Gay fuck Rugby Boy Gets Double Teamed

Gay fuck Rugby Boy Gets Double Teamed
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All right everyone, here's my story. It isn't gross, it wasn't about the sex. But there was this one other guy this year i've been dying to be around all year.

(I am a Junior, he a Senior). But this was different. He was 18, a Filipino boy been all around the world; Canada, US, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Philippines, and Italy.


I turned 18 about 3 months before school let out by the way. He was a Bass in our choir class and an absolutly amazing dresser.(damn asians.)and he was incredibly hot. I always wanted to know what it would be like to suck him off one day. He was dark skinned, dark haired, topaz eyes, and was about 5'6". I was an average white guy, fairly tanned, dark brown and light brown eyes, topped off with a height of 5'9.5" Oh yeah, the story.

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So he graduated. He moved to San Diego. But he came out to visit me one day. It was great. We played Brawl, Mario Kart Wii, and various other games, (which i mostly kicked his ass in), and I soon got bored of it. I asked him if he wanted to go to the park since it was about 3:30 in the afternoon.

Being as bored as he was, we started walking down. He wore this tight black T and jeans and it was making my mind run in circles.

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So on our way down, there was this drain pipe under the street, about 20' in width and height. So i said "Oh Mickey! Gotta show you something cool!" "What is it?" "Just really cool writing i found, c'mon!" We went down there, and i show him.

He was actually impressed, but then i said something to sort of change the mood to something more. sensual. "Hey Mickey! Truth or Dare?" "Haha.


umm dare!" "I dare you to go strip off your shirt and walk around!" Hesitant at first, he took it off and started walking around. He came back for his shirt, where i replied. "Nope. Keep it off. Rest of the game." "Ughh fine.

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Truth or Dare?" "This is boring. How about Dare or Double Dare?" "Alright, Dare or Double Dare?" "Double Dare." "I dare you to.haha take off your jeans!" Instantly hoping I was wearing nice boxers, I did. Thankfully, they were the best I owned. "Dare or Double Dare Mickey?" "Dare!" "I dare you to kiss me! Mickey afraid?" He then surprised me and said, "Nope." Then he kissed me on the check.


"Wow. Mickey's a fag!", I joked. "Dare or Double Dare Dan Dan?" "Dare." "I dare you to.uhh. take off your shirt now!" "Wow Mickey, original much?" I then proceeded and took off my shirt.

"Dare or DD? "DD" "I dare you to strip naked!" He took off his jeans, and socks and shoes. "Missing anything Mickey?" "What?! Underwear too?" "Yup, thats NAKED" "Do I have to?" "No, but it ruins the game a little, you know, DARE" "Your such a fag, you just wanna sneak a peek at my meat!

haha" "Hurry up and ask me Dare or DD!" He then stripped. This shocked me. I've never seen a fully naked guy since looking online at porn, or from when i was younger. He was amazing.

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Tan everywhere! He had pretty big balls(size of eggs!!!) and a 4" dick.which was hard! I couldn't stop staring. So i did our normal gay "jokes".

I went up to him and started massaging his pecs. He started laughing and i picked him up. "Dude! Not when I'm nude! This is too far!" "Oh c'mon, its' not like I'm going to.suck you off." "Yeah i guess you're right." "Pssh.

Mickey, you're getting sucked." "WHAT!" I then proceeded down to where his little dick laid. I started massaging his dick and balls, and saw him start to falter to my actioins.

"You like this huh!" "Uhhh." So I went down and started sucking his dick, pumping it when i could. When he was finally horny(I beat him to it), he was a full 8 inches. I was absolutely amazed. I first licked his balls and all around his eggs before going up to his massive pole. He was saying to me. "This is gay. I'm gay!" "No, you're just getting a blowjob", i managed to say. He then put his hands on the back of my head and pushed down onto his dick, making me start stuffing his pole down my throat.

It was amazing. I was in total ecstasy. After massaging his balls and stuffing his pole for about 10 minutes, he came. I got a total of 14 squirts in my mouth, to the point of it almost dripping out of my mouth. (Of course, i never let that happen ;D ) Then after that, he decided he wanted more of me. He went down to put his cock in his mouth. I then took my dominance. "Oh no, you don't do that." "Why not?" "I'll show you why." I was rock hard this entire time.

So I lifted the 115 pound guy up so he was holding on to me. I put his back against the dirty wall and then proceeded to fit my dick into his tight hole. It was nothing I've ever felt before. He was moaning and I was sturggling to not orgasm on the spot. After 10 more minutes of fucking, I came into his tight hole. Seeing as we were both virgins, we did not use a condom.

He was sweating up a storm the whole time, which made it even hotter for me. After this, he said he had to go back to his Aunt's house.

But he told me on our way home that.

"Dude, that was amazing, but you're the only one i'll ever do this with." "Fine with me!" "Maybe next time I'll give you the same treatment!" Now i just have to wait until i come back home from a vacation with my best friend.

I'm not gay, but damn Mickey was fine!

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Hopefully I'll see more of him this summer.maybe this time we'll actually do truth! Nah! Dare!