Hot asian older gay daddy showing his sexy whole body

Hot asian older gay daddy showing his sexy whole body
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I woke up with hearing cries, shouting of my stepmother Linda and little Lisa sister trying to wake me up saying we are under attack we need to get to safety.

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This was second time we were attacked under absences of my father, king of The Inferno. When I was 10 years old, my mother was killed.

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Few days ago I had heard my father making plans to conquer few tribes to strengthen our country and that they will leave in few days, so I knew there will be an attack, I had trained myself from the day my mother was killed. My name is Dage, I'm 23 years old, 6 ft 5 inch tall. I grabbed my sword and armor went and asked mother to take Lisa to safety, I'm going to kill them, I able to use magic and I was able to control my flame which takes at least 20 years of training for any normal flame user.(Most of people of my country are able to use magic but only royal family are able to use flames of inferno which are very powerful.

Flames of inferno is pure spiritual flame powered by a flame spirit. Each flame user has their own flame different from others giving them a special ability) I headed to gate of my palace where battle was raging.

I used my flame and kill half of enemy army, I raised my sword and went after the general leading the enemy army, to me surprise general was a brunette with deep blue eyes and long straight hair, who was in her mid twenties(I guessed), she was about 6 ft tall, her breasts seems to be large and firm may be 30 B.

I approached her and said your army is going to be killed soon, if you continue to fight you will be killed to, so surrender now. she said she is not going to surrender to some kid.

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I thought of killing her right there but her beauty didn't allowed me to. Then an idea crossed my mind by which I could make her join my army and also which allowed me to fuck her at my will. I approached her then said ''let's make a deal we will fight one on one battle if I win you will serve me to your death and be my slave and do whatever I want without any question.'' She asked me what if I win, I told her if you win you can kill me, you can also have the scared books which our country has for which you have attacked us in my father's absences.

By now everyone had heard out our conversation and had stopped fighting. We started walking in circles looking at each other.

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she moved really fast and attacked me head on, I countered her each move it was clear that she was not used to one-on-one fights, but she didn't had much stamina left and it was right time to attack so I raised my sword and attacked really quick landing powerful blow each time. I defeated her and said battle was over I walked towards her and made another offer ''your army will be saved if they join my army and sore their loyalty to me.'' She stood up and faced me, she said my name is Elisa and she is bound by the promise she had made and will serve me also knew if she resisted she would be killed along her army.

She said I accept you as my master and my husband and my country is now yours to rule and she also told me that she is princess of elf, I asked healing mage to heal her.

I told her I didn't knew she was and princess and asked her why she was only powerful warrior in her army, she said her country was cursed by an spirit and are not be able to use magic and will stay weak unless curse is broken. She said she will serve me any way I want also her people will follow me as their new leader as now on I was her master.

I was more than happy to hear that.


I took her to introduce Linda and Lisa, to my surprise they became friends instantly hearing. After dinner I asked Elisa to come to my room, as we entered my room I undressed myself and started un dressing her, she asked me to be gently with her and told me it was her first time. I thought I had hit jackpot. I slowly un dressed her, she was beautiful her 34B breasts were round and firm, she had few hairs in her pussy, I asked her to give me a blowjob but she said she don't know how to.

I said I will teach her, I asked her to open her mouth and put my dick in her mouth and move your head and watch your teeth.


she did just as I said, she started to move slowly keeping my cock in her mouth, as she continued to lick all along my shaft. She pulled her head back, and then stroked me for a moment, watching my cock all the time, then she bent forward again and took my cock in her mouth, began to suck on it Slowly, she took more of my shaft inside her mouth and began the motion of moving her head up and down on it.

Her tongue was at work inside her mouth and licking it, as she sucked on me.


I looked in her eyes looking at me checking if she was doing it right, I smiled at her and then she continued sucking, licking, man I didn't want this to end. I kept looking at her, I knew I wasn't going to last long, feeling urge to release I started to move faster grabbing her naked breast in my hand. My hips jerked, as my cock erupted I asked her to swallow my cum, watching her swallow was really turn on, I lifted her up I began to massage her clitoris to her obvious delight.

I slowly played with her hooded clit until it appeared without warning I kept my mouth is on her pussy lips then parted them with my tongue.

I lash at her clit working my fingers through her pussy she moaned aloud I continued working her clit with my tongue. She had no idea what I was doing to her but was enjoying it. I entered my finger to her tight hole, curving my finger up inside her I found her g-spot, feeling must of sent a rush through her, she was going to cum, her hips were grinding against my mouth.

A few more strokes and she began to shudder and her pussy began to flood with her juices. I caught her as her orgasm was so powerful she almost dropped to the floor, sucking her juices into my mouth.

I begin to kiss up her stomach and said ''We are not done yet''.

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I sit up, and she grabbed my waist and whipped me around under her, she says I can't wait anymore please enter me, take my cherry. I stood up, I rubbed my cock around her pussy, she asks me not to tease her anymoreI slowly entered her she was so wet I could enter her easily. As I entered her she kept moaning, I hit her hymen and stopped looking at her beautiful deep blue eyes, she smiled at me giving me go signal, I pushed myself breaking her hymen, I could see she was in pain so I waited for her pussy to relax.

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After few minutes she was ok, she says you can move now it doesn't hurt much, I started moving my cock slowly in her wet, hot love hole going deeper with each stroke, she starts moaning louder and louder. Now I'm ramping my shaft in her wet, hot love hole, it feels so good I really wish this could last forever, but with each stroke I feel my orgasm getting closer and closer.

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I told her I'm going to cum, she asks me to cum together with her, hearing that I stroke faster and faster we both came together. That night made love 3 more times then we slept in each other's arm hugging.