Mujer Elegante x Enfrente Y x Atras

Mujer Elegante x Enfrente Y x Atras
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After a long day at work, Jamie is glad that it is Friday. She is looking forward to the weekend for the first time in six months.

She is so eager to get home and relax, she didn't turn her desk light out as she left the office. She raced down to her car and headed home. She got up to the bedroom and jumped into bed. She stretched out and rolled around, moaning at the idea of lying in bed all weekend. She sat up and kicked her heels off while undoing the bun in her hair. She tossed her heels into the closet as her dark hair dropped around her face.

She pushed her hair back and started to undo the buttons of her blouse. She got the last button and immediately pulled the blouse off. She laid it on the bed next to herself while removing her bra. She put the bra on top of the blouse and arched back and groaned from the sensation of her perky globes bouncing freely in the open air.

She tosses her blouse and bra into the corner of the room and stood up to pull her skirt off. Her soft B cups jiggled as she shimmied the skirt down and over her curvy hips and thighs.

Her thighs were slim, she admired them as her skirt slides over them. She let the skirt fall to the floor before kicking it into the corner with her blouse and bra. She caught a glimpse of herself the mirror and admired her soft, tight body.

She ran her hands over her hips and complimented herself on the contrast of her blue panties and light milky skin. She winked and blew a kiss at herself before pushing her panties down and kicking them into the corner. She pours yourself a glass of wine and decides to treat yourself to a relaxing bubble bath. She has a sip of wine before running the water. She proceeds to get ready for her bath.

It takes a minute or so to get the water temperature adjusted before she can close the drain and allow the bath to fill. You have another sip of wine and catches a glimpse of herself in the mirror again. Pretty good for a 32 year old divorced woman, she tells herself. Her mind drifts back to the office incident, she had seen me glancing at her, then she recieved a plain black envelope with her name in gold calligraphy. She picks it up, and the weight surprises her.

The envelope texture is sophisticated, refined and expensive. She turns it over and sees a seal on the back, but she doesn't recognize it. " Strange," She thinks to herself. She slides her finger under the flap, breaking the seal and opens the envelope.

It's one of those fancy envelopes with gold paper lining on the inside, almost like a wedding invitation. She figures that must be it; someone else in this damn office is getting married, and once again, it's not her. Not that she really wants to get married again. She is very happy being divorced, career oriented, spending her weekends with girlfriends or the occasional date, at least that's what she tells herself over a glass of wine at night.

I've never been the type of woman who dreamed about her wedding; she didn't want to get married the first time, and she don't really want to get married again. However, it would be nice to have a special someone in her life who wasn't battery operated.

She pulls out the invitation and is immediately struck by its elegant flare. The invitation is square, black, textured paper with gold text. On the left side is an ornate mask. She is mesmerized by the mask, as she runs her fingers over it, feeling the indentation from the printing. It's gold and emerald green with long flowing ribbons, jewels and glitter on the face and a few feathers on the very top.

It's beautiful. Her eyes dart to the invitation information. You are cordially invited to spend the weekend with John Malone at a mystery location. RSVP by Thursday, to Gill at Upon confirmation of your RSVP to accept, John Malone will contact you. She never imagined spending a weekend with the wealthiest womanizer in Dallas.

She remembers a few looks from some adoring men. She had worn her shortest skirt and black stiletto heels and had drawn a few approving glances. At one point she had made eye contact and even smiled at one of her admirers only to see me quickly look away. " He must be shy," She told herself.

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However as she leaves the office later, she caught sight of me in one of the mirrored building windows. I had changed direction and was now following her. She stopped before entering the parking garage, I stopped. She moved again and I followed. It feels a little creepy yet she had found herself slightly stimulated by my obvious admiration.

Without consciously realizing it she decided to reward my appreciation by purposely dropping her car keys and slowly bending over to retrieve them. She can almost feel my eyes glued to the back of her upper thighs as she wonders just how far up her skirt I may have seen?

A warm flush swept over her body as she visualized my dick swelling in my pants. She had quickly glanced over her shoulder and caught me discreetly trying to adjust my crotch which only confirmed her suspicions that she had just given me a hard on! She is suddenly startled by a noise but quickly assures herself that it is probably just her imagination.

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She has another sip of wine to calm her nerves before checking on the bath water. As she is leaning over the tub, she hears another noise directly behind her and spins around in fear to face me!

She is frozen in shock and her knees feel like they are going to buckle but somehow she remains standing.


I'm wearing an expensive black suit, my piercing eyes are looking at her. I motion with my hand and tell her to stand in front of the mirror, instructions she obeys out of fear. I hold my hand at the side of her face and say, " I thought we should get to know each other." I reach around and cup her right breast with my hand as she cringes with fear.

No one has ever touched her breasts except her ex-husband and even the thought of it sickens her. My hands roam over her body as she stood watching in the mirror. She is becoming so aroused.

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Her nipples are so hard and she arches her ass into my groin. I immediately want to feel the inside of her pussy lips. She moans as I run my index and middle fingers over her clitoris and then slides them inside her.

Her pussy is wet, " No!" Jamie exclaimed. " Get out!" She begged, " Please!" but she didn't stop me. She is powerless to push me away. Her legs spread wide now, her back against me, her left hand squeezing her breast, her right hand between her legs.

I lean forward to kiss her neck, she moans, as I nip her neck.

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I slide my hand down touching the soft flesh of her butt cheeks. She shifted herself forward slightly to allow me better access, as I push my hand down into the crack of her sweet ass until I find her asshole. At the same time, I move my right hand down between her legs till I feel my fingers against her arm.

Grabbing her, moving my hand onto her wrist, over the back of her hand, then down, I search for her fingers and found them, entangling mine with hers to feel the coarseness of her pubic hair between, then the hardness of her clit, and finally the warm, slick heat of her pussy.

Moving as Jamie moves, feeling the rhythm of her hips as she rocks gently against my hand, pressing into me, I push one finger inside her tight pussy, and then a second, twisting my fingers to explore as much of her as I can. With my left hand fingering her ass, and my right exploring her cunt, she begins moaning, her eyes shut, her head falling back against me in ecstasy, I waited for her to cum. Still fighting, she held on another minute or two, her breathing hard and suppressed as her brain tries one final time to resist what every other inch of her naked body is yearning for.

Then she buckles. Her back arched, her legs straightened, and the tension of her resistance striahtens her body against mine. I feel her orgasm hit her uncontrollably, the waves of unrestrained desire surging through her. As she thrust her pussy into my hand, I push back hard against her, feeling each contraction of her pussy tight against my fingers.

Her moans filling the bathroom. I take her into the bedroom, she lays down on the bed, spreading her legs wide.


Soft moans escape her throat as I climbed on top of her, moving my fingers back inside her. " I don't think you want me to stop," I teased, her body now writhing beneath me. I took my fingers from inside her, slowly putting one of them in my mouth and made a face to suggesting that I'd tasted some fine cuisine, licking my lips, my eyes never leaving hers.

She closed her eyes, hoping it would stop, that all this is just a dream. She can't bring herself to make me stop what I'm doing, she feels trapped inside her own mind.

" Make him leave!" She screamed internally to herself, " you don't want this Jamie, you don't want him!" She feels like she is in a trance, like a marionette whose strings are at my fingertips, controlling her every move. I'm positioning myself at her slick warmth. " No," she moans. " I didn't hear that," I tease, holding a hand up to my ear in a mocking fashion. I lower my head so that we were face to face, her frightened eyes looking up at me, anticipating my next move with caution.

She feels the tip of my cock gradually filling her as I look into her eyes. My lips softly brush hers, my tongue running along the inside of her bottom lip as I slowly drive myself into her wetness.

" You're mine now. I'm claiming you, now I will claim you again and again, just the way you want it baby," I whisper into her ear.

Something stirs inside her, as if she'd been given an adrenaline shot. " No! I'm not! Stop! Stop John I mean it!" She is shouting now, her voice breaking as the words escape her throat. I suddenly became still and look down at her. An evil smile appears on my face as I then start to withdraw from her almost completely.

" Wrong answer," I said, and with one powerful thrust I spear her. She cries out in a disorienting feeling of release and pain, I quicken my pace, fucking her hard and fast with no sign of stopping no matter how loud she cries. I crush my lips against hers, my tongue charging it's way into her mouth. She tries to scream but is muffled by my kiss, my tongue forcing a response from hers as I slam myself into her over and over.

Tears are streaming down her face, she is groaning with fear and pleasure. I'm right, I know exactly what to do to drive her wild, she can't help but be at my will. I continue driving myself into her, she is shaking all over, loud moans emanating from her as I then quickly stood up, pulled her up off the bed and into my arms, wrapping her legs around my waist and walking us over to her dresser where I sat her on top of it.

I stood between her open legs and pull her towards me, my hard cock inserting itself into her soaking cunt again as I held her tight to me, the two of us grinding in perfect sync with each other. " Your pussy is far too good to give up," I panted into her ear as I fucked her top on her dresser, sweeping trinkets and randomly placed pieces of jewelry off of it sending them flying on to the floor.

" You're wet for me baby, are you close? Are you gonna come for me?" Her nails are clawing my back, her legs tight around my waist while I repeatedly bury myself inside her. I slow down slightly and put my hands under her ass to control the rhythm, lifting her up with every thrust. " I.I.I'm close." She gasps, clinging onto me tightly in fear of falling off, her pelvis convulsing against mine.

" Close to what baby? Tell me what you're gonna do!" I slide in and out of her, I wouldn't stop until I hear what I wanted to hear and she knew it. Her body feels like it is engulfed in flames, gradually boiling like a kettle. She can't bear it. She didn't want to give me the satisfaction of coming at my command but she knew it is inevitable, she needed me to give her the full release she craved.

" I'm coming," she breaths, struggling to keep up the pace with my thrusts. " That's it baby, come for me, come hard all over my cock," I grunted, moaning louder into her ear. With one last hard thrust we came together. She feels my warm, sticky essence pour into her, our breathing became unified. I gently lift her up off the dresser and back onto the bed, once we caught our breath, Jamie quickly got up before I could stop her and headed into her bathroom, locking the door behind her.

An hour later, she came out into the bedroom.


She thought I had left until I grab her from behind and push her onto the bed on her back. " How about you do as I ask? Spread.your.fucking.legs." I order. She spreads them without thought. Her shoulders are sore from being fucked on the dresser an hour ago. I push my finger deep inside her pussy, and then pull it out fast. Laying on top of her, pressing my chest against her, I shove my finger deep into her mouth, and down her throat a little. " See how wet you are for me?" I growl in her ear.

" No.I.this isn't right." She stutters. " If this is so wrong, why do you love it so much?" I laugh. She doesn't like this. I'm forcing her to.she doesn't know. But this isn't right, is it? She doesn't know me. I sent her an invitation then I suddenly arrive at her place, taking her in the bathroom, shoving my fingers inside her.

Then fucks me on the dresser, How could anyone like that! I slam hard into her, giving her no time to think. My cock is big. Bigger than before, she has never had one that big. It fills her, and from this position, sends her into an instant orgasm as it slams her g-spot hard. " Jamie honey, you're doing great, relax, and the last part of it will go in easier." My cock is now half of the way in, she is having trouble with the girth.

Her cunt is stretched around my cock as tight as possible. " John, your cock can't go in any more, it's reached the end of my pussy." We are quiet and lay still for a few minutes. Then Jamie and I start french kissing and I start to suck on her nipples which makes her start to cum again. " OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! OH MY GOD! CUMMING AGAIN! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! FUCKING HUGE COCK, TIGHT CUNT, MY CUNT TIGHT, OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

OH MY GOD!" I tried pushing deeper again. " NO JOHN! NOOOO! It hurts too much, you've reached the end. PLEASE STOP!

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OH! OH MY GOD! Slow, go slow, ohhhhhh, it's getting better now." I keep pushing and the pain is excrucating, I clearly have pushed all the way in.

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When she finally feels something give way inside her and my cock suddenly presses against her cervix. It is unbelievable that she had taken my cock all the way in. It has taken 35 minutes to get it all the way in. She guesses my cock has actually penetrated her cervix into her womb.

She has never had a cock that deep inside her. My cock head is about 2" inside her cervix into her womb. " Jamie, I'm all the way in. Did you feel something open that allowed me to go all the way in?" " Yes John, something snapped in my pussy, I think you broke through my cervix and your cock is in my womb." " Does it feel good?

Do you love my big cock lodged all the way in you?" " Oh yes I love it." My cock feels like no other she has ever had in her. She has never felt so full and her pussy is constantly cumming on my monster cock. She will do anything to keep this feeling going. She reaches down to my stomach and feels the bulge of my cock head above her belly button. If I leak any cum in her or didn't pull out in time she would probably get pregnant since she is probably ovulating today.

I now start to try and pull it out but she stopped me with a scream. " John! Stop! It hurts! STOP!" I stop and said " Jamie, what's wrong?" " I don't know John, I think your cock is stuck in my womb and the head won't go back out through my cervix without causing pain.

I'm not sure you can even pull it out until you're not hard anymore." My cock head has swollen and I can't pull out without hurting her. It's just like a dog's cock." She feels my cock spasm a few times in her. " John! Stop! Don't do that or you'll cum in me." " Jamie, I can't help it, all this talk about getting you pregnant is putting me over the edge. I think I just shot cum in you but I stopped before it all came out." " OK John, I want us to be still and maybe you're hard on will go down enough so you can pull it out of my womb." " OK Jamie, I'll try." She is trying to hold still and not have her pussy contract on my cock when she suddenly feels her cunt tighten up like never before.

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" OHHHHH MY GOD! I can't control it. I'm cumming!" Her cunt started to contract and she started to move her hips and pull on my ass to get me in deeper. I start to thrust into her, pressing into her all the way as hard as I can while only pulling back and inch or two each time so I can thrust into her hard. " OH YEAH! That's it. Oh my God that's it. " OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

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CUMMING AGAIN! She screams. We kept fucking and the pace had picked up now and she is fucking back hard. Her hands are on my ass pulling me in. She is kissing me again, frenching me while lifting her pelvis to allow me maximum penetration. We are locked together with our lips and at the groin. She feels my cock swell even more inside her and she knew I'm about to cum. " John, noooooo, stop, don't cum inside me, pleeeease!

Pull it out!" I tried to pull it out but it is stuck and she starts to scream in pain. She finally feels me start to spasm in her and feels my cum shooting inside her. " OH JAMIE! OH JAMIE! I'M CUMMING! I'M CUMMING." I jam my cock in and shot load after load in her pussy while she pulled on me to get in deeper.

" OH John, that's it baby, cum in me. I can feel you cumming, it's so hot." I shot load after load in her, I came for over five minutes and after that we stayed coupled for thirty minutes and she rubs me all over. I finally spoke " How was it Jamie?" " It was great; I can't believe I got the whole thing in me. John, it's unbelievable, I have never cum so many times; I've never done that before." Two hours later, we are kissing and touching each other and I start getting hard again.

She is so horny and she wanted to let me know that she is my sex slave forever. " John when your ready again you can fuck me again since I already have your cum in me." Jamie let out a scream as my thick cock is forced into her sore pussy. I got my cock head into her. I feel like my cock head is getting strangled by her pussy.

I let go of one of her wrists and covered her mouth with my hand and feel her tears streaming down her face. " Jamie, you'll get use to it.

That's just the tip." I whispered into her ear. She can't believe that is just the tip. She feels my cock twitch inside her. I pull back my hips and thrust more of my cock into her. She screams into my hand, the pain is agonizing. Her pussy burns from the pain as I held her in place. I'm determined to stuff my cock into her again. I can't help myself and I didn't care about her pain as I thrust into her as hard as I can until my cock is buried in her. She starts to moan as her pussy is being ripped in half again, it hurt so much and she feels so full but the fullness feels good.

I took my hand off her mouth and pinched her nipple and rubbed her clit. " Fuck," she whispered. She gripped me tightly. I expertly push back and forth, each time forcing more meat deeper into her. Soon we were panting. She feels a big orgasm rising inside her. My huge rod and balls looming above her, dominating her senses.

She smells her own arousal. She cried out. I held tighter on her arms to keep her from thrashing. " Uhhhhhhhhhhhh." " Gonna cum, baby?" " Yeahhhhhhhh." " Want me to stop?" She said nothing, so I did. I beat her clit with the head of my cock. Jamie bucks her hips.

Jamie is so close to the edge, so physically exhausted. " Please fuck me. Please. Please." Her orgasm kept coming. She writhed, rolling her eyes back and almost broke free from my grip.

I keep thrusting into her. She slowed down and I sped up. She passed from one orgasm to the next, feeling weak, then I flip her onto her stomach.I'm on top of her. She gained her senses slowly as I thrust hard into her. I finish, thrusting deep into her and blasting into her with cum. Neither of us spoke as we disentangled ourselves on the bed. I put my pants back on and headed to the door. Jamie lay naked for the rest of the night, drifting in and out of sleep. Her body is sore. Worse, though, iss how it hurt.

The pain feels good.