Cum tasting goth babe screwed from behind

Cum tasting goth babe screwed from behind
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I sat on the couch knitting while watching the kids as they watched the TV screen. They were so entranced they didn't hear as Bill came into the room, arriving home from his day at work, and sitting on the armchair. "Evening Bill" I greeted politely. He grunted, lying down on the couch, filling up the entire space with his legs.

"Kids, say hello to your father" I said. "Hi Dad" They barely glanced away from the TV to say hello.

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"Where's my dinner?" Silently, I got up and walked into the kitchen, retrieving the meal that I had kept warm for him until he got home. Walking back to Bill, I put the plate and cutlery on his lap for him.

Bill slapped my ass as I turned around and walked back to my seat. "Thanks honey" As Bill ate his dinner, the only sounds that could be heard were the TV, that the kids were still watching, and the sound of Bill eating, his knife and fork rhythmically hitting the plate.

Once Bill finished, he put his plate on the ground and sat back against the couch cushions contentedly. "Ah, that was a good meal Kat" he said. "Thank you" I said.

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A few minutes passed as I continued knitting and the kids watched TV while Bill rested. Soon, I heard the unmistakable sound of Bills zipper on his pants being drawn down. My eyes flew over to Bill who now had his hands down his pants, stroking his cock. My eyes shifted back over to the kids who were still watching the TV. Would anything distract them from that thing? "Honey, would you do me a favour and come over here and sit by my side?" Bill asked.

I got up and walked over to Bill, perching myself on the side of the couch. "Bill, put your cock away. The kids could turn around at anytime and see" I whispered quietly. A look of anger passed over Bills face. "Pull your dress up around your waist" he commanded. I hesitated. Slap! Bill's hand reached out and slapped me, causing me to gasp. The kids turned their heads, looking at us.

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"Daddy, why did you slap mummy?" Michelle asked. "Because she didn't listen to me. And if she doesn't listen to me, she has to suffer the consequences" Bill said. "Now, get back to watching TV" The kids diverted their attention back to the TV.

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"Now, are you going to listen to me and pull up your dress? Or do I have to slap you again?" Bill said. Slowly, I lifted up my dress to reveal nothing underneath. "Good girl" Bills hand was slowly jacking his cock, moving up and down, bottom to tip, twisting his thumb around the head. His other hand was slowly drifting up my thigh. I felt the tips of his fingers come into contact with my clit. He slowly started rubbing in circles, applying pressure on every turn. "Straddle my hips" he commanded.

Eager to not get slapped again, I straddled him, putting one thigh on each side of his hips.

I could feel the head of his cock against my pussy. With a quick glance towards the children, I noticed their attention beginning to falter from the TV. "Bill, the kids-" I began to say. "The kids can watch if they want. I have had a bad day, my back hurts, I'm horny, and I want to come home and be able to make love to my wife without any interruptions.

Now, sit on my cock and make me feel good" he said.

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I hesitated. What about the kids?


Bill slapped me again, with much more force this time, before roughly forcing me down on his cock. I gasped as pain shot through me. I wasn't yet wet enough and Bill forcing his way into me hurt. Not to mention, the size of his cock.

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8 inches hurt when I'm not well enough prepared. Bill moaned, immediately stilling my hips. "Take your dress off" Bill commanded.


This time, I didn't hesitate as I pulled my dress over my head, dropping it on the floor. I noticed that the kids had diverted their attention from the TV and were now watching Bill and I. "Bill please, the kids can't watch this" I still made no move to get off his cock in case he chose to slap me again.

Bill looked over at the kids, ignoring my plea. "Nigel, one day when you grow up, you are going to have a wife and you are going to have to exert your control over her.

Watch" Bill groped my breasts in his rough hands, the palm of his fingers teasing my nipples. "Kat, start riding my cock.

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Show the kids how it's done" Slowly, I started moving my hips, shifting up and down, slowly starting a good pace. Bill moaned beneath me, one of his hands moving down to roughly circle my clit. My breathing picked up as he rubbed it in rough circles. "Nigel, see the way her breathing picks up and gets heavier?" Bill turned his head to our oldest son, directing his question to him.

Nigel nodded his head, a look of fear and awe upon his face. "One day, all three of you will experience this sort of pleasure" Bill nodded to all three of our children. Nigel, our oldest boy of seven, Timmy, five, and Sammy, four.

"Now Kat, ride my cock harder" At the command of Bill, I picked up my pace, riding him faster. His cock was filling me up, stretching my pussy. "Oh yeah, that's it honey. I can feel you clenching around me" I rode him harder, eager for him to get off. "I'm close honey. Rub your tits for me" I massaged my breasts while keeping my pace on his cock. The kids were watching, enthralled by what their daddy was doing to their mummy. A few minutes later, Bill tensed fiercely, his hips pushing Kat upwards off the couch as he spilled his seed into Kat, hopefully creating another child.