Hawt exchange student fucks her rubber

Hawt exchange student fucks her rubber
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We had just finished eating and she was already leading the way to her favorite sex store to get something for us tonight. Once we were inside and looking around she suggested we go to one of the back booths so she could suck my dick while we watch porn.

We have done this a few times already so I got a few tokens from the desk and we headed back.

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Once in the room she started undressing herself while I started to look through the movies. I picked a random one and sat down to let my girlfriend get to work. She had only been sucking my dick for a few minutes when I looked up and saw a nice big ten inch dick slide through the hole in the wall.

My girlfriend must of saw it too because she stopped what she was doing and was staring at it. Suddenly she started to smile. Standing up and leaning into me she tells me how hot it would be for her to watch me suck this strangers dick. Timidly I got up and walked over to it.

I've never done anything with a guy before nor have I ever thought about it. But something was drawing me to this big veiny cock. I reached out and touched it and it flexed at me on relief. I dropped down to my knees as I wrapped my hand around it.

I could barely wrap my hand around it as I started to slowly stroke it. It was much thicker than my own 8 inches. My girlfriend motioned for me to put it in my mouth so I obliged. Opening as far as I could I put just the tip of this strangers dick in my mouth. It was big. Not knowing what to do or how to do it, I just started bobbing my head on the tip while I stroked my hand up and down. Suddenly I felt a hand on the back of my head.

It was my girlfriend.

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She wanted me to take more of this monster cock. She forced my open mouth down three more inches.

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Gagging and coughing I pulled back just to have her shove my head right back down this time forcing me to take six inches. Hearing the moan on the other side of the wall.

I relaxed.

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Opened my mouth as wide as I could and let her push my head the rest of the way on to the cock. It was difficult at first.

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Once the tip hit the back of my throat I moved my body so my neck was straighter. Letting it slide all the way down. Feeling my throat expand. Once my lips were pushed all the way against the wall the stranger started thrusting. Pulling the tip of his giant cock all the way to my lips and ramming it all the way back in until his balls would hit me in the chin. While this was going on my girlfriend went to sucking my cock.

Deep throating it. And gagging on it. After a few minutes of being throat fucked I was possessed.

I spitting and slobbering on the dick. Gagging and choking myself on it. Like my life depended on it. I placed the tip into my mouth sliding my tounge all over it while I placed both hands on it and pumped it as hard and as fast as I could. Eventually my girlfriend joined me. Sucking on the big balls in front of us while I worked the tip. Both of us running our tounges down the side of it together.

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She grabbed it and started smacking herself in the face with it. Smacking it and rubbing it all over her tits and nipples. Instructing me to suck and kiss everywhere the dick had been. While she placed the tip of the dick in her mouth and started to work it.

Standing up I let her take my dick in her hand and let her take turns sucking both. She placed both tips in her mouth rubbing them together while slobbering all over both of our dicks. After a few minutes of letting her alternate between sucking both dicks I grabbed her by the hair and forced her to swallow as much of the giant dick as possible.

Her little mouth couldn't take the whole thing. So I knelt beside her and swallowed the entire dick. Bobbing my head up and down once my lips were against his balls.


The stranger on the other side started to moan and went back to thrusting again. He wanted to be in charge. He wanted to be the one ramming all the way into us. When suddenly the dick was gone.

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We both looked at each other with disappointment. Stopping and standing up I was about to say something when the cock came back through the hole. This time with a condom on. With out saying a word I turned around and grabbed it.

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Placing the tip on my asshole and slowly pushed my way on to it. I've let my girlfriend fuck me in the ass before. She loved to jerk me off while I laid on my back and she fucked me. I loved it as well But I've never had anything this big. It was difficult to push myself onto him at first. Remembering we always kept lube in my girlfriends purse I grabbed it and dumped half the bottle on the dick and rubbed it in.

Once it was good and slippery I slowly pushed my way on to it. The stranger pushed back forcing me to take all off his cock. Then he slowly started thrusting. Hitting harder and deeper each time. As he was fucking me my girlfriend was in front of me swallowing my cock.

I had never seen her that eager to suck my dicMk. The thrusting behind me me was getting quicker.


And just as I had started to shoot my hot cum all over my girlfriends face and tits the monster cock in my ass started pumping its hot seed Kdeep inside me.