Young brunette gets a deep slut service

Young brunette gets a deep slut service
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Author Note (I guess): This is my first story for this site so if something is wrong no need to crucify me. Also, this is a true story, actually happened, so I'm not gonna change anything other than name and date that this happened. I'm going to upload chapters 1 and 2 together as chapter 1 is extremely short. I might do the same thing with the other chapters to make the story finish in 3 uploads. There are two actual characters in the story, me and the girl, so all characters will remain unnamed.

Day 1 (Setup) *sigh*." I look out the airplane window and realize we are almost over the airport where we will soon be landing. My family is one that loves to travel, all of us, except I'm not ecstatic to be in a room with my parents and sisters.

Honestly as a teenager parents just get kind of annoying. I love them don't get me wrong but at points when you just need a little alone time they seem to only want to talk. And then when you want to talk your two little sisters (age too young to even care about) just but in and say the stupidest thing.

Needless to say other than eating I would try to spend as much time on my own as possible on this vacation. My family was traveling to Mexico, Xcalacoco to be exact. The hotel was Sandos Carlos. Our plane landed without complication and we waited for the taxi, a van really, it was nice just parents sisters and the driver, to arrive to drive us to the hotel. When we got to the hotel it took forever to sign in so instead of that let me explain myself a little to you. I'm 16 with decent muscle from karate (yes karate.

The gym also helps with some muscle).


Apparently I have nice eyes, a blue tint that can calm people, and dirty blonde hair (most of the time I wear it messy). I'm 6ft 1in and about 160 lbs, but, I'm no big shot.

I don't walk by and make a girl drop her panties. I listen to 50s-60s jazz and 70s-80s rock, very little pop music. I'm 6 inches. Not small but not huge (at least by what you read on this page.

Apparently everyone is either 7-10 inches). Either way pretty decent but no Tom Brady by any means. Well after we finally got our 2 rooms (one for me and my dad one for my mother and 2 sisters), we got settled. Obviously as a teenager I checked my phone but mainly I used it to listen to some music, Billy Joel Scenes From an Italian Restaurant most likely.

While listening to the music, I unpacked a little basically taking out a bag of my clothes and tossing them all on a shelf. After unpacking it was already 6pm there and we went to eat and afterwards I explored the hotel. I started playing pool and joking around with a kid, oh how great and old I am calling a 13 year old a kid when I'm only 16, and we talked a little nothing major mainly me saying how bad I was at pool.

And I am bad. It could be a lined up shot I could still miss it. Probably why I stink at video games but hey I can play a mean game of table tennis. After about 8 we went our separate ways and me and my family went to see the show put on by the resort. Sad to say, no one in my family liked it and I never saw another one of those. And with that everyone was tired and fell asleep. Day 2 (It begins) I've always been somewhat of an early waker.

I don't know there are people that sleep till 11 am and can not get out of bed while I am one that sleeps till 6 am and feels the need to get up and at least stretch out. Well. that's what I did.

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I got up went outside and took a small walk for an hour. I walked just the main paths and tried to get a better sense of my surroundings as I knew somehow I would get lost at night and need to find my way back home. When I got back my parents were starting to wake up but it still took till 9 till we all left for breakfast. I obviously had my fair share of bacon and an omelette.

So we all went back to the room and got dressed. "Let's go," I called out and left the room. We all know that when on vacation you want to get to the pool early. Of course, my parents were going to the beach, but I was going to the pool and hopefully would get 2 seats for myself and whoever I wanted to spend the day with. Well as I'm laying down I hear "Hey you. Yeah. Remember us playing pool yesterday." So I say the kid I played pool with yesterday.

"Oh yeah. Whatcha up to." "Want to throw around a ball over the net?" "Sure." So I got up and started walking over. Now pools in resorts are super small. Like their large for a 5 year old but for someone my height you're lucky to get your trunks all the way in. Anyways that makes it really easy to move around and play volleyball, and as we play more the more people show up. "Pass it here." "Spike." "OOOOO." You get the picture that it got loud, but everyone was having fun.

Heck, I was laughing and enjoying my time. This game kept going for almost an hour. I left once to get myself a nice shirley temple. Shirley Temple is honestly one of the best drinks ever.

At home you barely ever get it right but at a resort they both the grenadine and 7 up at the same time making a great mix. So anyways we play for a while longer and one girl shows up at the end of the hour. Short, blonde hair if I remember correctly. And she spoke russian just like me. But she was really small because she was 11 and I honestly did not have any feelings for her.

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She just showed up started playing. "Am I doing it right?" she would call. "Of course," was the response. She wasn't though. She never was. However, the score didn't mean a thing and once everyone was done we all started talking.

By we all I mean me the 13 year old guy and the 11 year old girl. "Vacation is good." "So much work when I get back to school." "I have a test next week." It was around this time that I noticed her walk by. She walked with her dad and walked really close to us. She was wearing a nice bikini. Not a large chest size nor large in the arse department, but her smile, her blonde hair, the way her lips looked as she smiled. Man those hit me hard.

So just when they walked by the dad said a hello and introduced us.

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"We're from Idaho," he said. Perfect response. "How are them potatoes." I'm a genius, I know. The father laughed a little and left her with us. The conversation took a turn to bad teachers. "She doesn't stop yelling." "Girl wore a skirt down to her knees and that was deemed inappropriate." Honestly I barely paid attention to anything the other two said, but the words she said I remembered.

And just when it was getting good, my parents showed up saying it was 12 and time for lunch. This shouldn't hurt too much. Get her number and call her to meet up later. I can't my phone wouldn't work out in Mexico. Have her exchange some other form of communication. Both of us didn't have our phones. Room numbers? I was not ready to ask. Again I'm awkward since I barely talk to girls as they just don't like my personality and sense in music. So I say, "Lets meet up at the Lobby at 1." "Sure." And of I went.

1 hour to eat lunch. No problem. There was a problem. My parents wanted to eat lunch together as it was only the second day of our stay. But for them to get ready it took an hour. I was ready literally after 3 minutes. 2 minute shower and 1 minute to find some nice clothing.

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I honestly had a million things running through my head. What if I never saw her again? Will she hate me for ditching? And just as we left I saw her. She was walking back to her room from her pool.

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So I stopped her and told her to meet up at 2-3 at the lobby. Just as she left my parents walked out and we went out to eat lunch. Lunch wasn't bad but I could not wait for it to be over. Everyone has that feeling. Most people want time to move faster in school, but I wanted to talk to her again. So instead of talking about pasta for lunch let me describe her height.

She was about 5'2".

Blonde hair, like really blonde. A mix of green and blue for her eyes. After lunch I basically sprinted to the Lobby and waited. All of a sudden a couple of arms wrap around me and I feel a warm embrace. It's her and obviously I greet her. After that we walk around and talk about nothing important. Small talk. "My friend is such as ass." "I love vacation." Those phrases popped out a lot. It was in this talk that I found out she's bi. We were sitting in hammocks we found in the resort and just swinging.

She was texting some friends at school and saying how one of her friends is so annoying. "How is she annoying," I asked. "I told her not to tell anyone that I'm bi and now all my friends know and are asking me about it." This statement hit me.

I am straight but I say anyone can like anyone. The only barrier is age between over 18 and under 18. And she came from the midwest whereas I came from Northeast where it is a lot more open and free to be that way.


We kept talking, me joking about how she didn't want anyone in school to know but then tell a complete stranger. So we left the spot of the hammocks and walked around to find a hidden bench.

There I sat down while she laid out and we continued talking. When she tried to get up her toe scratched my arm. "Ow," I said quickly. It didn't hurt but I just have an instinct to say ow whenever someone touches me, mainly I do it as a joke. Anyways her response had zero emotion. "That couldn't have hurt." Just for that response I went along with it.

"Well it did." "What you want me to kiss you to make it better." "Yes I do." (Thinking she'll kiss my arm). Nope she kissed me on the lips. That was my first kiss. It was sweet and her lips were so soft. Honestly I wish I was more ready but I was taken by surprise and was in one the happiest moments to date.

Can't say that now though. "There happy," she asked after pulling away from the kiss. Slightly blushing might I add. "Yes I am. It hurts less now." Then we laughed of how awkward it became and continued on our walk till 6 when I had to leave. So this is my first story any feedback is good feedback. The next story should be the one where a little more action happens and the finale is where everything happens.