "At the time, did it feel wrong?" "No" "Well then I don't see anything wrong. Mom told me if it feels good then how can it be wrong. You had sex with a friend, purely physical, it wasn't love.

In the future once you have been with guys, if you decide that you prefer girls, then that is fine. I won't think any less of you. Being a lesbian isn't a bad thing, but at least try guys first.Ok?" "But what about Mom?" "Mom is a lot more understanding than you think.

She will love you no matter what." She brightened up smiled and hugged me. "Thanks big bro" She said, as she closed the door behind her. After my shower, I crossed the hall to my room. Mom was in there, she had ducked in so May wouldn't see her. "You did great, you are a great big brother." She kissed me and went upstairs. After throwing on some gym shorts and an old T-Shirt, I lounged out in the downstairs den watching TV. My cell buzzed, still not used to having one, it scared the hell out of me.

It was a text from Brittney "Whatcha doing?" "Watchin TV.U?" "Bored.lazy day" "Wanna come keep the couch warm with me?" I texted back. "Oooh B right over." She must have really been bored, as it was only minutes before I heard the doorbell. I could hear Mom gabbing with her at the door. She finally made her way down the steps and flopped on the couch next to me.

"Anything good" She asked. "Nope, I was just channel surfing." I replied. I handed her the remote, and explained how to search through OnDemand movies. I ran upstairs and grabbed some snacks and drinks. Mom was busy filling out some kind of paperwork for her nursing certification. May was finishing a sandwich, and asked if she could watch TV with us. I told her she could but the couch was Brittney's and mine. She cheerfully agreed. Brittney spooned up behind me on the couch, and May turned the lights off then sat on the floor in front of us.

Brittney chose some chick flick, and we all kicked back and relaxed.

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Even in the middle of the day the downstairs den was dark, except for the glow from the TV. I felt Brittney's hand creep up the front of my shorts, and lightly rub my cock, it was just a slow easy stroke, intended not to make me cum. I'm sure May noticed, as I could see her looking out the corner of her eye.

After the movie we all sat there and talked. "I hear you and Becca had an eventful sleepover last night." Brittney said to May. May turned red as a beet and buried her face in her hands. Brittney got off the couch and sat next to May, and put an arm around her. "I'm sorry honey, I didn't mean to embarrass you. I think it's great.and really hot." Brittney told her. "You don't think it's weird I.well.another girl?" May replied.

"Not at all. I love being with girls. I've even been with Becca. I'm bi-sexual, I swing from both trees." May chuckled a little at the analogy. Then the sudden realization hit her. "Wait.Wait.What, you've been with your own sister?" May asked with her jaw hanging wide open. Brittney went on to talk about how her and Becca began exploring a couple years ago, and before that she learned from her mom. How her dad was never around and her mom was lonely. Brittney said she had no regrets because they both are people she loves.

May just sat speechless for a while. She wasn't disgusted, she seemed to be absorbing and processing what she just heard. "You Ok? You don't think less of me, do you?" Brittney asked her.

"No, I think it's cool.I gotta.I'll be back in a few minutes." May said, scurrying away to her room. Brittney and I stared at each other for a second. "I'm so sorry Steve, I assumed your family is like mine. I hope I didn't scare or embarrass her." "My mom and I fool around, but haven't brought May in on it yet.

Maybe we should check on her." I said. We walked down the hall to May's bedroom door, as I was about to knock when we heard faint moans and whimpers coming from the other side. I quietly opened the door, Brittney and I both peered in. May was on her bed fully dressed except her pants and panties were around her ankles.

Her right hand was stroking her pussy, paying extra attention to the clit. Brittney slipped in the room past me. May turned her head toward us, but made no attempt to stop pleasuring herself. Brittney sat on the bed next to May and held her free hand, giving her encouraging words, and sordid details of what she had done with her own sister.

May's eyes were glassed over with lust, and what she was hearing just added to the pleasure. An enormous orgasm racked May's body, it almost appeared as if she was having a seizure. It seemed like five minutes or so before May returned to earth. She sat up and hugged Brittney for the longest time. We all eventually ended up in the den watching movies together the rest of the day, until the late hours, before Brittney had to go home. "Every thing good now?" I asked May. "Yep, It's weird, my brother and his girlfriend watched me frig myself, and I liked it, I feel much better.

That was hot." "Good, but I think this was even hotter." I showed her the pic of her and Becca. "Ooooh, I want a copy. Mom got me a phone too.send it to me." She asked.

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"Will do sis.Good night." "Night night." She said. I was just lightly asleep, when I saw a stream of light trace across the room from the door being opened. I felt a body slip into bed with me. I could tell by the weight that is was May. She snugged up tight to me. Unlike all the other times she slipped into bed with me this time she was stark naked and I could feel her bare flesh against mine. She spooned in front of me so I could wrap my arms around her, and she pushed her ass tight against my cock letting it nestle between her cheeks.


"I'm not sure I want to do anything yet.but I love you Steve." She whispered. "No rush as long as your happy, I love you too." I whispered back. We both fell fast asleep. I woke in the morning to Mom's voice "Good morning sleepy heads." May jumped out of bed like a bullet taking my blanket with her, she cowered in the corner crying.

"Mom.I'm's my fault.I snuck in.we didn't do." May was in hysterics when Mom interrupted her. Mom sat on the floor next to May and held her daughter tight in her arms. "Shh Shh it's ok, nothing is any body's fault, no one did anything wrong, I'm not angry.

I think it's great you love and trust Steve enough to sleep together. I much rather him over other boys." Mom said to her softly. "'re not mad?" May asked. Mom looked at May with a dead serious yet very loving look and said. "Honey let me fill you in on some stuff you don't know. You make your brother horny, and I'm not mad. I know you fooled around with Becca, and I'm not mad. I know your brother had sex with Brittney and Alice at the same time, and I'm not mad. As a matter of fact I have had sex with your brother.

I love both of you very much. If you care for a person, and it feels good, then in my eyes it is perfectly acceptable. Oh and by the way, I will even love you if you turn out to be a lezzie!" "I'm going to go back to my room and think." May said. "Go ahead baby, I know I just gave you a lot to think over." Mom said softly.

May was a no show all day. After dinner Mom left for work and told me to see if she was ok. I think Mom was afraid she hurt May, or made her angry. Mom knew May would talk to me. I made her a plate of food, and took it downstairs.

I tapped on her door and entered. She was laying in her bed, back facing me. She was on her laptop. "May, I brought you some food. We missed you today. Are you ok?" "Yea, like mom said, a lot to think about." She said picking at her food.

"Well do you still love us?" I asked. "Yea of course, but I have a bunch of questions." "Ok, shoot." "Mom said I made you" Blushing I told her. "The first time was after dad died and you stayed in my room, then again in the shower that same day when you barged in to pee. I think you are very attractive." "Is that why you played with yourself when I left?" I grinned.

"You saw that?.Well yes, it was because you turned me on." "And how did you and Mom.well you know." "I told her about my feelings for you, and she gave me her ok to pursue them. The idea made Mom horny, and before I knew it we were going at it." I explained. "Why didn't you pursue your feelings for me?" May asked.

"Fear of alienating you, and I wanted you to discover sex at your own pace." I told her. "Here is a biggie, is this all normal?" "Wow, million dollar question. Normalcy and morals are what everyone else says is ok, or are rules made up by a bunch of old dead religious people. I think if it feels good, and doesn't hurt anyone then it is ok. Unfortunately most people would disagree." She seemed content with my answer.

She even asked for a second helping of dinner. I gladly got her one. Then I was off to shower so I didn't have to take one before school in the morning.

The hot water was hitting me directly in the face rinsing some soap off. My back was to the shower door, and I never heard May enter the bathroom, until the shower door opened and she stepped in with me. May stepped up behind me, wrapped her arms around my waist, and rested her head against my back.

"Would you really have sex me if you could?" She asked. "Only if you were absolutely ok with it." I answered. "Well I don't think I'm ready know.let you put it in me, but can we fool around?" I reached down to my waist, parted her hands and turned to face her.

I inspected her from head to toe. Her blond hair now wet and laying flat, love filled hazel eyes watched me look down over her A-cups, then down her slender stomach, to her tantalizing young pussy just showing the beginnings of pubic hair. Her hips had started to fill out and take shape, attached to her girlish legs. I finally ended my examination at her tiny feet adorned with purple nail polish. "How could I resist fooling around, with someone as beautiful as you?" I said, causing her to blush.


I pulled her into a deep kiss that lasted several minutes. I then turned her facing away from me. Grabbing the bar of soap I reached over her shoulders and began soaping up her chest, making occasional brushes against her nipples, causing her breathing to increase, and produce some soft moans. I then lathered up her back working downward toward her butt. She pressed her ass into my hands as I soaped and squeezed her cheeks, allowing a finger to run between them making contact with her rosebud.

She gasped and clenched tightly on my finger. Returning one of my hands to her budding chest, the other reached down to parts more intimate. I drew her tight to me so she could feel my now throbbing cock pressing up against her. I took a finger and just steadily ran it up and down her slit, from the very top down to the hot opening of her cunny, and back again.

I explored her silky and swelling inner, and outer lips. I would go down and get my finger coated with her natural lubricant, before rubbing it around her button. She was starting to shake in my arms. I slowed and concentrated most of my attention to her hardening clit. "I.I.I'!" She screamed.

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Her legs failed, and buckled under her. It was all I could do to hold on to her slippery, soapy body, keeping her from falling in the tub.

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By the time she had recovered, the water was starting to cool, so we rinsed off, dried each other off, and went back to my room. "So was an orgasm from your brother that bad?" I asked her, as we laid on the bed.

"It was incredible! But it's my turn." She said as she softly ran her hands over my chest. Working slowly down to my cock, she held the shaft with one hand, and gently stroked my balls with the other.

She began to move up and down the length of the shaft, watching the the skin move and the veins bulge with the look of fascination on her face. "Mmm you doing great for never being with a guy before." I told her.

She giggled and replied. "What do you think I was watching on my laptop earlier?" She was no longer staring it as the head disappeared into her mouth. My head collapsed onto the pillow, the thought and feeling of my own sisters mouth around my manhood was exhilarating.

Being her first blowjob she could only take about half in her mouth, but she was working it like a champ. Her hand was wrapped around the half she couldn't manage moving it up and down in rhythm with her mouth. I couldn't take it anymore my orgasm was triggered not only by pleasure but by the fact that it was my sister that I had wanted for so long. "May.I'm going to." She lowered her head as I blew my load. The amount filling her mouth surprised her.

She pulled back and the next stream went straight up her face. I reached and got my phone from the nightstand and snapped a picture.

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My dick was right at her mouth and my cum soaked her face. "Watch this." I said as I sent the photo to Mom. "Well how did I do" May asked. "Awesome" I said, handing her some tissue from next to the bed. "So we are ok?" "Of course we're ok! I told you I will always love you, no matter what." She curled up with me and got comfy.

My phone buzzed and scared us half to death, we both chuckled. As suspected it was Mom. This time she sent a video, She had two fingers buried deep in her pussy, she was moaning and bucking as she erupted. She slowly pulled the phone up to show her face. "Thanks for that image guys, as you can clearly see I approve. I love you both very much." The video ended. "I cant believe that Mom did that!" May blurted. I was laughing. "Honey, she will do a lot more than that.

Trust me." "Steve.I do trust you. Thank you." She said as she rolled over and fell asleep. It had been a life altering and exhausting day for her. I wasn't quite ready for bed yet, so I grabbed my phone and shot Brittney a text. "Hey u still alive?" "Hey stranger. Hows May?" "Lmao see for your self." I sent her the picture of our earlier adventure. "OMG! I love it." "She knows everything now and seems ok with it. She knows about me you and your mom, and how I have wanted her for a while now, and how Mom and I have been having sex.

She spent a whole day mulling things over, and came out ok" "Cool did you get to.fuck?" "No she was a little hesitant to do that, being she is still a virgin." I explained. "I understand.

I hope Becca finds a nice guy to be her first ;)." "Lol well the wink was a big enough hint. BTW when was your first time? You don't have to answer if you want." "It's ok.officially two days ago.

You were my first male sex partner." "Wow.really? But you seemed so experienced.I didn't break your.uhh you know?" "Naa thats been gone for years. Started with sharpies and toothbrush handles when I was little. Moved up to hair brush handles in my early teens. When I started messing around with mom she bought me some dildos." She replied. "Hopefully I met your expectations, and didn't let you down." I said.

"You were fantastic. Not only in bed, but being a gentleman and treating me like a lady all night. Most guys are out for a piece, I truly think you would have been happy not getting any and talking all night." "You're right, I would have." "Ugg school tomorrow! Hell of a way to end a perfect weekend." "Yep.Guess we better get some sleep then." I said. "Okie sweety.LY" I wasn't expecting the "LY" she loves me?

I wasn't sure what to think, At least to me this wasn't something to be taken lightly. She was sweet, beautiful, intelligent, shared everything with me. I thought about it for a second. I was convinced I left her too only after a week. So I texted her back. "LY2.Night." I rolled over next to May and fell asleep. "Morning my love birds! No one going to run and hide from me this morning, are they?" May and I both stretched and rubbed our eyes. Both smiling at Mom. "Get your butts in gear, sex is no excuse to be late for school" She started laughing.