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This is the sequel to "Sarah left me 1, 2, &3" As we drank we talked of many things, sex, group sex, sexual orgies, exhibitionism, gay or lesbian sex. Sarah repeated for the younger cocks and sluts the way she, Big Dick, and his wife, Doris, liked to pick up strangers on Friday night in a local pub, then take them home for an orgy that usually lasted until Sunday night or Monday morning.


I asked Sarah and Angie to tell us what they had done with the young Italian waiter at the restaurant earlier. Sarah said, "I whispered that he should meet me in the men's toilet in 5 minutes. Then I thought that Angie might want to share the fun, so I took her with me.

We found him waiting in the toilet. He locked the door as soon as we were inside, then pulled me to himself and started kissing me passionately. I hiked my skirt up and put his hand on my pussy. He took the hint and started finger fucking me." "Meanwhile," said Angie, "I got on my knees in front of him, unzipped his pants, and fished his cock out.

He was already highly aroused. I took his cock into my mouth and he pushed it right down my throat. I swallowed when I felt him in my throat and he lost it straight away. When I felt his cum going down my throat, I pulled back and collected the rest in my mouth.

When I showed him my mouth full of cum he seemed to lose control of his legs and sat down on the toilet seat. I swallowed and we left him there." "I hope you left him a nice tip?" was Sarah's final comment. Angie and Harriet were fascinated by Sarah's piercings. They both wanted to know, "Where did you have it done?" "Did it hurt?" "Did you have them all done at the same time?" "How much does it cost?" "Have you thought of having your clit pierced?" In the end Sarah volunteered, "If that is what you would like, the next time you two have a day off school, I'll take you both to have done whatever piercings you would like.

I advise you not to have your tongue or your clit pierced yet. The tongue hurts for a few days afterwards. I don't know about the clit, yet. Mine were all done at the place that I will take you to, and none of mine were ever infected. Don't worry about cost, it's on me." This so appealed to the young girls that they agreed that they could both take the next day off from school, if that fitted with Sarah's plans.

"But, Harriet," Angie wanted to know, "what will your parents say?" "My mum and dad have never seen me naked since before puberty. They are not aware that I have grown pubic hair, much less that I have waxed it all off. If I get the same piercings as Sarah, except for the tongue, they need never know. If they did ever find out I would be in deep, deep shit, but somehow that only adds to the attraction for me. I love sex with your mum and dad, I can't even imagine how horrid it would be with mine." Finally, Tom and Dick decided that they had to go.

Harriet rang her parents to say that she would stay the night with Angie and go direct to school the next morning. Of course she had no intention of going to school, but she certainly did not want them to know that. Sarah was happy to stay the night too, so, at Sarah's suggestion, the three sluts and I all slept together in my bed.

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After our marathon session earlier, I did not have the stamina to fuck any of them, but it was great to feel all that naked flesh against mine. "I've missed you most when I am alone in bed at night." I told Sarah, but she was already snoring lightly. Angie was still awake, "When it's just you and me, I would like to sleep with you, Dad, oops, Phil." "Or if I am sleeping over, the three of us could sleep together." Harriet added.

After that I fell asleep with a big, silly grin on my face. On Thursday night, when I got home from work, Angie and Harriet were dancing around, naked as always, wanting me to admire the little gold rings through their pierced nipples, navels, and, after they spread their legs for me, labbia.

Sarah had bought each of them a gold chain which would clip to their two nipple rings, and hang down almost to their navels. However, at the piercing shop, they had been instructed not to attach them until the piercings healed. So they just held them in place to show me the effect that they would have. I grinned and said, "Cool!" I thought, "Sexy!" Late on Monday afternoon, when I was just winding up at work and thinking about heading home, my phone rang.

"Hi, Phil. It's me, Sarah." "Hi, Sarah. What can I do for you?" "Phil, I would really like to come around and spend the evening, and the night, with you and Angie. But I don't want to have any sex because I am way too sore after the weekend. Is that too much to ask?" "I would love to have your company. However, I should just point out that, before you came last Wednesday, Angie was ambivalent about your coming to visit.


I think that it is because her sexual freedom dates from your leaving and she does not want to give up that freedom." "Surely, the family orgy that we all enjoyed that night should have set her mind at rest on that score? And what about the piercings she got next day?" "I agree that it should do. Just be sensitive to the issue and try to defuse the problem if it arises." "Sure. Otherwise you are OK with me coming around?" "More than OK, I am enthusiastic." It was raining as I drove home from work.

Angie was home before me, naked of course, but working at her homework. No sooner was I out of my own clothes than the front door bell rang. On the little TV screen I saw that it was Sarah, wearing a rain coat. I buzzed her up, and went to the lobby to meet the lift. As she stepped out of the lift she pealed off her rain coat revealing that she was naked under the coat. We embraced, then she noticed that my penis had leapt to attention.


"Phil! I told you that I could not cope with any sex tonight!" "I know. It is just that you are so beautiful, especially naked." "Would a blow job satisfy you?" This from the wife who had never agreed to give me a blow job during our married years!

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All I could manage was a quiet moan. Sarah knelt in front of me there and then and proceeded to give me the best blow job of my life. I was moaning and groaning so loudly that Angie came running out to see what was wrong. When she saw what was happening she stood beside us and kissed me full on the lips, poking her tongue between my lips. I concluded that my warning to Sarah about Angie's ambivalence had been unnecessary.

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When I had pumped my load down Sarah's throat, she looked up, saw Angie's cunt lips just above her, and proceeded to tongue fuck Angie. Now it was Angie who was moaning and groaning loudly. It occurred to me as this was happening, that it was just as well that Angie was protected by her IUD.

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Otherwise Sarah might introduce a few of my sperm from her tongue inside Angie's cunt, enough, possibly, to make Angie pregnant. The rest of the evening was uneventful. We prepared and ate dinner together, then Sarah and I watched TV while Angie finished her homework. Finally, quite early, we all cuddled up together in my bed and fell asleep.

I was really very happy just to have my two favourite women, naked, with me in my bed. To be continued in "Sarah left me 5"