Where is best place for small dick boys gay xxx As Drake did this

Where is best place for small dick boys gay xxx As Drake did this
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I wash my hands well and warm them with a towel. I also bring a warm cloth to wipe the excess lube from your thighs and your ass. I put some more lotion on you to ease the stress that my squeezing caused on you before helping you stand up. I bring you over to my desk chair now and stand you before me. My cock is leaking constantly now with cum as I wipe it off yet again, you reach for it.

I grab your hand before you touch it and tell you not yet. I want you to model something for me. I bring out the outfit that I got for you and ask you if I can take some more pictures of you in it since I never got any with you in the first one. You agree and I help you to slip the cami over your head and adjust it over your endowed chest. Just as I thought, your hard nipples poke through, making you look even sexier. I haven't spent much time on those thus yet so I take the opportunity to squeeze them slightly through your top and rub them to make sure they come out good in my pictures.


Now I wipe the excess juice from your pussy and slip the thong over your hips. I turn you around and adjust the top's straps and the panties jewels which match your new belly ring.

I smile at the sight of my love standing in the exotic outfit that I picked out admiring how incredibly hot you look! I snap a couple of pictures before telling you to move to the bathroom.

I remember how we once had sex on my counter in my bathroom and smile. You stand facing the mirror and stick out your tight ass posing for me.

After a couple of more shots, I am almost dripping cum now and can tell that your pussy is dampening what little fabric covers your twat. As much as I want to pull the little thong to the side and dive into you, I still want to enjoy this night so I ask if you would suck on my dick. You agree willingly and I lead you still in your outfit over to my desk chair again.

I sit down with my legs spread and you kneel in front of me. My cock is rock hard after a long foreplay session with you and slick with my cum.

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I reach for something to clean it off for you but you immediately start licking it clean. I smile at you and tell you I love you again for everything that you do for me.

It feels so good to finally have your mouth on my cock after so long without it.

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You take my balls into you cupped hand and start playing with them gently as your lower your lips over my shaft. You take more in than I thought you could, running your tongue around the tip as you bob up and down. I hold your hair for you and guide your head up and down my prick as my other hand squeezes and flicks your hard nipples. Your ass is sticking out and the crease between your thighs and hips looks so sexy from this view. It does not take long of staring at your body and watching your gorgeous mouth wrap around my dick before I am ready to explode.

I pull your hair, causing you to drop my dick from your mouth and pull you to my lips and kiss you deeply. I can taste myself on you and lightly bite your bottom lip as I squeeze your ass feeling the wetness between your legs.

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You pull back and ask if I would like to cum in your mouth as a treat for all the pleasure that I have given you. I tell you that you don't have to do that it is okay but you insist. I can't turn this down since I know that it is a very very special treat. I warn you that it will be a lot because I have been so hard for so long but you are already on my cock, sucking it hard.

You pull my hips forward and find the spot on my taint that I like pressed. You push hard, forcing the cum out of my balls as I hold your head to my cock and release my cum.

It feels so good streaming into your mouth and you moan causing vibrations to flow into my cock as I shoot my load. You aren't able to take all the cum in your mouth and it dribbles out onto my dick and slowly down onto my balls.

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You spit the rest out on my stomach, never missing a beat of rubbing my taint, milking every last bit out of me. I can't describe how good it feels to cum in your mouth and thank you so much. I go to the bathroom to clean up the cum off of my stomach and get you some water to wash your mouth out. I know you don't like the taste of my cum so you wash your mouth out before I hold you and kiss you again. Your cami feels so good against my skin that I ask you to leave it on for a while.

You say okay and after we are both finished cleaning up you ask if I will go inside of you. My dick never went soft after I came and I take you back to my bed and lay you down. I want you to cum one more time before I enter you with my cock so I play with your nipples through your shirt as I grind my hard cock against your smooth mound.

I kiss my way down to your panties and lap your juices through the thong before I roll it off of your hips and toss it onto the floor.

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I tell you to get on top of me this time as I want you to sit on my face with that tight pussy. I lie on my back and have you straddle my face with your thighs. I love how your legs are shaped and grab on to the tops of your thighs as I dig into your pussy.

I am more aggressive this time as you start to grind my face, soaking it with your juices. My tongue finds the folds between your lips and dives into your slit, pumping your pussy. I hold you still and pull your clit with my lips from your hood. I want you to cum now so I grab your tits through your top and start squeezing and pulling your nips hard. I hold your clit between my lips and flick my tongue over it faster and faster, loving the moans that are escaping from you as you near another orgasm.

My mouth is tiring quickly and you are so close to cuming that I grab a handful of your tits and squeeze, sending you over the edge again. Your moisture runs down my cheeks faster than I can drink it from your flooding pussy and your grinding comes to a stop as you slump over with your hand on my twitching cock.

You kiss it with your head laying on my stomach as I lap up the last of your juices. This is number three, but I'm aiming for more. I still can't get over how amazing you look in your outfit. I had bought you an outfit before when we first met, but it did not fit you as well as this one does. Your nipples are still stiff and poke through the silky fabric.

I tell you I'm going to go clean up and kiss you deeply one more time. You roll onto your stomach and spread your legs out to cool your damp pussy. I smack your ass once while putting your thong back on as I get up to clean my sticky dick.

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After I wash and dry my softening cock, I make sure my crotch is clean and smells good. I plan on having you suck me off again through this long night of sex. I want to give you a little rest so I decide to take some more pictures in your after orgasm bliss.

The pictures that I have of you keep me busy while you are gone and you look so damn hot, I can't get enough of them! You have your eyes closed so I take a couple of close ups of your ass with the thong separating your perfect cheeks. Your thighs look wider than they are when you lay on your tummy like that and I love the effect. After getting a couple of good shots of the damp spot on the thong, I put the camera up.


I decided that while giving your pussy a rest, I would work more on your asshole and see how far we could get with that tonight. I went to your bag and retrieved the little pink bullet that I had bought for you.

I smile as I think about the times that I have used it on you and the times that you have used it on yourself while moaning and cuming over the phone with me. I grab the lube and an extra pillow and head towards you lying on the bed.

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You are in the perfect position for me to take advantage of that tight little asshole of yours and I plan on doing exactly that.