Kerala mallu girl Smitha naked show

Kerala mallu girl Smitha naked show
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The day after Thanksgiving my wife and I went to a local nude beach. Living in south Florida does have its benefits. The sky was clear blue and the temperature was a nice 80 degrees with zero humidity. We have gone to the nude beach a few times in the past. At first my wife only took off her top, but by the second time she felt comfortable enough to go fully nude. My wife is 5'6" weighs about 120 has blonde hair and perfect breasts. In my opinion she is always the sexiest woman on the beach.

Every time we go to the beach we are entertained by the other beach goers, nude or otherwise. We have names for people we have seen in the past including lotion guy, the twister, Santa, and the Zig Zaggers.

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The Zig Zaggers usually are clothed or walking around in their underwear. They use a zig zag pattern to walk by all the nude females lying on the beach and try to sneak a peak. My wife usually checks out all the penises and comments on their shape, size, and state of arousal.

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She always points out when she sees guys stroking themselves to make themselves bigger. On this particular day at the beach it was crowded but there was no shortage of people to observe and comment about.

A couple came and sat approximately 30 feet away from us towards the water. They got undressed and the girl got comfortable on her back with one knee up in the air and the other flat on the ground but they were obviously spread and open for anyone to see.

Within a few minutes a young fully clothed teenager, a guy in a Speedo, and a nude guy in a beach chair sat between us and the couple. My wife and I were lying on our stomachs watching the vultures when another guy sat behind our chairs and disrobed.


He had a backpack in front of him to make a half hearted attempt to block his dick from others. He was to our side and underneath my chair my wife could see him obviously stroking himself while looking between the girls spread legs. Several other men who walked by the girl made no attempts to hide their stares between her legs. The clothed teenager walked up and asked them for a cigarette and a light and the guy obliged. The teenager took advantage of the opportunity to sit even closer to the girl.

He was probably only six feet away from her. I happened to look behind me over my shoulder and noticed that two naked guys had sat behind my wife in an attempt to see between her legs while she lay on her stomach. One was probably about fifteen feet away and the other was only ten feet away.

My wife's legs were not spread apart, so I'm sure their view was limited but I guess you can't fault them for trying. We continued to watch the other men stare and gawk at the female on her back. She turned over but they still refused to leave. I leaned over to my wife and told her that there were two guys behind her trying to look between her legs. She looked over her shoulder at them and then continued watching the guy stroking and picking his dick from underneath my chair.

I kissed her on the shoulder and asked her to spread her legs a little. I asked a few more times and she reluctantly spread them a little more. I then looked behind me and both the guys were fondling their now hard dicks, while staring between my wife's legs.

I looked myself and she had them spread just enough that you could see that her pussy was clearly shaved. This got me rather excited. Then unexpectedly my wife sat up on all fours and gave the two guys behind her a clear shot of her nakedness.

She then sat facing me and I sat up as well. As soon as she sat down the two guys behind her left. After being so excited, I slid my hand down to feel her pussy and discovered that she was extremely wet and that the folds of her vagina now open exposing herself to everyone on the beach. As I was touching her with my fingers the naked guy in the chair in front of us was watching. He was probably only eight or nine feet away from us.

By this time the teenager and the guy next to us stroking himself behind the backpack had left. Probably due to my wife talking so loud about them that she embarrassed them into leaving. Although they would have been smart to stick around. I was so horny and excited at this point that I was asking my wife to spread her legs so everyone could see her.

After a minute of coaxing her I moved behind her and started massaging her shoulders. She had her arms in front of her and between her legs. I asked her to move her arms.


While massaging her neck she had her legs spread slightly with her knees up by her chest, but her hands were still blocking anyone from having a clear view. During the first minute of starting the massage about ten or eleven guys walked in front of her not hiding the fact that they were trying to see her pussy. I sat with my legs on the sides of her and asked her to put her hands on the ground outside of my legs.

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She did and she spread her legs a little more with her knees still up. As I was doing this it was almost like their was a news flash and guys started coming by to get a glimpse of what only I can touch. The nude guy in the beach chair turned his chair and faced in directly at my wife and sat down.

He obviously was enjoying the show my wife was putting on because he had a raging hard on and made no attempt to cover it up. Two black guys walked by and stared at my wife's spread legs, and circled behind us and walked away. One of the black guys sat down next to the guy in the chair, and took off his pants and started stroking his penis as well. Two more naked guys sat off to our right and started playing with their hard on.

Here is my adventurous wife on the beach nude and there are at least six or seven naked guys sitting around her jerking off for her. They could clearly see her lips swollen, open, and wet. In return she could clearly see all the guys on the beach masturbating their hard dicks for her to see. My wife got a little more comfortable and daring and she let her right knee fall to the side opening herself up even more. I was so excited that I was shaking.

I looked down between her legs again and noticed that her lips were very swollen, wet, and obviously so excited that they were wide open. I was so excited that not only me but the rest of the beach could literally see inside of my wife's most private place. Not wanting to waste this opportunity I reached down and pulled her right foot out of the way and lightly slid my left index along the very sensitive creases of her glistening lips. As a few more guys sat down in front of her I inserted two fingers inside of her only to find the most pleasurable feeling I have ever felt before in my life.

I reached under her arm with my right hand and began squeezing her breasts and pulling on her nipples which by this time were extremely hard and surrounded by goose bumps. I whispered into her ear to reach behind her. (My dick so hard knew that all of these guys lusted after my wife after seeing her perfect nude body). With her left hand she reached back and found my now rock hard dick standing straight up and leaking pre-cum.

She wiped the pre-cum all over my penis and began to stroke me slowly. She tilted her head back and moaned into my ear that she needed to have an orgasm. I slowly worked my fingers in and out of her inner folds, and also rubbed her clitoris which by now had worked its way free from its own hood, and was glistening in the sun for all to see.

She lifted her head up and I immediately noticed her eyes lock on the black guy sitting on the ground. He was now facing us with his legs spread and was boldly stroking his manhood.

When he saw her looking he spread his legs a little more and began stroking faster and faster. He was obviously on the verge of having his own orgasm, when my wife began rocking back and forth on my fingers, whispering to me that she was going to cum. While she began bucking wildly on my fingers, her eyes zeroed in on the black guys cock. He began to orgasm and held onto his black cock as stream after stream of his cum shot forcefully from his dick in a high arc, and landed just inches away from my wife's open legs.

Upon seeing cum shoot from his dick, my wife began shuddering and shaking as her eyes rolled up into her eyelids, as she let out a loud guttural moan that could be heard 100 feet away. Her orgasm lasted a full 50 seconds before her body stopped shaking and she regained control of her body.

We both looked down and saw that there was a rather huge wet spot just below her spread legs. She had such a huge orgasm that her thighs, inner folds were soaked with her own female orgasm.

Her soft feminine pink insides were glistening in the bright sunlight, and were literally begging to be touched or at the very least penetrated to new depths.

To my surprise my wife who was now breathing rather heavily, told me to lay back. She was still sitting between my legs and we were still facing the same direction. I lay on my back, and she lifted her hips up and impaled her sweet sex down onto my pre-cum soaked penis.

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Usually it takes some time to work my penis into her but she was so wet that it slid into with great ease, and she pushed it into herself with great ease. When the tip of my penis hit her cervix, she lifted her hips back up and forcefully slid back down again. I could not see in front of her, but I could see her ass and her glistening pussy as my dick slid in and out. I could easily feel her wetness as it coated my now shiny cock and my entire lap.

I could also feel her hands on my knees as she supported herself. I then noticed a slight shadow to the left next to ours in the sand. I tried to look around you and saw that several of the zig zaggers and watchers sitting around us were now all openly stroking their hard dicks. With your hands on my thighs your tits were now being pressed together, and bouncing up and down as you forcefully impaled yourself onto my now throbbing dick.

Apparently several of the guys couldn't hold out and began spraying the sand in front of you with their cum. You intently watched each guy as spurts of cum flew from their dicks into the sand in front of you. You strangely felt the desire to have their cum splash on your tits and chest in the open air and sunshine of the beach.

After several of the guys displayed their approval of your fantastic body and magnificent breasts by proudly displaying their orgasms for you they all moved a little closer still holding their dicks, you thought it kind of strange that after cumming they were all still hard.

But with the sexiest woman on the beach sharing herself with them who wouldn't be at the ready. The guy who was patiently sitting in front of us in the beach chair had not cum yet. He was taking in the whole experience while rubbing his hard on, without interfering. You felt a strange attraction to him, maybe because of his politeness, maybe his boldness, maybe because he was the one we were putting on the show for originally, or maybe because you loved his cock.

It was dark and tan, and when he stroked it for you it was about eleven inches long and as thick as your arm. Later you would tell me it was the last reason. He slowly got up from his chair and walked over to you, standing between my legs and in front of you while you still impaled yourself onto me.

His eleven inch, fat cock was now standing just inches from your face. You looked back at me and asked if it was OK. I nodded yes and you turned around and took both hands off my thighs and wrapped both of your hands around his shaft. Its skin was soft, but his penis was really hard. It had large veins running underneath the skin. You pumped it with both hands and you felt an insuppressible urge to lick and suck it. You looked back at me and said are you sure.

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I said, "Nothing would make me happier." You turned back around and started sucking as much as you could. It was so thick that you could barely get the head inside your mouth. You were licking the head while it was in your mouth and stroking it faster with both your hands.

You felt my cock starting to twitch inside of you; you felt his cock starting to twitch inside your mouth and hands. Feeling those twitches made you start to twitch. You then realized that the three of us were going to have orgasms at the same time. You started cumming and your head started spinning so you laid back down on me with your back pressing into my body.

I started cumming inside of you, and our new friend straddled and knelt down over you. Your eyes were closed from your own orgasm, but not wanting to miss this moment you opened your eyes and saw the biggest cock you have ever seen shooting out stream after stream of thick white hot cum all over your stomach and breasts. You could feel the warm streams splashing all over your chest and stomach. Your body now limp and unable to move lay on top of me as your friend massaged his cum into your tits.

It felt so warm and strange to have these new hands all over your tits, that you literally had a small orgasm that made your body jump. You looked up at his penis and saw it literally hanging down by his knees. You noticed a drop of cum on the end of his penis head. You sat up and stuck his penis in your mouth and sucked him dry. You gave his penis one last squeeze and let it slip from your mouth. He said "Thank You. You were GREAT!!!" and walked back to his chair and started packing up.

You turned to me and at the same time we both said "I Love You" at the same time. You said lets go. We quickly gathered our stuff. I asked if you wanted to jump in the water or shower off and you said no, let's just go. I said are you going to get dressed, and you said i'll get dressed later. You told me your legs were too weak to walk, so I helped you to our car while you were still naked.