Cum on face and eyes

Cum on face and eyes
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Aphrodite - Daughter of Zeus, Goddess of love, beauty and sexuality Artemis - Daughter of Zeus, goddess of the hunt, the moon, and chastity Athena - Daughter of Zeus, goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law and justice, strategic warfare, mathematics, strength, strategy, the arts, crafts, and skill.

Zeus - King of the Greek gods Ares - Son of Zeus and Hera, god of war Eris - (minor goddess) Daughter of Zeus, goddess of discord and strife Ephus - the godling man with an unusual power. Dr. Quinn - human wife of Ephus Egyptian Goddesses and wives to Ephus _____________________________________ Bast - Goddess of cats, protection, joy, dance, music, family, and love Sekhmet - Goddess of fire, war, and dance Hathor - Goddess of the sky, dance, love, beauty, joy, motherhood, foreign lands, mining, music and fertility.

Serket - Goddess of scorpions, medicine, magic, and healing venomous stings and bites Maat - Goddess of Truth and Justice Tefnut - Goddess of Rain, Air, Moisture, Weather, Dew, Fertility, and Water -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Brothers of Bast and Sekhmet ----------------------------- Thoth - God of knowledge Sobek - God of the Nile, the Army, military, fertility and of crocodiles Anhur - God of war and the sky bearer - Full brother of Bast and Sekhmet Horus - Ancient God of the sky and kingship Min - God of fertility Khonshu - God of the Moon Apophis - God of Chaos and darkness Shu - God of the wind and air -------------------------------------------- Ephus had just finished blasting the young woman full of his seed.

As before with others, she kissed him then got up, dressed, then left as if nothing had happened. Stepping out, he was about to move further into the park when he felt a whoosh of power.

Shaking his head, he turned not knowing exactly what or whom to expect. Behind him he saw a beautiful, black haired woman staring at him with a look of extreme hunger. "You left so fast before, you didn't give either one of us a chance to bond with you." The woman said, Ephus had to concentrate a moment to recognize Athena. "You could give a goddess a complex, plus make her think that you weren't interested in any way." Here, she looked Ephus up and down licking her lips.

Then she looked at his face, seeing his eyes for the first time. By the bolts of her father! What was this strange, growing hunger and compulsion she was feeling? By all the realms! She wanted to rip the clothes from her body, begging Ephus to take her as many times as he could.

Seeing the look of extreme lust in her eyes, Ephus quickly donned his shades. Then he shook his head, it might be too late for that he thought. Athena was, it seemed ,fighting her own body as she started to step slowly toward him.

"I." She started though didn't seem to get anything else out. Finally, she stopped within two feet of Ephus, he could see the war that was still raging within her mind. Quickly taking the initiative, Ephus reached out pulling her to him. Holding her tight, he pressed his lips to hers feeling her at first stiffen, then seeming to melt in his arms.

Pulling himself from her lips was again like ripping a piece of himself loose. Obviously, Athena felt it also as she started to shudder in his arms. Panting hard, she reached to remove the shades only to have Ephus halt her hand. With a quirky smile, he whispered to her, "Not here.

We should go where there is far more privacy, that way you can yell all you want." Panting harder Athena tried to speak, again finding that her voice wouldn't work. Barely able to move, she nodded as much as she could, then they both vanished.

A few moments later, a well-muscled male appeared where the two had been. Sniffing the air, touching the ground, the male growled. Flashing out, he appeared behind the same woman Ephus had been with, he waved his hand. To his surprise, the woman not only didn't stop, she started to run screaming from him! Growling in a fit of rage, the male drew an extremely sharp knife giving chase.

Yelling he'd kill her, he stopped a moment later, when the woman ran to a man that had some type of uniform on. Yelling for him to stop, the uniformed male produced a short, metal machine in his hand. Strange the muscled male thought, is he really serious? Then the uniformed male was firing projectiles at him! Why the audacity! Well, these people had actually advanced their killing machines after all.

When all six shots stopped as they hit his chest, he looked down. What in the name of Hades? That had actually hurt a bit, hmmm, might have to re-think this. The cop's eyes were large as he watched all six shots hit, then stop, on the chest of the knife wielder.

The young woman had continued on running past him. Then all six shots dropped harmlessly to the ground.

The cop was about to reload when again to his astonishment, the male just poof! Vanished!


The young woman had stopped, turning back, she too had her mouth wide in astonishment. Walking to the cop, they both stared at each other shaking their heads. "What just happened?" She asked. The cop shook his head, "I'm not sure, going to have a hard time explaining discharging my firearm. Going to need you to make a full statement at the station." Both of them were still staring at the spot where the male had been.

The young woman nodded her head as the both of them left. Ares watched as the uniformed male and the young female left. Rubbing the center of his chest, he slightly winced, what was this strange feeling he was feeling? Then to his relief, a mere two minutes later it was gone.

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He'd have to watch closer, this Ephus was no mere godling, no, there was a lot more to him than met the eye. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ephus appeared in a small building not far from his new home. He'd had it built just in case something of this nature happened again, although he'd expected it to be with the Egyptian gods.

Still panting hard, Athena was doing her best to fight the feelings she was having. She was just as hard, fighting to break Ephus's grasp, not throw him down, then impale herself. Finally releasing her, Ephus watched surprised as she shredded her clothes, snatching his shades. "Please Ephus," she pleaded staring deep into his eyes, "take me. The feeling is becoming unbearable." The pained look on her face finally convinced him she was deadly serious.

Getting naked was another thing, as she was trying to help, slowing him down. Finally, he sat her on the bed telling her not to move as he finished. Then he came to her, watching as she spread her legs lewdly. Shaking his head, he knew he had his work cut out for him. Leaning over her, he began to vigorously kiss her lips and neck.

"Ephus I need." She started. Putting a finger to her lips he stated, "it will not be like you expect. Just lie back and enjoy, alright?" The look of confusion and relief was almost comical to watch.

Then Ephus started to slowly kiss his way to her breasts. Athena gasped out in pleasured surprise when Ephus began to lavish her breasts with kisses. Then he kissed, nipped and suckled on her nipples making her gasp more.

What was he doing? It had never been like this with her previous lovers. It almost seemed as if he were making this all about her pleasure. Athena was reveling in the pleasure she was receiving. It seemed only a few moments before she almost threw Ephus off the bed, when he touched her sex. Screaming, she was rising off the bed, intense feelings rushing through her body. The only way she could describe it was she felt alive?

That was impossible as she'd never actually been. This was the best she'd ever felt or experienced, that was 'til she felt Ephus reach her opening. Another intense feeling ran through her body along with a hot, tingling.

Panting hard, she grasp Ephus hand to stop him from what he was doing. "Stop Ephus! I need you! Ephus, I cannot take any more! Take me. Please?" Ephus smiled as he withdrew his hand, lining up with her opening. Then he started to slowly push in, til she wrapped her legs around him, pulling him all the way in as hard as she could. With a grunt he felt him bottom out deep within her. For a few moments he lay there not moving, as she was still pulling with her legs as hard as she could.

Finally, she relaxed so he could start a steady rhythm. Soon there was only the sound of skin on skin and the grunts of the both of them. It seemed only moments later, that he felt her tighten around him as she was screaming out her pleasure.


Feeling her come down, Ephus started to move again feeling the start of his own orgasm building. For as many lovers as she'd had, she acted so unsure. Ephus could swear that she was almost a virgin, with the vice like grip she had on him. Finally, Ephus could feel his own release edging closer.

It was only a few minutes later that he knew he wasn't going to last any longer. Suddenly, Athena screamed out with her second orgasm, squeezing Ephus, he too started his release. As he blasted more of his seed into her, she screamed even louder feeling the heat of him in her. When they got their breathing under control, she looked up at him with a wide smile.

"That was the most intense, wonderful feeling. Thank you Ephus, Aphrodite was right it was dif." Ephus watched as her eyelids fluttered shut, the smile still on her face. Shaking his head, he got up covering her up as he sat in a chair nearby. What the hell? First the Egyptian, now the Greek gods. Didn't any of them believe in any kind of foreplay at all?

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No wonder they were dying off. Hard to have children when it was all work and no pleasure at all. It was perhaps an hour later that Athena awoke.

Looking around she saw Ephus sitting nearby. Kissing him as she made new clothes, "I will never forget what happened today. This was the first time I felt that which you gave me. Thank you." Kissing him again she vanished.

Ephus smiled as he walked to the door. Well he thought, that was two, it should start the healing of the realm more now. He'd just left the small building when he felt a power approaching him. Powering up, Ephus thought, this can't be good with it coming as fast as it is. A moment later the same well-muscled, heavily armored, male stood before him. "So, this is where you are hiding you coward. Afraid to face me like a warrior. No problem! I will end your pathetic, human existence!" Swinging his sword at Ephus, it was stopped short by a lance.

Holding the lance was a bearded male wearing a robe and a headdress with four feathers. Ares's eyes got wide as he looked the Egyptian god over. "So, Ares, you wish to make war upon my brother in law. If so, I am afraid that you are going to have to go through all of us!" With that Thoth, Sobek, Min, Khonshu, Apophis and Shu appeared each holding a weapon. Ares smiled at this, 'til Bast, Sehkmet, Hathor, Serket, Maat, Tefnut and Mut appeared each with an extremely angry look on their faces.

"So, you are a coward! Fourteen gods and Goddesses to protect you? So like a human." Ares laughed 'til Anhur stepped forward as the Egyptian god of war.

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Powering up, Anhur blew Ares back a good fifty yards. "No, not a human, a godling unlike any that has ever been seen before." Anhur shouted as he waved a hand, bringing Ares before him getting in his face. "If you wish a war that you cannot win, push further. I guarantee all of us will exact revenge upon you," Ares looked at the fourteen facing him then smiled. Still Smiling he nodded, then sneered at Ephus as he vanished. Ephus thanked all of them as they all winked out, with the exception of Bast and Thoth.

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"Husband, I thought that you were going to trust no one. I am glad that you were here when he decided to attack. One would think that Ares would be far smarter than he showed. To attack at one's home. Please husband, be more careful," here Bast rubbed her stomach. "I want her to know her father." This she said with a shy smile. Kissing Ephus then hugging her startled brother, she winked out. "She cares for you more than I have ever seen her care for anyone.

As do we all, I sensed that you wished to talk to me alone. What is on your mind brother?" A now concerned Thoth stated. "Unlike when I went against all of you, I am dealing with a god who prides himself on his physical skills.


Can you give me the knowledge to defeat him?" Thoth was quiet a moment as he thought. "I can give you the knowledge brother, though I am afraid that you will need far more than that." Here Thoth, thought for a moment, then called out, "Anhur? I believe that we have need of you!" A moment later Anhur appeared a slightly confused look on his face.

Bowing slightly to Ephus he asked, "you have need of me brothers?" Thoth nodded as he indicated Ephus. "I am concerned about Ares. As we all know he prides himself on his armed conflict. Thoth says that he can give me the knowledge. Though he also said that I will need more than that." Ephus told Anhur. Anhur rubbed his chin a few moments then nodded. "Brother Thoth is correct. Having the knowledge and the ability to use it are two completely different things.

You are unlike any I have seen. You should be able to learn and use any technique in a fairly short amount of time. The simple attacks shouldn't take more than a day. The rest a bit longer." "Brother Anhur, Ephus, I leave it to the two of you." Thoth said as he stepped back. "Choose a good strong weapon, as will I." Anhur said with a smile. Thoth waved a hand over Ephus as the knowledge flooded his mind.

Anhur nodded, then smiled larger as he outlined the first attack for Ephus, then attacked with blazing speed. Amazingly Ephus was able to turn away the attack. "Again!" Anhur shouted as he again attacked. This time far more ready, Ephus easily turned the attack away. "much better, now faster!" Hours later Anhur nodded to Ephus. "Now then, you have the basics, I want you to defend against the attack with all that you learned." Then as he stopped talking, Anhur went in attacking with almost unseen speed.

Minutes later Anhur stopped, smiling at Ephus. "Good you might last a few minutes against him. Now to start on standard moves." They were at again, for well over half a day, the moves getting more and more complicated as they went on. When they stopped the second time, Anhur nodded.

Looking beyond Ephus, he saw two of his sisters staring at him with heated looks. Ephus turned to see both Bast and Sekhmet looking on with disapproving looks. "I think that we are done for a bit with teaching." Ephus stated. "I tend to agree, there is nothing more dangerous than an extremely angry wife, let alone seven of them." Anhur stated as Ephus nodded his agreement. "At least now you might last far longer, than you would have." Ephus stared at Anhur with a smirk. As long as they had been going, you'd think he'd be far better.

"I'll return in a few days. Perhaps with what you have learned so far, you might actually pick up on some of the more advanced moves. It would make teaching you go faster." Looking again at his sisters he turned back to Ephus. "That is, if your wives allow you to learn more." With a short chuckle Anhur clapped Ephus on the shoulder, then vanished.

Ephus swallowed hard as he walked toward the two sisters. He was about to speak when he was cut off. "Really husband, almost two days out of touch. The children thought that something bad had happened to you. Why can't you let Anhur handle this?" Bast asked her arms crossed over her chest. Sekhmet smirked in the way only she could. "I tried to reassure her and all the children, She had to drag me down here to check on you.

I know how important this is, sister though," here Sekhmet sighed. "Had to see for herself." "Let's go to the house, so I can tell all of you at the same time." Ephus told the both of them, drawing the first smile from them. Taking their arms all three winked out appearing in front of the house. There he was met by the worried and concerned faces of ALL his other wives. All of then gave a sigh of relief as Ephus held and kissed all of them.

Taking them inside, he explained about the two Greek goddesses he'd managed to bond with.

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Then he told them about the Olympus Realm, powering Zeus and three of his daughters up. Taking a deep breath, he then told them of Ares. Bast's eyes went wide as she exclaimed, "that was why you were training with Anhur." "Yes, though after almost two days of training? I am not even half way to where I need to be.

I have the knowledge, though as Anhur stated, having the knowledge and the ability to use it are two different things.

I know that all of you are worried about me. Though to keep all of you safe, I have to do this. With the power that I have, I am the only one that can." Ephus stated to all of them there. They all spent a few hours more with him as he reassured the children. Then they were all gone leaving him alone with his human wife. "As you told me before, I know that you have to do all of this.

Also, as I said before, though I know you have not much choice, I am still not happy about it." Dr. Quinn stated. "I just hope that Ares doesn't try to attack here again. Ephus held her close as he explained, "I don't think he will, having to face fourteen fully powered gods and goddesses. Especially with Anhur as vocal as he was. No, I think that you are safe here." "I hope you are right Ephus, neither I nor your son, have any power to even try to defend against him, if he does decide to attack." Dr Quinn stated in almost a whisper to Ephus.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ares had been trying to figure out what had happened. He'd never had a mortal, refuse to follow a silent order he'd given them. Then there was the fact that the human weapons had caused him. what was it that they called it? Ah yes! Pain, that wasn't something he was about to forget. Nor was he about to forget that it was Ephus that had somehow caused it.

Not paying attention, Ares hadn't noticed that a few of his followers were already dead. Several bodies were impaled on many of the weapons that Ares had flung away from him in anger. Then there was the fact that Ares had felt his father's power increase of late. Again, he blamed Ephus for that. There had to be something that he could do to destroy the godling. Though how?

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He was, as the Egyptian god of war had stated a godling unlike any other. A sudden idea popped into Ares head, he still had the mind of a human. Weren't all humans petty, greedy, lustful beings? There had to be some way to divide him and his family. A sudden light seemed to come to Ares's eyes as he snapped his fingers. "ERIS!" Ares yelled. It was a few moments before there was an almost ripping sound in the air.

A moment later a dark haired, dark winged female appeared before Ares. "You bellowed Ares?" She stated with a rude smirk on her face. "Watch your mouth Eris!" Ares snapped at the female. "I could have let you stay in the Olympus realm, with all the other loser gods and goddesses. You just remember that, the next time you want to smart off at me. Now I have a new assignment for you." "Great, another loser human in this drab dimension?" She said a little bored. "Oh no, I think this one might greatly interest you.

I'm sure by now, you have heard of the godling Ephus?" Ares stated watching as her face lit up a bit. "Ah yes, that do-gooder, isn't he married to several of the Egypt goddesses?" Eris asked.

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Ares was nodding as he carefully picked his next words. "As the goddess of Discord and Strife, I want you to divide him from his family and wives. You have served me well in the past, though if you aren't up to the task then I guess I could find another-" "You really are a deceitful bastard Ares.

You know that I would so enjoy putting all of those goody-goody goddesses in their place. In particular, I want the one named Maat to suffer the most!" Eris spit out.

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Ares couldn't keep the twisted smile from his face. This was going to go far better than he thought! falter then fade Appearing a ways off from the house, he soon found what appeared to be a dark haired, petite female.

Though she wasn't heavily clothed, he could tell she wasn't feeling any of the morning cold. Placing a hand on her shoulder she suddenly flinched away. "NO, NO! Get away from me!" Looking around she looked up at Ephus. "Who are you? You're not Ares." When Ephus shook his head no, she sighed. "I ran from him; my power is very low compared to his. I should go, I am putting you in danger being here." "No. Come to the house you are safe here." Ephus told her.

Getting up she smiled, that was all too easy.